Long Hairstyles

Long blonde layered haircut

Long Blonde Hair

It seems to be that blonde girls have got light, ethereal, tender appearance. They are even compared to angels because of their ease and unearthly look. Whether you have dark blonde or ash blonde, short...

Cascading Playful Curls

Best Haircuts for Long Blonde Hair

Color Blonde is now at the peak of popularity. Blond beauty – is the embodiment of femininity, tenderness, beauty and elegance. However, these images you can create only if properly pick up a...

Lovely Half-Up

Long Thin Hair Hairstyles

Owners of thin hair are well aware of how hard it is “build” on the head fashionable and stylish haircut and even more so to keep it in proper form until the evening. Thin hair is usually...

1 Dutch braided wreath

Cute Braided Hairdos for Long Hair

The hairstyles with beauteous long braids were considered as a symbol of femininity that makes women more attractive in any ages. Today, they can be used to create a strict business or romantic image...

Mermaid Look in Green & Blue

20 Best Shag Haircuts to Shine Bright

This haircut – ideal for owners of fine hair, thanks to it, any hairstyle will look bulkier. But for thick hair, it is perfect, but it will require an additional cutting to remove the excess volume.


1 Black-Blue Cornrows For Long Hair

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Stunning and well-groomed long hair is a decoration of every woman but it`s also a great challenge in care and styling it. Most black women disregard all difficulties and wear long hairstyles which...