Creative Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Although emo hairstyles were extremely popular in 2007, they still find their places especially at girls and are very trendy nowadays. Although emo hairdo is designed in one general manner, this is one of not many hairstyles that gives freedom and a ground for creativity. Some of the common features of this style are jagged hair, side fringe and traditional black hair color with inclusions of differently colored locks (in most cases it’s pink). However, girls don’t usually stick to one style showing a great variety of hairstyles.

Top Long Emo Hairstyles

If you think emo hairstyles are not interesting because of the monotonous shapes, visit this page to check out these incredible hairdos and find your own style to make it up.

Voluminous Light Blond Curls

Impressive and attractive long curls look just perfect for such a hair color. One of the common features of emo hairstyles is a great volume which is perfectly arranged at this hair.
Voluminous light blond curls

Traditional Black Jagged Hair with a Side Fringe

Very long hair can be cut in different ways. If it’s an emo style, the most common way to do it is to cut hair in two lengths, make a side fluffy bang and dye your hair in black color. Nothing to add, nothing to take away.
Traditional black jagged hair with a side fringe

Heavy Bang on a Traditional Emo Hairstyle

The traditional emo haircut will always look great if you add some heavy side bang. Leave other parts of your hair in a bit messy way and a real emo hairdo is ensured.
Heavy bang on a traditional emo hairstyle

Traditional Long Emo Hairstyle with a Side Bang

Long black hair is the most striking variant for an emo hairstyle. Beautiful smooth hair structure and unusually arranged bang to the side seem to be the ideal of all the emo hairdos. Piercing on the face and vivid make-up accentuates all the charm of this hairstyle.
Traditional long emo hairstyle with a side bang

Chopped Wavy Side Hair on Natural Hair Color

It’s very seldom when girls having an emo hairstyle leave their hair of its natural color. However, it looks very nice and cute especially when back hair is arranged in attractive waves on the sides.
Chopped wavy side hair on natural hair color

Straight Long Hair with a Heavy Fringe

Fair hair looks amazing when it is straightened and neatly cut. Heavy fringe adds a light note of charm and mystery to the appearance in the whole.
Straight long hair with a heavy fringe

Long Hair with Side-Styled Fringe

Natural hair color is always trendy. Even if you want to have emo hairstyle it is not necessary to dye your hair. You can accentuate attention on a very heavy fringe which is styled from one side to another just as it is shown in this photo.
Long hair with side-styled fringe

Lilac Curls

Vivid and bright, acid and bursting upon the eyes hair colors are the main feature at emo hairstyle. This picture shows a great choice for hair – lilac color. Beautiful curls and some flowers in the hair supplement the whole appearance.
 Lilac curls

Heavy Fringe and Long Hair with Dark Purple Locks

Leaving natural hair color can be a winning variant if you add some locks dyed in dark purple color. Ombre technique and a narrow lock in the fringe colored in purple look nice and attractive.
Heavy fringe and long hair with dark purple locks

Purple Two-Leveled Emo Hairstyle

Two-leveled haircut with a short top and long bottom will look more interesting if it is dyed in some unusual color. For example, dark purple. Together with a dense and thick bang, the whole hairstyle looks just perfect for such a do.
Purple two-leveled emo hairstyle

Different Blue Shades on a Long Emo Hairstyle

Very beautiful appearance with unusual blue color shades. The bang is accurately and neatly cut and the hair itself is very silky and looks very interesting.
Different blue shades on a long emo hairstyle

Romantic Pink Color in Emo Hairstyle

Long hair with a middle size bang dyed in a light pink color looks just amazing and very outstanding.
 Romantic pink color in emo hairstyle

Two Purple Plaits and Black Top Hair

Emo hairstyle always looks great when there is a mixture of different colors and shades. This photo is just a great example of people’s creativity when making your own style. Black top hair and different shades of purple and lilac colors look very harmonic together.
 Two purple plaits and black top hair

Pink Long Hair

Even a simple straight hair with a bang can look different from others because of the hair color. If you dye it in an extraordinary color, it will look unusual and will definitely impress everybody.
Pink long hair

Side Fringe on Natural Hair Color

Emo hairstyle doesn’t always suppose to have unusual and bright hair colors. You can look extraordinary if you just make a dense and thick bang and arrange it from one side to another.
Side fringe on natural hair color

Fluffy Short Top and Long Pink Bottom Hair

Very unusual haircut even for an emo hairstyle. The top hair is cut in two levels; moreover, the lower level is shortly cut and dyed in a brown color. The upper hair in a bit longer and dyed in a light pink color which looks great in addition to each other.
Fluffy short top and long pink bottom hair

Cornflower Blue Color on Long Wavy Hair

Even a blue color can be extraordinary because there are lots of shades. Choose one of them, for example, cornflower blue, and you will look interesting and amazing. Make some slight curls and be perfect.
Cornflower blue color on long wavy hair

White Hair with Pink Ombre and a Headband with Fluffy Ears

What can be more original in emo hairstyle than white long hair dyed in ombre style with a help of a pink color and neatly curled? The right answer is an accessory which will make the whole appearance cuter and nicer. This girl has chosen a headband and now she looks very sweet.
White hair with pink ombre and a headband with fluffy ears

Black and White Long Emo Hairstyle

How many people, how many appearances. This photo shows that even if you have one exact hairstyle, it won’t be a problem to express your creativity. One side is frosty white and another side is black. Looks interesting and very outstanding especially with such a bushy bang.
Black and white long emo hairstyle

Color Mixture for Long Emo Hairstyle

Nothing will look better in emo hairstyle than a mixture of really different colors. Dyed in black and green, this girl’s hair will definitely attract people’s attention.
 Color mixture for long emo hairstyle

Fern and Lilac Ombre on Voluminous Hair

Be creative, combine different colors, dye your hair in an interesting technique. All of these were done by this girl on the picture. Two absolutely different colors which were combined in an ombre technique and amazing hair volume supplemented with a magic make-up look gorgeous together.
Fern and lilac ombre on voluminous hair

Dirty Purple and Violet Colors on Long Hair

Cut in two lengths, this hairdo looks interesting because of the dyeing technique. Short top hair is colored in dirty purple while the bottom longer hair is dyed in a clear violet color.
Dirty purple and violet colors on long hair

Acid Green and Heavy Bang

An amazing example of how an emo hairstyle can be attractive and bright even in during the dullest times. Leave your hair long, do a thick and heavy bang and dye your hair into an acid green color. You will win the audience for sure.
Acid green and heavy bang

Sunny Ombre Om Long Hair with a Shoer Bang

The red-haired girl looks very effective thanks to an unusual color gamut. Red color with different shades and yellow ombre technique makes this girl look like the sun which can warm you anytime.
Sunny ombre om long hair with a shoer bang

Long Pearl White Emo Hairstyle with a Decoration

Nowadays pearl white hair color is becoming extremely popular. Especially when you have long and sleek hair. Add some decorations in the form of fluffy ears and you will be the cutest person in the world.
 Long pearl white emo hairstyle with a decoration

Extremely Bright Blue and Green Emo Hairstyle

If you see such a person, you will definitely think that this is the brightest person in the world. The gaudy turquoise color on the whole length and striking lettuce green on the bang and on the bottom locks look impressive.
Extremely bright blue and green emo hairstyle

Messy Emo Hairstyle

It seems that there is nothing special about black hair color. However, it depends on how to present it. Long lower hair and short top hair styled to the side in a messy and untidy way will look interesting and extremely unusual.
Messy emo hairstyle

Arctic Blue Color with a Bright Make-Up

Usual haircut for an emo hairstyle diluted with the help of such an unusual arctic shade of blue color. Vivid and bright make-up makes the whole appearance sweet and attractive.
Arctic blue color with a bright make-up

Striking Red Hair on Thick Hair

Very beautiful hair color can make a great impression on people around you. Especially when you have such a hair texture. Voluminous long hair of such a color looks just perfect.
 Striking red hair on thick hair

Long Yellow Hair with Side Plaits

Bright and the sunny yellow color looks interesting and unusual especially with some additional decoration like plaits on one head side.
 Long yellow hair with side plaits

Long Hair Dyed in Strawberry Color

Emo hairstyle is always characterized by bright colors and unusual hairdos. This photo shows how saturated and bright hair colors can be.
Long hair dyed in strawberry color

Cute Purple Bun

The interesting hairstyle is shown in this photo. Firstly, the hairdo is arranged in a very cute and sweet bun on the top, dense fringe and free side locks dyed in a bright purple color. Very extraordinary.
 Cute purple bun

Long Black Hair with Blue Covering And Flower Fillet

Very interesting mixture of black and sky-blue colors decorated with a floristic fillet which makes the whole appearance very tender and gentle.
Long black hair with blue covering and flower fillet

Azure Color on Asymmetric Haircut

If you don’t know what to do with your hair and you want something concerned with an emo hairdo, have your hair cut in an asymmetric way, leave high fringe and dye your hair in a blue-sky color.
 Azure color on asymmetric haircut

Long Dark-Red Choppy Emo Hairstyle

Usually, chopped haircut with a dense fringe can become a real decoration for a person if it is dyed in a dark-red color.
Long dark-red choppy emo hairstyle

Blond Angled Layered Emo Hairstyle

The Gorgeous haircut is done in a very widespread technique with angled bangs and black-dyed underside makes a great contrast with a blond color of the top hair.
Blond angled layered emo hairstyle

Long Straight Hair with Short Layers

One of the most widespread emo hairstyles which consist of long sleek hair dyed in black color and short blonde layers. The inner layer hair is dyed in bright purple color which makes the appearance interesting and attractive.
Long straight hair with short layers

Voluminous Teased Emo Hairstyle

Gorgeous emo hairstyle. Voluminous teased haircut and locks dyed in red and black colors. Together with blond hair, this mixture looks very eye-catching.
Voluminous teased emo hairstyle

Teased Brown Hair with Purple and Blond Locks

Very attractive long hair with dense and voluminous top hair. The whole hairstyle is decorated with thin but exciting locks that are dyed in fair purple colors.
Teased brown hair with purple and blond locks

Long Blond Hair with Thick Fringe and Azure Side Locks

Very bright image. The contrast is reached with the help of light blond color in mixture with sky-blue color. Leave your hair long and dye it in these colors and you will look like a fairy-tale princess.
Long blond hair with thick fringe and azure side locks

Highly Arranged Top on Black Hair with Blond Locks

Highly arranged top hair is very popular among people who wear emo hairstyle. Black color, thick fringe, short top and long low hair look perfectly together. Add some zest to the appearance – dye a couple of locks in blonde and you will look very attractive.
Highly arranged top on black hair with blond locks

Long Hair Dyed in Blue Shades and Pink Color

The haircut itself doesn’t look extraordinary. Long hair and dense bang are usual choices for an emo hairstyle. However, dye your hair in saturated blue color, dilute it with some sky-blue shade and add a bit of pink at the bottom – you will definitely be remembered in every place you appear.
Long hair dyed in blue shades and pink color

Two Cute and Messy Ponytails

Make your appearance cute and attractive by having two ponytails at the sides. They will look more eye-catching if you have your hair dyed in black and red colors.
Two cute and messy ponytails

Deep Pink Long Hair with Black Layers

Such a hairstyle is a great example of how bright and vivid a person can be. Deep pink color together with black-colored stripes at the hair bottom match together perfectly and makes you look unforgettable.
Deep pink long hair with black layers

Multicolored Emo Hairstyle

Very bright haircut which is performed in different levels and dyed in lots of colors and shades. Just have the top hair shortly cut and leave the bottom hair long, dye it in blond, black, deep blue and turquoise colors and bright emo hairstyle is done.
Multicolored emo hairstyle

Black and Pink Long Hairstyle

Usual color gamut for an emo hairstyle – black and pink. Long hair together with a twisted fringe will make your appearance the sweetest one.
Black and pink long hairstyle

Rainbow Curls Emo Hairstyle

Long wavy hair with a heavy fringe looks great when they are of interesting colors. This photo shows one of the most interesting color gamuts for emo hairstyles. Rainbow color technique looks extremely extraordinary and it will definitely attract people’s attention.
Rainbow curls emo hairstyle

Blue Shades for Long Hair with a Raised Bang

A very interesting emo hairstyle which consists of long hair and oval-shaped raised bang which are dyed in different shades of a blue color. Looks interesting and attractive.
Blue shades for long hair with a raised bang

Fluffy Chopped Black Hairdo with Violet Locks

Greatly performed haircut with different levels dyed in black color will look more interesting and gripping if you dye one side in violet color and add some violet to the heavy fringe.
Fluffy chopped black hairdo with violet locks

Long Emo Hairstyle with Black and Acid Green Colors

Extremely voluminous hairstyle with a dense fringe dyed in black color. To make this hairdo more interesting, there are locks which are dyed in very bright acid green color. Looks impressive.
Long emo hairstyle with black and acid green colors

Nice and Sweet Blond Emo Hairstyle

Very airy hairstyle. Light blond color with a straight thick fringe and azure locks looks interesting and unobtrusive.
Nice and sweet blond emo hairstyle

Leveled Haircut with Different Colors

Different hair levels dyed in different colors look interesting together especially when hair is long at the bottom.
Leveled haircut with different colors

Chopped Haircut in Warm Amber Color

One of the most widespread emo hairstyles. Chopped top and long bottom hair look great when they are dyed in one color – in this case, it is warm amber.
Chopped haircut in warm amber color

Bright Green Wavy Hair

An ordinary haircut can become a masterpiece when you want to stand out. Just make your hair a bit unusual by dyeing it in a bright green color and then make some waves. You are perfect now!
Bright green wavy hair

Slight Transition from Blonde to Azure on Straight Hair

Straight long hair is always trendy. Especially when hair structure is thick and dense. To make it look more exciting and attractive dye one hair side in azure color and make a smooth transition from blond into sky-blue on the bang. Looks unbelievable!
Slight transition from blonde to azure on straight hair

Long Black and Purple Hair with a Heavy Fringe

Different colors are the zest of emo hairstyles. This hairdo is not an exception. Black color together with purple locks looks gorgeous. Heavy bang adds extravagance to the whole appearance.
Long black and purple hair with a heavy fringe

Long Hair Dyed in Two Colors with a Sharp Bang

Long hair will always look great when it dyed in two extremely different colors. Black and sky-blue are the best choices for straight hair. Dilute your haircut with a sharp bang and be perfect.
Long hair dyed in two colors with a sharp bang

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