Hairstyles for Receding Hairline

High temples or receding hairline is one of the most popular problems that almost each man faces sooner or later. During the last decade, the average age of hair loss rashly decreases so that even young men suffer from it.
But maybe everything is not so bad? And there are not good reasons to consider receding hairline as a problem? Just look at it from another side, though try to. Leave those grandpa’s caps in the previous century and bravely demonstrate your high temples in a favorable light. How is that possible – you wonder? Not a big deal, just look through the list of our ideas and you’ll be convinced of this.

#1. Classic Undercut

Classic Undercut
The undercut is evidently the most popular modern cut as it is a basis for majority hairstyles nowadays. And it’s a good solution for you, guy because high fade on the sides gives an opportunity to make your high temples almost invisible by means of the soft blend.

#2. Traditional Side Part

Traditional Side Part
It’s a cool option as well, cause you can style your crown in such a way to cover one of your problematic areas, while the other side will be masked like in the previous undercut.

#3. Pompadour with Figured Hairline

Pompadour with Figured Hairline
A receding hairline is a harmonic part of this composition, which is a three-level construction of waves. The first one is the pomp itself, the second is high temples hairline and the third is the beard, the shape of which is also adjusted to the style.

#4. Textured Swept Back Cut

Textured Swept Back Cut
For rapid classic fans, this hairstyle is a find. A very soft hairline works well with this taper fade which is gradually coming into a buzzed beard.

#5. Undercut with Massive Beard

Undercut with Massive Beard
Besides various classic styles, different modern twists and updates are possible. This fiery undercut in “golden-fox” style looks pompous due to a huge massive beard.

#6. Smooth And Flawless Hairstyle

Smooth And Flawless Hairstyle
Another cool option for men with a receding hairline is a classic pomp with skin fade and sharp side part which flowing out a soft high temples line.

#7. Slick Style for Long Top Hair

Slick Style for Long Top Hair
The idea of this hairstyle is to compensate the lack of hair on the problematic zone with growing the hair length. It’s one of the easiest ways not only to add some volume but and to cover any bald area in order to hide it.

#8. Freestyle Upswept Mix

Freestyle Upswept Mix
A receding hairline can become a catchy component of an uneasy daedal design. The most important thing you must realize about it is that it’s not your disadvantage, but a unique feature, your own thing.

#9. Short Receding Hairline Cut

Short Receding Hairline Cut
Are you losing your hair? Get attractive instead of upset with such sleek high fade hairstyle and formidable full beard. Nobody is gonna pay attention to your “weak points” when you’re in such a bright image.

#10. Rockabilly Pompadour Hair-Do

Rockabilly Pompadour Hair-Do
This disconnected pompadour is an idea for long and wavy hair, which has already started thinning out. All you need in order to get it is to rock a low fade, form a pomp with a blow-dry and fix it sleeking your waves back with a usage of hair pomade and a comb.

#11. Simple And Sexy Thin Hair

Simple And Sexy Thin Hair
Turn your natural waves into an advantage, especially if your hair is thin. Perform an undercut with gorgeous fade and natural stubble, paying a special attention to the crown styling in a comb over manner.

#12. Spiky Quiff for Fine Hair

Spiky Quiff for Fine Hair
Here’s a rule you should always remember about while creating a hairstyle. If you want to hide something, try to attract the whole people’s attention to another thing. For example, spike your top up and make it edgy and striking.

#13. Rain Or Shine Classic’s Fine

Rain Or Shine Classic’s Fine
Classic swept-back hairstyles are must-have for men with thin hair and receding hairline, as it’s a kind of eternal image that suits everyone, despite the hair type, face shape, age and hair shortcomings. Nobody will pay attention to your high temples if your cut is neat and clean.

#14. Option for Salt And Pepper Hair

Option for Salt And Pepper Hair
Strips of grey hair on your head, as well as a receding hairline, can be your cool thing instead of being a cause of shame and self-flagellation. In this hairstyle, white locks are the key elements for making the image softer and more blending.

#15. Mid-Length Hair Scissor Taper

Mid-Length Hair Scissor Taper
Such romantic image is a reflection of women’s dreams and fantasy. Do you remember fairy tales about brave knights with silky long hair that is flying in the wind? Believe us, you can forget about your hair-loss problem with a cut like this one.

#16. Free Long Hawk

Free Long Hawk
It’s not a Mohawk hairstyle which we’re used to, but its modern twisted update. Long locks are greased with pomade and swept to one side carelessly. The main significance of this hair-do for fine hair is its ability to cover problematic areas and to divert attention from them.

#17. Side Part with Beard Fade

Side Part with Beard Fade
Nice combination for thin hair is represented on the picture below. Here you can compensate the lack of hair not only by its length and amazing way of styling but also by means of beautiful artistic beard fade and moustache.

#18. Diffused And Faded Curls

Diffused And Faded Curls
If it’s beyond you to feel confident when everyone can see your receding hairline, you can try something like this. The point is to grow some length atop and sweep it forward, like in Caesar hairstyle. This trick will allow you to hide all your problematic areas under a thick layer of hair, especially if it’s curly and diffused.

#19. Blunt And Bold Fringe

Blunt And Bold Fringe
Another Caesar variation for men with a receding hairline. This skin-faded hairstyle has magnificent texture and shape. The scissor channels are moving one by one towards the center and come into a blunt and bold extra-textured fringe.

#20. Layered Hairstyle for Mid Length

Layered Hairstyle for Mid Length
Scissor layers are falling to the sides, making the image light and weightless, while the tapered edges create a subtle and natural look. Perfect resolution both for men with thin hair and for those who don’t really have any hair problems.

#21. Modern Classics with Slick Pomp

Modern Classics with Slick Pomp
If you often have different business meetings and always have to look on point, one of the best ways to keep your hair in shape is to sleek it back with hair gel or pomade. This hairstyle is not so easy-to-style though, so you can lay it aside for some special event, but don’t forget to try it, man!

#22. Slick Textured Tunnel

Slick Textured Tunnel
Undoubtedly, this hairstyle requires too much time and efforts in order to rock it. But think about people’s enthusiastic whoops and jealous glances when you’re passing by them full of proud and confidence. It’s definitely worth it, isn’t it?

#23. Creative Curly Cut And Style

Creative Curly Cut And Style
Hope you’ve already made sure that a side part looks very well with a receding hairline, so this element is definitely an advantage of this cut. The second side is covered with a flow of curls that makes the hairstyle on the picture perfect for guys with a receding hairline.

#24. Bright Bleached Caesar Undercut

Bright Bleached Caesar Undercut
You can also bleach your hair in order to make your high temples less notable, this is another trick for you. Light coloured hair makes lines and blends softer, so no one will be able to find your “Achilles’ heel”.

#25. Skin Fade Pomp with Razor Side Part

Skin Fade Pomp with Razor Side Part
And finally meet a bright image for true hipsters (yes, those trendy guys can also get in trouble because of hair loss). Keep your handlebar moustache and tapered beard, make a very sleek pomp atop and raise a fade higher, so that your receding hairline has no any chance to be noticed.

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