Fancy Hard Part Haircut – Choose Your Style

The hard part hairstyle presupposes volumetric bangs with a shaved line, which makes the faded sides more distinctive. This universal hairdo looks equally awesome on curly and straight hair, furthermore, it emphasizes the natural beauty of dense hair and makes thin locks visually thicker. The feature of it is that it requires regular trimming, for the styling you will need gel. The hairdo will suit both adults and children.

Impressive Hard Part Cut

Impressive hard part cut

This contrast of hairy and shaved parts looks great. The razor line is a smooth transition between an area of thick hair and a faded side.

Curly Redhead

Curly redhead

What an amazing solution for kinky hair! Shiny waves are perfectly trimmed and divided by a clear line, sides are faded. If you want to tame unruly hair, this option is for you.

Raised Forelock Plus a Side Part Line

Raised forelock plus a side part line

The following hairdo is great for the owners of thin and disobedient hair, which will make it visually thicker. Upbeat bangs and shaved sides look classy and the whole hairstyle is easy to maintain.

Out Of The Ordinary Styl

Out of the ordinary style

Help your child to stand out with a catchy hairstyle. A thick forelock looks very volumetric and an intricate geometric pattern with deep shaved contours on the side is the zest of the cut.

Pretty Razor Line

Pretty razor line

Here is an example how to hide bald areas. Just have sides shaved and a raised forelock, maintained with gel, will complete the overall look.

Symmetrical Perfection

Symmetrical perfection

This parting stripe between two levels of hair makes a conservative hairdo more fashionable. The hair goes in the same direction, this order creates a nice effect. But keep in mind that this style requires regular visits to the barbershop.

Messy Bangs & Side Part Line

Messy bangs & side part line

This haircut combines sharp chaotic waves and straight lines, the razor stripe divides the volumetric part and a faded side. Any man will look super hot with this cut.

Gray Elegance

Gray elegance

The best option in venerable age is a hard part haircut. The razor line will create a nice division, which visually provides the effect of thick hair. Look attractive and respectable with this hairdo.

Volumetric Bangs & a Clear Stripe

Volumetric bangs & a clear stripe

Emphasize the natural beauty of hair with a nice razor line. Look stylish and fresh at the same time.

Bright Challenge

Bright challenge

Here the faded sides and a side part line work well with the spike. This dare hairstyle will suit people, who defy the society.

Plain & Beautiful

Plain & beautiful

This hard part cut is done in its classical variation – faded sides, a razor stripe and spiky bangs, a zest of this very example is a sharp temple. The whole image embodies a naughty personality.

Incredible Transformation

Incredible transformation

Short hair is easy to maintain, that is why the side part line cut is a nice alternative for people with unruly hair. Have the whole head shaved except the crown, leave a clear line on the top and be awesome.

Colorful Extravagance

Colorful extravagance

This extraordinary hairstyle catches an eye. Faded sides and a spiky blonde top are separated by a clearly outlined stripe. Two horizontal lines on the temple copy the line on the top.

Top Bun

Top bun

This is a creative interpretation of a trivial crown bun. Instead of collecting hair into a bun, leave some hair on the crown, have sides shaved and a line with a clear contour will create a division between head parts.

Faded Sides & Gray Bangs

Faded sides & gray bangs

With age, a lot of bald areas appear, have your sides shaved and the bangs trimmed to the one side. This simple cut will only adorn you.

Ideal Symmetry

Ideal symmetry

This nice cut looks beautiful, two symmetrical stripes separate hair of diverse thickness, the sides are faded and on the crown, there is a raised fringe. The style will look great on thick hair.

Spiky & Shiny

Spiky & shiny

Glossy top hair is maintained with the help of gel, a razor line on the top creates a defined look. The cut is easy to maintain and it is an ideal variant for children.

Wavy Crown

Wavy crown

Any man with this cut will look charming. Natural waves on the top with a long shaved line, which stretches along the whole head, combine well with faded sides.

Elegant Division

Elegant division

Thick locks will look more neatly if a thin like separates the crown and the sides. A volumetric forelock makes up a zest of this classy hairstyle.

Shaped Hard Part Cut

Shaped hard part cut

The arch at the temple and textured bangs look great, a long whisker and a horizontal stripe add uniqueness to this hairdo.

Exceptional Hairstyle

Exceptional hairstyle

The hard part haircut helps children to look neat. A raised bangs and a clear line make up a good combination, faded sides create a nice contrast to the top.

Spiny Top

Spiny top

If you want to make unruly hair look great, then maintain the bangs and have sides trimmed with a razor line on the top.

Volumetric Crown

Volumetric crown

The side part is perfectly outlined, a thin line extends along the head and a raised forelock creates the effect of thick locks. Make sure that this cut is done by a professional barber.

Royal Style

Royal style

Hair in this haircut has a beautiful structure, which is made with the help of volumetric slicked-back bangs, a clear shaved line, which visually makes hair thicker.

Classical Variant

Classical variant

If you want to look both conservative and fashionable, wear a hard part cut. The top hair is slicked back, sides are faded and a shaved strip is put on the side.

Original Style

Original style

The side here is parted into three areas through horizontal parallel lines, the top is extremely bright, it is multicolored and volumetric. This one will suit creative personalities.

Textured Waves

Textured waves

The hairdo above is nice for people with an oval face, it looks visually elongated. Shaved sides and a raised forelock are divided by a razor line.

Sleek Hairdo

Sleek hairdo

Here is a nice interaction between a curly beard and a two-leveled hairstyle. Trimmed sides with a clear line smoothly transform into a wavy crown.

Long Fringe & Short Razor Line

Long fringe & short razor line

In this hairdo, a combed fringe starts from the forehead and covers the nape, a short shaved line draws attention to the crown. The cut will look magnificent on thick locks.

Clear Parting

Clear parting

Be a real hipster with a relief forelock, faded sides and a shaved line. This hairstyle will look great on any hair type.

Tapered Sides

Tapered sides

Have dense hair cut short and it will look neat. A thin stripe here accurately divides the side and the lush top. This style is nice for children.

Patterned Side & a Clear Line

Patterned side & a clear line

Accents in the form of chaotic lines are visible on the nape and the side, the pattern is repeated in the form of a straight stripe on the top and bangs is raised and laid on one side. The hairdo looks fantastic on thin blonde hair.

Natural Look

Natural look

The hair on sides are perfectly trimmed, a twisted fringe looks awesome. A sharp line extends over the crown, it is shipshape. Be careful with this line as it is very easy to mess up.

Perfectly Flat Lines

Perfectly flat lines

This stunning haircut encompasses three diverse contours: temples are shaved and above them, there is a deep contour, which borders on the razor line. A curved glossy forelock makes the look even more gorgeous.

Surreal Pattern

Surreal pattern

A fusion of styles and colors in this hairdo strikes. Sides are shaved, on the nape, there is an intricate pattern, which reminds of a lighting, a wavy forelock is red and black. Only dare guys can choose this style as a part of the outfit.

Sticking Bangs

Sticking bangs

A voluminous crown makes a huge contrast to the faded sides and a separation line. The nape is faded and it looks like a gradual transition from short hair to the longest locks.

Lustrous Short Haircut

Lustrous short haircut

This hairdo requires a professional implementation, only an excellent barber can make it look wonderful. Faded sides with edged temples and shiny bangs are visually separated by a thick shaved line. The cut will suit dandies.

Trendy Hard Part Cut

Trendy hard part cut

If you are a perfectionist with thick hair, then this hairstyle is for you. Volumetric forelock is combed to the top, the side and the crown are separated by a razor line, the temples are edges and the sides are shaved.

Crooked Voluminous Fringe

Crooked voluminous fringe

Emphasize your high forehead and comb the bangs back, create a contrast and to have your sides faded with a dividing stripe. With such a cut you won’t remain unnoticed.

Sharp Line & Sparkling Top

Sharp line & sparkling top

This is one of the variations of a hard part haircut, hair on sides is longer than in a traditional variant, the line on the crown is sharp and clear, a chic forelock makes the look unique.

Uplifted Bangs

Uplifted bangs

Do you have dense hair and want it to look stunning? Then this hairstyle is for you! The raised bang, faded sides, and a razor line create an appealing image.

Skillful Haircut

Skillful haircut

Each line of this hairdo is just perfect! The forelock is styled with gel and it looks natural, faded sides and a sharp top line complete the pleasant image.

Frizzy Crown

Frizzy crown

Cute curls on the top soften the severity of the image, faded sides are neat and the stripe on the top looks like a sharp arrow. This hairdo needs regular trimming at the barber’s shop.

Messy Top

Messy top

Two opposites are combined in a wonderful hairstyle. Faded sides and a clear line create a balance with a chaotic top. This hairstyle will help to stand out from the crowd.

Brutal Romance

Brutal romance

A stylish haircut may be visually divided into two parts: faded sides and the raised forelock with the diagonal parting. The overall image is classy and the beard adds brutality.


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