Splendid Hairstyles – Classy Comb-Over Haircuts

Comb-over hairstyle has never been out of fashion. This hairstyle and its gorgeous variations remain popular and are the most chosen haircuts among men today. A stylish comb-over haircut fits well with so many different other types of hairstyles and helps to emphasize the positive features of the appearance. Nowadays men often wear the modern comb-over fade hairstyle – it`s a mixture of the old comb-over cut and the modern fade haircut.

Low Fade Comb-Over with thin Part

Low Fade Comb-Over With Thin Part

To impart your hairstyle some modern features is very easy with a low fade. A thin part and slick back hair give you more volume and the shaved sides and back highlight the shape of your stylish comb-over haircut.

Long Comb-Over Cut with Highly Faded Sides

Long Comb-Over Cut With Highly Faded Sides

To look different but not too extravagant! Long backswept hair stressed with the sides and back shaved to the scalp fits well with the slight beard and mustache. The touchable cut is highlighted with shaved bang that adds a bright splash of this style.

Polish Side-Parted Cut

Polish Side-Parted Cut

If you have blond hair and you prefer classical styles this haircut matches you best of all. The side-parted hair in the combination with the middle faded sides and gently crooked bang will seem fascinating at any living situations.

Perfect Wavy Haircut for Man

Perfect Wavy Haircut For Man

Wavy type of hair looks brilliantly with a comb over haircut especially if it is highlighted with shaved bang, middle shaved sides and back of the head. The lined up forehead and sharp angles on the temples give the shape of the cut and elongate the face (particularly if it`s a round-shaped type of face).

Classic Comb-Over with Sharp Angles

Classic Comb-Over With Sharp Angles

A comb-over style is popular even among the children and it suits them very well. Look at the photo! A neatly side-parted black hair works ideally with the highly faded sides and back. The straight shaven line on the forehead and the sharp angles on the temples complete the stunning haircut.

Long Side-Parted Haircut and Lined up Nape

Long Side-Parted Haircut And Lined Up Nape

This hairstyle with clean-cut temples and nape emphasized is extremely popular as it`s a creative combination of the old and modern comb-over cut. Faded sides and back of the head with a straight line give a new and fresh look to a classical style.

Extra Volume Men`S Cut

Extra Volume Men`s Cut

You`d like to spotlight your oval-shaped face with an effective haircut you can do that easily. It`s possible if you wear the modern comb-over fade haircut. The extremely shaved sides help you to stress the great top volume.

Short Comb-Over with Solid Line

Short Comb-Over With Solid Line

If you`re follower of short hairstyle such a cool cut contents your subtle flavor completely. The middle shaved sides and back of the head, a solid line that parts the top hair from a faded side and a slight hint on the beard with thin mustache form a streamlined style.

Edged Comb-Over with Bow-Shaped Part

Edged Comb-Over With Bow-Shaped Part

Don`t want to look like a good obedient boy. You would like to highlight your reckless inner world and extravagant character. This is the best choice for you. A bit messy-edged side-parted cut underlined with the shaved sides and back and completed with a help of a wide bow-liked line fits brilliantly to people who prefer stand out f the crowd.

Blond Top Comb Over

Blond Top Comb Over

To dye hair is a widespread way to add some brightness in the routine life and change the image quickly. Just look at the photo! The blond top and black sides make a great contrast importing the freshness to the appearance. Suck cut demonstrates the play with the proportion for a really unique look!

Neat, Classic and Short

Neat, Classic And Short

Another classy comb-over cut for the men who don`t like to spend much their time styling the hair we see in the photo. The classical haircut mixed with the modern fade hairstyle suits well for businessmen and people who appreciate their time.

Side-Parted But Fresh Men`S Cut

Side-Parted But Fresh Men`s Cut

Be modern and stylish very easy if you have a desire! The long neatly sideswept top separated from very short sides with a solid part provides so modern feel and stresses the thick mustache.

Wavy and Groomed

Wavy And Groomed

This hairdo looks fresh and hot! The wavy hair is simply styled with a contemporary comb-over cut. As we see in the photo for stressing the style the sides and back were much shaved and the sharp angles were done on the temples.

Low Fade Sides and Back

Low Fade Sides and Back

If you try to blend your comb-over hairstyle with low fade sides you get a perfect chance to set you apart from others. By combing your hair back you permit your face shine and make your look franker.

Thin Line, Shaved Sides And Back

Thin Line, Shaved Sides and Back

What hairstyle can fit well to the round-shaped type of the face? Of course, it`s an up-to-date comb-over hairstyle. A man with a round face has puffier cheeks that can be well concealed with a comb-over cut. Much shaved sides and back of the head, the part separated the fluffy top hair from the sides help you to elongate your face.

Patterned Shaved Sides

Patterned Shaved Sides

What an extraordinary and uncommon choice we also can meet amidst the most fashionable people today. The fully shaven sides and neatly side-parted top hair fit perfectly with a nice pattern shaved on one side that resembles some ancient mystical tracery.

Lined Up Comb-Over

Lined Up Comb-Over

The barbers try to diverse the comb-over hairstyle with different ways. Here we can notice one of them! Actual, stylish and even a bit classical! If to add tree shaved lines of different length on one side so we have absolutely new variation of comb-over hairdo that looks splendidly and fancy.

Low Faded Sides And Wavy Line

Low Faded Sides And Wavy Line

To keep your hair cool and gorgeously very simple with a short comb-over haircut. If you`d want to import some fresh tendencies to your style ask the hairdresser to make you low faded sides with the shaven back and add a wavy thick line on the side as our model in the photo.

Delicately Slick Back Bang

Delicately Slick Back Bang

Such a delicate haircut suits perfectly for a classical man who can venture on some new experiments with the hair. A slightly slick back bang and sideswept top hair mix with much-shaved sides and back excellently and make the look irresistible.

Slick Back Comb-Over Men`S Cut

Slick Back Comb-Over Men`s Cut

Ginger hair attracts people`s attention at once because of its natural brightness. So, the men with such a gaudy color can choose classical hairstyles boldly. One of a good example is a classy comb-over with slick back hair and a bit shaven sides. This cut works nicely with a beard and mustache.

Tousled and Stylish

Tousled And Stylish

Bit messy and tousled hairstyles remain relevant nowadays. Such a fashionable hairdo is mostly chosen by the men who like to run their fingers through the splendidly styled strands for giving them necessary tousled form.

Shaved Bang and Sides

Shaved Bang And Sides

This is something new and extraordinary! The blending of a standard comb-over style with the sides and back shaved closely to the scalp stressed with a shaved bang and sharp angles on the temples. But such cut can fit ideally both for children and for adults.

Precise Right Side-Parted Hairstyle

Precise Right Side-Parted Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks like a reserved, common or even conservative cut but the shaved part and highly faded sides import a fresh tendency to such hairdo. With such cut, you don`t seem extravagant but you look fashioned.

Long Top with Shaved Sides And Back

Long Top With Shaved Sides And Back

You prefer to be always in the center of attention. With such an excellent up-to-date haircut, you will draw people`s attention easily. The mixture of comb-over and high fade adds a good volume and doesn`t seem outdated.

Haircut with “Z-Mark” on Side

Haircut With “Z-Mark” On Side

Be constantly different and stand out of others. Look! This is a simple and trendy cut with “Z-mark” on one shaved side adds the freshness and eccentricity to your appearance!

Very Long Side-Parted Cut

Very Long Side-Parted Cut

You like very long hair but you`d like to be eccentric and extravagant… For combining these two components you just look at the photo and do like the model. A high fade, solid part and very long top are mixed together and seem totally new, stylish and gorgeous.

Cool and Brutal Style

Cool And Brutal Style

A comb-over looks great even without any part. The top styling swept back is underlined with a middle fade and clear angles on the temples. Such cut works perfectly with a black stubble and slight mustache.

Low Fade a Bit Silver Cut

Low Fade A Bit Silver Cut

Such an eternally trendy hairstyle as a comb-over has never been out of fashion. This uncommon style combines two contrary directions: long gray beard and thick mustache give the solidity and maturity but the comb-over fade cut imports the freshness and playfulness to the image.

Elegant and Trendy Haircut

Elegant And Trendy Haircut

So smartly styled haircut fits brilliantly for the men who get accustomed to style each hair tress into its place and who can spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. But such an elegant cut is worthy of it.

Blond Top Comb-Over

Blond Top Comb-Over

The blond dyed top and black roots give the impression of contrast and create a perfect look. A side-parted hair emphasized with the low faded sides and shaved back of the head completes a splendid style.

Splendid Hairstyles – Classy Comb-Over Haircuts
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