20 Exquisite Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Black woman’s hair gives the chance for a large selection of types of styling, as they have a very supple texture. They are thicker and coarser than other hair types, so their strands may be laid using a variety of techniques of different degrees efficiency. The unique structure of this type of hair and gives some limitations, which are also worth considering. That’s why you should pay special attention to the possibility of styling that gives such hair.

#1. Glorious Colorful Curls for Luxury Women

Glorious Colorful Curls for Luxury Women
This hairstyle is well suited for business events, and it does not matter whether you leave your hair loose or neatly collect. Options you can choose depending on what level of sophistication you want to achieve.

#2. Traditional Dreadlocks in a Twisted Pony

Traditional Dreadlocks in a Twisted Pony
Braided hair is typical for black women, is one of the most versatile types of styling. Dreadlocks can be done almost any woman; your choice depends on personal preference.

#3. Gray Waves for the Black Queen

Gray Waves for the Black Queen
A hairstyle gives a light, sexy image that is perfect for formal occasions.

#4. Crochet Hair Evening Image

Crochet Hair Evening Image
Ordinary small braids are better suited to women who have their long hair. Micro braids made of natural hair will make you a goddess.

#5. From Black Into Purple Braids

From Black into Purple Braids
Braids of synthetic hair, many choose because they are easy to weave and to remove them is possible when you need to. They will always look amazing, and the color can vary from the calmest tones to the brightest and screaming.

#6. Dilute Your Black With Maroon Locks

Dilute Your Black with Maroon Locks
The combination of the two colors in the hair coloring gives the skin a lighter tone. This hairstyle looks great.

#7. Wonderful Braided Arrangement

Wonderful Braided Arrangement
This beautiful and elegant hairstyle, which is ideal for proms, weddings and other special occasions.

#8. Incredible Idea to Look Bright

Incredible Idea to Look Bright
This image may seem complicated, but in fact, it is quite easy to do. The collected hairstyle is more stunning and perfect for any occasion.

#9. Terrific Half-up Bun With Long Tiny Braids

Terrific Half-Up Bun with Long Tiny Braids
If you need a terrific hairstyle to complete your image, then you should try this style.

#10. Double French Braid Long Hairstyle

Double French Braid Long Hairstyle
Due to their versatility, they never lose their popularity. If you don’t have enough time, but you want to have a fashionable hairstyle, this super-lightweight style is ideal for you.

#11. Lovely Top Bun With Cool Accessories

Lovely Top Bun with Cool Accessories
You can bring your daily hair to the next level by applying this hairstyle with bun. Stylish, trendy and definitely worth it to try it.

#12. Gorgeous High Bun With a Side Braid Bang

Gorgeous High Bun with a Side Braid Bang
This image is perfect for black women who love to wear something that little distinguishes them from the crowd.

#13. Classy Cornrows for Black Women

Classy Cornrows for Black Women
A hairstyle looks very romantic and feminine; it is relevant for the spring and summer. You can apply it to the wedding, on a normal day or a party with friends.

#14. Amazing Bluish and Purple Shades

Amazing Bluish and Purple Shades
This fashionable hairstyle is very bold, creative and completely unique due to the choice of the color.

#15. Breathtaking Rolled Mohawk

Breathtaking Rolled Mohawk
The collected hairstyles loved the fact that they reveal your face. This image is not easy to achieve, but it is perfect.

#16. Casual Ponytail With a French Cornrow

Casual Ponytail with a French Cornrow
This natural hair is breathtaking. The style is perfect for formal occasions, and makes your image to a million dollars! Small, shiny earrings combine perfectly with this hairdo.

#17. Undercut Hairstyle With an Artistic Design

Undercut Hairstyle with an Artistic Design
This stylish hairstyle is elegant and is excellent for formal events. This style perfectly accentuates your outfit, ornaments, and shoulders.

#18. Elegant Side Long Hairstyle

Elegant Side Long Hairstyle
Bring your hair from ordinary drabness into a beautiful fairy tale through the creation of this magnificent image. To make your hair seem thicker, pull the outer part of a braid.

#19. Delightful & Playful Crochet Hairstyle

Delightful & Playful Crochet Hairstyle
This hairstyle looks absolutely stunning. Collected on either side the hair opens a face and hair will not interfere during the day.

#20. Stunning Pony With a Bouffant and Straight Bangs

Stunning Pony with a Bouffant and Straight Bangs
If you want to change the image and at the same time emphasize the length and beauty of hair, consider options for hairstyles with bangs. Bang will be a highlight of the image, accentuate facial features and allows changing hairstyle without sacrificing hair length.

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