The Hottest Burgundy Hairstyles for Women

The burgundy tone is characterized by richness and originality. Such strands resemble the flowing red wine from French Bordeaux vineyards, while the deep dark crimson tints make hair more beautiful and luxurious. This shade is successfully combined with any hairdos and length. It is suitable for full hair-dyeing and highlighting, which visually add the volume to the hairstyle.

Crimson Highlights for Straight Hair

Crimson highlights for straight hair
This deep shade of burgundy with some crimson tint suits the owners of very long, straight hair. There is a barely visible transition from the dark color on the crown to light highlights up to the end. The longer the hair, the more evident this effect will be noticed.

Deep Burgundy Wavy Style

Deep burgundy wavy style
The saturated burgundy color is an ideal variant for people with swarthy skin and thick, long hair. The light wavy ringlets add elegance to the appearance. The homogeneous dyeing is usually chosen by mature, confident women.

Side Part Haircut in Wine-shade Coloring

Side part haircut in wine-shade coloring
Do you wish to create the mysterious image? Then try this amazing tint of burgundy, which makes the continuation from the black roots. This hairdo is proposed for shoulder-length hair with side part, which immediately catches the attention.

From Black to Crimson Balayage

From black to crimson balayage
The balayage method takes the leading position among the favorite ones in hair art. If you are not ready to change your hair color completely, start with such wonderful idea. The hair is dyed from the medium length, thus, the dark top with bright crimson produce an unforgettable impression.

Dark Burgundy With Ruby Curls

Dark burgundy with ruby curls
The black medium-to-long haircut together with some inclusion of ruby locks brings volume to your hair. The wavy curls so neatly and womanly look, so if a romantic evening is included in your nearest plans – you will be an embodiment of femininity with this image.

Magenta Top With Rich Raspberry Shade

Magenta top with rich raspberry shade
This is very vivid interpretation of burgundy coloring: represents the extremely sparkling top, which transforms into deep raspberry tint. It should be pointed, that this bold experiment will not fit everybody – it is chosen by young and proactive girls.

Auburn-redwood Wavy Ombre

Auburn-redwood wavy ombre
The color palette is so diverse that there is enough space for imagination. This modern ombre technique includes different shades of burgundy, namely the auburn and redwood colorings that are neatly united in one nice wavy composition.

Purple Curly Hair Design

Purple curly hair design
Many women dream to have such incredible curly hair but this outstanding purple dye makes you feel doubly irresistible. The shining medium-length hairstyle refreshes the image and characterizes its owner as a creative and audacious girl.

Firebrick Hue on the Straight Style

Firebrick hue on the straight style
The bonus of burgundy palette is that it is appropriate for any types of skin and the right choice of shade can design the unbelievable look. Here the firebrick tones decorate the long, straight locks. Hair shimmers depending on the light, which falls on it since it seems that the hairdo has many tones.

Deep Burgundy With Elongated Oblique Fringe

Deep burgundy with elongated oblique fringe
The long, silky hair needs no less care than a short haircut to please others with its beauty. The rich burgundy color always looks attractive on the healthy hair, while the oblique fringe with cardinal ends adds a slight asymmetry to the style.

Dark Berry Shoulder-length Ombre

Dark berry shoulder-length ombre
There is an amazing cocktail of dark berry top with magenta streaks. In order to get the same hair design, it is better to go to a stylist, as this delicate work requires professional hands. The length of this hair art can differ, however, the mid-length is a perfect variant.

Purple Wavy Statement

Purple wavy statement
The breathtaking purple color of long hair is illustrated in this photo. The massive wavy locks are so lovely falling down, which enhance the general view and show off the entire dimension of this magnificent coloring! This dazzling image combines nicely with pale skin.

The Waved Ringlets in Maroon Balayage

The waved ringlets in maroon balayage
Are you looking for a new summer look? The girls with blonde hair can supplement glaring elements by means of these stunner maroon locks. Style your hair in such cute wavy design to impress everybody around you.

Rose-wood Inclusions of Black Hair

Rose-wood inclusions of black hair
The resinous black hair with rose-wood ombre is both fashionable and seductive. In a dark environment, this transition of colors is almost inconspicuous but under illumination the hair shines. The light wavy streaks increase the wonderful look

The Mix of Burgundy, Purple and Black

The mix of burgundy, purple and black
The brunettes with luxurious hair should try the interesting blend of burgundy locks with some notes of purple and blue. The dye is applied to the front layer of hair, so this mix becomes noticeable with the gentle breath of wind or in different hairdos. In this way, the woman will constantly bear visible mystery.

Dark Red Style With a Braid on the Top

Dark red style with a braid on the top
If your natural hair is black, this shade of dark red will insignificantly change the style but brings nobility. The wide braid is a well-known detail in hair art, which performed on the top and fits women with thick hair, and those people, who have a very active lifestyle.

Natural Carmine Wavy Hairdo

Natural carmine wavy hairdo
This mid-length haircut is performed in rich burgundy coloring with carmine highlights, which produce a hardly noticeable contrast. This fascinating color will work cool on those, who have already had wavy, dark hair.

Burgundy-crimson Ombre for Long Hair

Burgundy-crimson ombre for long hair
The long, thick hair is regarded a dignity and a symbol of a woman’s beauty. Here a wide range of burgundy coloring is united in one unbeaten image: the totally dark top that turns into crimson, wavy locks is the best choice for owners of long hair.

Edgy Bang With Deep Violet and Red Velvet

Edgy bang with deep violet and red velvet
The extraordinary edgy bang with this effulgent combination of violet and velvet is a sign of a very creative person with unconventional views. Of course, this sparkling image will not go unnoticed, so if you have chosen such unusual hairstyle, be ready to be in the limelight.

Red-violet Balayage Creativity

Red-violet balayage creativity
The popularity of red-violet dye reminds in the leading positions even among the owners of long hair. You may try balayage method and design an unforgettable look of the dark burgundy top and red-violet hairstyle. This coloring induces the feeling of marvelous and alien.

Cherry Red Curls

Cherry red curls
The cherry red coloring is warmer than the burgundy: it refreshes olive skin, as a result, a woman looks younger. Some stylists recommend leaving the natural dark top and making the cherry red ombre. In the case of important occasions, such as a wedding, these big curls will work well!

Ruby Originality for Blonde Hair

Ruby originality for blonde hair
This unusual combination of ruby hair with blonde ends is proposed for people, who do not want to get rid of the blonde past completely and also intend to save playfulness in their style. Exactly this bright shade of burgundy harmoniously flows into the light dye.

Brown-reddish Ombre

Brown-reddish ombre
Here we see a natty mix of rich brown dye with dark red highlights. The ombre technique is done so skilled that the transition of colors looks natural and low-key. The wavy strands add hair volume and emphasize the play of two wonderful deep shades.

Cerise Layered Haircut

Cerise layered haircut
The layered cut is one of the most-liked because it visually makes the hair thicker and can add some interesting forms to the every-day image. As an example, style your hairdo with curls of different size from the bottom up to the middle and your haircut will sparkle with new colors.

Red-toned Burgundy With Waves

Red-toned burgundy with waves
Have you ever thought to try an image of vamp-woman? This gorgeous model with pale skin, long, wavy ruby locks embody this dangerous type of women. What about this red lipstick? This is a real killer for strong sex. Power, excellence and beauty are the ingredients of this style.

Deep Purple Loose Hair

Deep purple loose hair
This shade of purple is the best friend for brunettes – it is dark enough to replace the black coloring and more sophisticated. It is a suitable choice for autumn season – just loose your hair and you will shine in the background of yellow and red nature.

The Mohawk From the Burgundy Cornrows

The Mohawk from the burgundy cornrows
This super idea will be appealing to all lovers of cornrows. If the standard design is too simple for you, dye the hair rich burgundy and raspberry tints. Then you may style this amazing Mohawk from the cornrows on the top. By the way, the colors are not mixed in cornrows, this is a peculiarity of this hairdo.

Warm Burgundy for Layered Hair

Warm burgundy for layered hair
The chestnut burgundy is indispensable for women with dark brown hair, who wish to accentuate both their strong-willed character and femininity. The layered style from the medium-length animates your haircut and a little mess looks very natural.

Uber-long Curly Red Ombre

Uber-long curly red ombre
How unbelievable look this curly long hair in dark red tint! The angular shape of the haircut adds drama and curiosity in the style, while the deep burgundy roots in the union with red tresses are so marvelous that it is impossible to take the eyes away from this loveliness.

Purple and Cardinal Tresses

Purple and cardinal tresses
Are you fed up with your dark hairstyle and wish to make your life brighter? What do you think about this brave deed as purple ombre with some cardinal streaks? It is highly advised to try curly locks in order to stress on this trendy coloring.

Mid-length Cut and Straight Bang

Mid-length cut and straight bang
The girls with high forehead usually try to hide this nuance with a short straight bang. In this case, a casual style is present in everything: clothes, haircut and by virtue of deep burgundy tint, the image looks more delicate and adorable.

Side Part Haircut With Magenta Curls

Side part haircut with magenta curls
The contrast between dark and light always strikes and memorable. Here the black top and magenta ombre makes the colorful collision. This shoulder-length hairdo with a side part is supplemented by pretty curls.

Multi-colored Diversity

Multi-colored diversity
The more colors the cooler hairstyle – is the main motto of this image. The different shades of burgundy are so scrupulously chosen and it seems that the whole colorful spectrum is presented here. This design will be good for summer, mainly if loose the wavy, long hair.

The Raspberry Tone for a Straight Hairdo

The raspberry tone for a straight hairdo
This coloring is quite rarely used in hair art, as it resembles something unnatural and the people, who choose this shade of burgundy, should be ready to be under close attention by the curious passers-by. The owners of long, straight hair will look like a lovely nymph from another universe.

Dangerous Flame Ends

Dangerous flame ends
At first sight, this bold image of deep burgundy with flame ends may seem a bit aggressive. Moreover, leopard clothing completes such defiant look. But this design is aimed at confident and purposeful girls, so take a chance to impress people by such daring beauty.

Breathtaking Burgundy Curls

Breathtaking burgundy curls
This is an outstanding example how picturesque burgundy hairstyle can be. The combination of lighter and deeper shades suits the representatives of Afro-American culture, and their natural small curls are the main attribute in this hairdo. The films and music superstars can only envy such image.

Auburn Highlights for a Shoulder-length Cut

Auburn highlights for a shoulder-length cut
The well-maintained hair is a pride of every girl but when it is shined with a help of modern dye – it gives double pleasure to its holder. This model possesses deep burgundy hair with a slow transformation into the auburn shade on the ends. It is a right choice for burning brunette.

The Colored Blend in Braid

The colored blend in braid
This braid includes a real abundance of bright, colorful strands, namely: purple, burgundy, blonde. The enchanting interweaving looks so distinctive among a wide range of hairdos, so you have a big chance to produce a sensation in your surrounding.

Volume Cherry Hair Dream

Volume cherry hair dream
There is no doubt that cherry shade particularly gives advantages for adult women, it easily removes some years and brings fineness. If you follow all new trends, you will appreciate these dark burgundy ends – the appealing and interesting detail.

Calm Burgundy Balayage With Pink

Calm burgundy balayage with pink
This is a very natural performance of a medium-length haircut in burgundy tint. The one thing that makes it particularly catching is a light pink strand on the elongated side bang. Style your front hair back to complete this tender, graceful image.

Curls in Burgundy and Maroon Tint

Curls in burgundy and maroon tint
The wavy curls are the undisputed leader in hairstyles for people with long and thick hair. Do not lose the opportunity to make your hairdo special by using more than one color in it. For instance, the deep burgundy and maroon shades form something fairy and unearthly.

Ruby Ponytail and Oblique Fringe

Ruby ponytail and oblique fringe
This model illustrates how outstanding the balayage of dark burgundy and ruby tones can look. It seems that this is a waterfall but instead of ordinary waves we can admire the unbelievable hair curls. The elongated burgundy fringe is an integral part of this glorious idea.

Burgundy Under the Platinum Cut

Burgundy under the platinum cut
This middle-length hairdo is full of surprises: it looks like a blonde cut with a little burgundy ombre, however, this tint plays the major role in this design. This choice gives a space for great experiments and trendy hairstyles, where these opposite colors will be used in different combination.

Natural Side With Crimson Ombre

Natural side with crimson ombre
The girls with long natural hair are not always ready to bow out with this original beauty. Thus, this variant of crimson ombre will be appropriate for everybody, who wishes to include something new in their style without serious transformations.

Purple Balayage Dream

Purple balayage dream
It is quite difficult to express in one word that is represented in this hairstyle. The magnificent shades of saturated purple and burgundy work amazing! The wavy strands possess predominantly lighter tints, which catch the eye and make the hairdo softer and tender.

Burgundy Ombre With a Black Crown

Burgundy ombre with a black crown
Every woman dreams to have modern cut with healthy and silky hair. The right choice of dye plays an important role and here the design of the black hair with burgundy ombre is very pertinent. The hair shines and the interlacement of these colors is quite popular.

Crimson Shade Variations

Crimson shade variations
The bright coloring of hair is a big challenge for many modest girls but this crimson tint is undoubtedly amazing. It changes the shades due to the lighting, so the hairstyle will constantly surprise the others. This design looks good on long, a bit wavy hair.

Multi-layered Haircut

Multi-layered haircut
Here is an example of cascade haircut for long hair, which illustrates a nice volume style by virtue of using balayage technique and the effect of multi-layered strands. The union of the deep burgundy top with its lighter shade has chic look that confirms the owner’s sense of taste.

Braiding Hair With Blue Highlights

Braiding hair with blue highlights
This is a super romantic image that includes a lovely braid on the back and a bang. The loose burgundy hair looks so naturally and gracefully and the blue strands complement the hairstyle by adding recklessness and madness. This hairdo and color are ideal for temperamental girls with a stubborn nature.

The Cerise Idea for the Shoulder-length Haircut

The cerise idea for the shoulder-length haircut
The cerise tint is in the middle of dark burgundy and purple. Here the oblique fringe serves to hide high forehead and the right choice of the length visually lengthen the face. What is more, the makeup with a big accent on the eyes is so charismatic with this hair coloring.

From Burgundy to Blonde Hair Transformation

From burgundy to blonde hair transformation
This ombre is full of bright colorings: the burgundy crown turns into pink and then into blonde curls. Do you need some extreme in the image? The wavy hair will be a beneficial addition to such multicolor hairstyle – tremulous look is guaranteed.

Long Crochet Braids

Long crochet braids
Are you up for a bold challenge? If you are keen on crochet braids design, try then this amazingly curled dark burgundy braids. But this is not the end of provocation: style them in such interesting form on the crown like a band.

Burgundy Balayage With Plum Flavor

Burgundy balayage with plum flavor
Make your average hairstyle swankier by choosing this great dye of burgundy, which acquires the evident blue shade beginning from the forehead and almost up to the middle of the cut. It resembles the plum and looks juicy and rich on thick, curly hair.

Warm Brown Tones for Burgundy Hair

Warm brown tones for burgundy hair
This option is done for long hair, as it includes many different, colorful transitions – the wonderful burgundy top is replaced by warmer shades of brown strands, which beauty is increased by the wavy hair. How astonishing and surprising can this hairdo shines in sunny days!

Red Tresses Creativity

Red tresses creativity
Red – is a color of love and passion, that is why it is so demanded in hair art among the representatives of the weaker sex. Besides, red is ideally combined with deep burgundy tint and bring vivid tones to the calm dark base.

Cheeky Dark Purple Image

Cheeky dark purple image
The burgundy hair shade is perfect for gothic style – it looks a little bit defiant and induces the feeling of mystery with splashy make-up and piercings. This model appears like a real rock-and-roll star: long wavy hair adds effeminacy as well as emphasizes the fearless character of the owner.

Flame Ombre and Auburn Top

Flame ombre and auburn top
This marvelous variant fits both brunettes and redheads due to the choice of two contrastive tints: burgundy and auburn. The cascade haircut concentrates on the volume, dark top, whilst the auburn curls fall like the spurts of flame. The longer the ombre the more dramatic it seems.

Rich Crimson Shade for a Straight Cut With a Bang

Rich crimson shade for a straight cut with a bang
Here is a special, stylish design for the owners of straight hair and green eyes. Do you desire to kill outright the men immediately? Take this breathtaking hairstyle, which, on the one hand, looks quite serious but on the other hand, emits powerful woman’s charm.

Lavender and Purple Highlights

Lavender and purple highlights
This mix of various shades of burgundy, blue and purple is so terrific and it is difficult to believe that this is a real hairstyle. The long, straight hair amazes and can be styled differently, while these colorful tints will always shine unusually.

Sweet Wavy Dream

Sweet wavy dream
What an incredible hairdo for tender, young girls! The soft wavy curls are very nicely combined with this small flower on the top. Moreover, this beauteous burgundy tint shimmers from the deep shades to the light and creates the idyllic image of woman’s elegance.

Balayage With Some Rust Highlights

Balayage with some rust highlights
In case you do not want to apply burgundy dye on the whole hair, you can use the technique of balayage, where the top will remain the natural coloring or can be complemented with such rust strands, while the rest of your hair represents the matchless burgundy waves.

Cerise Tint for Long Tresses

Cerise tint for long tresses
This shade is not so rich like burgundy and softer than purple, but the following variant is not annoying and will be appropriate for the everyday style. You may take these cute curls or just loose the hair and go to the party or any business meetings – your success is assured!

The Brightest Tones in One Vial

The brightest tones in one vial
You have all chances to shake your life and haunt the people’s minds with this fascinating haircut! The colorings of pink, red, burgundy and purple evoke the positive emotions. This is an excellent choice for girls, who like spending free time in discos and night clubs.

Blonde Bang Creativeness

Blonde bang creativeness
The dark burgundy hair and blonde long bang is a bold step in hair design. If you are a rebel by nature and you take pleasure in changing your style, then this model is yours! Pay special attention to your eyebrows – choose light tones, as dark ones may spoil the image.

Boho-braid Hairstyle

Boho-braid hairstyle
Boho braid is a fantastic way to have something smart and convenient. You can wear this prototype of French braid the whole day and it would still look lovely. This braid abounds with enthralling shades of burgundy, which makes it quite unusual and catching.

Stylish Crochet Braids Design

Stylish crochet braids design
These endearing curls form a magnetic, volume composition in burgundy style. They can be either natural or created by the professional. Anyway, such sumptuous hairdo emphasizes the original thickness and goodliness of your hair, especially if it is a long one.

Passionate Dark Performance

Passionate dark performance
Deep purple top and raspberry tint of ombre produce a very impressive effect. This grandiose look is possible to have if you possess such long, thick hair. The black coloring makes women look older, thus, this light shade excludes this possible variant.

Luxurious Light Burgundy Tresses

Luxurious light burgundy tresses
Elegant, stylish, unobtrusive – all these synonymous refer to this splendid hairdo. Everything is perfect – hair styling, the unbelievable burgundy shade and length. It is a ready variant for significant events, like a wedding or just going to the restaurant or theater.

Long Hairdo With a Front Bang

Long hairdo with a front bang
The bang that stretches up to the eyebrows looks successfully with long hair. The model presents deep burgundy hair, with straight styling and a little bit curled bang. This simple hairdo does not need special care, so if you do not have much time for hair styling, choose this idea.

Chic Burgundy Option

Chic burgundy option
The prosperous girls must have an ideal image, which will express confidence, charm and be fashionable. Why not take this trendy look as an example of gorgeous hairstyle? The thick burgundy strands are pertly curled inside that brings freedom to the whole design.

Cardinal Curls With a Dark Top

Cardinal curls with a dark top
The dark burgundy top is very close to the natural hair, whilst the cardinal dye brightens your image and makes it more dazzling. If you wish to untie your hair and take marvelous hairstyle, think about these nice curls – even if your hair is not thick enough, this design will enhance the fluffiness of your wig.

Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy red hair
The red shade dominates in this masterpiece, which means that its owner is very energetic and strong-willed person. This bright coloring will not suit calm people, as the red symbolizes fervor. However, this catching tint transforms into rich burgundy that resembles the color of beeswing.

Mid-length Parted Image

Mid-length parted image
Here is a fully complete image with an unmatched sense of taste. The thick, shoulder-length hairstyle in burgundy shade looks incredible. The massive strands curled outward, away from the face, while the long parted bang covers the half side. The make-up is chosen ideally to this posh hairstyle and emphasizes only the dignities of the appearance.

Divine Cornrows for the Afro-american Style

Divine cornrows for the Afro-American style
The Afro-Americans are keen on fussy hairstyles, particularly cornrows. Their standard design can be supplemented by bright splashes like this divine shade of burgundy, which looks memorable with black hair. The forms can be varied: here, the different directions of braids are seen that strikes the imagination.

Saturated Violet Strands

Saturated violet strands
Give your dark purple hair some dreamy notes by adding violet highlights. They will serve as an effulgent compliment for this long, s little wavy hairstyle. How femininely you can look if you only take your hair loose, without special styling and preparation!

Crimson Tone for Tumbling Waves

Crimson tone for tumbling waves
Like an expensive, deep merlot, this hair tint is rich in a saturated shade of dark burgundy with some flavor of crimson. If you cannot imagine your style without long, wavy strands, this hair design offers an incredible framing. The bright tresses incredibly shimmer on the sun from red into the crimson tone.

Classical Rich Burgundy

Classical rich burgundy
Do you feel the power of this outstanding burgundy hairstyle perfection? Like an open flower, it is so gorgeous and eye-catching, especially if you possess long hair with tender waves. Some highlights of purple really mesmerize and produce alluring charm.

Invisible Red-violet Approach

Invisible red-violet approach
This is a very tricky but at the same time the interesting design of chameleon hair coloring. Here the dark burgundy almost black hue quickly transforms into the vivid red-violet shade under a slight light. Thus, this two-faced hairstyle will not leave time for monotony and boredom, just change the lighting!

Drop in Cherry-red Innovation

Drop in cherry-red innovation
There are not any restrictions if you want to apply such admirable tone. It fits practically all types of skin, the only needed is your desire to shine like a star. In this case, the middle-length haircut with big curls in the bottom resembles French charm and stresses on the refinement of the image.

Ruby Streaks in Stylish Purple Design

Ruby streaks in stylish purple design
It is advised to choose one pallet for a very long hair in order to create a deep, serious composition. However, this model illustrates how rationally the ruby streaks are used. They make such styled hairdo sparkle with new colors, while curled strands add romanticism in the appearance.

Extremely Dark Hair Work

Extremely dark hair work
The coloring of hair that presents the union of black shades and deep burgundy ombre is done for all lovers of dark tones. If you are used to be a brunette or just want to try this image, the following design worth attention. This long and wavy hairstyle of two tints works great!

Cardinal Ombre for the Dark Base

Cardinal ombre for the dark base
Are you in search of your own, an unforgettable style that not only expresses your individuality but also fascinates everybody? Let’s have a close look at this example, where so bright reddish ombre is applied on the dark base. The wavy style is exactly what is needed here, especially for long haircut image.

Purple Hair With Saturated Shade

Purple hair with saturated shade
This restrained purple tone does not go far from a natural hair coloring. It is quite a cold shade, which suits women with a tanned skin. The hairdo does not require much time or efforts to style it, even loose hair look irreproachable when you comb it back and open the face.

Passionate Wine Stresses

Passionate wine stresses
When you see this exciting burgundy hairstyle, the associations with a vintage wine come into mind. The coloring is very deep, while the choice of ombre technique makes the whole style less serious and strained. What is more, the nice decorations in the form of chic curled locks are really super!

Violet and Burgundy Composition

Violet and burgundy composition
Here is a space presentation of dark burgundy with violet tone for mid-length hair. The coloring is so deep and moderate that resembles something intangible but seductive. The light waves are an unconditional adornment for the most part of hairdos and this one is a bright example of this point.

Startling Gold Hair With Cardinal Dye

Startling gold hair with cardinal dye
Have you ever seen anything more flamboyant than this killing haircut? The dazzling gold base is complemented with ombre of various shades, such as cardinal, turquoise and a light green haze. This inimitable mix is for brave, creative girls, who are looking for their own way of self-expression.

Soft Chestnut Hair Color

Soft chestnut hair color
If you tend to follow all the seasonal trends in hair art, then you may consider this model as a wonderful variant for autumn. The long, straight hair in warm chestnut coloring seem exquisite. The lighter top in comparison with rich strands will perfectly shine under autumn sunlights.

Burgundy and Blonde Waved Streaks

Burgundy and blonde waved streaks
The haircut with balayage filler is always fresh and modern like in this case, where the mix of burgundy and blonde tresses is combined together. The stylist skillfully complements the shoulder-length haircut with charming curls, which enhance the creativity of this bewitching work.

Cardinal-spiced View

Cardinal-spiced view
This variety of burgundy shade is quite warm and calm, however, it is bright enough to add some spice to your appearance. The middle length allows creating different hairstyles. Here the front strands are pinned up on the back, which looks very subtle.

Crimson Uniqueness With Shaved Side

Crimson uniqueness with shaved side
Every girl wants to try something crazy in her life. Why not begin with this unusual hairdo? The garish crimson tone fits well and lightens dark skin but the most impressive thing in this image is a shaved side. If your life like a rock and roll – do not waste your time and try this one!

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