30 Cute Hairstyles with Braids 2017

Braiding on long hair requires special skills. There is a space for hairdresser’s imagination becomes even wider.

Nice and neat braids, made in different styles, will help instantly transform any image. Refined weaving helps the fair sex look feminine and romantic, so the hairstyle with it will be a great idea as an everyday or festive option.

#1. Fabulous Braid With Elastics for Straight Hair

Fabulous Braid with Elastics for Straight Hair
An incredibly luxurious a festive braid. This is an excellent opportunity to diversify a habitual image, all the more so for long hair this idea will look particularly advantageous.

#2. Side Braid With the Red Floral Design

Side Braid with the Red Floral Design
Really pretty and romantic hairstyle. Suitable for a variety of reasons – a festive dinner, corporate, date, going to cafes.

#3. Incredible Braided Half-up

Incredible Braided Half-Up
This is a very stylish and amazing hairstyle. Pretty simple weave, which gives a romantic, fairy-tale and gentle way.

#4. Elegant French Braids Coming Into Loose Waves

Elegant French Braids Coming into Loose Waves
If you need a festive version of the French braid, you can start weaving on both sides, linking the ends of the braid at the back and adorned them with an interesting hairpin, bow, flower or ribbons.

#5. Elegant Updo With Braids & Twists

Elegant Updo with Braids & Twists
An interesting and elegant hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle can be done at a solemn evening, or on a date.

#6. Gorgeous Chignon With Braids

Gorgeous Chignon with Braids
Equally popular and French braids – perfect for creating a romantic image. To create such hairstyle will require only a few minutes, as well as hairpins or invisible, necessary for fixing.

#7. Beautiful Streaked Braids Spring Look

Beautiful Streaked Braids Spring Look
Unusual braiding of French braid “in reverse”, the visual volume hairstyles, will appeal to girls and women of any age, and universal way of styling, perfectly will approach for any style of dress.

#8. Amazing Boxer Braids With a Side Part

Amazing Boxer Braids with a Side Part
By creating a new, luxurious way, you will definitely get fresh emotions, good mood and will be in the focus of any holiday or special occasions.

#9. Loose and Messy Fishtail Braid

Loose and Messy Fishtail Braid
The fish tail – is another simple and beautiful braiding. This type of braids requires a little more effort than an ordinary weaving braids. The result would be much more spectacular and graceful.

#10. Nice Hairstyle for Office Weekdays

Nice Hairstyle for Office Weekdays
Office dress code is not always greeted loose hair or romantic curls, so you should make sure that your hair was moderately strict, but did not lose their femininity and relevance.

#11. Careless Side Braid Trend

Careless Side Braid Trend
Fantastic hairstyle based on a French braid constantly enjoys strong demand and popularity. The secret of the clever styling lies in the bright touches and seductive softness weaving.

#12. Romantic Half-up Hair-do

Romantic Half-Up Hair-Do
his hairstyle can become your favorite and will often help out in a variety of situations.

#13. Classic Braids for a Festive Hairstyle

Classic Braids for a Festive Hairstyle
Combine in one styling femininity, sensuality, smooth natural lines and natural elegance – and you will get the most fashionable hairstyle, laid in a seductive weave of charming hairstyles-dreams.

#14. Cute Volume Dutch Braid for Thick Hair

Cute Volume Dutch Braid for Thick Hair
For those who are tired of the usual French braid, there is the option of an inverted French braid. She weaves in a similar way to the normal; the only difference is that the strands are weaved from the bottom.

#15. Delightful Fishtail Resolution

Delightful Fishtail Resolution
An excellent idea for creating a braid becomes a “fishtail”. This style is at its peak of popularity in the world. Very easy to use, and most importantly, easy-to-performance variant, which embodies not difficult.

#16. Brilliant Double Fishtail Braid

Brilliant Double Fishtail Braid
An impressive and original hairstyle is an openwork braid. For a festive evening, it becomes an excellent option – the attention and admiration of all those present, as well as the envious glances will be provided.

#17. Careless Ponytail With Upswept Braids

Careless Ponytail with Upswept Braids
The lovely ponytail is good for work and for the festive evening. It is the perfect hairstyle for long hair.

#18. Glorious Ashen-pink Multilevel Braid

Glorious Ashen-Pink Multilevel Braid
This hairstyle is universal, can be used as an option for each day, for an evening out or a romantic date, it all depends on the used hair accessories that you will choose for your image.

#19. Romantic Twisted Fishtail for Long Hair

Romantic Twisted Fishtail for Long Hair
This cute hairstyle is perfect for the summer season. Easy, comfortable and feminine – these are the main features of this styling.

#20. Charming Chignon Low-do

Charming Chignon Low-Do
Very original and stylish looks for long hair braid such as the fishtail. It weaves simply enough. However, keep in mind that to do it best on straight hair.

#21. Braided Creative Half-bun

Braided Creative Half-Bun
By creating a bun of hair, you add a romantic note to your image. The hairstyle is very gentle, and the bun itself reminds a beautiful flower.

#22. Long Hair Graceful Disconnected Bun

Long Hair Graceful Disconnected Bun
f desired, you can vary the options, twisting braid between them, fixing them at the back, or vice versa, on the top – a fantasy, in this case, is infinite, and therefore can easily implement a variety of interesting solutions.

#23. Great Mohawk Braided Style

Great Mohawk Braided Style
arious weaving is a sign of good taste and allows giving long locks neat and well-groomed appearance. It is difficult to imagine a festive outfit, which would not have approached exquisite hairstyle on the basis of braids.

#24. Adorable Fishtail Rope

Adorable Fishtail Rope
Such braids look very trendy, and with them, you will always be in the spotlight. And it is very convenient – the hair carefully picked, do not stick out in different directions, do not interfere to engage in normal activities.

#25. Stunning Mess in a Casual Braid

Stunning Mess in a Casual Braid
Braids will open for you a lot of opportunities to look attractive every day. Daily hairstyles easy to do and they will give the image of originality.

#26. Creative Loose Braid for Super Long Hair

Creative Loose Braid for Super Long Hair
French braid looks playfully and seductively. Air locks in openwork frame, an intricate weave give a pretty female image of unusual lightness and mysterious radiance.

#27. Hawky Everyday Style in Action

Hawky Everyday Style in Action
For daily option, you can weave a braid from a variety of braids. To be original, this hairstyle, you can start at the top and make the sideways.

#28. Fantastic Volume & Messy Loveliness

Fantastic Volume & Messy Loveliness
Hairstyles long hair braids to always look stylish, feminine and glorious. Braids are suitable for all situations – for everyday routine, sports or festive events.

#29. Splendid Cool-white Braids for the Unforgettable Look

Splendid Cool-White Braids for the Unforgettable Look
Braids confident occupy positions in evening options hairstyles. Ways to weave a lot and it allows the stylist to turn fantasy. Changing the order of styling or adding additional braid, you can change the appearance and hairstyles, and the image itself.

#30. Wonderful Braided Ponytail Style

Wonderful Braided Ponytail Style
This method is good for outdoor activities and shopping. From the top are weaved the usual braids, then the hair collected into a ponytail at the nape. And it is possible these strands of mini-braids wrap around the base of the tail.

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