20 Best Shag Haircuts to Shine Bright

This haircut – ideal for owners of fine hair, thanks to it, any hairstyle will look bulkier. But for thick hair, it is perfect, but it will require an additional cutting to remove the excess volume.

Variations popular shag hairstyle has set. For example, round-faced fashionable women best go shag with double bangs. Fashionable women with a square face better stop the choice on a shag haircut with bangs to the side. If your face is heart-shaped (pointed chin, broad forehead), your salvation can be shaggy haircut with straight bangs.

Any hair has to grow property, and gradually lose hair shaggy appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly adjust, so do not forget about it!

#1. Classic Cream and Honey Soft Hairstyle

Classic Cream and Honey Soft Hairstyle
Despite the contentious character Shaggy outplay any style, whether sporty or classic. If your hair is long, it is better not to taper, but play with the form, otherwise they will look fine.

#2. Absolute Messines for Super Babies

Absolute Messines for Super Babies
Shag hairstyle for those who love uniqueness. Shaggy haircut, made with high professionalism, looks very harmonious and attractive.

#3. Amazing Dyed and Layered Cut

Amazing Dyed and Layered Cut
When choosing a hairstyle, consider shag haircut, looking fresh and ruffled. The image of the girl has chosen this option will definitely be memorable. Such haircut is extremely simple to install.

#4. Asian Long Shaggy Mane

Asian Long Shaggy Mane
It has long been the great couturiers and many fashionable women came to the conclusion that the disheveled looks no less sexy than a full order in the hair.

#5. Stunning Sunkissed Disheveled Hair

Stunning Sunkissed Disheveled Hair
If in the evening you want to look more exquisite, just put in a handbag a beautiful hairpin or a rim with flowers. Only one accessory and your careless styling already suitable for special occasions.

#6. Blonde Volume Shag Haircut

Blonde Volume Shag Haircut
This stylish layered haircut is versatile enough. A haircut can be an ideal solution for fine hair structure, giving them the illusion of volume.

#7. Miss Fashion Hairstyle

Miss Fashion Hairstyle
Shag, perhaps, is the most fashionable haircut of the season. This is due to its boldness and daring – are qualities that are not always welcomed in women. Therefore, these hairstyles carry hue of rebelliousness and arouse interest.

#8. Splendid Shaggy Streaked Haircut With a Thick Bang

Splendid Shaggy Streaked Haircut with a Thick Bang
The haircut is a real salvation for owners of fine hair. The popularity of hairstyles due to the simplicity of its styling and features to create a volume, it seemed, out of nothing.

#9. Awesome Long Hair With Shag Tips

Awesome Long Hair with Shag Tips
Multilevel and casual shag can give your hair more volume and more glamorous, stylish look. For a perfect styling, use a bit of modeling wax for hair.

#10. Red Long Shag Haircut

Red Long Shag Haircut
Trendy shag hairstyle cut almost in the same way as any cascading haircut on long hair, but that’s just the tiers to cut more clearly expressed because the effect you seek shaggy hairstyle.

#11. Silk & Messy – Two-in-one

Silk & Messy – Two-in-One
There is another important condition – the hair should be as well groomed. A good hairstyle, elegant color, no split ends and a presence of shine. Otherwise, is hardly possible to count on the seductive fashionable image.

#12. Purple Disheveled Curls

Purple Disheveled Curls
Shaggy Haircut opens space for creativity – it can be put on the form, or to mix the styles, for example, to combine straight and wavy strands, thus underlining the multi-layered hairstyles.

#13. Wonderful Streaked Casual Hairstyle

Wonderful Streaked Casual Hairstyle
Nowadays Shag haircut acknowledged as one of the most popular. To dry hair can be whatever you like, and the more natural the process is, the more interesting hairstyle looks.

#14. Nice Wavy Carelessness

Nice Wavy Carelessness
If a woman has wavy hair from nature such a haircut is done in a slightly different technique where strands across the head twisted into ropes and slightly undercut. Glamorous, stylish and at the same time relaxed shag has the potential to be the most popular hairstyle.

#15. Cute Airy Style for Girls

Cute Airy Style for Girls
The haircut is self-sufficient and perfect fit in one color. A favorite of the season: platinum blonde, black and brown and red. The preferred texture is straight hair or light wave.

#16. Gorgeous Red for Bright Personalities

Gorgeous Red for Bright Personalities
This haircut is universal, suitable for girls of any age because it visually hides minor flaws, gives the image of sexuality and coquetry.

#17. Excellent Dyed Shag Cut for Long Hair

Excellent Dyed Shag Cut for Long Hair
Haircut made on the bias using the sectional processing, separate ends of the hair are pulled. This results in a controlled chaos.

#18. Mermaid Look in Green & Blue

Mermaid Look in Green & Blue
Haircut in shaggy style looks quite extravagant and expressive. When creating your image, keep in mind that for this type of haircut, there are several unusual variants of styling: pick strands up and fixate, locks combed to one side, put strands into individual curls.

#19. Bold Chick in a Natural Color

Bold Chick in a Natural Color
Shag haircut – this is probably the coolest haircut; this opinion is shared by a large number of stylists fashion world. Hairstyle made in the shag style for people who prefer originality and creativity in everything.

#20. Lovely Hairstyle for Young Flirts

Lovely Hairstyle for Young Flirts
Girls with sloppy disheveled hair look more natural, fresh, and, frankly, younger. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with such a styling.

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