Conceptual Hairstyles for Balding Guys

Being bald is a psychological matter for many men. Of course, men feel some discomfort due to this fact.  Began to notice that your hair is getting thin? For sure, there are a lot of conceptual decisions where the temples or bald patch are the elements of such style. To keep your hair stylish and attractive, a wearer can use volume hairstyle, short cut, buzz or over layer and etc. Overlook the below-listed hairstyles for balding men! There is just a chance to find a hint of your personal style!

A Perfect Combination

1 A perfect combination of cool beard and haircut

A perfect combination of cool beard and haircut for the balding man! One can shave back of the head, temples, head sides, side-whiskers and lift the remaining hair up. It suits to those guys who have an open forehead with high temples.

A Combination Of Combover and Casual Hairstyle

2 A combination of combover and casual hairstyle

To achieve this perfect look with your balding temples, one should completely shave the low part of the head and then make a shortcut in the middle, and keep the long hair at the top. It gives a nice possibility to cover the temples on the forehead and on the top of the head.

A Haircut with Minimum Hair

3 A haircut with minimum hair.

A creative idea for bald or balding men! An exciting feather is shaved on the almost bald head. The beard adds some manhood. It does for those who is looking for not standard but an outstanding decision.

A Smart Haircut Idea for Balding One!

4 A smart haircut idea for balding one!

Medium height of top hair, absolutely cute beard and moustaches makes this haircut a striking demonstration of how to look fashionable and handsome when you are losing hair.

Pompadour with Thinning Hair

5 Pompadour with thinning hair.

The grey hair is swept upwards/backwards and a little aside. This little deviation from a typical pompadour creates a cool and modern form of hairstyle.

A Tidy Look with a Falling Hair

6 A tidy look with a falling hair

Being bald is no pleasant issue for men. But if your hair begins to fall out, do not be upset. Look at the photo above. The long hair is combed neatly to one side and a little to the back. Such hairstyle can be worn at any age and clothes` performance. It will look well both with jeans or dinner jacket.

Low-Maintenance and Stylish!

7 Low-maintenance and stylish!

It is a rather casual style with a receding hair. A skin fade and closely clipped sides are used here to show the contrast between the top of the hair and fade gradient.

If you style the medium hair with gel in disorder, you will look much attractive than you have long hair. For sure, a man with such disordered but nice haircut looks younger. Just look at the sample of the picture above.

A Fashionable Look by Means of Taper Haircut

8 A fashionable look by means of taper haircut.

Do not believe in stupid myths about hair loss! Make a stylish hair cut and that will bed absolutely cute! If you are balding in the forehead, you can style the hair to the side but do not push it down; you will have a creative look.

A Hipster Way- Back to Basics

9 A hipster way- Back to basics
This guy chooses a long hair from the front of the head and completely shaved sides. Such variant focuses a style and cool haircut, not the bald spots.

A Long Mohawk with a Short Beard

10 A long mohawk with a short beard.

A long mohawk compensates big temples on the forehead of the guy. It looks trendy and smart.

Cool Pair: Classic Pompadour and Beard

11 Cool pair classic pompadour and beard

This high pompadour looks really attractive with a receding hairline at the temples. Round barrel brush and heat protectant gels are your helpers to slick the hair back and a little bit of height.

A Diamond Head

12 A Diamond Head

The absolutely shaved haircut is popular among the celebrities. We see in the movies that bald men look attractive and sexy. A beard and eyebrows are more expressive against the bald head.

A  Medium Mohawk to Embrace the Bushy Hair

13 A medium mohawk to embrace the bushy hair

The hair is quite thick and well-trimmed. The thick hair is groomed up and thus create a stylish mohawk. The slight spots of balding are not seen at all.

Chic and Short

14 Chic and Short

A man has a pattern baldness from the front of the head, so his choice is a well-trimmed and short hair. A beard and moustache add a sexuality and manliness.

Silver Fox

15 Silver fox

In case a hairline has receded in the forehead and the front as much as this, an effective side pompadour is one of the most convenient hairstyles. It is very easy to maintain such cut.

Ultimate Easy Style

16 Ultimate easy style

Couple a medium undercut with beard and moustache and you will achieve a great look of stylish man! Just visit your barber regularly to save the fade on the sides and beard.

A Circular Effect

17 A circular effect

This hairstyle for balding men looks very stylish. A short trim flows into a beard by the circular line.  It will look great with any colour of the hair and does not depend on the hair density.

A Circular Effect with a Long and Bushy Beard

18 A circular effect with a long and bushy beard

A short trim meets with a beard by means of the circular line. Two opposite items, extremely short trim on the head and a long and bushy beard, match each other quite well.

A Mature but Stylish Bro

19 A mature but stylish bro

Appearance tells a lot about your personality! The best ways to style up your ageing hair is to keep it short at sides and embrace a mohawk at the top as this man in the picture does.

Still Handsome with a Medium Short Hair

20 Still handsome with a medium short hair

Medium and slight burr cut and a beard suit to everyone who is becoming bald. Wearing such kind of hairstyle, you’ll look younger and the short hair will help minimize the fact that you’re going bald. Of course, a light bristle puts a note of sexuality.

An Accent Streak

21 An accent streak

If you look for a hipster style, but your hair is getting thin at the temples, choose the undercut option but plus a well-groomed beard and a bleached streak.

«Au Naturel»

22 Au naturel

A guy embraced a balding hair by going «au naturel». No shadings, no colouring or something extreme. And it looks really nice!

A Creative Haircut

23 A creative haircut

If you wanna be a cool guy, the above-pictured style is for you. When you want to distract attention from receding hair in the front, attract it to the cool and creative haircut. The hair is colored in white and is turned up in a stylish manner.

Neat and Clean!

24 Neat and clean

This variant is acceptable for everyone starting from athletes to office executives. Buzz haircut does not need any special care or grooming.

Friends: a Facial Beard and a Short Buzz

25 Friends a facial beard and a short buzz

Beard can make you more handsome and masculine. That is a sure option for those who have a receding hair in the front of the head. It is easy to care such haircut and beard. Just to visit a hairdresser from time to time to have a tidy trimming.

Detailed by Lines

26 Detailed by lines

A cute fade that touches only some parts of your style is a great accent to add to the basic buzz. The precise lines on the beard serve as an extra and awesome details to the man’s style.

«No Problem»

27 No problem

nstead of covering your baldness up, make it so it doesn’t matter. Get the hair cut short in the military style. The last few years have seen military styles surge in popularity among balding men. It looks sexy with some clothes’ detail in a military manner.

A Recon

28 A recon

 If the total shaven look is too harsh, but you still want something simple and preppy, a medium buzz cut with a recon is a cool option. The buzz cut is an especially good way to go if your hair is starting to recede on your forehead or near your hairline

Cold Mountain

29 Cold mountain

When your hair is thin on the top, give it some height with help of brush and modelling foam. The high temples and the cocked hair on the top create an impression of a mountain.

Cocked Disorder

30 Cocked Disorder

Absolutely natural and trendy look! A volume and obscurity of the thinning hair are achieved by the way of the disorder of the hair on the top.  The hair is groomed as the waves in all sorts directions and thus makes the thinning hair appear fuller.

A Curly Baldness

31 A curly baldness

Fashionable and attractive look! The front baldness is insignificant due to the right choice of circular haircut which goes smoothly into the beard. If you also opt for jeans style, such variant will be just cool and fancy!

Light Caesar

32 Light Caesar

Such style of the caesar haircut keeps your face open and clean.  The length of hair is kept much shorter ranging from 1- 2 inches all over the head. If you are suffering from hair loss then this hairstyle is a fine choice for you. It is very popular due to its ability to help mask the patterns of male baldness.

A Smart Crop

33 A smart crop

The crop works well for men who are thinning evenly on top. Just take a shower and add some lightweight, matte texturising clay to create volume. Thus create the illusion of over layer on the head and the top baldness is seen not so clearly.

An Edgy and Attractive Lines

34 An edgy and attractive lines

The great option for the receding lines is an ability of sharp edges.  The beard of the same natural color and the mentioned hairstyle create a hip and edgy look

A Perfect Short Haircut

35 A perfect short haircut

A man has an amazing look with short hair and temples. The charisma and the glint in the eyes are the most important things as compared with haircut or style.

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