26 Hard Part Haircut Ideas

Sooth to say, the hard part cut can be based on any hairstyle you want from a buzz cut to various “hairy” styles like quiffs and pomps. The one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of hard part in the creation of perfect hair-do. This rather small element is able to change the whole image completely, no matter whether it’s a side part or artistic parting. If you’ve never tried to rock it, it’s definitely a high time to run to your barber with this idea, and if you’re still not sure about the whole look, check our gallery. Hope, you’ll find the ideal option for you.

#1. Spiky Undercut

Spiky Undercut
High clean fade is partially separated from the crown with a sharp shaved line, which is a hard part. The top is very edgy and spiky, like a cutting glass. This universal hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion and place.

#2. Wavy Side Part

Wavy Side Part
Amazing volume and waves coming from the side hard part are so light, almost weightless. The sides of the cut are styled in taper fade technique, edgy hairline and stubble affect this attractive image in whole.

#3. Edgy Flattop

Edgy Flattop
Hard part haircuts are possible for any hair type: from unruly Afro hair to straight and glossy one. It doesn’t really matter whether your hair is thick or thin as well. The flattop hairstyle which is so popular among black men will look differently with an extended hard part like this one.

#4. Upswept Undercut Hard Part

Upswept Undercut Hard Part
A kind of classic undercut hairstyle with upswept crown always looks perfect, besides it can add some inches of height, that’s also a rather important issue for some guys.

#5. Messy Crown of Curls

Messy Crown of Curls
Disheveled but still very elegant hairstyle for curly Afro hair. What makes this cut so unique and exceptional? Definitely those two parallel hard parts, one of which is twice shorter than another one.

#6. El Classico

El Classico
This is an extremely fresh and sleek hairstyle which can help you in the creation of classic irresistible look. Such jet black hair is meant for hard part hairstyle as it has a maximum contrast and makes the side line as significant as possible.

#7. Sharp Fade with Upswept Quiff

Sharp Fade with Upswept Quiff
All you need in order to get this catchy hair-do is a very clean low fade, upswept sleek short quiff, and of course our “fairy” side part, which serves as a bright accent.

#8. Buzz Cut with Hard Part

Buzz Cut with Hard Part
Short hairstyles without any twists are too boring. If you’re not into artistic designs on your head, but still want something refreshing, you should try a buzz cut with an accurate narrow hard part as an option.

#9. Elegant Cut for True Dandy

Elegant Cut for True Dandy
If you’re used to making yourself conspicuous by means of your damn perfect and even a bit intricate looks, the cut ¹9 in our list is something you should consider as your next hair-do. It doesn’t have any striking elements, but its clean ideality is playing into the hands of true dandies and machos.

#10. Textured Pompadour with Hard Part

Textured Pompadour with Hard Part
If you think that the previous hairstyle is an acme of perfection, this one will make you hesitate, won’t it? The pompadour below has another, sparser texture. The crown colour is blending in a natural way while the sides are faded. And, of course, hardly the main component is a sharp side parting, which stretches from wide to narrow.

#11. Bald Fade Buzz Cut

Bald Fade Buzz Cut
Oh, this buzz cut is almost without hair, it blends from the front part backward. Extremely edgy fringe is interrupted with a diagonal hard part, moving from the center of the head to the left side.

#12. Rounded Significant Flattop

Rounded Significant Flattop
This before and after collage proves that the right chosen hairstyle is able to change your whole image totally, as well as to take away some years from your age. Such rounded flattop won’t be so impressive without a sharp professionally made hard part.

#13. “Not your average bear” Hard Part

“Not your average bear” Hard Part
Some people consider such design as freestyle, another tend to say it’s a side part. Whether or no, this one is a very sharp hard part, it’s a good addition to such slicked forward undercut.

#14. Side Part Pomp with Taper

Side Part Pomp with Taper
If you want to create some soft image without cutting angles and sharp contrasts, you can try to make your side part not so hard and acute. Continue your mild composition with a taper fade and a smooth pomp atop.

#15. Spiky Cut with Low Hard Part

Spiky Cut with Low Hard Part
Here’s another interesting resolution on the junction of spiky hairstyle and hard part. The traditional side part is moved down to the very beginning of fade, it definitely looks hot, and a messy extended beard completes the image, balancing the “hairy accents” in it.

#16. Eternal Classics

Eternal Classics
The top hair is swept to one side and sleeked with hair gel and comb while the front part of the crown is styled up and back. You’re totally wrong if you think that you can’t cope with it – you really can! Just make some efforts and the result will not take long.

#17. Artistic Hard Part

Artistic Hard Part
This hairstyle is a true breakthrough in the world of freestyle designs fashion. A very sleek textured crown is underlined with a sharp hard line, and no one expects to see that piece of art on the back part. This surprising effect is very impressive and works really well.

#18. Slick Classics with Designer Beard

Slick Classics with Designer Beard
What a wonderful interpretation of hard part hairstyle! In this example, it’s adjusted to a short slick hairstyle with interesting design atop (you can get it effortless by means of comb and hair product, by the way). The hair-do is united with an edgy designer beard and moustache in order to accentuate facial features.

#19. Dyed Undercut with Wavy Texture

Dyed Undercut with Wavy Texture
Are you bored with monotonous undercuts without any tricks? If yes, this hairstyle can inspire you. Go into experiments with hair colour and get contrasting white on the top. After that add some wavy texture, using a hair gel and a comb, that’s it.

#20. Afro-Can-be-Slick Hairstyle

Afro-Can-be-Slick Hairstyle
Just ten years ago it seemed that the only way to make Afro hair into a classic sleek hairstyle is to perform a buzz cut. But modern styling products are very smart and some of them can keep even the most unruly hair straight for a long time. Can’t believe it? Look at the picture below. You should also pay attention to the hard part which expands dramatically on the back part of the head.

#21. Super Sharp and Clean Bearded Hairstyle

Super Sharp and Clean Bearded Hairstyle
Another catchy definition for this hairstyle is “classics up, messiness down”. It’s epic, but the up-to-date combination of smooth top and natural long beard. And about the hard line. It’s rather narrow here, not very significant, but still very important for image creation.

#22. Round Hard Part

Round Hard Part
This black male buzz cut with lots of waves is updated with the unusual hard part which first goes parallel to a front hairline and then streams back as an ordinary side part. If you’re gonna rock it, first make sure that your barber is able to do it accurately and exactly, otherwise, you may be very upset about the result.

#23. Hard Part with Some Volume

Hard Part with Some Volume
The hairstyle below includes two issues which should not be overlooked. The first one is a great light volume atop; your hair is needed to be thick to get that effect. Number two is a hard part, which is almost flowing out the hairline. Cool idea, isn’t it?

#24. Diagonal Side Part

Diagonal Side Part
Earlier we considered a diagonal hard part for a buzz cut, and here we have a massive pomp with clean fade and sharp hairline angles. The point is you can style your top in various ways while such side part will stay a distinctive element of any of them.

#25. Patterned Hard Part

Patterned Hard Part
It could be a trivial Caesar haircut without any chance of self-expression. But people’s creativity is boundless and is able to make a real piece of art even on the basis of the most ancient hairstyle. Feel free about experimenting with shapes of the hard part, it’s fun.

#26. Extended Side Part

Extended Side Part
And now last but definitely not least idea for you and your side part. The point is to extend the shaved parting diagonally back as far as possible and gradually nullify it.

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