Different Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Any Guy

We’ll talk about fohawks here, not about mohawks. It’s important. The thing is, mohawks are very “radical” if we may say so about haircuts — you won’t make a mohawk if you are an office worker or if you are planning to go to a formal event. For better or worse, they are not fully appropriate nowadays.

But it isn’t a problem at all. Faux hawk is a smaller bro of mohawk, and it’s absolutely everything you need if you like mohawks but think they are “too much” or too “punk”. What is a faux hawk? As we’ve said, it’s a variety of mohawk hairstyle. It copies its main features except shaving the sides and extending past the top of the head. Also, the faux hawk is rather shorter than many traditional mohawks. It’s a new, fashionable and modern version of mohawk and mullet — and we can guarantee that it will not go out of trend for a very long time.

So, let’s talk about the faux hawk cuts here. There’s a huge number of beautiful fohawks, but we (as always) gathered only the most impressive of them. Let’s see what we have here.

Impressive Faux Hawk Fade

Impressive Faux Hawk Fade 1

Impressive Faux Hawk Fade 2

Impressive Faux Hawk Fade 3

Impressive Faux Hawk Fade 4

We didn’t use the word “impressive” by chance — the thing is, the fohawks can really look impressive. It’s all about the fade sides — they are one of those things that can make every hairstyle look better. Literally every.

Faux hawks are not an exception, of course. It doesn’t matter what fade do you prefer, low fade or high fade — they all look great with such haircuts. We actually recommend trying a low fade if you are not ready for something radical yet — such hairstyles look very clean, stylish and polished. A good fohawk fade (with designs or without them) will work great both for a boy and for a man between 20 and 30 years old.

Cool Fauxhawk Haircut Ideas For Men

Cool Fauxhawk Haircut Ideas For Men 1

Cool Fauxhawk Haircut Ideas For Men 2

Cool Fauxhawk Haircut Ideas For Men 3

Cool Fauxhawk Haircut Ideas For Men 4

Fauxhawks are not as dramatic as their big brothers, mohawks — and of course, they are much more trendy. A fohawk is almost a perfect choice for every young man, but there are literally hundreds of them — so how to choose the best one?

Well, that’s why we’ve started to write this article: because we wanted to help. Here, our idea was to help the men who wanted to explore the existing haircut ideas and to generate new ones — so if you don’t know what fauxhawk to choose, well, you’ve come to the right place. Check these four amazing pictures above — we are sure that these cuts will impress you.

Messy Mens Fohawk Haircut

Messy Mens Fohawk Haircut 1

Messy Mens Fohawk Haircut 2

Messy Mens Fohawk Haircut 3

Messy Mens Fohawk Haircut 4

Neat and clean haircuts are perfect, but what if you need something more casual (and if you don’t attend an Ivy League school)? Well, then meet these four awesome messy faux hawks — these haircuts do definitely not look formal… But do you really think it makes them worse?

Of course it doesn’t. Messy fohawk haircuts are quick and quite simple, which means you won’t spend too much time and effort maintaining them. They look very effortless and relaxed, that’s why we all love them. But be careful now: despite messy faux hawk hairstyles look effortless, they still need some styling — like, you shouldn’t forget about some styling products, such as hair styling wax (it will add natural-looking texture that looks great).

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle 1

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle 2

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle 3

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle 4

If you think that your hair is not long enough for fohawks, don’t worry: it’s most likely not true. A short buzz cut fohawk (like the one David Beckham wore in the late 2000s) or a short semi fohawk will work great for you in this case!

Length doesn’t really matter when it comes to the fohawks. We believe that even a few inches would work well — and here we have four proofs of these words. Check the pictures above and choose something for you — we’ve done our best and chosen only the best and the most stylish faux hawks here!

Male Faux Mohawk Ideas For Long Hair

Male Faux Mohawk Ideas For Long Hair 1

Male Faux Mohawk Ideas For Long Hair 2

Male Faux Mohawk Ideas For Long Hair 3

Male Faux Mohawk Ideas For Long Hair 4

Some people want to emulate mohawk without making a mohawk. If you are one of them, here are two things we’d like to tell you. The first things is: you have to be a really brave person to make a mohawk nowadays. The second one is: you’ll need long hair to make it like in the case with the Pompadour hairstyle.

If you’re ok with these two ideas, check out the photos above right now — the hairstyles we’ve found for you are perfect for long hair. Well, not too long, of course — if you’re a man with waist length hair, unfortunately, the faux hawks are not for you.

Faux Hawk Taper Styles

Faux Hawk Taper Styles 1

Faux Hawk Taper Styles 2

Faux Hawk Taper Styles 3

Faux Hawk Taper Styles 4

Faux hawk taper hairstyles work great with short and medium hair. Tapered sides are also perfect for those who want a fohawk but don’t want buzzing the sides. Taper adds dynamics and makes a fohawk extremely stylish — this combination does really look great. Would you try it?

Curly Faux Hawk Cut

Curly Faux Hawk Cut 1

Curly Faux Hawk Cut 2

Curly Faux Hawk Cut 3

Curly Faux Hawk Cut 4

Curly faux hawk is certainly not the most popular type of mohawk. But the fohawk hairstyles look great on all hair textures — and curly hair isn’t an exception. Such cuts look very confident and masculine, but we recommend to buy some good styling products (like a gel). That’s how you’ll get a very polished look.

Tips On How To Style a Faux-hawk For Guys

Tips On How To Style a Fauxhawk For Guys 1

Tips On How To Style a Fauxhawk For Guys 2

Tips On How To Style a Fauxhawk For Guys 3

Tips On How To Style a Fauxhawk For Guys 4

There are hundreds of styling options when it comes to faux hawks. Some of them are more punk-like, the others can work well as formal cuts; some of them are short while the others are quite long; some are confident and masculine while the others look more elegant… That’s why it’s impossible to write the tips for all of them, and that’s why we’ve decided to write down three tips that will be useful for all men with faux-hawks. They are simple, but important.

  1. Styling products, like gel, are very important, but too much is always a bad thing when it comes to haircuts. Greasy and wet hair is not what you are looking for, right?
  1. Pomade is good, but not when we’re talking about fohawks. It looks a little unnatural, so we recommend using gel or spray instead.
  1. Moisturize your hair before shaping it. It’s probably the most important one — wet hair on top will make it easier to make your hair stand up.

Undercut Faux Hawk For Boys

Undercut Faux Hawk For Boys 1

Undercut Faux Hawk For Boys 2

Undercut Faux Hawk For Boys 3

Undercut Faux Hawk For Boys 4

What about some stylish cuts for boys? The combination of undercut and faux hawk will work perfect for all boys — check the pics above and see it with your own eyes. We are sure that he deserves the best haircut!