20 Comfortable Top Knots Hairstyle for Men

Hairstyles for men have long been characterized by the same variety as the female. Now, not only the girls have to puzzle over what kind of hairstyle you can try on your next trip to the salon, which style will be in trend in the coming year and what hairstyle profitable emphasize all the advantages of a person hiding in the same time, any undesirable defects.

Hairstyle with shaved temples, in most cases, it is advantageous changes the shape of the face. Such a hairdo will not approach only for men with a thin and very long face. Also not recommended this image for men with some features of appearance: too big nose, protruding ears, very small features. This option is best suited for owners of round, square and oval face.

Braided Bun and Undercut

Braided bun and undercut

Men’s hair with a beam – it is much more than a lazy hairstyle for boys. This hairstyle will bring in your image a new style that can be applied in different fields, both in the entertainment business, sport or in a formal setting.

Great and Fun Bun

Great and fun bun

This hairstyle gives space for imagination; you can experiment with a creative disorder or achieve the effect of an ideal smoothness. But first of all, it is necessary to focus on what is right for you and only as a secondary objective to use the fashionable trends.

Messy Bun, Short Hair

Messy bun, short hair

It may seem that Undercut hairstyles and men’s beam wear only bearded men. It is not, no one forbids you to get a stylish haircut and beard has got nothing to do with it. These two simple trends coincided in time and develop in parallel, so if you like men’s bundle but you are confused about the beard, safely shave and release the long hair.

Undercut with Shaved Lines

Undercut with shaved lines

Hairstyle bun is often combined with a beard, and it gives a man the most masculinity of image.

Top Knot Hairstyle

Top knot hairstyle

If the hair neatly collected in a bun, then this slightly brutal and very stylish image of a man can conquer not one woman.

Amazing Curly Bun

Amazing curly bun

Wavy hair – it’s always a challenge to the patience of the owner. But even strong men’s curly tail can be assembled into a bundle. And it will look even more unusual and will not interfere lead an active lifestyle.

Smooth Man’s Style

Smooth man’s style

This hairstyle has become one of the trendy hairstyles for men who want to be in the trend. It is a great ally for sports, working hours or exit on the red carpet.

Cute Mini Bun

Cute mini bun

Modern men are more likely to make the top-knot from the hair a lesser length. Knot gets a little, but in general, this hairstyle is no less stylish.

Half Bun Hairstyle

Half bun hairstyle

A favorite hipsters’ hairstyle who like to combine it with a casual laid beard. Trendy hipster option – a combination of a small knot of the hair at the nape, undercut hairstyle and thick beards.

Attractive Hairdo

Attractive hairdo

Undoubtedly, this man’s haircut is a kind of challenge to the strict classics, the ability to express oneself. This hairstyle does not look vulgar, which is important for taking care of their image young people.

Cool, Perfect, Stylish

Cool, perfect, stylish

Today, well-groomed hair is an unchanging indicator of the modern business man. The type of hairstyle is often dependent on the impression made by the owner to the environment. Fashionable men’s grooming is a necessity, which should be given due attention.

Wonderful for any Age

Wonderful for any age

Most modern men, as a rule, wear a bundle together with fashionable shirts, beard, cool trousers or some other fashion accessory. Male beam – it is part of a broader statement about the lifestyle.

Manly Hairstyle with a Tattoo

Manly hairstyle with a tattoo

Among the advantages of this hairstyle, stylists include its versatility. To make the hair a maximum of originality, add on the shaved part of the contour of the graphic or dye hair in this part. Some extremals shave temples under the zeros and fill the shaved part tattoos.

Long Hair and Shaved Temples

Long hair and shaved temples

Abuse of this hairstyle can cause brittle hair and even baldness. These problems can occur in men, after several years of frequent wearing top-Knot. Regular pulling hair causes damage to the follicle, which is not subsequently reversed.

Lovely Bun

Lovely bun

A bun of the hair which tied on the crown favorably emphasizes close-cropped temples and neck. This is not a mandatory requirement for the hair, but the stylists recommend precisely this combination.

Hairstyle for Men

Hairstyle for men

The hairstyle is interesting and scandalous, in the style of the Japanese samurai. Designed for the most courageous men.

One Side Braid

One side braid

This combination looks original and trendy, and the haircut is done very quickly and without any problems. Despite its simplicity, it is possible to make different styling, leaving hair free or collecting them in a popular among the youth Top Knot for men.

Great Hairdo

Great hairdo

Top-knot – easy care hairstyle. What may be necessary for laying – elastic or cord for hair and styling products. Wearing a bundle every day it is not necessary. For this hairstyle, there are other options for laying (e.g., put your hair to one side, gently ruffling).

Man’s Braids

Man’s braids

Such hairdo wears today’s young people, and it is not a sign of negligence or simply hastily made hairstyles. This is hairstyle of the samurai, a strong personality, and a creative person.

Pretty Bun

Pretty bun

This hairstyle can be done in a rebellious style for a party or to remain modest for working days. In general, this hairstyle – a real chameleon and can be your choice regardless of the occasion.


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