85 Trendy Tips How to Style Long Straight Hair

What’s the most important issue about glorious hairstyle for big length? Definitely, it’s healthy, well-groomed and slick hair condition. So, if you’ve decided to grow your locks, get ready for regular hair care, and for eternal problem – how to style it for this or that occasion, event, feast. In this article, we’ll try to solve your problem, or though give some inspiration how to create magnificent casual and smart hairstyles for long hair.

Straight Hair Resolutions or “Long Hair Don’t Care”

Is your hair long and straight? You’re a lucky beggar, as it allows for such a great choice of hairstyles, cuts, and colorations that will look their best on your texture and length in your favor.

№1 Balayage Highlights for Long Hair with Bangs

Balayage Highlights for Long Hair with Bangs


Balayage is one of relatively new and incredibly popular hair painting technics, which is able to update any hairstyle, especially when it comes to long straight hair. This technique means creating natural-looking, soft highlights that look more creative than traditional dye methods and make the hairstyle look fresh during a long time after coloring, as the hair roots are supposed to be of your natural color, and the blend into blonde is extremely soft.

№2 Gorgeous Coloring for Glossy Hair

Gorgeous Coloring for Glossy Hair


The first issue about having such smooth and glossy hair, long and beautiful, is a regular and quality hair care. If this first step is done, you can safely move on creating some special cut or coloring. Remember about modern tendencies that emphasize natural and almost invisible dye methods when creating your unique gorgeous hairstyle.

№3 U-Shape Rapunzel Blonde Hair

U-Shape Rapunzel Blonde Hair


Here we have an example of how much the shape of hair tips involves the whole look – it becomes softer and more natural, of course. It must be noted that the longer hair you have the smarter and brighter effect of coloring you get. So if you’re one of those witches, who have extremely long and thick hair, take note of this wonderful idea.

№4 Twisted Style with Beautiful Tones of Violet

Twisted Style with Beautiful Tones of Violet


Here’s another option of coloring and styling your gorgeous long hair. It’s gonna look fabulous both in loose hair-do and in ponytail or bun. Besides, these fantastic highlights will definitely work into your hands when making some braided hairstyle.

№5 Blonde Balayge Natural Waves

Blonde Balayge Natural Waves

Natural waves + straight hair = no problem! Even if your hair is very unruly and too stubborn for full curls, soft waves are absolutely real for you. There are lots of ways how to create this style, but the easiest one is to make a high tight bun on dewy clean hair before going to bed and loose hair in the morning, sprinkling with hair spray.

№6 Blended Straight Up Curly Down Hairstyle

Blended Straight Up Curly Down Hairstyle


The nice and romantic look can be created if the long straight hair is curled on the tips. This light effect will become a super addition to your smart image and is universal for any occasion.

№7 Half-Straight, Half-Wavy Highlighted Hair

Half-Straight, Half-Wavy Highlighted Hair


This picture demonstrates how incredibly the image changes when the straight hair is being curled; it becomes more soft, romantic and feminine. If you make those waves from the middle of length down, you’ll get a fabulous casual look. But if you start from the roots, your hairstyle will make you shine on some great events and celebrations.

№8 Pastel Layered Perfection with Rainbow Tips

Pastel Layered Perfection with Rainbow Tips


This women’s hairstyle is absolutely perfect: ideal pastel hair color, clean two-layered cut, and incredibly soft colorful highlights on the tips of the bottom layer. Just agree, that this baby is a real piece of art!

№9 Mohawk Braided Ponytail

Mohawk Braided Ponytail


This up-style is a universal one, as it’s appropriate both for great events and for everyday wear. There’s no any secret, it just looks very graceful and gorgeous, but is still very easy in styling at the same time. All you need is to separate the crown part of your hair (like in undercut) and braid it in fishtail technique, slick back the sides and tie all hair into a low ponytail, twisting it with a strand of hair.

№10 Braided Game with Long Streaked Hair

Braided Game with Long Streaked Hair


This one is a beautiful style for casual wear, smart and easy at the same time. Make a French braid on the upper part of your hair from the face backward and connect it with the rest of hair from another side. You can either stop at this point or braid a fishtail to make your image absolutely unique.

№11 Another Fishtail Braid Idea

Another Fishtail Braid Idea


Cute idea for young ladies with long straight hair. Make a central parting and braid two Dutch braids in fishtail technique on both sides, starting from the forehead. If you’re not into middle partings, you can also try a side part for this casual hairstyle.

№12 Fun Little Updo

 Fun Little Updo


Sometimes you feel bored of your long hair and want to get rid of it, but don’t act rashly, as the probability to regret about the new short cut is very high. Don’t forget about the existence of a great range of upswept hairdos for long hair for any taste and occasion. For example, such low braided chignon will be good for some official or festive events for women of all ages.

№13 Flowing Hair with Diagonal Braid

 Flowing Hair with Diagonal Braid

This ordinary flowing hairstyle has a very cute and catchy detail. It’s a thin braid that goes from the right part of the forehead down to the left part of the nape and is pinned under the loose hair securely. Nice style for every day.

№14 Disconnected Thick Hairstyle

Disconnected Thick Hairstyle


If your long hair is thick and it’s a huge problem for you, try curling the hair tips to add some volume, and disconnect them with fingers to make a more natural look. This texture will help you to hide the thickness of your hair and show it in a good light.

№15 Metallic Braids for Rainbow Hair

 Metallic Braids for Rainbow Hair


This hair-do and coloring should be considered separately, as both of them are independent fresh ideas for long hair, which can work wonderful alone. But the mixture of them is a true bomb, which is a fabulous resolution for your long hair when you want some creativity and art in your style.

№16 Messy & Colorful Bow Updo

Messy & Colorful Bow Updo


Bow updo always looks cute and pretty, no matter whether it’s at the top of the head or below, this hairstyle is able to add some fabulousness and ease to any image. This messy low side bow with amazing accessory will become a real decoration of your smart look.

№17 Nude Blush Wavy Mess

Nude Blush Wavy Mess


How to make your everyday careless wavy hairstyle more impressive and bright? –It’s easy, just add some color! Modern dye techniques allow for extremely soft, almost invisible blends and highlights that will probably work perfectly with any color you like.

№18 Mini Floating Fishtail Braid

Mini Floating Fishtail Braid


Here’s another idea of half-up for straight hair. First make a bouffant atop, then braid a tiny fishtail down adding some strands from the sides. Finally, make your hair naturally wavy & messy a bit by means of curling iron and hair product and enjoy your magnificent hair for today.

№19 “Life Is a Rainbow” Hairstyle

 “Life Is a Rainbow” Hairstyle


With such hair coloring, you’ll always be on the bright side of life, whatever happens. This look is imbued with absolute positivity, happiness, and eternal youth, that can not but rejoice and make life more enjoyable.

№20 Extreme Rockabilly Hairstyle for Crazy-Head

Extreme Rockabilly Hairstyle for Crazy-Head


It’s obvious that people are very different and not all love cute and pretty hairstyles. So, here’s an idea for bold, independent and kind of crazy chicks. Fantastic high bouffant, double side braids, and contrasting strand behind will help you to create your extreme, but the feminine image, that will emphasize your wild and free temper.

№21 Cross Dutch Braid + Pull through Braids

 Cross Dutch Braid + Pull through Braids


And all that is converted into a beautiful up-style for a magnificent princess. We can see, how fabulous this hairstyle looks on black hair, but can you imagine how incredible it will look on streaked or blonde hair, which has more abilities to show the texture and the twists?!

№22 Funny Dyed Boxer Braids Summer Look

Funny Dyed Boxer Braids Summer Look


Your long colored hair can be done into cute boxer braids for light summer image. This hairstyle is very comfortable as the hair doesn’t fall on your face, and you feel not so hot even in the tropical heat. Easy to do, easy to wear – ideal for casual style, isn’t it?

№23 Messy Half Bun

Messy Half Bun


Popular half bun has been twisted a lot during the last couple of years, and here’s one of the variants how to make this hairstyle messy, soft, and feminine for everyday wear. All you need is to separate the upper part of the hair and create a loose low bun on the nape, after that curl the tips and disconnect them to reach the most natural effect.

№24 Half-Up Style with Tiny Braids and Bluish Strands

Half-Up Style with Tiny Braids and Bluish Strands


This extravagant and extraordinary hairstyle is a hard nut to crack for the majority of girls, but still, there is a group of ladies which will definitely fall in love with this bright hair-do. White and blue tiny braids twist and mix all over the crown, creating an artistic half-up style.

№25 Stunning Braided Chignon Hairstyle

Stunning Braided Chignon Hairstyle


A festive look for a special event is majorly associated with various updos and chignons. Here’s an idea of beautiful low-do for straight hair. By the way, the longer hair you have, the more volume you’ll get in your bun, so this braided style is meant for ladies with long straight hair.

№26 Volume on the Roots, Natural Twist on the Tips

Volume on the Roots, Natural Twist on the Tips


Up-sweep the roots to give some volume to your flowing hair, add some light waves on the tips, and fix your stunning everyday hairstyle with hairspray. Oh, and don’t forget initially to color your locks in balayage technique in purple.

№27 Fabulous Curly Half-Up

Fabulous Curly Half-Up


The biggest challenge of this ceremonial hairstyle is creating those fantastic locks, as the owners of naturally straight hair know, how difficult it is for their hair texture. But anyway, it’s possible, if doing everything in the appropriate way and using quality products. These locks are made with massive curling iron and hair pomade after the crown is pinned back, and all that beauty is fixed with hard hold hairspray.

№28 Diagonal Dutch Braid for Extremely Long Hair

Diagonal Dutch Braid for Extremely Long Hair


When your hair is very…VERY long, 95% of your time you style it into various up-dos and twisted styles, as it’s very difficult to walk with loose locks. This is a hairstyle, which’s not gonna take a lot of time, but will definitely beautify your image and add some new fresh and feminine notes into your casual look.

№29 Three-Layered Balayage Hairstyle

Three-Layered Balayage Hairstyle


This luxury coloring in popular balayage technique looks more naturally and soft on that layered cut and disconnected careless style. Give a try to this baby and you’ll not regret.

№30 Long Hair Sharp Perfection

 Long Hair Sharp Perfection


Nothing special, just a long straight hair with sharp cut and extremely healthy and glossy texture. The concept is simple: all you need is to take care of your hair to let it look so incredibly glorious.

№31 Gorgeous & Dreamy Bardot Style

Gorgeous & Dreamy Bardot Style


“Accept that sometimes the sexiest outfits and hairstyles are the most simple” – Brigitte Bardot said and was absolutely right! No pompous crowns and ideally sleeked up-styles, no bright headpieces, and intricate constructions – everything’s easy enough, but with a little bit of mystery and intrigue, which are typical signs of a true woman.

№32 Floating Fishtail Nailed into Split Fishtail Braid

Floating Fishtail Nailed into Split Fishtail Braid


If you’re not into tough and secure hairstyles and have headaches because of them, this fishtail idea is for you. It’s very light, almost unnoticeable while wearing, but a very significant detail of your look. Sometimes simple is more, yeah?

№33 Everyday Braid Hairstyle with Elastics for Long Hair

Everyday Braid Hairstyle with Elastics for Long Hair


Reverse pull-through braid with elastics is a relatively new technique that rocks women’s and girls’ heads throughout the world for some years. This way of braiding gives more volume and stability to your hairstyle, compared with a traditional technique. Besides, it’s much easier and more convenient.

№34 Cool Summer Boho Braids

 Cool Summer Boho Braids

Meet a cool messy hairstyle for fantastic summer adventures. It’s easy and crazy – exactly what you need to chill out and relax. Create a kind of messy hawk atop and make a careless braid down, don’t forget about the hair coloring – you can choose any you want; for example, this one will turn you into some fairly beautiful mermaid.

№35 Flirty Braids Top Knot

Flirty Braids Top Knot


The usual high bun is exactly what you need for hot weather, but it’s too boring. Summer is a high time to add some twists, like braids and highlights into your comfortable but ordinary hair-do to make it more funny and bright.

№36 Upside Down Double Braid into a High Bun

Upside Down Double Braid into a High Bun


Look at another way of the styling of the previous up-do. Here we go with more careless and loose style, and the upside-down braids involve all hair on the nape.

№37 Long Square Layers and Blowdry

Long Square Layers and Blowdry


Long straight hairstyles with lots of layers create body and movement. Get shorter layers to frame your face followed by several more layers down the length of your hair, disconnect the tips with hairdryer and enjoy you luxury weightless locks.

№38 Loose Braids and Waves for Super Long Hair

Loose Braids and Waves for Super Long Hair


Happy owners of magnificent long hair can boast their glossy locks in a great variety of ways. French braid down-style is the perfect way to show off your hair, demonstrating it to the best advantage and to create a beautiful feminine hairstyle appropriate for any occasion.

№39 Beauty Triple Stacked Braid Style

Beauty Triple Stacked Braid Style


Here’s another extraordinary idea for long hair casual look. One Dutch braid is so last season, rock double or even triple stacked braid and you’ll definitely turn many heads wherever you appear with this pretty style.

№40 Messy Braids Bohemian Hair

Messy Braids Bohemian Hair


Add some mess to your everyday look, play with highlights and make fun with braids, perform a disconnected half-bun, just do whatever you want, when it comes to the act of creation – anything goes!

№41 Spidermom’s Bun for Comfort & Aesthetics

Spidermom’s Bun for Comfort & Aesthetics


There does not exist anything easier and smarter than a well-known double loop bun. It’s deservedly popular for ages, so we don’t recommend you to write off this pretty hairstyle, which is perfect both for young girls and for elder ladies.

№42 Massive Waves Matrix Hair

Massive Waves Matrix Hair


Soft effect of large waves can become both a cute everyday look and a stunning festive image. In combination with blonde balayage blend and ragged tips cut this matrix hairstyle emphasizes natural femininity of the lady and beauty of the hair.

№43 Braided Crown Up-Do Hairstyle

 Braided Crown Up-Do Hairstyle


This triple braided bun combination is sweet, and the curves of every line are so lovely and clean as the braids accent highlights and mid-tones. Style two lacy braids on the sides and one tiny braid in the middle instead of parting and feed them into a twisted bun.

№44 Braid Bomb Style for Young Chick

Braid Bomb Style for Young Chick


This style of freedom and youth looks incredibly stylish and up-to-date. It’s a wonderful idea for casual styling of long straight hair. You can be as creative as you want while making braids, because it doesn’t really matter how many of them, in what technique they’re done or how messy they are.

№45 Loose Dutch Braid Wrapping the Bun

Loose Dutch Braid Wrapping the Bun

For new hairstyles for long straight hair, look no further than this one. It’s a volume low bun consisting of individual strands that have been twisted and braided to create that magnificent texture. Loose Dutch braid comes from the temple diagonally into the bun, serving as a kind of accessory at the same time.

№46 Braided Loose Half-Bun

Braided Loose Half-Bun


Try this stylish hairstyle for your tomorrow image and you’ll totally love it forever. Top loose bun visually prolongs the face if it’s round or square, but also suits girls with oval face shape, besides this hairstyle’s able to add you some inches of height if it’s an issue, and finally, it’s incredibly comfortable as the hair seems to be flowing, but it doesn’t fall on the face, distracting you, at the same time.

№47 Double Reverse French Braid Updo

Double Reverse French Braid Updo


Start from making two reverse French braids on the sides, leaving a few strands near the face free to soften the look. After that simply mold the loose ends into the desired shape on the nape and secure your updo with pins. Finally, finish off the look with some extra hold hairspray to keep it fresh and clean all day long.

№48 Hair Inspiration for Long Slick Locks

Hair Inspiration for Long Slick Locks


This romantic casual hairstyle is so airy and light, suitable for dresses, t-shirts and shorts, skirts and tops, in one word, anything you’re gonna take on today. The fact it’s also very easy to create makes this pretty one of the favorites for modern young ladies.

№49 Rope Braided Ponytail

Rope Braided Ponytail


Wow, it’s definitely something fresh and brand new on the menu. Tie a high ponytail, twist it in a rope technique, fix with an elastic at the end, and voila – your pretty casual style is ready to rock.

№50 Floral Half-Up Hair-Do

Floral Half-Up Hair-Do


Looking for an elegant and natural look for long straight hair? Say no more – this half-up hairstyle with beautiful floral headpiece is exactly what you need! Simple, but not boring, festive, but not too pompous, this glorious hairstyle is meant for a magnificent pretty woman.

№51 Frenched Then Knotted Pony

Frenched Then Knotted Pony


There are many twists on that low pony, but everything’s in moderation. First, the diagonal loose French braid is made, then it’s twisted and pinned at the nape, and finally knotted into a low straight ponytail.

№52 Low-Do Romantic Hairstyle

Low-Do Romantic Hairstyle

Just look at this romantic and lovely braided updo with incredible texture and side parting! Despite it looks very naturally, it seems that each strand of this braided chignon lies in its ideal place in a perfect way. This hairstyle can be fulfilled with short side bangs, or free hair strands near the face in order to soften the look.

№53 Half up Half down Hair Knot

Half up Half down Hair Knot


This simple but pretty hair idea for every day is gonna rock your casual style. It looks rather interesting and unusual, but is surprisingly easy in styling: take the upper layer of your hair, make a kind of a loop and twist it with the rest of hair, pinning under the half-bun.

№54 Layer up Your Straight Hair

Layer up Your Straight Hair


Long straight hairstyles with lots of layers create body and natural movement, offering more ideas of styling. Frame your face by getting chin length layers in front and add several longer disconnected layers down the length of your hair, which will also reduce the weight of your locks.

№55 Relaxed Braided Ponytail Style

Relaxed Braided Ponytail Style


It’s not a secret that braided styles are all about creativity and self-expression, as every little move makes absolutely different hair-do, so it’ll always appear something brand-new within braided updos. This traditional diagonal French braid ends in a ponytail, so part of the hair is free, and it has a pretty decoration of tiny braids below.

№56 Double Braid Twisted Fishtail Pony

Double Braid Twisted Fishtail Pony


How about such fishtail idea for your casual look? So pretty and natural, this hairstyle has two side braids that lie like a wreath, and their ends twist the ponytail on the nape. The hair in the pony is styled careless in fishtail loose technique – extremely smart for weekdays.

№57 Simple and Sweet Infinity Braid

 Simple and Sweet Infinity Braid


This hairstyle is beautiful and fairly quick to do on yourself, plus, it seems harder than it really is, giving you such a unique and intricate look. Infinity braids are always great and suitable for any image and circumstances.

№58 Long Mohawk Disconnected Braid

Long Mohawk Disconnected Braid


Waves, and braids, and twists – everything has mixed in this hawk style for girls. To get this kind of disconnection you should wave your straight hair first, and then twist and turn it, fixing it with pins for security and adding a thin braid through all the composition for a more creative look.

№59 Long Layers and Sun Kissed Ends

 Long Layers and Sun Kissed Ends

This cute summer hairstyle is meant for girls with light brown hair. Those highlighted ends look stunning here like they’ve been kissed by the sun. And long layers are framing the face and make the whole image free and weightless.

№60 Half Up Style with Light Waves

Half Up Style with Light Waves


If you’re bored with your straight hair texture, and it’s very unruly, so that it’s almost impossible to keep curls fresh for a long time, light waves is a way out. Add some half-up twists on it and an awesome festive look is done.

№61 Stunning Blonde Braid

 Stunning Blonde Braid


Blonde hair is the perfect material for various difficult braid technics because it shows off each strand and loop at its best. This baby needs some practice to reach such clean and magnificent look, but it’s definitely worth all those efforts and time.

№62 Big and Shiny Oval Bun

Big and Shiny Oval Bun


When an ordinary bun up-do becomes too boring and trivial for you, the high time for braids comes. Make a ponytail first and style a pair of full braids in the middle and a pair of little ones below. Then fix your volume braids into an oval bun with pins and finally roll it with those tiny “ropes” to complete the image.

№63 Unicorn Bomb Hair

Unicorn Bomb Hair


Fantastic combination of a lot of colors is what makes this unicorn hairstyle so unique. This half-up French braid is playing with white, and caramel, and brown, and bluish tones, which blend incredibly and work stunningly together. Such gorgeous coloring will turn any hair-do into a piece of art for sure!

№64 Half Updo + Fishtail Braid

 Half Updo + Fishtail Braid


Another idea for half up-dos lovers. Pretty, romantic and easy to style – the best qualities for the everyday hairstyle in one package.

№65 Big Messy Bun Updo

 Big Messy Bun Updo


The messy bun is a hairstyle, which is appropriate for any occasion and event, plus it is a simple up-do style that you can do yourself at home. From gorgeous bridal hairstyle to quick “run to the store”, the full messy bun offers long hair an alternative beauty look, which is fast and easy to create.

№66 Five Strand Dutch Braid

Five Strand Dutch Braid

Don’t hurry up to upset about this hairstyle if you’re not a good braider, as you’re not typically braiding this beauty, you’re weaving it. This five strand braid looks extremely difficult, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll realize, how easy, fun, and sure to impress it is. This style is a “must have” for those bad hair days.

№67 Side Bun with Sweeping Movement

 Side Bun with Sweeping Movement


The side bun is the hairstyle that will emphasize your femininity, adding some elegant, graceful and romantic notes to your image. This side-swept twisted low chignon is definitely not for a beach walk, but for some special occasion or important event.

№68 Triple Braided Silver Pony

Triple Braided Silver Pony


Silver color can become your zest (if you’re determined enough for such changes) and prettify any hair-do you’re going to perform. Look, how incredible it works for this triple braided low pony with magnificent natural waves – it’s just beautiful!

№69 Incredible Volume & Fabulous Length

Incredible Volume & Fabulous Length


Lucky owners of long hair can play with sizes and strengthen the impression, caused by length, with an extra volume all over the braid, beginning from the forehead and ending on very tips. Such dragon style will show its best on streaked straight hair.

№70 Low Bun Updo with Wreath Braid

Low Bun Updo with Wreath Braid


This sophisticated twisted hair-do looks very complicated but actually, is easy enough. It has a kind of braided wreath that keeps the hair out of face and is a cute detail simultaneously; the low bun is secure enough to withstand a night of your sweet dancing.

№71 Small Curls just for the Ends

Small Curls just for the Ends


Don’t know how to refresh your pestered ponytail? – Add some curls! After making your usual pony, create tiny curls on the hair tips with a curling iron of a small diameter. This will give your locks more healthy and attractive look, turning the most mundane hair-do into a smart up-style.

№72 Balayaged and Braided Half-Up

Balayaged and Braided Half-Up


When you have the hair this long and thick, half-up style is one of the most popular solutions nowadays. It’s comfortable (as the hair is taken away from the face), and beautiful at the same time due to that wavy texture on soft balayage coloring.

№73 Pretty Wavy Pony with Twist

Pretty Wavy Pony with Twist


How about such everyday style for long hair? It’s absolutely compatible with the majority of clothing styles from casual ragged jeans with a baggy sweatshirt to elegant and romantic dresses and blouses.

№74 Braided Ponytail Summer Look

 Braided Ponytail Summer Look


This braided summer look is going to blow everybody away. Surprisingly doable and feminine, this hair-do is a perfect choice for hot summer days.

№75 Having Fun with Colorful Elastics

Having Fun with Colorful Elastics


What do we have here? Let’s see. On the one side it’s a diagonal Dutch braid, but on the other side, it’s a total fun with colorful elastics that are matched to the dyed strands color. Beautiful combo for a modern stylish lady.

№76 Knotted Middle Dutch Braid Hairstyle

 Knotted Middle Dutch Braid Hairstyle


This mermaid rainbow hairstyle will definitely become one of the brightest pieced of your summer. It’s well-known that summertime is a high time for bold experiments and incredible changes, so treat yourself and give this cute knotted Dutch braid half-up a chance!

№77 Flawless Waterfall with Floral Details

Flawless Waterfall with Floral Details


The waterfall braided hairstyle is a very popular festive hair-do, especially when it’s curled. It looks more interesting than ordinary loose hair, and can be adjusted for everyday style if performed without curls. This streaked beauty with cute floral details is a very good option for young romantic girls.

№78 Sock Bun with Pretty Headpiece

Sock Bun with Pretty Headpiece


All you need is a hair donut to create this ring shape, and some pins to fix it securely for all day wear. After that find some pretty accessory you really like (it also looks elegant, when the headpiece harmonizes with jewelry or clothes) and pin it on the side.

№79 Rope-Braided Buns Fun

Rope-Braided Buns Fun


Another texture of braid completely changes the look of the ready bun, that’s how easily you can add some twist into ordinary bun hairstyle.

№80 Half-Up Half-Down into Fishtail Braid Style

Half-Up Half-Down into Fishtail Braid Style


So intricate and tricky, this hairstyle for long straight hair will definitely stand out of the crowd. It’s easy to fly off the handle trying to realize all those twists and knots. This stunning fishtail updo will become the icing on the cake for your gorgeous image.

№81 Sleek & Simple Style for Long Straight Hair

Sleek & Simple Style for Long Straight Hair


Sleeked back crown and loose straight hair can be rocked by means of two little braids, covering both side partings. They are fixed back, while the top strands are falling over them.

№82 Low Volume Chignon with Fabulous Texture

Low Volume Chignon with Fabulous Texture


We’re used to considering a chignon as some pompous and official hairstyle, but actually low chignons or, in other words, volume buns, can become your saving last-minute updo for bad hair days as well.

№83 Careless Low Tail

Careless Low Tail


The low messy ponytail is the new darling of fashionistas around the world. Combine it with a velvet tie and it will become even more delicate and unique.

№84 Twisted Pony with Bouffant

Twisted Pony with Bouffant


This unusual twisted low pony style will go well with the little black dress, which is elegant and sexy, pretty and graceful, like this hairstyle. Besides, the high bouffant can give you some inches of height, and free temple locks make the look softer and more natural.

№85 Vintage Accessories for Straight Hair

Vintage Accessories for Straight Hair


If you’re thick of all those braids, twists, bouffants and updos and nothing comes to mind, it’s time to resort to fashionable hair jewelry. In a couple of minutes, you can totally change your hairstyle, matching it to your clothes and making appropriate for the event you’re going to.

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