Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Stunning and well-groomed long hair is a decoration of every woman but it`s also a great challenge in care and styling it. Most black women disregard all difficulties and wear long hairstyles which can help to underline their individuality and natural beauty. There are many variants of long haircuts that suit for Afro-American women. But every black woman should understand how to present her hair-do in the best light and keep up to date.

#1. Black-Blue Cornrows for Long Hair

Black-Blue Cornrows For Long Hair
Cornrow hairstyle is nothing new in a world of fashionable haircuts but it`s also popular among the black women nowadays. Blue and purple hair tresses add the modern look to this style. Thick flat braids mixed with thin ones looks charmingly and glamorously.

#2. Symmetrically-Parted Hair-Do With Splendid Waves

Symmetrically-Parted Hair-Do With Splendid Waves
aintaining a marvelous mane is a top priority of every woman who likes to be in the center of attention and get the best compliments. Make a symmetrical part and perfect waves to gain the extra volume. Each waved a piece of hair and contrasted fair hair tresses will create a fascinating look as we can observe in the photo.

#3. Charming Waves of Different Colors

Charming Waves Of Different Colors
If you like experimenting with your hairstyle you should certainly try to dye the hair in the cold colors. It looks uncommon and a bit extravagant but it draws much attention! An asymmetrical part, blond top, waved blue and purple hair tresses helps to complete your gorgeous hairstyle.

#4. Sexy and Sophisticated

Sexy And Sophisticated
ore and more African American women prefer to wear long hairstyles these days and they have a great look with the sleek hair like the woman in the photo. If you love a straight bang and long sleek hairstyle, why not try it this time?

#5. Dark and Fair Curls With Bouffant

Dark And Fair Curls With Bouffant
How beautiful, tender and attractive you are with such a graceful hair-do! You will hear only such words if you choose this hairstyle: dark top and long half-fair curled tresses fit perfectly with a bouffant!

#6. Long Luscious Twists With Golden Brown Tips

Long Luscious Twists With Golden Brown Tips
Twists are very popular among the black women nowadays. If you wouldn`t like to change your hair dress cardinally you can attract your attention to the classical straight twists that add eccentricity to your appearance. Two-colored tresses are a nice choice to complete your image. Black and golden brown twists are combined excellently together.

#7. Neatly Braided and So Blue

Neatly Braided And So Blue
uch a simple hairstyle – two symmetrical braids and a part in the center. But a bright blue color adds the new look to this old hair-dress and makes it so modern and stylish.

#8. Ready to Be The Best

Ready To Be The Best
How to be elegant and fascinating? How to increase the volume of your hair? The easiest way is to style it into long large loose curls and divided your hair asymmetrically with a round-shaped part.

#9. Ombre Long Hair-Do

Ombre Long Hair-Do
Amazingly how ombre hairstyle suits to the Afro-American woman! Dark roots blend harmoniously with fair color on the other length of the hair. This hair-dress emphasizes with soft loose locks imitating the eye-catching natural look!

#10. Romantic Long Gray Curls

Romantic Long Gray Curls
lot of black women find that the light gray or platinum blond suits well with the long hairstyles, especially if you accentuate it with pretty curls. This hair-do makes your image colder and haughtier.

#11. Low Ponytail for Ombre Hair

Low Ponytail For Ombre Hair
f you`re a fan of ombre hair this is a cool example how to make your hairstyle more elegant and sexual. Simply part your hair exactly in the center it will look more neatly and then tease the low ponytail to part the dark top from the ombre hair.

#12. Long Burgundy Waves

Long Burgundy Waves
uch a gorgeous look is a perfect example how the Afro-American women can experiment with their hair without any fear to do much harm to it. Your dark roots fit well with a burgundy color of your long wavy hair and such mixture highlights your desire to be always on trend.

#13. Very Long Box Braids

Very Long Box Braids
One of the most popular black hairstyles for the long hair is box braids. Such a fashionable hairstyle doesn`t require much keep and lasts at least about two months. Moreover, it will always be on trend independently of the age.

#14. Glamorous Girl`s Long Wavy Hairdo

Glamorous Girl`s Long Wavy Hairdo
The best way to increase the extra volume of your hair is to wear the large long loose curls which make your image more affectionate, romantic and sexy. The asymmetrical part and the lock of wavy hair falling down the eyebrow and covering the eye add the coquetry to your style.

#15. Straight and Center-Parted Hair-Dress

Straight And Center-Parted Hair-Dress
Have you ever decided to strengthen your hair? You will have a pretty look with straight long hair like the girl in the photo below! The part in the center and absence of the bang stresses your perfect shape of the face and the long well-groomed black hair will attract the attention of the surrounding people!

#16. Be Like a Film Star With Long Wavy Curls

Be Like A Film Star With Long Wavy Curls
his is a great hairstyle for special occasions or a hot first date. The side-parting works well for the oval shape of the face and it draws attention to the eyes and the mouth. So, the light wavy long locks look elegant and tender and make you resemble on the real film star.

#17. Long Two-Toned Box Braids Teased in High Ponytail

Long Two-Toned Box Braids Teased In High Ponytail
he combination of two and more hairstyles is very actually today. As we can notice in the photo: fair and black box braids were teased in a high ponytail. Such mixture goes great together and looks trendy.

#18. Ageless Cool Hair-Dress

Ageless Cool Hair-Dress
lot of long braids are a splendid style for every black woman especially if you make it of the different color like the model in the example. The two-toned – blond and black – thick braids blend together and a symmetrical part divides them exactly in the center. The simple and so cool hair-do!

#19. More Than Elegant and Pretty Long Hair-Do

More Than Elegant And Pretty Long Hair-Do
Here you can find the hair-dress that you can easily style at home and it will look brilliantly. The middle parting hair underlines the oval shape of the face, the lack of bang opens the forehead and perfect eyebrows and accentuates the eyes and mouth. The light wavy locks complete this elegant hair-do.

#20. Two-Colored Hair-Dress for Long Hair

Two-Colored Hair-Dress For Long Hair
It can be called just “WOW-hairstyle”! This hair-do looks very uncommon and extravagant and pays people`s attention at once. Thus, if you like to be in the center of attention such hairstyle for you: one blond side goes well with other dark side and the middle parting completes this extraordinary hair-dress.

#21. Straight Long Hair-Do With Light Brown Tresses

Straight Long Hair-Do With Light Brown Tresses
You would like to be bright and shiny constantly! You should start from your hair! Part your hair in the center. Add several light brown tresses. Make your hair sleek and straight and everyone begins to say you the compliments.

#22. Bouncy Curls for Black Hair

Bouncy Curls For Black Hair
When you are a fan of long hairstyles and long bang you can diverse your image with the help of large loose curls that make your haircut more exquisite and graceful. Such bouncy locks work brilliantly for the asymmetrical part and long wavy side swept bang.

#23. Two-Tone Curly Twists

Two-Tone Curly Twists
Long twists remain popular among the black women nowadays. This old hairstyle is chosen by a lot of Afro-American women because of its versatility and simplicity. Our black girl in the photo mixes two hairstyles together: long twists and ombre hairstyle. So, she has a great, stylish look with this cool hair-do.

#24. Very Long Dreads With Large Bun Updo

Very Long Dreads With Large Bun Updo
This sticking example is for the lovers of dread style! Long thick dreadlocks go perfectly with the huge-sized bun updo from the dreads. This hair-dress looks fantastically, unusually and very attractively!

#25. Two-Colored Braid With Pompous Bang

Two-Colored Braid With Pompous Bang
The nice way to wear your so long hair neatly is to make a thick two-colored braid. The pompous bang and low shaved sides help you to get the additional volume to your hairstyle and highlight your oval-shaped face.

#26. Asymmetrical Afro-American Style: Layered Locks

Asymmetrical Afro-American Style: Layered Locks
How womanlike and pretty! Only these words you want to say looking at such splendid photo! Shiny black hair asymmetrically parted with light wavy layered locks creates the loveliest look!

#27. High Sleek Ponytail With Thick Bang

High Sleek Ponytail With Thick Bang
uch hair-do seems very simple but it nevertheless looks elegantly and gorgeously. Here we notice the blend of the high ponytail with a thick straight bang. The majority of the black women considers this hair-dress very comfortable and easy that`s why they choose it so often.

#28. Top Ginger Bun From Box Braids

Top Ginger Bun From Box Braids
The ginger color attracts people`s attention by itself because of its brightness. But when you have the aim to amaze people more you can also wear such eccentric hair-dress like our girl in the photo. The top ginger bun updo from the braids suits well with the shaved sides and back and this haircut makes your image extravagant and extraordinary.

#29. Black Roots and Fair-Haired Curls

Black Roots And Fair-Haired Curls
More and more black women start experimenting with their hair and trying out the blond color on it. The best thing is to keep your dark roots as in the example on the photo and curl your long now blond hair to get the extra volume.

#30. Purple Side Swept Hair-Dress

Purple Side Swept Hair-Dress
Your living motto is to astonish and be in the center of attention! With such a bright color you can easily reach your aim. The side swept wavy curls spotlighted with the shaved side fit brilliantly and the purple hair color completes the image of the sticking girl.

#31. Long Messy Hairstyle for Black Women

Long Messy Hairstyle For Black Women
What a funny mixture of small braids and long curly tresses! This hair-dress looks a bit messy and this fact adds the extra volume to the hairstyle. Such haircut amazes with its decisiveness and lightness.

#32. High Straight Ponytail

High Straight Ponytail
ome Afro-American women stop their choice on the classical hairstyles as the model in the photo. The high ponytail suits greatly with the long straight hair and it`s very easy to style and take care of it.

#33. Top Ponytail and Ombre Hairstyle

Top Ponytail And Ombre Hairstyle
Though the ponytail hairstyle belongs to the classic examples it`s very actual for the young black girls. This hairstyle is universal and you can simply make it trendy just with mixing the ponytail style with ombre hair. The black top works well for the light blue ombre and attracts attention at once!

#34. Pretty and Steel

Pretty And Steel
The latest trend among the black women is the gray hair or it can be called the platinum blond. The long gray curls, middle part and dark roots of the hair looks fashionably and gracefully.

#35. Middle Ponytail Wavy Bang and Asymmetrical Part

Middle Ponytail Wavy Bang And Asymmetrical Part
The ponytail hairstyle is a great variant if you want to keep your hair away from your face and underline your eyes. You can wear the middle ponytail and style your bang to the side with the asymmetrical part and delicate waves to get the brilliant look.

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