Best Haircuts for Long Blonde Hair

Color Blonde is now at the peak of popularity. Blond beauty – is the embodiment of femininity, tenderness, beauty and elegance. However, these images you can create only if properly pick up a haircut or hairstyle.

For blonde hair need special attention than any other color, because this color is very fragile. If you are a natural blonde hair color or colored, do not forget to always use products specifically designed for these types of hair.

#1. Upbraided Loose Bun With a Cute Bow Accessory

Upbraided Loose Bun with a Cute Bow Accessory
The elegant bun is a stylish, easy and convenient. If you have to spend all day in shopping or you plan active recreation, select this hairstyle. This is a beautiful hairstyle on long hair, and the form it will maintain throughout the day.

#2. Steel Half-up With a Bouffant for Long Straight Hair

Steel Half-Up with a Bouffant for Long Straight Hair
This hairstyle does not lose popularity. It is a romantic and feminine hairstyle, which has an indisputable advantage – it beautifully opens the forehead and face. Decorative invisible and clips make a hairdo even more interesting.

#3. Impressive Volume Two-side Braids

Impressive Volume Two-Side Braids
These various ways of braiding allow you to create unique and impressive images for all occasions. They can be casual and trendy, suitable for a romantic date.

#4. Unique Side-swept Double Fishtail

Unique Side-Swept Double Fishtail
Braid does not lose its relevance for many years, changing the shape, volume or weaving method. Braided on blond hair, braids adorn any girl and suitable for all styles of dresses.

#5. Romantic Waves With Careless Braids

Romantic Waves with Careless Braids
Any hairstyle should be made based on the individual needs of girls. Pay attention to every detail, to accessories hairstyles, because they built a solid and classy image of beauty.

#6. Classy Sleek Chignon for Blonde Hair

Classy Sleek Chignon for Blonde Hair
This type of hairstyle is a classic, giving blondes of sophistication and gentility. Smoothly styled hair collected in a neat bun or shell. If necessary, use special pads for the hair that create a visual density of the bun.

#7. Sweet Wavy Floral Design

Sweet Wavy Floral Design
For blondes with long hair perfect hairstyle with curls. Natural wavy hair will emphasize the individuality of women. Today in fashion all natural, therefore, styling should be done in order to create natural hair waves.

#8. Messy Pony-fish Tail

Messy Pony-Fish Tail
If you need a terrific hairstyle to complete your image, then you should try this style. Braids can be collected in a bun, and the result will be gorgeous updo.

#9. Summer Twisted Style

Summer Twisted Style
Everything in this hairstyle, from the color and finishing style, looks absolutely stunning.

#10. Blindingly White Side-braided Pony

Blindingly White Side-Braided Pony
Openwork braids and hairstyles will be the best choice, since using lacy curls can be beautiful and unusual lay hair – it will become an excellent alternative to the classic hairstyles variations. In addition, through the use of multiple fixing means construction will remain in perfect condition throughout the day, regardless of external factors – rain, wind, cold.

#11. Cascading Playful Curls

Cascading Playful Curls
Cascade haircut takes pride of place. It universal in its own way and allows a woman to look especially. Also popular are stepped and multilayered modeling haircuts.

#12. Half-ponytail With Bang for Long Blonde Hair

Half-Ponytail with Bang for Long Blonde Hair
The hairstyle is perfect for blondes. The girl with such a hairstyle will be a real queen. Hairstyle fully opens the face and makes the blonde look more expressive, even a little overbearing and strict.

#13. Gentle Knotty Half-up

Gentle Knotty Half-Up
Blonde hair is your advantage because they make you irresistible and tender. Try to follow the rules of harmonious combination of jewelry to hair looked exquisite, and your beloved pleasant surprise to your taste and style.

#14. Dragon Style for Bright Blondes

Dragon Style for Bright Blondes
If you are tired of everyday use hairspray to put unruly bangs, can weave it into a braid. And quickly, and original, and should not be afraid of sudden rain, threatening to turn the hour of effort in memory.

#15. Sleek Top Bun Piece of Art

Sleek Top Bun Piece of Art
French braid becomes a universal solution, harmonizing with almost any style. If desired, loose hair can be left loose or give preference to the more interesting the idea of making a bun on top.

#16. Bohemian Everyday Long Blonde Hairstyle

Bohemian Everyday Long Blonde Hairstyle
You can braid braids that look stylish and refined. They can be decorated with flowers to make your hair spring, to add it mood.

#17. Charming Wavy Waterfall

Charming Wavy Waterfall
The most popular and easiest option is a waterfall. Braid is wrapped around the head; hair is loose, which will give your image a special tenderness and charm.

#18. From Terrific Volume Into a Tight Fishtail

From Terrific Volume into a Tight Fishtail
Woven different braids gathered into a single hair are very fashionable. This style is perfect for all kinds of festivals or summer walks.

#19. Striking Side Flowing Hair

Striking Side Flowing Hair
This hairstyle is pretty easy to braid. Hair looks charming on long hair. If you are planning an evening walk, it should be supplemented by extraordinary hairstyle accessories.

#20. Wonderful Evening Hairdo

Wonderful Evening Hairdo
An amazing hairstyle with which any woman would look like a queen. But at the same time, these braids do not look too pretentious and pompous.

#21. Nice Updo for Long Blonde Thick Hair

Nice Updo for Long Blonde Thick Hair
Loose well-groomed hair – it’s beautiful, feminine and attractive. But the loose hair is not always appropriate, and perhaps a little tired of its owners who dream of how quickly can do some interesting hairstyle. Therefore, for long hair has such elegant, easy and rapid hairstyle based on a conventional braid.

#22. Creative Side Waterfall Long Hairstyle

Creative Side Waterfall Long Hairstyle
Beautifully looks like on the wavy and straight hair. It is also ideal for fine hair.

#23. Casual Braids for a Lovely Look

Casual Braids for a Lovely Look
Blond girl in a beautiful hairstyle is easy to pick, because of their hair color is already itself presupposes something festive, gentle. It is important not to overdo it when creating hairstyles, that the image does not look pretentious and unnatural.

#24. Unusual Knotted & Braided Loose Hairstyle

Unusual Knotted & Braided Loose Hairstyle
If you have tried all kinds of braids, this hairstyle will undoubtedly surprise you. This unusual braid suitable only for girls with long hair, and for those who wants to decorate their image with a graceful hairstyle.

#25. Braided Top Bun With a Zigzag Parting

Braided Top Bun with a Zigzag Parting
No less relevant if you combine braids with the classic bun collected at the crown. For this is worth to leave the lock of average thickness, and after all, locks are locked, braids surround bun. Or, you can weave the braid into a bun – it is also an excellent option for interesting and non-standard hair.

#26. Stunning Low Ponytail

Stunning Low Ponytail
This weave is very beautiful, but also time-consuming. In such hairstyles, stylists spend enough time, but they look splendid.

#27. Fantastic Braid for the Stunning Image

Fantastic Braid for the Stunning Image
To add a volume of weaving, can gently pull the braid in different directions as if stretching it. Strands can be pulled out as the one and the two sides – it all depends on what effect you want to get in the end. Each curl necessarily needs to sprinkle with a hairspray; otherwise, it will quickly lose its shape.

#28. Romantic & Careless Blonde Low-do

Romantic & Careless Blonde Low-Do
This hairstyle looks great on a thick long hair. Weaving looks voluminous because it is woven from fishtail braids.

#29. Beautiful Floral Hairstyle of Freedom

Beautiful Floral Hairstyle of Freedom
Surprisingly tenderly looks hairstyle based on a French braid. Such an interesting weave can become an excellent basis of exquisite, extraordinary, evening hairstyles.

#30. Gorgeous Long Blonde Hair-do

Gorgeous Long Blonde Hair-Do
This elegant hairstyle is a perfect choice for any special occasion. Choose a gathered hairstyle to show your beautiful facial features.

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