30 Seductive Updos for Prom or Any Other Great Event

Prom for every girl is a real ball. This is an excellent opportunity to show others the beauty, style, and match with the fashion trends. That is why all the graduates from the beginning of the school year begin to think about the festive image.

Remember that the choice of the hairstyle will depend on not only the beauty of the created image in the important to you evening, but your sense of confidence in your perfection and irresistible. Elegant dress, fine jewelry, evening makeup and stylish hairstyle will give you the look, full of admiration.

#1. Elegant Shell Updo for an Unforgettable Look

Elegant Shell Updo for an Unforgettable Look
Namely, hairstyle gives the image of perfection, balance all the details and create the necessary mood. With a luxurious, sophisticated hairstyle can transform a modest dress in festive and carefully and simple coiffed hair a little bit simplify too elegant dress.

#2. Curly Updo With a Fantastic Flower Arrangement

Curly Updo with a Fantastic Flower Arrangement
Your image will be original and unique. If the dress of thin translucent fabric, the updo will complement the feminine image, and a few slightly wavy strands of hair underline its lightness.

#3. Perfect Hair Web Updo

Perfect Hair Web Updo
It is stylish, modern and perfect for bold and decisive girls and young women. This hairstyle will accentuate your image and will be magnificent on any festive evening.

#4. Fun Updo for Long Thick Hair

Fun Updo for Long Thick Hair
Very feminine and delicate hairstyle. It is easy to implement, and you can make it as long hair, and the hair of medium length.

#5. Romantic Curls With a Braided Flower Crown

Romantic Curls with a Braided Flower Crown
Semi-assembled top and loose at the bottom, it creates a feminine, innocent, gentle image. A hairstyle looks great on long hair but gives it special romantic wavy curls.

#6. Lovely Side Prom Hair-do

Lovely Side Prom Hair-Do
This is a wonderful and sophisticated hairstyle that will fit the true queen of the ball.

#7. Gorgeous Side-braided Curls

Gorgeous Side-Braided Curls
This hairstyle becomes quite attractive, festive and exquisite.

#8. Fishtail Low Hairstyle With a Pretty Headpiece

Fishtail Low Hairstyle with a Pretty Headpiece
A hairstyle with tiara will help to create any image: bohemian, mysterious, enigmatic or classic.

#9. Wonderful Festive Volume for Thin Hair

Wonderful Festive Volume for Thin Hair
This hairstyle for prom for girls looks modest, elegant and noble.

#10. Adorable Updo With Free Front Locks

Adorable Updo with Free Front Locks
A hairstyle low bun can be totally different: and stylish, and gentle. To select this type of hairstyle you need under a dress and overall theme of prom attire.

#11. Great Side Prom Waterfall

Great Side Prom Waterfall
Because of its simplicity and at the same time noble, a hairstyle is ideal for girls of any appearance. This hairstyle will prefer romantic person.

#12. Delightful French Carelessness

Delightful French Carelessness
This hairstyle is not only beneficial to accentuate all of your dignity, but in a few hours will not go bad. This hairstyle perfectly matched with dresses strapless, elegant emphasizes neckline.

#13. Amazing Dragon Style Twisted Curls

Amazing Dragon Style Twisted Curls
Carefully collected back hair looks very gently and elegantly, revealing your neck and shoulders.

#14. Excellent Double Braided Low Bun

Excellent Double Braided Low Bun
In the case of long hair, you can unleash the imagination, coming up with the most original options or confine a classic design in the form of wide French or Dutch braids.

#15. Pretty Half-up With a Side Bang

Pretty Half-Up with a Side Bang
This option of hairstyle for the prom looks very stylish and relaxed.

#16. Fantastic Prom Hairstyle for Streaked Hair

Fantastic Prom Hairstyle for Streaked Hair
A quite interesting and not complicated hairstyle with braids, which is well suited for prom and party with friends.

#17. Brilliant Updo With Long Front Locks

Brilliant Updo with Long Front Locks
If you have purchased an evening dress with an open back area, or with bared shoulders, then the image will be more sophisticated with hair selected in the high bundle.

#18. Admirable Updo for Any Occasion

Admirable Updo for Any Occasion
Hairstyles with selected hair are especially suitable for proms because they do not interfere, and look good during the whole celebration.

#19. Splendid Prom Waterfall With a Tight Braid

Splendid Prom Waterfall with a Tight Braid
This option is always in fashion. We can show a long, well-groomed hair in all its glory. And if you add braids it will emphasize your irresistibility and grace.

#20. Glorious Rose Updo With Accessories

Glorious Rose Updo with Accessories
This option is ideal for any festive event. The more you can vary the variation from the strict hairstyles to sloppy.

#21. Messy Side Chignon

Messy Side Chignon
This is the easiest way to look perfect and solemnly at any event.

#22. Stunning Style for Blonde Dyed Hair

Stunning Style for Blonde Dyed Hair
Hairstyle will suit for almost any image, depending on accessories. However, the best hairstyle will look together with a gentle style. Bright make-up, in this case, is inappropriate.

#23. Exquisite Airy Chignon Style

Exquisite Airy Chignon Style
Ideal for summer days. For the celebration make a bun softer, volumetric, decorate with braids.

#24. Smooth & Loose – Two-in-one

Smooth & Loose – Two-in-One
Festive and elegant look a variety of braids collected into a bun. Such bun can be decorated with fashionable studs with flowers or stones.

#25. Attractive Twisted Long Prom Braid

Attractive Twisted Long Prom Braid
This hairstyle looks simply, but it is natural and shows that the girl has her own taste.

#26. Ponytail Idea for the Special Evening

Ponytail Idea for the Special Evening
Actual hairstyle on long hair remains a “ponytail”. Such a hairstyle although considered workaday, but many celebrities do not disdain them for secular parties and festivals. So at the appropriate attire “ponytail” will look very attractive.

#27. Cute Floating Side Movement

Cute Floating Side Movement
Soft and elastic curls collected on one side, look feminine and sexy.

#28. Engaging Updo Golden Style

Engaging Updo Golden Style
A hairstyle for the long Hair. A real gift for those who love the refined and original.

#29. Endearing Double Waterfall

Endearing Double Waterfall
Simple braids will consort well with bright dresses, while the complex knots with braids set off the conservative monochrome.

#30. Fiery Curls for Bright Girls

Fiery Curls for Bright Girls
The romantic image can be created with hairstyles “Half updo”. This is the easiest option and a win-win styling with beautiful curls.

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