Brand New Messy Hairstyles for Men

Some people believe that messy hairstyle is something sloppy, scruffy, dirty and disgusting. To tell the truth, partially they’re right. Disconnected hairstyles really look a bit careless and disheveled, but this effect is being reached by means of different styling products and technologies, sometimes it even takes more time to fix up a messy cut than the sleekest and cleanest cut. In this article we are going to prove that messy hairstyles are very stylish and attractive, we’ll show the diversity of messy hairstyles for men and try to help you to choose the best one for you.

#1: Long and Spiky Messy Hairstyle

Long straight strips are naturally disconnected on the top of the head. They’re like sharp blades which are shaken with a breath of wind. The sides of the cut are buzzed shortly that makes the hairstyle completed and neat.
Long and Spiky Messy Hairstyle


#2: Messy Bun Undercut with Beard

There aren’t any prominent strips and curls; the top part of the hair is done into a men bun while the sides and beard are blending in a fantastic clean fade.
Messy Bun Undercut with Beard

#3: Messy Mohawk with Fade Game

Messy textured hawk is swept to one side and some strips are falling on the face. The sides are decorated in an unusual manner: the fade on the temples is sharp but it blends towards the nape.
Messy Mohawk with Fade Game


#4: Messy Curly Undercut

Curly hair is perfect for different messy hairstyles. It’s disconnected by its nature, so we can style it into such fresh composition even without any extra products and devices.
Messy Curly Undercut

#5: Upswept Textured Hairstyle

This natural wave-textured cut is also a representative of messy hairstyles, but it’s an ordered disconnection upswept and thoroughly styled.
Upswept Textured Hairstyle


#6: Organized Chaos Hairstyle

This messy chaotic look is reached by means of twisting sections of hair, shaving the sides and keeping the beard full and square. Follow these steps and you’ll get the same offensive style.
Organized Chaos Hairstyle


#7: “Let’s Defuse the Situation” Hairstyle

Naturally curly hair can be messier after using a diffuser and special styling products. This magnificent crown is falling gracefully to the forehead while the sides are fading into a skinhead.
“Let s Defuse the Situation” Hairstyle


#8: Messy Curly Ponytail Undercut

This cut is just unbelievable! Have you ever had such messy nest at the top of your head? If not, this hairstyle must inspire you. Besides, all fashionable requirements are met: undercut, sharp hairline and high fade, of course.
Messy Curly Ponytail Undercut


#9: Dreaded Messy Flattop

In spite of the flattop haircut is all about straight and sharp lines, it’s still possible with dreadlocks and even with messy dreadlocks. So, as you can see, even one of the most demanding hairstyles can also be messy and fresh. Are you still not convinced?
Dreaded Messy Flattop


#10: Elegant Curly Locks Undercut

How much freedom and carelessness are there in this hairstyle? The crown is full of disconnected curls while the sides are fading into a messy natural beard.
Elegant Curly Locks Undercut


#11: Messy Puff for Men

This positive and radiant messy cut is for men with naturally curly and thick hair. Be creative and add your own ideas to this style, for example, play with beard and mustache or design the sides.
Messy Puff for Men


#12: Messy Men Bun

If your hair is long and wavy or curly, you can leave it free or tie it into a sloppy careless bun. Complete the cut with an accurate beard or goatee and ‘stache and – voila – the hipster image is done.
Messy Men Bun


#13: Fantastic Waves Hairstyle

Long top hair is styled here in a rather unusual manner. One part of the locks is swept to the side like waves while the other is styled back. The diagonal parting separates these two parts creating even a messier impression.
Fantastic Waves Hairstyle


#14: Pompadour with Messy Tips

It looks like it had to be a classic pompadour hairstyle with the blend, but something went wrong. The pomp tips have been undone and disconnected so that we have a new terrific variety of messy hairstyle.
Pompadour with Messy Tips

#15: Disheveled Curly Style

Despite such disheveled hairstyle is not brand new in world hairdressing, still it doesn’t lose its popularity up to this day. It suits almost everyone who has curly hair, it’s convenient and, finally, it looks so hot!
Disheveled Curly Style


#16: Messy Braided Ponytail

Swagger hairstyle for true hipsters. The popularity of men braids is growing up, so it’s time to insert it into other cuts and styles. Look at this messy ponytail that is flowing into the careless braid so naturally.
Messy Braided Ponytail


#17: Free Curls Hairstyle

This messy cut is becoming wider from the temples up to the top. It remains a pot full of bindweeds, which are stretching everywhere. Those lonely locks standing out from a lump are so gracious and careless. What a wonderful hairstyle, it’s just beyond amazing!
Free Curls Hairstyle


#18: Dyed Messy Cut for Straight Hair

All you need for rocking this hairstyle is to wash and blow-dry your hair, take some styling product and spread it all over the crown with your fingers, sweeping the hair first back and after that to one side. For more disconnected impression you can leave some strands hanging down the face.
Dyed Messy Cut for Straight Hair


#19: Cocky Hairstyle with Dyed Curls

Welcome to the incredible combination of classic faded sides and back with a bit of freestyle design and absolutely disconnected crest full of curly natural and dyed locks. This cut undoubtedly proves that messy hairstyles are also handsome, stylish and they give you much field for self-expression.
Cocky Hairstyle with Dyed Curls


#20: Messy Braided Men Bun

Cornrow your long hair into a bun and make it as messy as possible. Playing with braids is a new trend, so there’s a lot of place for your creativity. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new for contemporary hairdressing industry.
Messy Braided Men Bun


#21: Super Volume Messy Hairstyle

It’s unbelievable how bulky this hairstyle is! The front part of the hair is styled forward into a side-swept quiff, and the other part of the mane is reaching for the sky in a rather messy and spiky manner. Who can resist such a hot man?
Super Volume Messy Hairstyle


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