25 Ways to Keep Your Look on Point with Line Up Haircut

The line up has become extremely popular during last years; it has spread among all modern hairstyles. The majority of guys tend to have their forehead, temple and back hairlines shaved into straight lines and sharp angles instead of keeping them naturally soft. So, all hairstyles which include the features described above are often called line up, shape up or edge up haircut.
Sharp hairline definitely makes a super clean cut look, especially when it’s combined with fade, but when it grows out, the image ruins. In order to avoid frequent visits to your barber, you could try to learn how to keep your line up fresh after the cut. All you need is a clipper and a plastic card. The point is to put the card on your hairline (to be sure you can’t make it askew) and to purge all extra hair outside the haircut. Cheap and cheerful, isn’t it?

#1. Slicked Back Sharp Fade

Slicked Back Sharp Fade
What makes this ordinary swept back faded cut look so clean and sharp? Definitely, it’s straight shaved hairlines with edgy angles all over the cut, including the blended beard.

#2. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut
This short buzz cut has barely visible wavy texture atop and high bald fade. Sharp line up makes a kind of framing, and a natural beard adds some misbalance to the image.

#3. Wavy Crown with Blunt Fringe

Wavy Crown with Blunt Fringe
People often keep their natural wavy and curly hair a bit longer atop to demonstrate their fabulous texture. In this hairstyle locks are moving forward and end in a blunt cut fringe.

#4. Messy Hard Part Hairstyle

Messy Hard Part Hairstyle
Messy curly top and sharp hairline again. But now with new fiery element – with a hard part, which is shaved diagonally from the center in front to the left side.

#5. Mohawk Mix

Mohawk Mix
Mohawks are making a comeback, it’s definitely true. They can involve all present-day twists, such as fades, hard parts, and line-ups. All you need in order to keep this hairstyle fresh is to fix it with hair pomade in the morning.

#6. Clean Dapper Cut

Clean Dapper Cut
This elegant dapper cut is soft and blending on the sides, but sharp and geometric in front. A hard side part separates long textured and faded parts.

#7. Messy Top & Clean Fade

Messy Top & Clean Fade
How do you like this combination of the fluffy topknot and extremely clean faded sides? The key components in making it hot are a spicy hairline and a narrow cute beard.

#8. Updated Skin Fade

Updated Skin Fade
In order to make any traditional cut more up-to-date, you can always play with colors. Invent new solutions and interesting combinations in order to be fresh even with the most traditional hairstyles.

#9. Male Braid with Line Up

Male Braid with Line Up
You’re totally wrong if you think that a line up is good only for short hairstyles. The truth is they’re possible even for long full hair just to make the whole look cleaner, so it’s not surprising to see a sharp hairline in combination with medium length braided crown.

#10. Tapered Mohawk

Tapered Mohawk
This hairstyle is back in its new character. The hawk is styled in an ordinary way, the sides are tapered, and what’s unusual? Pay attention to that artistic hairline: first, it goes sharp, then completely blends, and after that becomes edgy again ending in a V-shape tail.

#11. Low Fade Undercut

Low Fade Undercut
This is a true rockabilly hairstyle with sleek upswept crown, wide shaved parting and hard blend. And if you add a bald beard and full mustache, no one will be able to be cooler than you.

#12. Faded Dreadlocks

Faded Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks? No problem! The line up is able to make sharp and clean anything. And if you add a low fade and freestyle design, this hairstyle will get out of control.

#13. Long Furry Hair Option

Long Furry Hair Option
The line up element can help your fluffy long hair to look neater. Besides, it will make your hairline more significant and emphasize your facial features as well.

#14. Crazy Freestyle Design

Crazy Freestyle Design
This hairstyle is damn perfect, it’s just incredible! Each line is ideal, the pattern and fade are so precise and clean, the top is upswept impeccably. Can you find any flaw here? Definitely not.

#15. Spiky Flattop for Straight Hair

Spiky Flattop for Straight Hair
Every single component of this look is very sharp, so it’s a kind of edgy hairstyle of another level. All you need to get it is to make your beard and sides faded and to style a straight spiky flattop.

#16. Top Knot Undercut

Top Knot Undercut
This collage demonstrates how much your hairstyle affects your age and even image. It’s a transformation of a boy into a man, which are separated with a sleek top knot and faded undercut with the line up.

#17. Curly Cut with Hard Parts

Curly Cut with Hard Parts
This curly hairstyle is highlighted with a sharp hairline and hard part, which first runs parallel to it and then moves back as a side part. The back of the head is designed into a triple V-shape cut.

#18. Blowout Haircut for Afro Hair

Blowout Haircut for Afro Hair
In this Afro hairstyle a fuzzy disheveled crown and ideally sharp taper fade are underlined with the amazing hairline which blends on the weepers.

#19. Square-Shaped Line Up

Square-Shaped Line Up
This Afro texture is all about volume and it’s very important to give it an appropriate shape. In this case, the barber creates a round silhouette and dishevels it with a curl sponge. And the last but definitely not least is a square-shaped forehead hairline, which makes it clean and neat.

#20. Hipster Look with Line Up

Hipster Look with Line Up
All you need in order to create this splashy hipster image is to have your sides high faded and the top textured. You can also take a risk and bleach the “goatee” part of your beard.

#21. Sleek Pompadour

Sleek Pompadour
This classic pompadour hairstyle is made even more official and attractive due to edgy hairlines all over the head in the picture below.

#22. Braided Undercut for Curly Hair

Braided Undercut for Curly Hair
It’s well-known that curly hair is very unruly and it’s too hard to style it clean and precise. One of the ways out is demonstrated below. Such braided crown and sharp shaved hairlines might be a resolution for you.

#23. Stair-Step Flattop with Side Part

Stair-Step Flattop with Side Part
Creative hairstyle for a creative person. It’s not just another option of line up haircut; it’s also a cool idea how to make your image unique and to catch people’s eyes.

#24. Twisted Buzz Cut

Twisted Buzz Cut
Here’s one more unusual crown design for short curly hair. Do remember that such buzz cut requires a high proficiency, so be careful while choosing the barber to perform it.

#25. Braided Patterned Undercut

Braided Patterned Undercut
You can jump into experiments about the way you style the top of your undercut, here’s one more idea to inspire you. And don’t forget about sharp hairlines, cause they’re hardly the most important point in the creation of any clean hairstyle.

#26. Patterned Buzz Cut

Patterned Buzz Cut
And here’s one more freestyle texture for short buzzed hair. The zigzag crown is definitely something new in modern barbering, take note of this fact and hurry up to be one of the first wearers of this fresh trend.

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