25 Man Bun Hairstyles Which Will Turn a Lot of Heads

“Hipster bun”, “bro bun”, “man bun”, no matter how people call this modern cut, it still indicates a bun hairstyle for men and its varieties. Truth be told, a kind of this style existed years ago, but it wasn’t fashionable and hardly anyone paid attention to it. But the situation completely changed in the year 2013, when hipsters began combining a man but with messy and shaggy beards. This image has quickly become a mainstream and is still undoubtedly popular throughout the world.
Any man bun, no matter whether it’s a semi bun (top knot) or a full bun (when all hair of the head makes a bun), requires at least 6 inches of hair length. The only thing you always need at hand is an elastic band, you can also use different styling products in order to slick all hair that can’t be tied into the bun, but it’s not so necessary.
Come into the gallery bellow and choose the man bun for you, this hairstyle will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

#1. Top Knot for Short Hair

Top Knot for Short Hair
This semi bun is performed on the basis of the classic undercut. It demonstrates that even very short hair can be sleeked and tied into a stylish top knot. Natural beard creates a contrast to an ideal glossy top while the sides and back part of the head are blending in a magnificent fade.

#2. Burst Fade Man Bun

Burst Fade Man Bun
Fantastic roundish high fade is not the only distinctive feature of this cut. Another unusual issue is the location of the knot, which is moved forward so that it’s completely visible from any angle.

#3. Messy Full Bun

Messy Full Bun
In spite of full buns are being displaced with top knot undercuts gradually, they are still popular among many guys. A messy full bun is a perfect option for those who would never cut even a little bit of hair and can’t imagine himself without his significant mane.

#4. Spiky Braided Bun

Spiky Braided Bun
Top braids are one of the latest updates within the man bun hairstyle, but they already have hundreds of ways of braiding and styling. For example, this one with three tight braids coming into a small knot has a completely unique look due to spiky taper on the sides.

#5. Dyed Top Knot with Freestyle

Dyed Top Knot with Freestyle
All you need in order to refresh your boring top knot is some dying experiments and a bit of creativity to rock freestyle on the sides.

#6. Thousand And One Braid

Thousand And One Braid
Cool resolution for Afro hair is represented below. Unruly locks are done into many small braids which are much easier in styling than fluffy curls. The crown is lowered on the back part and is performed into a massive bun.

#7. Tiny Top Knot with Artistic Design

Tiny Top Knot with Artistic Design
The main and the most difficult part of this hairstyle is a wonderful artistic design which resembles a real tattoo. This gorgeous picture is created on the fade background of a classic undercut with a tiny top knot.

#8. Sharp And Messy Knot

Sharp And Messy Knot
As you can see, the top part can be as narrow as you want; it’s not just about the one and only shape of the traditional undercut. The one should keep in mind that sharp lines usually bring some heat, but it’s not the reason to add them to every new cut, but anyway, this one is perfect with that edgy fringe.

#9. Dreadlock Bun

Dreadlock Bun
Just look at those fantastic soft blends in harmonic combination with very sharp hardlines. Nice design on the sides but the crown is more impressive! The bun is so tight and huge; the dreadlocks are the perfect choice for this style, definitely!

#10. The Cleanest Braids Ever

The Cleanest Braids Ever
Fantastic tracery by means of braids is admirable. The whole cut is extremely clean, including an ideal tiny bun. This super freshman bun is a good option for you, guy, if you like to follow the fashion and are lucky to try something brand new whenever it’s possible.

#11. Natural Carelessness

Natural Carelessness
The biggest problem you can face on the way to such hairstyle is the hair length. This one is not only about 6-7 inches on top; here you need to grow out almost all hair rather long. If it’s done, come to creating this messy image: all you need is to perform a very low taper fade and do remember that everything should be natural here: messy bun, natural mustache, careless goatee.

#12. Waves And Buns Hairstyle

Waves And Buns Hairstyle
Art is open for interpretation, so feel free to create new things. Turn the fade upside-down and fill it with shaved patterns, replace ordinary hairline with bizarre and wavy one, make your own rules and add something fresh to the traditional man bun hairstyle.

#13. Male Bun with A Braid

Male Bun with A Braid
Meet another typical hipster image with a disheveled beard and top knot undercut. It seems to be nothing new…except a super polished braid atop, which totally changes the look and takes the cut closer to the present day.

#14. Tight Bun with Fade Design

Tight Bun with Fade Design
The fade is soft and blending on the sides, but makes a sharp V-shape on the back part, dreads atop create a tracery, and, of course, a tight male bun is the main object of attention here.

#15. Big Bun for Men

Big Bun for Men
This hairstyle is kind of classy and may be good not only for parties and routine but and for business affairs as well. Sharp fade, slicked back crown and a bulk bun without any twists and tricks work together as a serious cut for a decent man, don’t they?

#16. Almost A Full Bun

Almost A Full Bun
The photo below demonstrates that medium length hair is perfect for buns, as it’s not too long and unruly, but it’s still enough for an ordinary bun. We can hardly call this one “a full bun” as a small part of hair below is faded. The most impressive part of the image, the massive long beard, adds the notes of boldness and lordliness.

#17. Braids Slash Fade Bun

Braids Slash Fade Bun
The braids slash fade look is probably the new thing even for hipsters and dandies, so hurry up to master this braided hairstyle, which, by the way, has some similarities with Mohawk, doesn’t it? The triangle shaped beard is not a less important component, so while thinking about growing your hair out, you should definitely think and about having a long beard.

#18. Smooth Top Shaggy Bottom

Smooth Top Shaggy Bottom
They say that the opposites attract, and it’s a perfect proof below. At first sight, a messy disheveled natural beard and clean faded, sleek top with tiny knot are completely incompatible, but they work incredibly together. Such hairstyle is a good idea for men with receding hairline as well, so it is definitely worth your attention.

#19. From Black into White Hairstyle

From Black into White Hairstyle
From Black into White Hairstyle
Why not? Even if your hair is hopelessly black, your greatest dream to become blond is feasible. There are lots of ideas and we present one of them, it’s a braided top knot undercut with design on one side. Sounds typical, but not in those colors!

#20. Textured Volume Man Bun

Textured Volume Man Bun
You’ve already seen various patterns on the previous pictures, this one also has a cool design, but we’d like to emphasize the bun texture here. This hair is naturally wavy, or even curly, and it’s not tied tight, the bun is rather free so that the texture is kept and it looks fantastic.

#21. Freestyle Blurry Fade

Freestyle Blurry Fade
Looking at this creative masterpiece everyone will agree that barbering is an art. Precise and accurate lines, extremely clean blends, it’s a cut of another level for sure. As for a top knot, it’s made of front longer hair and is situated right on the top.

#22. Bald Fade Semi Bun

Bald Fade Semi Bun
It’s nothing unusual about the knot, but a little bit of creativity on the bald fade. These two V-lines are so simple but create a great impression about the whole hairdo.

#23. Sleek Knot with Taper

Sleek Knot with Taper
Here’s one more idea into your “how to style my sides” list. You can have them tapered and designed with two parallel hard parts, the upper one is long and the other is twice shorter.

#24. Male Half-Bun

Male Half-Bun
Half-bun, as well as traditional man bun, comes from women hairstyles, but it’s been adjusted and for manly male images nowadays. Half-bun hairdo means that the hair all over the head is long enough for a bun, but we use only the top part of it while the rest of hair is free hanging.

#25. Braided Full Bun

Braided Full Bun
This one is so simple in styling, but very significant hairdo. The secret of its success is initially braided hair, which is a key component in order to make people stare and admire.

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