Asian Hairstyles for Men

First of all, let’s realize why we should distinguish Asian men hairstyles as a separate branch of hairdressing. The thing is, Korea, Japan and some other Asian countries are at the forefront of world fashion and, inter alia, of modern haircuts and hairstyles. They create the brand new cuts for the men with textured and thick hair, which later on become a trend all around the world. There are many examples of Asian hairstyles for men despite what type of hair they have: straight, short, spiky, medium-length or long hair. Here are some of the latest haircuts for Asian men, hope you’ll find something inspiring for you.

If you are tired of boring old-school hairstyles and want to find something more creative and stylish – you are in the right place! Today Asian hair fashion presents us with a great variety of different hairstyles and hair styling ideas. Asian men’s hairstyles are suitable for any age group. Here you will see the most popular short and long Asian hairstyles for males! Pick up the most stunning hairstyle from this range and give yourself a new look!

Advice: In this season the classics is a trend! The stylish short hairstyle is also fashionable. And don’t forget, that retro returned in fashion again!

Top trendy Asian men’s hairstyles

Top trendy Asian mens hairstyles 1

The top-knot is a perfect combination of beauty, elegance, and simplicity. The advantage of this haircut is that it is not necessary to waste a lot of time on the styling. A couple of motions and your perfect hairstyle is ready.

Top trendy Asian mens hairstyles 2

The haircut with asymmetrical and elongated fringe fits all Asian men. The hairstyle is a great option for young boys or men in their thirties. The soft ashy shade of the hair will perfectly refresh the image and add brightness to your personal style!

Top trendy Asian mens hairstyles 3

Talking about Asian male hairstyles, we couldn’t pass by one of the most famous Asian singer  – PSY! Despite the fact that he is a superstar, he wears simple and not conspicuous haircut. But it does not stop him from being popular, doesn’t it?

Top trendy Asian mens hairstyles 4

Pink and purple hair colors aren’t only for Barbies anymore! The purple-pink hair is put into a slightly messy man bun while the natural sides are buzzed and decorated with cool figures.

Top trendy Asian mens hairstyles 5
Why are the old men being ashamed of their grey hair, while the young guys are intentionally trying to reach this effect? This trend tends to grow and spread among different haircuts, so maybe it’s a high time for you to create something rocky on your head?

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys 1

The elongated fringe is one of the most fashionable elements these days. Such haircuts look great on medium to long hair. The layered hair with a long fringe will help to create the perfect oval face shape, and you will please others by the variety of styling.

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys 2
The symmetry has always been the standard of beauty and style. Such parting will change the shape of the face a bit to your advantage. Well, the parting is everyone’s favorite way to do a hairstyle that will beautify a face!

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys 3
Wearing such a haircut, you will look like a real gentleman. It is a perfect choice for business meetings as well as for parties with friends. The classic suit will perfectly emphasize and complements your style!

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys 4

The long quiff is styled forward and cut at an angle and the temples are faded at the both sides, that helps to keep the whole look from getting shaggy. Anyway, the quiff is one of those haircuts which perfectly suits all Asian men.

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys 5
Grey messy hair falling on the eyes and careless top of the head are perfect not only for young guys but also and for aged men.

Asian men with long hair

Asian men with long hair 1
If having a bit more hair can play to your advantage, then why not choose the fringe? While men tend to shy away from wearing the hair forward, this style has an enormous potential to become the real trend, so why not take a chance?

Asian men with long hair 2

If you have the medium length hair, you can wear this quick and easy Asian men hairstyle. Although it is disheveled, this haircut looks modern and stylish. The shtick of such hairstyle is that you even don’t need to make a layering look fashionable!

Asian men with long hair 3
To make the two-block haircut, you need to shave your temples or just make your hair shorter on the sides. The crown can be long or short, depends on your preferences.  For the beautiful layering use the hair spray or hair wax.

Asian men with long hair 4

This hairstyle is suitable for people who do not want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, but at the same time for those who want to look elegant and distinctive. The haircut performed on the hair with long strands on the crown. The layering made slightly sloppy, but overall the hairstyle looks great!

Asian men with long hair 5

Men’s classic long hairstyles have always been popular among Asian men. As for this haircut, if you have the same hair length as the one in the picture, then the haircut will suit you well. The layering in this style suggests sleek hair and a smooth side part. The classic style fits young and active people, as well as older men.

Asian men with long hair 6
Let’s say, there’s a person with long hair, who wants to have the modern hairstyle, but value his hair too much to cut it off (maybe that’s your friend or even you?). We have a piece of advice for you guys – the top knot! Just stand in front of the mirror, take the hair elastic and tie your hair!

Asian men with long hair 7
Here is one of the most extraordinary Asian men hairstyles. You can meet Asian person with the dreadlocks quite rarely, yeah? Making dreadlocks include seven steps, and lots of different stuff, like one or two good buddies, Knotty Boy Dread Wax, hair elastics and so on (Google it to know more!). But with such a hairstyle you will surely look fabulous!

Asian men with long hair 8
If you’re one of those long hair fans, this messy hairstyle for long thick hair will be to your taste. Well, this is one of those haircuts Asian men like wearing because of its attractiveness and simplicity.

Classy Korean men hairstyle

Classy Korean men hairstyle 1
Despite that the Korean men prefer haircuts for short hair, today the middle-length hair is also fashionable. Many men and boys choose the haircuts in a classic style since it can be worn both every day and for special occasions.

Classy Korean men hairstyle 2
The layered elongated hair in the parietal area are often slicked sideways or backward, but if you have a bigger forehead, you can try this layering. The fringe is side-oriented, and it will cover your forehead. This hairstyle emphasizes the uniqueness of your style and suits businesspeople as well as students!

Classy Korean men hairstyle 3
A lot of people envy of the type of hair Asian people have: straight, thick and silky, but such hair can be difficult to style, especially if hair needs to be slicked back. So you can try a natural texture perm for much easier maintaining and styling in the morning.

Asian male hairstyles with side part

Asian male hairstyles with side part 1

Perfectly shaved temples and perfectly layered crown – that the success of this hairstyle. The hair of medium length is a trend this year. The black hair looks very impressive, and it is ideal for a slightly swarthy or porcelain skin.

Asian male hairstyles with side part 2

This haircut is performed with asymmetry and elongated fringe. Lots of Asian men want to express themselves and their style through the hairstyle, and without any doubt, this haircut will help you to show your individuality. The correct layering of the asymmetrical haircut will accentuate all the facial features.

Asian male hairstyles with side part 3

Asian men are the lucky owners of dark black hair, that’s why different partings and shaved designs are perfect contrasting elements for any Asian men haircuts. So, the cut with side parting, faded sides and a slicked top is a cool option. Besides, look how incredibly this hairstyle changes the person’s image from milquetoast to smart aleck.

Asian male hairstyles with side part 4

It seems that this brightly dyed undercut with sharp hairlines and side part is crying out: “Yes, I come from Japan but I absolutely love the American style”.

Popular short haircuts for Asian men

Popular short haircuts for Asian men 1

This comb over with shaved sides is quite original. If you’re a fan of conservativeness in haircuts, but you want to bring something new to the way you look, you have to like this haircut!

Popular short haircuts for Asian men 2

If you want to grab everyone’s attention, such a haircut with bright coloring is for you! The successful combination of spectacular colors will emphasize your bright and creative style. But it is worth noting that such sumptuous hair coloring is not suitable for the business style.

Popular short haircuts for Asian men 3

You can do the spiky hairstyle on different types of hair. It can be long or short – it doesn’t matter! But we can tell one thing for sure – you will not regret, if you prefer having this haircut! Put some hair gel on your fingers and make your spikes stick up! Then choose the creative design you like, and try coping it!

Asian men with wavy hair

Asian men with wavy hair 1

The next hairstyle is a bright example of the classic wavy pompadour. To have this haircut, first of all, you need to grow your hair on the top of the head. After this just slick your hair back and use some hair spray or wax to fix your hair!

Asian men with wavy hair 2

What do you need to make your pompadour haircut more eye-catching? Right! You need to do all the things you see in this photo. Firstly, grow your fringe and hair on the crown, after this you have to have your temples shaved. Finally, make your fringe look wavy and highlight it!

Asian men with wavy hair 3

It’s not a typical hairstyle for Asian men, and that’s why it can make you unique! But to get such a lovely haircut, first of all, you need to grow your hair. After this, visit your hairdresser, take some wax or hair spray to fix your hair layers.

Ideas of Asian undercut

Ideas of Asian undercut 1
The undercut is a quite popular hairstyle among men nowadays. And Asian men also follow trend! Here we have an interesting variation of the undercut – the “Punk”. The “Punk” is the boldest version of this hairstyle. Daring young people give their preferences to this hairstyle. The hair on the top of the head, in this case, has a maximum length to create the Mohawk.

Ideas of Asian undercut 2

Shaved temples and slightly ruffled top – elements of Asian style haircut. This haircut refers to the Asian undercut. The elongated hair on top give you the opportunity to do all sorts of layering, and you can even shock the audience, making the Mohawk!

Ideas of Asian undercut 3

The undercut hairstyle is very popular among the youth. Make the hair on the sides as short as possible, and use hair clipper to draw designs on your head. It is advisable to leave the crown middle-length so you could be able to style your hair in different ways.

Ideas of Asian undercut 4

The Asian undercut hairstyle is the classics nowadays. The originality of this hairstyle is based on the contrast, because the hair is short on the temples and the the crown is long. This variant of undercut fits well those people who have thick hair.

Ideas of Asian undercut 5
Another quite common phenomenon in the fashion trends of hairstyles is the designs (different figures shaved on the sides). They are widely used in almost all haircuts. With the designs, you will look much more stylish than with the usual undercut or any other hairstyle!

The best Asian boy haircuts

The best Asian boy haircuts 1

The slanting fringe and long strands are screaming about the classic style of emo haircuts. The most eye-catching shtick in this hairstyle is the asymmetry. These days there is no more biased attitude towards this subculture and such haircuts can be worn even by those who do not belong to this culture, because it looks stylish and fashionable!

The best Asian boy haircuts 2
The asymmetry with the elongated strands is very popular nowadays! The reason is the creative and non-standard structure of the hair. But you should be careful before having this haircut. Such hairstyle fits best those who have an oval shape of the face and correct facial features.

The best Asian boy haircuts 3

Today the spiky hairstyle is very popular all over the world! Spikes are ideal for young and self-confident guys, who are always in trend! The versatility of this style is that you can wear this haircut to school, university or office – everywhere! And you’ll be in the spotlight!

The best Asian boy haircuts 4

Are you a creative, young and cheerful person? The spiky hairstyle is what you need! It is not a difficult thing to make such hairstyle. Take some hair wax, put it on your fingers and then make as many spikes as you want! For the better fix use a hairspray.

The best Asian boy haircuts 5

When the hair is thick, the ponytail looks more voluminous, it even leaves a kind of pomp at the top. Moving down the head we can see clean fade, interrupted with a shaved element, and sharp hairlines framing the face.

Unusual Asian men haircuts

Unusual Asian men haircuts 1
Such a haircut and styling fits Asian men with a creative personality. Unusual hair hue will add originality to your style. For the brightness of the image, you can dye a few strands in bright colors.

Unusual Asian men haircuts 2

Modern fashion dictates new trends in hairstyles with shaved drawings! One of the variants is this haircut. Here we have not ordinary stripes, but a big stylish and creative picture with complex contours. Such a design will emphasize your individuality and freedom of choice.

Unusual Asian men haircuts 3

Are you tired of the routine and boring hairstyles? If yes, try this crazy spiky haircut! Of course, you’ll need a lot of time and lots of wax or hairspray to stylre this layering, but you’ll look fabulous! To make your style more creative, use some hair-dye to highlight your adorable spikes!

Unusual Asian men haircuts 4

Asian male hairstyles with braids are becoming more and more popular every day. Nowadays they exist both as a free-standing hairstyle and as a refreshing part of various cuts. Here you can see the French braid undercut with ornament design on the buzzed back part of the head. Combine this with some hipster glasses and you’ll turn into a stylish dandy.

Unusual Asian men haircuts 5

This cut is all about extraordinariness, beginning from a spiky flash at the top, finishing with an incredible artistic design with dinosaur, bats and fire all over the sides and back of the head.

Unusual Asian men haircuts 6

As you can see, Asian hairdressing is able to amaze with a wonderful design. And the next spiky haircut undoubtedly demonstrates this fact.

Unusual Asian men haircuts 7

Have some fun and throw in bright colours to your hairstyle. Black and red spikes go well together in this fancy cut for Asian men.

Asian comb over Vs Asian quiff: which one do you like better?

Asian comb over Vs Asian quiff which one do you like better 1
The comb over haircut with shaved temples is an integral part of Asian hairstyles. Many famous people from showbiz are big fans of this hairstyle! If you are looking for creativity and individuality, then opt to this stylish Asian men haircut!

Asian comb over Vs Asian quiff which one do you like better 2

This messy quiff hairstyle is created for people who are always in a hurry and who do not have time to make some difficult and complicated hairstyles. To make such hairstyle, you don’t need anything except the long hair on the top of your head and maybe some hairspray. Run your fingers through your hair and make them stick up, and then just fix it! Now you are ready for action!

Asian comb over Vs Asian quiff which one do you like better 3
Here we see a ponytail undercut which is very popular in America and Europe nowadays, but there’s something new in it. Messy side-swept quiff and goatee with mustache are the extra components of this Asian undercut, which make it less mundane and boring.

Great examples of Asian fade haircut for men

Great examples of Asian fade haircut for men 1
Without any doubt, the Mohawk is the hairstyles, which will attract to you the attention of people around! The best thing in the Mohawk – it’s easy to make it! Shave the sides of your head and leave the hair on the top of your head. Then take the hair gel and give free play to your fancy!

Great examples of Asian fade haircut for men 2

At the first blush this hairstyle is rather usual, but if you look carefully, you’ll notice that a cute side-swept design and a faded part above the ear. Such cut is perfect for Asian men with thick and textured hair.

Great examples of Asian fade haircut for men 3
A new trend of men’s hairstyles is changing of parting direction in cuts for mid-length hair. The hair is divided into two parts; one of them is styled forward while the other is swept back. The hairstyle is finished with a nice pattern and clean fade.

Great examples of Asian fade haircut for men 4

In order to reach this shiny silky effect, you need much styling product and a little bit of patience. Some fading will definitely improve the image, bringing the notes of passion and irresistibility.

Cute Asian guy hairstyles that will catch attention

Cute Asian guy hairstyles that will catch attention 1

The top-knot hairstyle is quite popular in Asian culture. Samurais wore such top-knots long time ago – people, for whom the honor was more precious than life! If you think the same way, then the top-knot is for you!

Cute Asian guy hairstyles that will catch attention 2

This undercut definitely takes lots of barber’s time and efforts, but it’s worth it. It’s a real piece of art from the cleanest buzz cut with a fantastic design to ideally styled fiery crown.

Cute Asian guy hairstyles that will catch attention 3

This traditional Asian hairstyle is not ignored even in modern Asian countries because it’s meant for straight, light, but at the same time thick hair. So-called “mushroom style” had permeated to the majority of world countries long ago, but it’s still extremely popular among celebrities and ordinary people.

Cute Asian guy hairstyles that will catch attention 4
Continuing the theme of the bowl hairstyle, let’s move away from the traditional image and look for some contemporary ideas to brush up this hair-do. First of all, it could be fade which is an integral part of contemporary cuts. You can also dye the top layer of hair white that will add some more volume and 3D effect to your bowl hairstyle.

Asian buzz cut and crew cut haircuts

Asian buzz cut and crew cut haircuts 1

As it was mentioned earlier, Asian cuts are meant for different designs and this buzz cut proves it. A sharp contrast between upper buzzed and lower shaved parts is like the yin and yang with clean and balanced borders.

Asian buzz cut and crew cut haircuts 2

This ordinary buzz cut for mid-length hair with a Caesar-like fringe edge is completed with a low skin fade rather pat.

Asian buzz cut and crew cut haircuts 3

Is your hair getting grey and the head starting balding? In this case, you just have to try Asian buzz cut with slicked back top. It will make you look a lot younger and you’ll be surprised to see a young fresh guy in a mirror.

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 1
Here we have the dazzling and creative Asian men haircut! The soft shade of fringe and crown creates a contrast with black temples. If you have this hairstyle and some imagination, you will be able to do incredible things with your hair! This hairstyle fits guys with a round face, as it visually elongates the face.

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 2
Thanks to the modern fashion the Mohawk hairstyle acquired a fresh look. There is no sticking strands or bright colors and shades. The concept is simple. Soft and thick hair which is combed back – this is the today’s trend. Those who wanted to do a Mohawk, but were afraid the condemnation of others, can, finally, afford this!

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 3

Do you want to look fashionable and stylish, but you can’t choose the hairstyle? Look no more! The Mohawk is what you need! You can make it narrow or wide, depends on your face shape and personal priorities! Then have your temples shaved, make some creative designs on it, and you will catch gazes, full of curiosity and admiration!

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 4

The Mohawk looks astonishing when you have a narrow face! The best thing is that you don’t need much to do such a hairstyle! Grow hair on the top of your head and shave your temples. Then put some wax on your fingers and run them through your hair! You’ve got it! Also, you can have your hair dyed to make your Mohawk much more eye-catching!

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 5

This dyed Mohawk is a hair style for crazy heads. Very short buzzed sides and spiky maroon hawk that is tapering down are all about fashion, originality and extravagance.

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 6
This Mohawk hairstyle is slicked, without any spiky strands, but in no case, it can be regarded as some kind of classic hairstyle. And the reason is that wild freestyle design on the sides and a brute faded beard.

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 7
Meet a classic faux hawk hairstyle with faded sides and spiky crown. It’s so clean, stylish and attractive, without any sharp lines and striking elements.

Asian mohawk and faux hawk ideas 8

If you want something more than a usual fohawk, you should try experimenting with designs on the sides or play with hair texture, shape and fade.

Pompadour style for Asian guys

Pompadour style for Asian guys 1

This hairstyle is suitable for Asian men with thick hair. It looks gorgeous and memorable. To achieve this effect, you need to work hard with your hair, but it’s worth it. This Asian men haircut will help you to stand out from the gray crowd and be in the spotlight.

Pompadour style for Asian guys 2
Because of its modern interpretation the pompadour hairstyle is back in fashion! In the most updated versions of this hairstyle, the hair layered on the side, not backward, as in the classic styling. This haircut and styling are suitable for any style and carry modern and vintage accents.

Pompadour style for Asian guys 3
This bright image with red twisted pompadour is more for the scene and parties than for casual life. Keep in mind this hairstyle just in case, maybe one day you’ll need some bold and shocking cut.