Braids for Kids

Truth to be told, when it comes to kids’ braided hairstyles, parents don’t often choose crazy and complex plaits. One braid or two braids is just the way to go for most of the moms and dads. However, if you feel like such a simple hairstyle is too boring for you and your child, take a look at the possible braids for kids. These braided styles have something more than meets the eye.
It may seem that it will take you ages to get these braids done. Trust us, it only seems so. Moreover, we are all well aware of how difficult it is to make a kid sit still until the hairstyle is ready. All of this leads us to the conclusion that the easier the braids are, the better. But easier doesn’t mean boring. You can diversify the usual French braid, experiment with different braided designs and try something new. We’ll show you what kind of braids you can make with your child’s hair. Keep reading.

Cute Hairstyles with Braids for Kids

Cute Hairstyles with Braids for Kids 1Cute Hairstyles with Braids for Kids 2Cute Hairstyles with Braids for Kids 3Cute Hairstyles with Braids for Kids 4
Not only are braids a beautiful but also necessary hairstyle especially when it comes to kids. Since children have naturally gentle hair, it is really important to protect it. And guess what? Protection is the main function of braided hairstyles.
Besides, braids for kids are a great way to get the hair off the face so that it won’t get in the way during different child’s activities. From box braids and cornrows to braided mohawks and twists – all you have to do is to choose which hairstyle you’d like to try. Your kid will definitely like any of them. And the best thing is, these braided hairstyles suit equally well both girls and boys.The only thing that matters here is the length of hair. It’s not that you won’t be able to braid short hair, it is that it will be a lot easier to make such braids on long hair. Makes sense, right?
Ok, so here they go, the cutest hairstyles with braids for kids. Enjoy!

Kids’ Braids Gallery to Get Inspired by

Kids' Braids Gallery to Get Inspired by 1Kids' Braids Gallery to Get Inspired by 2Kids' Braids Gallery to Get Inspired by 3Kids' Braids Gallery to Get Inspired by 4
When kids enter your life, it seems that there are no such things that you couldn’t do to make them happy. Moms can spend hours in the kitchen baking a perfect cake for their little girls and boys. Dads don’t get tired of teaching their children new games. It makes sense that when it comes to hairstyles, you, as a parent, want your child to wear the best ones. However, hairstyles ideas tend to run out too fast. So, if you feel the lack of inspiration, get inspired by the collection of kids’ braids here.
The good news is, braids can be styled in different ways. They can be put into buns and ponytails, top knots and braided mohawks.

Children’s Braids: Black Hairstyles

Children's Braids: Black Hairstyles 1Children's Braids: Black Hairstyles 2Children's Braids: Black Hairstyles 3Children's Braids: Black Hairstyles 4
Little black girls have thick hair which makes them perfect candidates for hairstyles with more complex weaving. When done correctly, braids can play to your child advantage since they are helpful for the health and growth of kid’s hair.
What mother can’t make ordinary pigtails? But things are a bit different when it comes to more complex weaving like ghana braids and box braids. Anyone who has ever tried to make those hairstyles know how hard it is to set braids neatly on the head and make even spaces between the braids. But you shouldn’t give up if you failed the first time. Such hairstyles require lots of practice and more importantly patience. For a better result, we recommend you to use professional braiding tools. Of course, there are ladies who can cope with such difficult braiding with just a hairbrush and elastics, but having hair styling clips, dividers and pins won’t hurt for sure. We hope that the children’s braids in this paragraph will inspire you to try something new.

The Cutest Braiding Styles for Toddlers

he Cutest Braiding Styles for Toddlers 1he Cutest Braiding Styles for Toddlers 2
he Cutest Braiding Styles for Toddlers 3he Cutest Braiding Styles for Toddlers 4
When it comes to making a braid for toddlers, things are a bit different. The key point here is that the braided hairstyle shouldn’t be too tight. Toddlers’ hair is commonly gentle and thin and can be damaged easily if you overdo the hairstyle. That’s why we don’t recommend to make such braids as tight cornrows or box braids. It will be much better if you make loose braids. To make braid styles for kids more interesting and fun, you can use different weaving methods. For example, start braiding a French braid at the top and turn it into a Fishtail braid towards the end. Voila, a cool and unusual braid is ready. And the best thing is, you don’t need to spend lots of time on such a hairstyle and your kid won’t know what a bad hair day is.

Creative Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair

Creative Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair 1Creative Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair 2Creative Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair 3Creative Braided Hairstyles for Kids with Long Hair 4
If your little girl has got long hair, you won’t want her to wear it loose. Why? First of all, in this way, hair gets matted quickly. And any parent knows how hard it is to make a kid comb their hair and that it is twice as hard to do when hair is matted. Secondly, braids protect hair so the chances of cutting long hair because of split ends are lower. Last but not least, the variety of braids for kids with long hair is impressively big. You can literally do a different hairstyle every single day. The best part is, you can turn hair styling process into a game and have lots of fun with your kiddo.
Tip: When braids are ready, you can decorate them with colorful ribbons or threads. The variety of patterns is impressive.

Simple One Braid Styles for Kids

Simple One Braid Styles for Kids 1Simple One Braid Styles for Kids 2Simple One Braid Styles for Kids 3
We know what you are thinking about now. You, guys, have just told me that one braid is a too boring hairstyle for kids and now you’re giving me examples of hairstyles with one braid. Yes, it is true. In most of the cases, one braid is an uninteresting hairstyle though it is easy to do and so it saves your precious time in the morning. But… You may be surprised to find out that there are tons of cool and interesting children’s hairstyles with just one braid. All you need is to be creative enough to come up with something captivating. And by the way, don’t forget accessories such as bright elastics and hairpins. Kids love those things, but more importantly they can change a hairstyle completely.

Cool Ideas for Little Kids Braids with Weave

Cool Ideas for Little Kids Braids with Weave 1Cool Ideas for Little Kids Braids with Weave 2Cool Ideas for Little Kids Braids with Weave 3Cool Ideas for Little Kids Braids with Weave 4
Braids are a great hairstyle for kids who are very active. Whether you are looking for a hairstyle for school, kindergarten or sports camp, opt for braided hairstyles for children and you won’t miss the mark.
If you are new to braiding, it may take you some time to learn how to braid some of the patterns we show here. However, here you will find no such hairstyles which would be impossible to copy. All you need is patience and practice. And a child who will agree to be your model. Actually, many moms create their own braid designs as soon as they have tried all the designs presented below.
Tip: When braiding, make sure a kid’s hair is slightly damp. This will make the process of weaving easier and less harmful. And the hairstyle will be neat.

Kids Hair Braided Hairstyles with Beads

Kids Hair Braided Hairstyles with Beads 1Kids Hair Braided Hairstyles with Beads 2Kids Hair Braided Hairstyles with Beads 3Kids Hair Braided Hairstyles with Beads 4
Decorations are another way to make a simple braid style for kids more interesting. Beads are by far the most common and loved an accessory that can be added to braids you make for your child. Though if you feel like beads aren’t your kid’s thing, you can try something else like headbands, cool hairpins, etc.
The point here is, a kid’s hairstyle should not be boring. And things like beads are great to make the hairstyle cooler and more fun.
Tip: Kids love being involved in the activities their parents do. You can make this work to your advantage. Let your little girl help you with braiding, let her be involved in the process. One of the best ways to do that is to let a child decorate her hairstyle with some hairpins she likes.

Easy Cornrow Braid Styles for Kids

Easy Cornrow Braid Styles for Kids 1Easy Cornrow Braid Styles for Kids 2Easy Cornrow Braid Styles for Kids 3
Cornrow braids are great for children for several reasons. First, the weaving here is quite tight so you don’t have to worry that a hairstyle will be tousled by the end of the day. Second, kids love cornrows because they look cool. Third, the braiding process is so easy. Last but not least, there are quite a few variations of cornrows so you can experiment with shapes and designs. For example, you can try braiding circular or zig-zag cornrows instead of the straight ones. This is the case when the result totally depends on your creativity. All in all, such braided hairstyles for kids are ones of the best.
Side note: Before you start braiding your kid’s hair, make sure you have all the needed equipment such as a hairbrush, bobby pins, elastics, etc. The elements of the “braid” kit may be different, yet the ones we have listed here are necessary. pictures

Awesome African Braids for Kids

Awesome African Braids for Kids 1Awesome African Braids for Kids 2Awesome African Braids for Kids 3Awesome African Braids for Kids 4
While adults love simple braids, kids prefer having something more unusual. Braided hairstyles in the form of a heart or a star are exactly what we are talking about. And you know what? Such styles are easier said than done. We don’t know about your skills as a braider, but you definitely have to be a real pro, if you want to copy any of the child braid styles presented here. The history of African braids counts more than 5,000 years so it makes sense why most of them are so intricate. People have had a lot of time to practice, haven’t they? But being serious, these braids for kids aren’t that difficult. We are sure that there are no impossible things for you as a parent.
Tip: If you are looking for a braided hairstyle for a kid to make in the morning before going to school or kindergarten, don’t opt to those with complex weaving. Leave the braided updos for a school ball or some other special occasion. Hairstyles for school should be quick and easy to do, agree? So, we recommend you not to reinvent the wheel and make a braid with a ponytail or a bun. These hairstyles are always trendy and for a reason.
All in all, we hope that you will find our collection of braids for kids interesting and useful.