32 Adorable and Stylish Curly and Wavy Haircuts

For some men, wavy hair is a real challenge! Curly hair shows all the flaws of their structure, but modern fashion hairstyle overcome this little trouble, and right and quality hairstyle helps to hide all the flaws. Fashion does not stand still and gives us the opportunity to experiment with this hairstyle.

The undercut on wavy hair adds volume and effectiveness to the hair. The disheveled hair effect looks great on wavy hair. It will give the image of ease. The elongated hair is suitable for the representatives of creative professions. The graduation will make a hairstyle more natural.

Wavy hair is a luxury for the men! Though such hair requires special care, it creates a unique and stylish image!

A Wavy Messed up Side Part

A wavy messed up side part

This hairstyle designed for men with soft curly hair. The average length of the hair is one of the best for curly hair. The hair at this length is not out of control, and do not require the long-term styling!

Curly Style with the Long Fringe

Curly style with the long fringe

Women very like men with the curly hair. Such hairstyle will embellish any man’s head with curly hair. And the long fringe will undoubtedly attract lots of people’s attention.

Stylish Wavy Pomp

Stylish wavy Pomp

Here is the stylish haircut for guys, who want to look spectacular. It fits any man who is interested in trends of the hairdressing art. This hairstyle will add freshness to your appearance and make you look great!

Curly and Messy

Curly and messy

The perfect solution for such luxurious curls! The good curl will hold the form and create a great volume! If you choose this haircut, you will be able to show all the beauty and splendor of your hair!

The Curls on the Thick Hair

The curls on the thick hair

Naturally thick and wavy hair – the dream of most boys. And the one who has such hair should pay attention to this haircut. It perfectly accentuates the volume and thickness of the hair, and the grading will help to structure the hairstyle!

Wavy Hair with the Stubble

Wavy hair with the stubble

The curls have never gone out of fashion, just their size and shape were changing. The curly locks will give you originality and sophistication, and the styling and high fixation will help you to acquire the desired shape!

Extremely Long and Wavy

Extremely long and wavy

The long “cascaded” curls – without any doubt is a perfect idea that requires some skills from a hairdresser. Who would not agree that this haircut is more than spectacular? I think no one!

Cute Curls on the Middle-Length Hair

Cute curls on the middle-length hair

African American hair type, of course, is quite a complex, and it is much harder to cope with them. But with such a hairstyle, it will not be difficult to you! Just do not forget about moisturizing hair products and a hot oil massage once a month!

The Undercut with the Long Wavy Top

The undercut with the long wavy top

The undercut hairstyle on curly hair became popular relatively recently. The curly locks emphasize the volume on the crown and make the haircut more than the original. The shaved temples is also a significant upside, cuz the hair on the temples sometimes disturbs!

The “Air-Balloon” Hairstyle

The “air-balloon” hairstyle

The popularity of the “air-balloon” hairstyle began in the 70s. Now it refers to the classic variant of the hairstyle, and that’s why this haircut is quite popular nowadays. The hair does not require any special styling; you should just moisturize it from time to time!

Curly And Wide Mohawk

Curly and wide Mohawk

If it’s hard for you to lay your hair back, pay attention to this hairstyle! It will hide all the flaws and turn them into the benefits! The Mohawk on the curly hair – actually a masterpiece hairstyle!

The Undercut with the Long, Laid-Back Waves

The undercut with the long, laid-back waves

A well-designed and stylish haircut – a pledge of modern and successful men. The hairstyle with a shaved temples and back of the head will help you to emphasize the length and amount of the hair on the crown. The wavy hair is appropriate here because they will make this haircut more original!

Side-Oriented Wavy Top

Side-oriented wavy top

To give the curly hair solidity, you can make the undercut! With the help of the hair wax or gel, you can make different styling and change the direction of your hair! One of the most popular effects for the curly hair is the “disheveled hair effect”!

Thick and Wavy Hairstyle

Thick and wavy hairstyle

For the thick medium length curly hair, this hairstyle is one of the most appropriate! One of the “brave” trends nowadays – the beard! In combination with this haircut, the beard adds brutality and style!

The Natural Dreads on the Medium Length Hair

The natural dreads on the medium length hair

The natural dreadlocks fit people with African-American hair type, who do not want to spend a lot of time on styling, but want to have long hair! The dreads do not require special care, you need just to wash them once a week, and it will be enough. Dreadlocks look very original, and of course it is not just a hairstyle – it’s a lifestyle!

Curly and Massive

Curly and massive

This haircut is for fans of the phenomenal volume! With such a hairstyle you will definitely stand out from the crowd! To achieve such hair effect, you need to have wavy hair and make the bouffant on it!

Side-Parted Undercut with the Wavy Crown

Side-parted undercut with the wavy crown

The modern trends in the art of hairdressing emphasize the accuracy of the men’s haircut! This hairstyle is really stylish, and at the same time, it adds some braveness to the person’s appearance!

Wavy Top and the Designs

Wavy top and the designs

We can easily call this hairstyle a masterpiece of our time! It combines several elements. One of them is the art of making designs.  The next element is the smooth shading – the painstaking work of the master of hairstyling! And finally, the shaved temples and back of the head make you look stylish and fashionable!

Wavy Ponytail Hairstyle

Wavy ponytail hairstyle

It can sometimes be difficult to choose a hairstyle for owners of curly hair, but if you already have curls, grow your hair as you see in this photo! The long curly hair – the perfect solution for strong personalities! And if you want, you can always tie the tail on your head!

Long Curly Crown on the Dyed Hair

Long curly crown on the dyed hair

The long and curly crown hairstyle became more and more popular nowadays! And the mix of undercut and long wavy top on the dyed hair looks incredibly stylish! Today it is one of the most daring hairstyles!

Thick Wavy Crown with Highlighted Fringe

Thick wavy crown with highlighted fringe

This hairstyle created for the daring and courageous individuals who do not want to merge with the crowd but want to stand out and cause a furor in society. It challenges boring haircuts and simple forms. This hairstyle is a way to show the world your bright personality!

Unusual Undercut with the Design

Unusual undercut with the design

This hairstyle has everything that modern young man need to express his individuality! Shaved strips on the temples are ideal for young fellows with dark hair. Very unusual style of undercut looks great on a slightly wavy hair! This hairstyle will definitely add confidence to its owner!

Long Wavy Top and Shaved Temples

Long wavy top and shaved temples

Men with wavy hair in a choice of hairstyle should pay attention to naturalness. Do not complicate your hairstyle too much! The undercut is one of the most natural and attractive hairstyles on wavy hair! It will emphasize the natural beauty of your hair!

Pompadour on Wavy Hair

Pompadour on wavy hair

This haircut is very popular around the world! It is universal and easy in styling! This hairstyle is an attribute of youth, as well as it is suitable for older men. And most importantly – this hairstyle creates a bright, modern image of a confident and successful man!

Curved and Funky Undercut

Curved and funky undercut

This funky haircut can make people stare at you, but at the same time, you’ll always be in the spotlight! This hairstyle is unusual and attractive. It has a very smooth transition, which, of course, looks impressive. It is suitable for any style of clothing!

Disheveled Wavy Hairstyle

Disheveled wavy hairstyle

Middle length hair is perfect for curly hairstyles. Haircut on this hair length will allow you to do all kinds of styling. And the beard will add masculinity, strength, and self-respect to your style!

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Medium length wavy hairstyle

The medium length hair is a significant advantage for men! They give the owner opportunity to dream and to choose a suitable hairstyle! Look at this cute hairstyle. Elongated fringe on wavy hair provides unmatched volume and looks amazing. The haircut itself and the styling complete the image of a modern and fashionable man!

Rob Pattinson Hairstyle

Rob Pattinson hairstyle

The disheveled styling is the new thing in the world of fashion! Such layering is ideal for the wavy hair. They will keep the form of styling for a long time! Medium length hair is perfect for disheveled strands! This length gives expressiveness and efficiency to the haircut!

Cute and Wavy

Cute and wavy

Here is the simple and restrained hairstyle on the curly hair of a medium length. It creates a calm and confident image! Society will take you more seriously. The stubble will give you confidence and style!

Long and Wavy Hairstyle

Long and wavy hairstyle

Elongated hair has always attracted the public attention! For the representatives of any sex, they have the opportunity of self-expression. This cute hairstyle is very popular in the modern world. And also it is the symbol of stardust!

Side-Oriented Wavy Crown

Side-oriented wavy crown

The perfect haircut – is the one that does not require special styling. On the wavy hair the styling is a difficult task, but doable with this hairstyle! Shortened temples and back of the head – practical variant, which does not require layering, and the elongated top is a sumptuous decoration of any man!

Wavy and Spiky

Wavy and spiky

Here we have a combination of undercut and spiky and wavy hairstyles! It looks really modern and fashionable. This haircut is perfect for teenagers and confident young men!

32 Adorable and Stylish Curly and Wavy Haircuts
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