80 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

It’s well-known that your hair-do is a detail of great importance for your bridal image, so it must be beautiful, suit you, and, of course, make you feel confident whatever you do on this big day. Long hair is meant to look fabulous in a huge variety of hairstyles from smart up-dos to natural loose hair styles, if it’s healthy and glossy. Want to find something ideal for you? Read on!

Chic and Trendy Bridal Hairstyles for Any Taste

In the gallery below you’ll see 80 fresh and cool ideas for any taste how to make your unruly long hair into a chic wedding style. Besides, you’ll find some hints how to cope with most of those hairstyles easily and make them shine out all day long.

№1 Floral Cascading Updo

Floral Cascading Updo


As the floral design for bridal hairstyles becomes more and more popular, let’s start from such sweet wedding updo. Curled hair is fixed into a cascading ponytail full of small roses with a green crown atop.

№2 Romantic Wedding Hair

Floral Cascading Updo


Such soft and romantic wedding hairstyle will emphasize tenderness and lightness of your beautiful bridal image. Moreover, this hair-do is very lasting and comfortable, so you won’t worry about your hair on your great day.

№3 Side Braided Ponytail

Side Braided Ponytail


If you’re a happy owner of beautiful long hair, why won’t you show off your glossy locks on this special occasion? French braid is the perfect way to show your hair to the best advantage and to create a glory bridal image.

№4 Fishtail Braided Updo

Side Braided Ponytail


Side Braided Ponytail - Side View


Lots of braided fishtails twist into this beautiful updo, which will be an ideal variant for ladies with straight unruly hair (as the braided design allows for easy styling and lasting result). Complete the hairstyle with a light curl near the face and an elegant crown atop in order to look like a fantasy queen on your wedding day.

№5 Exquisite Natural Hairstyle

Exquisite Natural Hairstyle


Exquisite Natural Hairstyle - Back View


This careless romantic hairstyle is appropriate for any hair type. Volume braids, messy single strands, and soft white flowers unite into gorgeous and unique hair-do for brides.

№6 Slicked Back Braided Bun

Slicked Back Braided Bun


With this hairstyle, you can make an ideal shape of the head by means of upswept, sleeked back and pushed up top. The hair comes into a volume braided bun that resembles a kind of wicker basket.

№7 Elegant Bridal Updo

Elegant Bridal Updo


This sweetest bridal updo is meant for true romantic nature. Effortless elegance, pretty accessories, loose French braids – all that’s about this gorgeous, light and fashionable wedding hairstyle.

№8 High Bun with an Elegant Touch

High Bun with an Elegant Touch


This bridal updo will look stunning on young women. The top bun has a very unusual magnificent texture, while a cool accessory completes the image. Besides, this natural and fashionable hairstyle can work as a nice bridesmaid’s hair-do.

№9 Volume Bun for Thin Hair

Volume Bun for Thin Hair


“Are you serious right now?!” –beautiful owners of thin hair might think at this moment. “How such a volume bun is possible for thin hair?” The secret is in hair crimpers. They’ll effortless make your hair twist into a loose updo, allowing for easy styling.

№10 Layered Gathered Bridal Hair-Do

Layered Gathered Bridal Hair-Do


All you need in order to create this mysterious look is to curl your locks, brush them out and fix with hairpins, forming layers on the sides. Make this hairstyle smarter adding a pretty accessory that matches your dress and other jewelry.

№11 Soft Wavy Bridal Hairstyle with Pretty Accessory

Soft Wavy Bridal Hairstyle with Pretty Accessory


Soft Wavy Bridal Hairstyle with Pretty Accessory - Back View


It’s your wedding and you reserve the right to choose any hairstyle you like. Even if you let your hair down on your great day, it doesn’t mean you won’t look magnificent. Go for loose, carefree curls with a pretty hair accessory to finish off this classic soft bridal hairstyle and look fabulous.

№12 Natural Floral Chignon

Natural Floral Chignon


Natural Floral Chignon - Front View


Pretty flower arranging will definitely look gorgeous on a natural braided updo. Leave some free curled locks near the face in order to make a more fashionable and romantic image. You can also play with color and add some natural gray hairstreak through your fringe.

№13 Careless Braided Ponytail with Jewelry Accessory

Careless Braided Ponytail with Jewelry Accessory


Modern ponytails definitely have their place at weddings, as there are so many options of turning this ancient and ordinary hairstyle into a real piece of art that is suitable even for the most festive occasions. For example, such braided and twisted careless ponytail with pretty jewelry coming down your cascading hair can become the most fantastic detail of your bridal image.

№14 Low Chignon Romantic Hair

Low Chignon Romantic Hair


Low Chignon Romantic Hair - Back View


Just look at this loose and lovely bouquet of curls with the pretty floral design! This soft chignon seems to be the right wedding hairstyle for long hair. All you need is to curl your hair, pin each strand loosely but firm into a slightly undone low romantic chignon, and live some locks in the front to make your hair look more naturally.

№15 Curly Cascading Hairstyle

Curly Cascading Hairstyle


Extra long hair is the best for this pretty cascading hairstyle. When the hair is being curled, it shrinks, so extra length will keep hair looking long even after it’s curled and put into a ponytail.

№16 Volume Bridal Waves for Femme Fatale

Volume Bridal Waves for Femme Fatale


Various updos aren’t the only thing on the menu of bridal hairstyles for long hair. It’s your day and you can make your own rules! Let your hair flow free down your shoulders with a style that has a great volume atop and fantastic loose silky curls throughout the length.

№17 Sleek Formal Side Bun

Sleek Formal Side Bun


Classics is timeless, that’s why contemporary brides often fall back on traditional full bun, adding some modern twists. As this hairstyle is completely pulled away from the face, it works best on an oval face. Healthy, shiny and, of course, long hair is what this bridal style needs.

№18 The Regal Loose Bridal Updo

The Regal Loose Bridal Updo


This wedding updo hairstyle is amazing for all women, but it’ll look more unusually on streaked long hair. The hair is swept back into a loose sleek bun that looks really impressive and majestically, allowing you to look like a queen on your big day.

№19 Waterfall Curls with Floral Details

Waterfall Curls with Floral Details


The waterfall braided hairstyle is something more interesting than ordinary flowing curls, but less restrained than classic updos. This beautiful hairstyle with pretty floral details is a very good option for young romantic brides.

№20 Messy Cascading Ponytail for Wedding

Messy Cascading Ponytail for Wedding


It’s OK to look a little extravagant on your big day, especially when it comes to your hair. Try a messy twisted ponytail that cascades down your back, add some catchy floral details and look fabulous on your wedding!

№21 Romantic Twisted Low-Do Hairstyle

Romantic Twisted Low-Do Hairstyle


When you add some twists and turns to your long wedding hairstyle, you’ll get a messy, classy, young, romantic hairdo – all at once. Try crisscrossing curled and braided pieces into a flat “low-do” and pin it with a catchy hair detail on the side.

№22 Charming Low Wavy Chignon

Charming Low Wavy Chignon


Full and charming low wavy chignon paired with a sophisticated headpiece is an eternal staple at weddings of all times. It suits everyone, it looks perfect, it’s very comfortable and lasting enough, so it won’t disturb you during such an important day of your life.

№23 Vintage Chignon with Hair Detail

Vintage Chignon with Hair Detail


A low, full bun in the back is dressed up with vintage pin curls creating a sophisticated look for a gorgeous bride. Such retro hairstyles are always popular at formal affairs, including weddings. The only issue you should care of is to make sure your curls are “glued” in place and won’t go anywhere after that.

№24 Romantic Curls with Flower Crown

Romantic Curls with Flower Crown


Romantic Curls with Flower Crown Side


Are you in love with light romantic curls and feel confident with this hairstyle? No problem. It can become your perfect wedding hair-do effortless. Just find the right accessory, for example, such braided flower crown, and the mysterious bridal image is ready.

№25 Elegant Low French Twist

Elegant Low French Twist


Still can’t decide between all those wedding styles for long hair? Maybe the old favorite low French twist is the one you’re looking for? It’s always fashionable, elegant, suitable and magnificent.

№26 Side Textured Wedding Hairstyle

Side Textured Wedding Hairstyle


This side braided wedding hairstyle has incredible texture so that each strand of hair lies in its perfect place in an ideal way. Throw the careless braid and the rest of your hair into a filled bun with a floral headpiece for a bohemian bridal style that no one will forget.

№27 Loose Twisted Side Bun

Loose Twisted Side Bun


Find some wedding inspiration in this perfectly imperfect loose side bun with magnificent hair jewelry. When it comes to romantic bridal image, the mess can come in handy best of all.

№28 Messy Fishtail Bridal Updo

Messy Fishtail Bridal Updo


Whether it’s chignon or milkmaid braid, if you really like it, don’t hesitate! Such fishtail wreath with single strands, falling on the face, will become a key element of your beautiful young bridal look.

№29 Classic Wedding Hairstyle

Classic Wedding Hairstyle


Volume, structured chignons are go-to bridal hair-dos. Make sure to fix it secure and layer each curl so pins are hidden. As the heart of this hairstyle is concentrated backward, leave the front hair loose and sleek and add some gorgeous headpiece atop.

№30 Loose Low-Do with Stunning Headpiece

Loose Low-Do with Stunning Headpiece


If you like loose hairstyles, you can try gathering your hair into textured side low bun. A stunning headpiece will become a catchy detail of your perfect bridal look.

№31 Dreamy Braided Disorder

Dreamy Braided Disorder


This hair-do is another proof that messy and careless hairstyles will help you to create a mysterious and soft bridal image. Just look how fabulous and romantic this braided natural wedding hair is.

№32 Fishtail Updo

Fishtail Updo


Fishtail Updo


Streaked hair is always in an advantageous position with respect to plain hair when it comes to various braided hairstyles. This fishtail updo is really undone that makes it even more pretty.

№33 Sleek-Up-Messy-Down Bridal Hair

Sleek-Up-Messy-Down Bridal Hair


Still can’t choose between sleek and classic, and disconnected and natural hair-do? Combine them! Sleek your top hair back into a horizontal French braid and create a disheveled curly style on the rest of your hair.

№34 Textured Upstyle Wedding Hair

Textured Upstyle Wedding Hair


Add some modern twists to boring traditional updo and make it exclusive for your wedding day. Push up the fringe to make a good volume atop, but slick hair carefully on the back and sides, dream up a unique texture for your massive “bun” and add some nice accessories.

№35 Curly Natural Updo

Curly Natural Updo


You can get a very pretty natural image with unruly cute curls, which are swept back, and nice floral headpiece that suits your magnificent bridal look.

№36 Extreme Dyed Braid for Bright Wedding

Extreme Dyed Braid for Bright Wedding


Are you bored with ordinary colors and think you can’t create anything unusual with your natural hair? Why won’t you dye it extremely? Big braid with cute headband looks so gorgeous on a beautiful lilac-to-blue long hair. This amazing dreamy hairstyle will definitely add bright colors to your wedding!

№37 Bunch of Curls for Blonde Bride

Bunch of Curls for Blonde Bride


If you don’t want to build massive constructions on your head, but flowing hair also seems to be not a very good idea for your big day, such curly hairstyle can come in handy. It’s something between absolutely loose hair and graceful updo, that looks absolutely stunning and super gorgeous.

№38 Flat Locks Upstyle

Flat Locks Upstyle


This fabulous and glamorous upswept wedding hair-do will suit both young girls and older women. Besides, this wonderful upstyle can be a very good option for bridesmaid as well.

№39 Sleek Gold Chignon with Central Parting

Sleek Gold Chignon with Central Parting


This slick and glossy design requires a very professional hairdresser in order to make it ideally clean, accurate and shiny. You should also bear in mind to make the chignon wide enough as it must be seeable from the front.

№40 Soft Blonde Waves for Romantic Bride

Soft Blonde Waves for Romantic Bride


Sometimes it’s enough to pin the curly locks in a certain way to get a very special and gorgeous hairstyle for such a great and important day.

№41 Magnificent Rose Updo

Magnificent Rose Updo


If you’ve already decided that your hair will be swept into an updo on your wedding day, but not sure how to style your knot, this rose hairstyle may inspire you for some great and impressive look. As the main part of this upstyle is on the back, remember to style it nice from the front side as well (you can make a parting, bouffant, or leave some locks there).

№42 Hair Back with Nice Detail

Hair Back with Nice Detail


Here’s another idea how to style a volume chignon for your special day. It looks simple but tasteful – exactly what you need for you wedding.

№43 Braid with Twists Hairstyle

Braid with Twists Hairstyle


This cool design with circular braid, upswept wavy locks, and the cute tiny wreath is a classic combo for modern brides, despite its carelessness and natural look.

№44 Braided Bridal Down-Do

Braided Bridal Down-Do


This bridal down do is braided twice and finished with beautiful hair jewelry. If you have a streaked hair, it’s additional advantage for this natural hairstyle.

№45 Artistic Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Artistic Wedding Updo Hairstyle


This gorgeous bridal style is made on the basis of the ordinary sleek low bun. It’s decorated with two braids and figured ringlets that are securely pinned above the chignon into a beautifully patterned design.

№46 Pretty Braided Updo

Pretty Braided Updo


Not pompous, but still very pretty, this low hairstyle is a good idea for older brides-to-be. Sweep your hair back into a messy bun with bouffant atop, make a braid like a band in front and don’t forget to leave some natural free locks near the face for more soft and feminine image.

№47 Chick Updo with Handmade Headpiece

Chick Updo with Handmade Headpiece


This elegant hairstyle is floating somewhere between the centuries. On the one hand, it’s a typical Gatsby-inspired low-do, but on the other hand, that glamorous crystal handmade detail is definitely a sign of the 21st century.

№48 Streaked Curls with Floral Design

Streaked Curls with Floral Design


The salt of this curly updo is a streaked hair design; it adds something soft and natural to this pretty bridal style that won’t look as gorgeous on net brunette or blonde.

№49 Fantastic Side Chignon Hairstyle

Fantastic Side Chignon Hairstyle


First, you should curl this unusual bridal look, wrapping the hair around the iron towards the face in the front. After that, pin the chignon, then curl and incorporate the front. Don’t forget to finish this chick style with hair spray and elegant accessories.

№50 Sleek and Textured All-in-One

Sleek and Textured All-in-One


The pretty classic updo is always a good choice for a wedding, besides it matches any dress, and it doesn’t matter how old you are!

№51 Half-Up-Half-Down Hairstyle

Half-Up-Half-Down Hairstyle


Cute hairstyle based on romantic locks is a very popular option for young brides. Experiment with the styling of the up part, add something yours to this dreamy hair-do.

№52 Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde Wavy Hair


You can hardly ever see light waves as a bridal hairstyle, but if you want to…why not? It’s your day, so feel free in setting up your own rules about everything happening on your wedding.

№53 Dutch Braid & Side Curls

Dutch Braid & Side Curls


A Dutch braid is going along the forehead, creating a kind of accessory at the front, and gradually turns into a bunch of curls on the side.

№54 Gorgeous Waves with Bouffant

Gorgeous Waves with Bouffant


You can create a gorgeous wavy wedding style with a high front bouffant and magnificent headpiece that will keep hair off your face to make it more open.

№55 Soft Fishtail Updo

Soft Fishtail Updo


Fishtail updo is another catchy idea for loose and soft hairstyles-lovers. This braiding technique adds something special to any hair-do.

№56 Twisted Ponytail with Green Leaves Design

Twisted Ponytail with Green Leaves Design


This ponytail hairstyle will work better for girls with fringe, but if you’re not one of them, leave some locks near the face and it’ll look great too. Green leaves with tiny white flowers are a perfect adornment for such twisted wedding style.

№57 Braided Bridal Carelessness

Braided Bridal Carelessness


It seems that this braided hairstyle is so knotty that it’s absolutely impossible to untwine it. There are so many strands and knots which will be ideally visible on dyed or streaked long hair.

№58 Graceful Braided Bun

Graceful Braided Bun


All you need to get this glorious updo is to sweep the hair back and braid it from one side to another, twisting into a volume low bun. Pin it and fix with some hair product and add some little sparkling details to complete the look.

№59 Regal Low Up-Style

Regal Low Up-Style


This soft hairstyle unites regal class and modern twist into an elegant low bridal hairstyle. Fantastic pearl headpiece and pretty curl detail in the center work perfectly together as an updo for a real queen.

№60 Waterfall Braid Floral Hairstyle

Waterfall Braid Floral Hairstyle


This waterfall hairstyle is not flowing down the shoulders as usual; it is twisted into a side fishtail braid and freshened with nice flowers. This one can be good both for the romantic bride and for pretty bridesmaids.

№61 Braids, Plaits, and Upstyle

Braids, Plaits, and Upstyle


This updo includes everything: braids, plaits, foils and contrast colors, staying sleek and rather classic at the same time.

№62 Fabulous Golden Locks for Glory Bride

Fabulous Golden Locks for Glory Bride


Modest, but tasteful, this fabulous hairstyle is meant for blonde princesses. All you need is to curl your golden hair down from the level of the chin and twist front locks back, pinning with sparkling elegant headpiece.

№63 High Textured Bun with Fringe Lock

High Textured Bun with Fringe Lock


In spite of the modern tendency for a wedding is a low hairstyle, high and volume old school buns are still here for you. If upswept high styles suit you, why not? Add some up-to-date twists (such as streaks or texture, for example) and get such a beautiful updo.

№64 Updo with Fresh Pretty Blooms

Updo with Fresh Pretty Blooms


What can look more harmonious and feminine than fresh flowers in a natty braided chignon for your wedding image? So light and soft…perfect for young brides!

№65 Messy Top Braided Chignon Natural Style

Messy Top Braided Chignon Natural Style

The majority of bridal hairstyles, especially updos, have a sleek and glossy top, here we have something completely opposite. The top us messy and disconnected, while the main, chignon part is braided and styled rather neat. Gold and white headpiece makes this one a hair-do for a goddess.

№66 Chick Volume Bun for Wedding

Chick Volume Bun for Wedding


Such hairstyle suits everyone, besides you can easily correct the shape of your head due to bouffant in the right place. Remember to add some accessories to freshen and emphasize the whole look.

№67 Simple and Romantic Bridal Hair

Simple and Romantic Bridal Hair


This pretty wedding style is created on the basis of round headband, with the usage of fishtail technique. The rest of the hair is wavy and is flowing down the back.

№68 Textured Messy Bright Low-Do

Textured Messy Bright Low-Do


And bright colors again. If you’re considering rocking some catchy hair color for your wedding, think of soft lilac tones, as they go perfectly with white headpieces and finery as well.

№69 Huge Wavy Upstyle with Floral Design

Huge Wavy Upstyle with Floral Design


This upstyle is meant for girls with long and thick hair, as this volume requires lots of it. It looks very festive and feminine, besides it will add some inches of height (if it’s an issue for you).

№70 Vintage Inspired Updo

Vintage Inspired Updo


This vintage updo is not your average bear, it’s meant for fashion-mongers and pretty chicks. With such hairstyle, you’ll hold the stage of your wedding for sure.

№71 Messy Bridal Ponytail

Messy Bridal Ponytail


Unusual and fresh option for young brides who like standing out of the crowd and surprise with new bright images.

№72 Disheveled Royal Updo

Disheveled Royal Updo

You’re gonna be the queen of your marriage with such a graceful up-style and appropriate accessory. Besides, this hair-do doesn’t require a very big length that is definitely a plus of it.

№73 Wavy Sombre Floral Hair

Wavy Sombre Floral Hair


If you’re thinking about having your hair down for the wedding, this style can come in handy. There’s nothing difficult, but it looks fantastically light and romantic – exact what you need for your bridal image.

№74 Pink Panther Bridal Style

Pink Panther Bridal Style


When you get tired of your own color, but not ready for cardinal changes, try using a wig and experiment with it. Look, how incredible you can look on your big day with such pink blending messy braid with a beautiful headband.

№75 Elegant Big Bun Hair-Up

Elegant Big Bun Hair-Up


Absolutely smooth, this hairstyle is all about elegance and grace. Hair is flowing and twisting so neatly like each strand is meant to be in its place.

№76 Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle


Here’s another example of fantastic wedding look with long wavy hair. No braids, twists, updos, just a luxurious glossy locks and glamorous headpiece.

№77 Romantic Fiery Half Up

Romantic Fiery Half Up


Half up is a very popular option for weddings. It both looks absolutely incredible and is very comfortable, as the hair is swept back from the face and styled into a textured updo, while the rest of the hair is flowing down the shoulders in cute curls.

№78 Official Severe Bridal Upstyle

Official Severe Bridal Upstyle

All hair is gathered into a high sleek elaborate hairdo with a hairband, which is covered with two strands on the sides. These strands crisscross backward, making the hair-do absolutely unique.

№79 Careless Updo with Fantastic Flower Arrangement

Careless Updo with Fantastic Flower Arrangement


Accessories are very important details of any great event, especially when it comes to hairstyle. If you find a perfect headpiece for your image, you won’t worry about your hair, because even the simplest hair-do will look stunning with such beautiful floral arrangement.

№80 Curly Upstyle with Snazzy Accessories

Curly Upstyle with Snazzy Accessories


Here’s another example of a beautiful image with a simple hairstyle. Messy curls perfectly match bright make-up and extravagant head accessories. Fatal look for the confident woman.

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