31 Blowout Haircuts for Men

The blowout haircut by virtue of its name makes an impression of the crazy image like if you’ve just walked through a hurricane. Blowout, “taper fade”, “Brooklyn fade” or “temple fade” first appeared in the 1990s and was updated by Pauly-D from MTV show in the 2000s.
26 years of experiments with this hairstyle can’t be ineffective and the variety of modern blowout haircuts is a good proof. Nowadays the one can select his own blowout according to his face shape, hair type and length, and other significant features.
In the gallery below we’ve gathered the coolest blowout taper haircuts for men. Take a look at them and you’ll find something perfect for you.

#1. Curly Blowout

Curly Blowout
This curly taper cut is a representative of classic blowout style, which requires a low fade on the temples and medium length top. A goatee might be a nice modern addition for such hairstyle.

#2. Classic Blowout for Straight Hair

Classic Blowout for Straight Hair
Here’s a classic option for straight hair. Low taper fade, about 8 inches on top and some texture created with a comb and hair pomade.

#3. Dyed Afro Blowout

Dyed Afro Blowout
This up-to-date variation of the blowout haircut is full of contemporary twists. For example, Afro curls are textured with a curl sponge, besides the top is dyed and rather messy, a sharp edgy hairline also betrays the present-day origin of this hairstyle.

#4. Spiky Blowout

Spiky Blowout
Have more fun with blowout hairstyle. Style it up and make textured and spiky using a comb, blow-dryer and hair gel. Sometimes we all need to become crazy for some time and do whatever we desire.

#5. High Afro Blowout

High Afro Blowout
You should always keep in mind that you can take advantage of your Afro texture which enables to get any, even the most bizarre shape. You have no reason to worry that such high blowout can be spoilt, it’s just impossible.

#6. Curly Blowout with Light Sputtering

Curly Blowout with Light Sputtering
Make your curly blowout fresh by means of the colour game. Play safe and cover only the tips with dye, in order to get an effect of light airy sputtering.

#7. Sharp-n-Soft Hairline

Sharp-n-Soft Hairline
This curly men’s option is damn fresh due to the amazing combination of soft blurry fade on the temples and extremely edgy hairline cuts on the nape and above the forehead.

#8. Blended Afro Blowout

Blended Afro Blowout
This rockabilly Afro blowout is incredibly bright and splashy. Do you want a lot of attention? Get this crazy hairstyle with the awesome clean blend and bleached strips over the messy crown.

#9. High to Low Blowout

High to Low Blowout
This one is undoubtedly a present-day comb over variation of the blowout hairstyle. It’s kept the idea of temple fade and medium length top, but added a hard part and wavy texture. So, all those things work in another way together nowadays.

#10. Short Blowout for Black Men

Short Blowout for Black Men
This short blowout is more of a buzz cut, but still can be considered a blowout, as the hair is tapered like in traditional blowout cut. Probably, the greatest advantage of such short cuts is that they don’t require any maintenance at all.

#11. Artistic Blowout

Artistic Blowout
This hairstyle is perfect for Afro texture as it’s easy to create such a roundish shape on it. But what makes this cut a real piece of art is a sharp hairline and a blending hard part on the temple.

#12. Messy Bearded Design

Messy Bearded Design
What about messy crown with hundreds of spikes and designer beard? If this hairstyle seems to be your thing, grow your Afro locks and hurry up to your barber, dude!

#13. Silver Fox Blowout

Silver Fox Blowout
Silver has become a must have trend this year and you can adjust it to blowout hairstyle effortless. Such hairstyle is a perfect option for men with straight hair, it can also be a catchy solution for receding hairline and thin hair problems.

#14. Furry Male Blowout

Furry Male Blowout
The two things you should pay attention to are a fuzzy disheveled crown and ideally sharp taper fade with the amazing hairline and blending whiskers.

#15. Upswept Crown & Undone Beard

Upswept Crown & Undone Beard
Shaggy image for fashion-hunters is represented on the picture below. It’s so easy in maintenance as the only thing you should really take care of is to fix your crown up with a hairdryer and some pomade. The tapered sides are your barber’s responsibility and the beard…just let it grow, man.

#16. A Piece of Art for Black Man

A Piece of Art for Black Man
Here’s a cool idea of extravagant and bizarre blowout hairstyle. It works only with a tight Afro texture as we need long separate steady curls all over the crown. The next important step is to design the sides and back part of the head into a double V-shaped fade. And finally, style the beard in conic shape so that it perfectly combines with the previous component.

#17. Blowout Haircut for Thick Hair

Blowout Haircut for Thick Hair
Short sides long top hairstyles are meant to demonstrate the thick hair beauty. You can create a fabulous texture or make some layers, there are lots of ways.

#18. Flattop Blowout

Flattop Blowout
Modern blowout haircuts often mix with other popular styles and create new fresh and hot images. This happens in the picture below, which demonstrates how interesting the flattop blowout combination works.

#19. Silver Top Fade with Hard Part

Silver Top Fade with Hard Part
Meet another bright and imposing blowout hairstyle interpretation. The key is a contrast here. You need to dye your beard black and to bleach your top, separating these Yin and Yang sides with natural coloured tapered sides and hard part design.

#20. Blowout Quiff

Blowout Quiff
This blowout hairstyle is unique as the most of the hair is buzzed. The only hairy area is a rolled back quiff, which is performed in a messy manner.

#21. Tapered Undercut

Tapered Undercut
No matter whether you consider this hairstyle as a blowout with a modern twist or an undercut with a retro twist, it still is a cool slicked-back hairstyle for trendy men.

#22. Receding Hairline Blowout

Receding Hairline Blowout
Hey, guys with the receding hairline problem, why don’t you try to blow it out with a tapered blowout? The point is to leave more texture on top and make the low temple and nape fade.

#23. Smooth Taper Cut

Smooth Taper Cut
This short and a clean blowout is an option for classics fans, as it has not any crazy twists, splashy colours or extravagant details. Everything’s done neat and modest – a perfect formula for conservative men.

#24. Wild Blowout

Wild Blowout
We can also call it “lazy” as it’s achieved without too much shaving and styling, eh? All you need to do in the morning is to push your hair upwards with a bit of hair pomade, that’s it!

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