Brand New Messy Hairstyles for Men

Some people think that tidiness is the key to success. Undoubtedly, they kind of have a point, but still, it’s not the axiom. In some cases, the mess is on your side. You have probably noticed that even the movie stars have shaggy yet highly stylish hairstyles, and frankly, they often look better than the classic ones. However, the only one question that remains is how to style messy hair? The good news is that in most cases there’s nothing easier. There’s plenty of ways to style your hair, some of them are really effortless while the others will take some time. You can get the chic messy hair look by using some spray or wax, that’s all. Moreover, some guys with messy hair do nothing except for sleeping and waking up in the morning, even that is enough to look like a movie star on the red carpet. If you still doubt such hairstyles are for you, take a look at the pics below. Maybe these fresh, stylish messy hairstyles for men will make you change your mind.

Mens Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Mens Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1
Mens Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2
Mens Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3
Short messy hairstyles look very casual while long ones are very attention-grabbing. If you are looking for a kind of compromise between these two options, messy medium hair is just for you. The best thing about this kind of hairstyle is that it’s really easy and at the same time versatile – you don’t have to do anything to get an incredibly stylish look. A few quick motions of the hands and you look like a movie star, isn’t it a dream that comes true without any difficulty? Moreover, such kind of mess fits everyone, literally. No matter if you are a businessman, a model on the runway or a student – curly or straight messy hair will look great as with jeans and a t-shirt as with a super elegant suit. If you want to win the hearts of all women, choose the win-win combination of messy hair and a beard. Such a stylish mix is a guarantee of success.

Male Short Messy Hair Ideas to Try

Male Short Messy Hair Ideas to Try 1
Male Short Messy Hair Ideas to Try 2
Male Short Messy Hair Ideas to Try 3
Are you tired of cool but too popular hairstyles one in two people in the street has? Do you want to find a highly stylish hair idea that is easy to manage? Look no further, there is a perfect hairstyle for you. Short messy hairstyles are precisely what most men are dreaming about. Just think of all their advantages! Firstly, you don’t have to do anything with your hair to get the awesome look. You don’t have to turn your bathroom into the typical bathroom of an Instagram beauty blogger, hair mousse is more than enough. You don’t have to think what kind of mood your hair will be this morning – what you see in the mirror at the beginning of the day doesn’t really matter as you can easily turn uncontrolled chaos on your head into a top hairstyle with a few simple moves. Besides, you can always make your hair look a little bit fancier by adding some contrast between the longer hair on top and very short sides.  What about the fades? Mid, low or high, which one will you choose? With messy hair on the top each of them will look just fine.

Sexy Long Messy Hair Styles for a Guy

Sexy Long Messy Hair Styles for a Guy 1
Sexy Long Messy Hair Styles for a Guy 2
Sexy Long Messy Hair Styles for a Guy 3
There were times when long and curly hair was considered to be one of the most masculine haircuts ever, there were times when the trends have changed, and short military haircuts became the most popular ones. However, fashion changes quickly, and today choppy and shaggy styles are considered to be the most stylish ones.  We personally think that this trend is awesome, and what about you? Short, medium, and even long messy hairstyles look really attractive on men. Messy buns, messy ponytails, messy top with undercuts with fades, there are no limits to your imagination! Mix different styles, try different shapes, and you’ll get something truly extraordinary! What about long layered hair? If you want your long locks to look at the skies, no problem, but you’ll definitely need tons of hair wax. If you doubt if it’s worth it, take a glance at the photos of the guys that proudly wear such extraordinary long messy hairstyles, aren’t they gorgeous? If it’s not your style, maybe loose updo will be a better choice? Sometimes letting your hair hang down the way it is is the best decision.

Cute Messy Curly Hair: Boy Style

Cute Messy Curly Hair Boy Style 1
Cute Messy Curly Hair Boy Style 2
Cute Messy Curly Hair Boy Style 3
We don’t know what the secret is, but there’s no denying the fact that scruffy hair is really sexy. Maybe the reason for such huge popularity is in the carelessness of the whole look. However, it shouldn’t be confused with the untidiness – the point is to look a little bit untidy, not to be untidy. The part of the job is also done by the stylish accessories and clothes. This is probably the best thing about fashion at whole – you can create different looks by changing only one detail! Special attention should be paid to the so-called boy style. Did you notice the guys in very tidy shirts or casual t-shirts that look exactly how the good boy is supposed to look like? However, one glance at such men is enough to understand that it’s not that simple and such image is in part illusory. This effect occurs due to unkempt hair, the spice of the whole look. Forget about all the stereotypes and use such wonderful contrast to express your unique personality!

Modern Men’s Messy Layered Haircuts

Modern Mens Messy Layered Haircuts 1
Modern Mens Messy Layered Haircuts 2
Modern Mens Messy Layered Haircuts 3
If you don’t know how to get the messy hair look, don’t worry, there’s nothing easier. The secret is to ask your barber to add some layers and select the good hairspray or mousse. Now you are ready for experiments! The best thing is that we live in a world that tries to get rid of the stereotypes, so you don’t have to follow certain rules. Be different, express your unique personality! Don’t be afraid to look untidy – men with tousled hair always look hot! There is a wide variety of long, medium, and short messy hairstyles you can try, and all of them are really easy. If you don’t know where to start, just take a glance at the photos of the men that prove that disheveled hair is super sexy. If you like one of these hairstyles the way, it is. Just show the pic to your barber and ask him to do the same. If you want to change something, use your own ideas to create a truly creative and highly stylish look.

Quick and Easy Messy Hair Cuts for Men

Quick and Easy Messy Hair Cuts for Men 1
Quick and Easy Messy Hair Cuts for Men 2
Quick and Easy Messy Hair Cuts for Men 3

Quick and Easy Messy Hair Cuts for Men 4

Some people think that mess looks awesome only if you have curly hair. Well, there are a lot of messy hairstyles for men with straight hair that will blow any woman’s mind. Take a look at the photos of these gorgeous guys that know how to mix different styles. The elegant suit, jeans or a casual black t-shirt, tattoos, a beard, earrings – combine all this and you’ll get different looks for work, special occasions or a party. Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it suits everyone, literally – it’s perfect as for young guys as for middle-aged men. One glance at Johnny Depp is enough to understand that rock-n-roll is still in the air!

Brand New Messy Hairstyles for Men
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