Wavy Hair – 24 Ideas How to Restrain It

People are irrational. When your hair is straight and flossy, you hate it and want to curl; when you have cool naturally wavy or curly hair, you try to align it. But why don’t we love ourselves for who we are?
This article is for happy wavy hair owners and for those, who has unruly cute curls. It includes a wide range of hairstyles for textured hair of different length and colours. The cuts vary from slick to fluffy, from traditional to crazy, so you’ll find something for your unique hair and taste here. We’ll be happy to be your inspiration and to convince you that your hair type is the best in the world.

#1. Natural Wavy Silhouette

Natural Wavy Silhouette
This tapered undercut has a very soft silhouette due to light natural waves atop. They are disconnected a bit and create an informal freestyle image.

#2. Sharp Fade & Wavy Top

Sharp Fade & Wavy Top
Stay sharp with high skin fade coming into the wavy short crown. Spread some hair gel over your top to create a wet hair impression. By the way, it’s cool solution for men with thin hair as a high textured top makes it less noticeable but more attractive.

#3. Short Buzz Cut for Afro Curls

Short Buzz Cut for Afro Curls
Buzz cut is a very popular hairstyle among black men because their hair is too unruly and it seems to be the easiest way to cope with it. But if you’re tired of your ordinary curls, such cut might be a way out and for you as well.

#4. Thick Crown of Curls

Thick Crown of Curls
Do remember that your textured curly hair is able to keep any shape perfectly, so go into experiments here. For example, you can rock such undercut and be sure that the volume won’t be spoilt even without any hair styling products.

#5. Short Curly Hairstyle with Beard

Short Curly Hairstyle with Beard
You can’t deny the fact that curly hair looks much more accomplished in short hairstyles than a straight one. And when you add a clearly trimmed beard to your image, it totally fulfills it. Keep these issues in mind to be always at your best.

#6. Wavy Texture on Top

Wavy Texture on Top
This is an updated version of Caesar hairstyle for wavy hair. It’s performed in a usual way, but there’s one tiny but the very significant detail, which makes it unique – a lovely fringe detail. Make it a salt of your style and no woman will be able to resist your charm.

#7. Wavy Side Part for True Dandy

Wavy Side Part for True Dandy
Are you used to being in the center of attention, especially women’s attention? In this case, you do know how important it is to look on point every day and to have no lacks. You should always change your image and here’s one more idea for you and your hot reputation.

#8. Fluffy Afro Temples Fade

Fluffy Afro Temples Fade
This hairstyle has some points worthy of your attention. First of all, it’s a very sick skin fade which covers a small area on the temples. Secondly, it’s unusually disconnected jerky external cut. And, finally, we can’t fail to mention a small goatee and neat moustache which are exactly what is needed here.

#9. Blunt Fringe And Messy Waves

Blunt Fringe And Messy Waves
Another Caesar hairstyle with a modern twist for you. All you need is to make a classic undercut with high bald fade and not a very long hair on top (but long enough to demonstrate your texture) and cut a fringe in an ordinary Caesar manner – sharp and straight.

#10. Long Textured Messy Crop

Long Textured Messy Crop
For this hairstyle, you should grow your top hair so that the front part is longer than the back part. In order to achieve such messy texture put some pomade on your fingers and chaotically spread it over the crown. Don’t forget to sweep your heavy fringe to one side before it gets dry,

#11. Curl Sponge in Action

Curl Sponge in Action
Sometimes the way you’re cut is not so important versus the way you’re styled. The hairstyle on the picture is a good proof as the first thing we’re paying attention to is not a fade or sharp hairline, but a wonderful texture, which is performed by means of a curl sponge.

#12. Wavy Diversity for You

Wavy Diversity for You
On the picture below the three ways of grooming for the same haircut are represented. It brightly demonstrates how different you can be with your wavy hair: from the sleek and classic look too wavy disconnected and even kind of curly ones.

#13. Streaked Wavy Quiff

Streaked Wavy Quiff
This quiff hairstyle is lightly upswept as the hair is naturally wavy and can be easily styled. Streaked strips emphasize the texture, while the incredibly clean fade blends down into short stubble.

#14. Very Thick Wavy Hairstyle

Very Thick Wavy Hairstyle
If your hair is too thick, make an undercut to get rid of part of your hair. You can also make layers in order to thin out your mane.

#15. Powerful Curls for Men

Powerful Curls for Men
Natural curls always look cute and attractive, no matter whether you style it with hair gel, pomade, wax, or leave it clean. Anyway, you’ll definitely be on point with your perfect hair.

#16. Wavy Hair Transformation

Wavy Hair Transformation
This picture demonstrates that the same person can look so different with various hairstyles. Short comb over makes you manlier and older, while the long wavy hairstyle shows the hair in all its glory. It’s up to you which one to choose, which of them reflects your essence better.

#17. Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle
This asymmetric medium length hairstyle has a great volume and wavy, even a bit spiky texture. Hair pomade is the best product for this style as it’s very important to keep hair light, otherwise your hair will lose its volume and fall down.

#18. Fabulous Wavy Texture for Men

Fabulous Wavy Texture for Men
Your messy beard is excusable if your hairstyle is so damn perfect! No one’s gonna pay attention at your flaws looking at your sexy careless silky locks.

#19. Sharp Freestyle Undercut

Sharp Freestyle Undercut
You can always freshen a faded hairstyle with freestyle design. It’s the point where there are not any rules and anything goes!

#20. Flawless Swept-Forward Mess

Flawless Swept-Forward Mess
If you want something more than a textured wavy hairstyle, complement it with some shaved design on the sides or play with fade.

#21. Curly Taper for You

Curly Taper for You
Curly fuzzy hair can be styled in such unusual way. But be careful with fluffiness and add a taper fade area to elevate and formalize it.

#22. Long Curly Hawk

Long Curly Hawk
Long wavy Hawk, full beard and crisp fade are super cool. All you need to get this hairstyle is to grow your crown long enough and then add an undercut.

#23. Hipsters’ Jelly Rolled Pomp

Hipsters’ Jelly Rolled Pomp
Do you know that naturally curly and wavy hair is the best for difficult hairstyles such as a rockabilly jelly rolled pompadour? You should always keep in mind this advantage of your hair type, cause one day it will certainly come in handy.

#24. Creative Buzz Cut for Afro Hair

Creative Buzz Cut for Afro Hair
And why not? If you still don’t like your curly hair and want to have a buzz cut, this hairstyle could give you a hint that not all buzz cuts are ordinary and boring. We hope this superhero look will inspire you to be braver and more creative when it comes to your image.

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