Comb Over Hairstyle for Men

In this article, we’ll make an effort to show you a great variety of modern comb over hairstyles, their pros and cons, and hope, as well, to inspire you to rock this universal hair-do, which, by the way, is a huge and growing trend, according to the latest research.
The comb over is one of those hairstyles that have withstood the test of time and become timeless. The modern “edition” of this style varies from neat and classic to loose and messy, from long to short length, just anything goes. So you can add so much of YOU to your cut. Who knows, maybe it will be your vision of comb over hairstyle to become a new thing in fashion.

#1. Short Side-Swept Cut

Short Side-Swept Cut
Let’s start from one of the classic ways of the comb over styling. It requires a very short hair length and is completely easy in maintenance. All you need to do in order to make it fresh in the morning is to comb the so-called crown to one side using your favorite hair product.

#2. Fresh Trim with Natural Beard

Fresh Trim with Natural Beard
This image is so clean and sleek up and so careless down. But sometimes even the most opposite things can play perfectly together like it happens in the picture below, which is a cool option for short hair.

#3. Comb Over Side Part

Comb Over Side Part
Razor sharp fade on the sides is separated from a glossy hairy slicked top with a wide-to-narrow side part. This modern haircut is popular among men of different ages, but it’s very important to have a straight hair for a cut like this.

#4. Low Fade with Natural Part

Low Fade with Natural Part
This low fade haircut is also short but not extremely. The hair is blending only on the temples, while the back hairline is rather evident. The side part is not shaved, so the comb over looks soft, without any edgy or spiky accents.

#5. Supreme Low Skin Fade Cut

Supreme Low Skin Fade Cut
The pompadour hairstyle is considered as a variant of the modern comb over. The hair is cut in undercut technique with low skin fade on the sides, and after that, an elegant pomp is styled.

#6. Shadow Fade Combover with Side Part

Shadow Fade Combover with Side Part
Short sides are classically faded and the crown is combed neatly to one side in a very artistic way. If you want your hairstyle to be resistant to all weather conditions, this one is definitely your thing.

#7. Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle
This is a combover with a modern twist; it’s wavy a bit and tends up. The hairline is very sharp, with edgy angles and cutting jumps, the hard part is performed in the same way, while the sides are contrasting soft and smooth.

#8. Modern Comb Over with Design

Modern Comb Over with Design
This comb over has become a piece of art owing to the unusual scale fade game on the sides and back part of the head. The diagonal nominal parting goes through the cut and separates hairy and bald sides.

#9. Slicked Back Comb Over

Slicked Back Comb Over
It’s another fresh idea of the short sides long top cut in a comb over style. It includes a hard part and sharp fringe line as well, the sides are tapered. Despite the crown is slicked back, the strips seem to be rather free and textured. This is an example of loose and kind of disheveled combover.

#10. Foxy Comb Over Side Part

Foxy Comb Over Side Part
Look bright with a fade and hard part! If your natural colour is red, it’s not a big deal to create a technicolor hairstyle and to turn a lot of heads. Take advantage of your natural gift and go into experiments with shape and length, it will definitely be fun!

#11. Neat And Elegant Comb Over

Neat And Elegant Comb Over
This side-swept comb over deserves your precise attention as the way it’s combed is very unusual. The hair is figurately divided into two parts which tend to each other, gradually flowing down.

#12. Natural Long Comb Over

Natural Long Comb Over
Long thick hair keeps the shape for a long time, so you need a little bit of hair pomade in order to get it fixed. Such natural comb over is good both for young guys and for men with the receding hairline, as it makes it possible to cover the problematic areas completely.

#13. Comb Over for Burning Blond

Comb Over for Burning Blond
Lucky long blonde hair owners usually don’t realize how happy they are. Any hairstyle they rock is fiery and sexy and they shouldn’t make a lot of efforts to get it, cause their hair colour does this itself. It works and with a comb over hairstyle as you can see on the picture below.

#14. Loose Messy Comb Over

Loose Messy Comb Over
Comb over hairstyle is not only about sleeked classic looks. Modern combs can be wavy and disheveled like this one. In order to fix it up, you should clean your hair and style the crown back while drying it. Finally, spread a bit of pomade over the long top hair with your fingers.

#15. Long-Disconnected Comb

Long-Disconnected Comb
Undercut serves a base for the majority of up-to-date hairstyles and the comb over is one of them. Simple and attractive, easy-to-style and hot – isn’t it the perfect combination for guys?

#16. Bold Dyed Quiff

Bold Dyed Quiff
If you want to create a bold image and look irresistible, you can try dyed comb over with tapered fade. It’s cool for slim guys with the oval face; also this hairstyle can come in handy if you’re not very tall and urgently need some inches of height for a date with a leggy girl, for example.

#17. Wavy Light Comb Over

Wavy Light Comb Over
Comb over hairstyle is appropriate for any hair texture, so here we have an option for wavy heads. You should remember though that in this case your sides shouldn’t be too long as we don’t need waves there.

#18. Stay Sharp, Guys

Stay Sharp, Guys
First, blow-dry your hair to give it a little volume and height, and then slick it right to the skull. After that taper back and sides down to nothing and add a little line up on the beard to get a harsh sharp image.

#19. Silky Hairstyle with Added Volume

Silky Hairstyle with Added Volume
This comb over is full of volume and texture, a soft side part delimitates a clean low fade blending into light designer beard and a high streaked crown. Such top is good for men with thick and long hair; it’s easy to style with a minimum of hair product as the hair like this keeps the shape effortless.

#20. Smooth Comb Over for Long Hair

Smooth Comb Over for Long Hair
The comb below is based on side part hairstyle with the sharp hairline, shaved edgy parting, and taper fade. The significant feature of this one is the way it’s slicked aside, as the highest front part is upswept almost on all hair length like we do it in Mohawk hairstyle.

#21. Strong Undercut And Movement

Strong Undercut And Movement
Another messy and disconnected comb over undercut. The strips are not styled neatly in one direction, they fall carelessly, creating a popular natural movement effect.

#22. Rolling Back Comb Over

Rolling Back Comb Over
The longer front top part is styled back, while the rest of the hair is slicked towards one of the skin faded sides. The sharp fringe line makes a contrast to soft blends and accomplishes the whole image.

#23. Shaggy Pomp & Trimmed Beard

Shaggy Pomp & Trimmed Beard
This pompous and huge hairstyle is meant for bright and extravagant personalities. Massive full beard and disconnected shaggy pomp with reddish shades are the main components of this imposing image.

#24. High Skin Fade with Hard Part

High Skin Fade with Hard Part
Extremely smooth comb over with splashy side hard part and very high skin fade might create an ideal classic style, but something went wrong…It was twisted by means of trendy bushy beard and moustache, in order to get an up-to-date hipster image.

#25. Make-Your-Waves-Smooth Cut

Make-Your-Waves-Smooth Cut
For wavy or curly unruly hair, it’s also possible to perform a kind of sleek comb over, but it requires much more time, efforts and patience. Use more hair product to make your top smooth and after you finish, fix it with a hair spray as well.

#26. Spiky Blowout for Thick Hair

Spiky Blowout for Thick Hair
The ingenious texture is a key element of the last cut in our gallery. The long thick top hair is divided into separate spikes, which are swept back. It keeps a fantastic volume and texture that lets you look fantastic and unique.

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