23 Ways to Style Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

Short on sides long on top haircuts are so trendy nowadays among boys, young guys, and older men. And the reasons are obvious: they are so easy to maintain, they can be styled in a great variety of ways, they are smart and attractive. Every second has such hairstyle, so it becomes more and more difficult to keep your one unique among lots of them. But still it’s possible and we’ll try to prove it in this article as well as to give you some hints for your fashionable image.

#1: Mens Haircut Short Sides Long Top

Let’s start from the cut with a significant contrast: extremely short and high skin fade and very long hair on the top, which is thoroughly sleeked back without losing a volume atop. This elegant cut has many options for styling, that’s why it’s the most popular throughout the world today.

Slicked Back Undercut


#2: Afro Undercut

They say “Feathers appear when angels are near”, so there’s no doubt that a nice feather shaved on the side of the head is definitely a good sign, it’s kind of talisman for its owner. Moreover, this design is exactly what is needed for black male undercut style.

Afro Undercut


#3: Dyed Curls for Cool Boys

These curls are not natural, so even if your hair is straight, you can easily style such hair-do for some special occasion. All you need is curling iron, some styling product and a little bit of patience.

Dyed Curls for Cool Boys

#4: Crazy Head of Curls

Curls are cool, curls are natural, curls are attractive. There’s no reason to hide them in very short buzz cuts. Here’s one of the thousands of options for curly hair. It’s amazing!

Crazy Head of Curls


#5: Spiky Mohawk with Fade Design

This is a hairstyle for guys who are used to stand out of the crowd and to have a bit striking style. It has a very trendy fade design and looks cool in full. The only thing you should remember about is to keep the hawk fresh and spiky all the time.

Spiky Mohawk with Fade Design

#6: Short Back and Sides Messy on Top Hair

A light carelessness in hairdressing can’t be reached by means of dirty and uncombed hair. The one should make efforts to style his crown in a special way to make it artistically messy.

Disconnected Side Part Hairstyle


#7: Guys Haircut Short on Sides Long on Top

Blonde hair in this hairstyle is in advantage as that sharp cut on the ends can hardly be noticed on dark hair. Exactly this element makes this upswept quiff hairstyle different from others.

Blonde Upswept Quiff


#8: Shaved Sides Long Top Hairstyle

Law bald fade is blending into long crown full of spikes. This hairstyle is appropriate for men with thick and rich hair. Don’t forget that the light beard is not a less important component of the whole image.

Spiky Short-Sides-Long-Top Hairstyle


#9: Double Top Knot for Men

The sides are trimmed into a mid-fade with shaved design elements. The parting between short and long hair is fuzzy and not very accurate. The main thing in this undercut is a double top knot, which is so comfortable for guys with long crowns.

Double Top Knot for Men


#10: Triple Crown with Side-Line

Do you want to look bold and cocky? With such hairstyle, you’ll definitely look super cocky! Three fantastic sleek combs at the top are highlighted with sharp lines on both sides. This hairstyle is a true masterpiece meant to hipsters and trendy dandies.

 Triple Crown with Side-Line


#11: Short on Sides Long on Top Hair

Another appropriate name for this cut is “party at the front, business at the back”. And in fact, the length of the crown is increasing from the back part of the head to the front so that the curliest and the messiest knot is right above the forehead while the back part is classic and short.

Curly Quiff Hairstyle


#12: Mens Hair Long on Top Short Sides and Back

This hawk with high skin fade is full of passion and rebellion. The dark beard helps to frame a face and complete this wild brute image.

Hawk Undercut with High Fade


#13: Dreadlocks Style for Hipsters

You shouldn’t reject the dread style if your hair is not too long. Nowadays there exist a bunch of options of dreadlocks for mid-length and even short hair. The hairstyle below demonstrates how the dreads atop can be combined with faded sides.

Dreadlocks Style for Hipsters

#14: Modern Caesar with Shaved Sides

Bald fade cut turns into Caesar crown with a bit disconnected strands. This hairstyle will come in very handy when you’ll find your first bald spots as it’s one of the best ways to hide your high temples.

Modern Caesar with Shaved Sides


#15: Mens Ponytail Short Sides

The top ponytail is a part of hipster trendy look; it’s not difficult in fixing up and very convenient for guys with long hair at the same time. Rock this simple undercut style and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Male Ponytail Undercut


#16: Male Haircut Short Sides Long Top

Are you into experiments? In this case, the hairstyle below is definitely a challenge for you. Dye your fluffy afro curls on the top, make the sides super short, create some refreshing design and enjoy your new look!

Fluffy Dyed Haircut


#17: 2 Back and Sides Long on Top

In spite of the fact that flattop was meant for curly Afro hair, it has become extremely popular and in straight hair styling as well. Of course, European hair requires much more time and efforts to be “flat-topped” but it is worth it!

 Flattop for Straight Hair


#18: Buzzed on Sides Long on Top Haircut

Keep hair long on top and upsweep it using some styling product, get the shaved sides faded until hair almost completely goes flat-out, throw in some edgy lines and voila…a perfect cut for hot man is ready.

Side Part and Faded Sides


#19: Top Knot with Sharp Fade

This hybrid of undercut and man bun styles is not very difficult to fix up and it looks amazing! Ordinary boring shaved sides are replaced by sharply faded design which occupies almost whole side part.

Top Knot with Sharp Fade


#20: Boy Haircut Short Sides Long Top

If you are the lucky owner of a long and thick hair, you should try to style your flossy quiff into a natural flow, sweeping it to one side. This easy but trendy haircut will turn you into a very attractive guy.

High Fade with Natural Flow


#21: Red Ball Fade

Rock your “short sides long top” hairstyle in any shape and any colour you like. Round, square, triangle, blue, red, green – it’s completely up to you and your creativity. Don’t worry about what people will say, just do it if you really want and need it.

Red Ball Fade


#22: Classic Flattop with Non-Classical Twists

Experiments with freestyle design make even the most trivial flattop creative and unique. Changing the hair colour refreshes it and adds some brightness. Don’t be afraid of mixing new and old things in order to get something absolutely different.

Classic Flattop with Non-Classical Twists


#23: Freestyle Hairstyle

There are no any rules for this one as it is FREEstyle. It means you are free to make whatever you want: irregular shapes, patterns, various strange twists. But do remember that the “short sides long top” hairstyle has much more field for creativity than any other style.

Freestyle Hairstyle


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