Hard Part Haircut Ideas

You’ve surely heard about side part cuts. It’s one of those classic styles for gentlemen — like, a very traditional short style with hair combed to work a natural line. It’s also called a “businessman haircut” and that’s basically all you have to know about it. Hard part is something different. It’s a modern upgrade of those old side part classic cuts, and this upgrade definitely made it better — it’s not a classic and traditional style no more, it’s now a fresh and trending cut. Let’s briefly talk about it.

So, what is a hard part haircut? It’s a shaved line in your haircut, simple as that. The sides are usually short (but not shaved), and the top is a little bit longer (but not in all cases). The hard part cut can be based on any hairstyle you want from a buzz cut to various “hairy” styles like quiffs and pomps. This rather small element is able to change the whole image completely, no matter whether it’s a side part or an artistic parting. It’s also often called a “razor line”, and it’s a great way to customize and to upgrade your style — such a line will make every haircut look sharper and more fresh.

If you’ve never tried to rock it, it’s definitely a high time to run to your barber with this idea, and if you’re still not sure about the whole look, check our gallery. Hope, you’ll find the ideal option here.

Cool mens hard part haircut styles

Cool mens hard part haircut styles 1

Cool mens hard part haircut styles 2

Cool mens hard part haircut styles 3

Cool mens hard part haircut styles 4

While it was difficult to call the side part styles “cool” (don’t get me wrong, they were good, but “cool” just isn’t the right word), their descendant, a hard part style, definitely deserves to be called so. It’s a masculine haircut, that’s we wanted to say — and if you are looking for something manly and cool, such cuts can be exactly what you need.

It’s all about two things: look and maintenance. As for the first one, well, there are literally hundreds of ways to wear a hard part because it works great with a very large number of haircuts, but all these styles have one thing in common: they all are great. The line adds contrast, it makes your style edgy, it can be extremely casual (especially when it’s messy and effortless) and formal — so yeah, everything is great here. As for the second thing, maintenance — everything is cool here, too! The majority of hard part cuts are very simple — basically, your barber will only need, like, 10-20 minutes, a razor and scissors, that’s all.

Unfortunately, the hard part cuts are not really low-maintenance cuts, because it makes sense you’ll have to trim the line regularly or visit your hairdresser in order to not let it disappear. But other than that, hard parts are quite simple — thus, the styling is quite easy.

Top male haircuts with hard part

Top male haircuts with hard part 1

Top male haircuts with hard part 2

Top male haircuts with hard part 3

Top male haircuts with hard part 4

As we’ve said, there are lots of cool male haircuts with hard part. Quiifs, pompadour haircuts, undercut hairstyles, buzz cuts, classic cuts — they all work great in combination with a thin shaved line. Damn, even man bun hairstyles become better with a hard part!

But we won’t simply list all of them here, of course. Instead, we’ve made a short top-4 list of the top male cuts with hard part — you can see the pictures above. We’ve done our best and decided to focus on the latest trends, which means there won’t be any outdated cuts here — only modern, fresh and really stylish ones. Check the photos out, choose the one you like most, show it to your hairdresser and voila — meet your new awesome style!

Hard part fade

Hard part fade 1

Hard part fade 2

Hard part fade 3

Hard part fade 4

The combination of the fade sides and a hard part is probably the most stylish thing you could ever do with your hair. Well, even if it’s not the most stylish combination, it’s definitely in the top-4 list.

Want to have more dramatic look? Then it’s all about the contrast: longer top will look fabulous with faded sides and a shaved line will only add contrast to this sharp style. You can also easily make a messy hairstyle if you choose longer top. Looking for something more clean and polished? Then, a short classic top will work great for you, as well as a comb over. Basically, a hard part is the thing that can breathe life into the old, classic cuts — and comb overs are the perfect example of such transformation. They look extremely smart and modern when combined with a fade with hard part.

Fade+hard part is also a very versatile combination. The majority of such cuts are perfectly balanced, which means you can go to your work in the morning and then visit a bar at the evening without any problems — they are great for both. They are balanced, and you can easily shift this balance towards a messy side if you need it. That’s why we love ‘em.

Double hard part haircut

Double hard part haircut 1

Double hard part haircut 2

Double hard part haircut 3

Double hard part haircut 4

Is one shaved line not enough? Then we have a special two-for-one offer for you!

Such haircuts will most likely not work well as formal cuts, but that’s definitely not what you expect from them, right? Double hard part cuts rock, they are extremely cool and they are one of the best cuts a young boy or guy can make. Seriously, these haircuts are perfect for young and stylish — just take a look at the photos above and you’ll get it!

Soft part haircut for comparison

Soft part haircut for comparison 1

Soft part haircut for comparison 2

Soft part haircut for comparison 3

Soft part haircut for comparison 4

The thing is, there are alternatives when it comes to men’s parted hairstyles. What about soft parting?

Soft parts are about lines, too. The only difference is that the line isn’t shaved here — it’s made by brushing your hair into two sections. Such cuts are not as “radical” as they don’t add as much contrast as hard part hairstyles, but we can’t say that it’s bad — it’s just another option.

There’s also something you have to know about soft parts if you are an African American guy with short curly hair. Due to your hair texture, it may be quite difficult for you to create a soft part and to maintain it, so we recommend to think about hard parts instead.

Hard line haircut for men with short hair

Hard line haircut for men with short hair 1

Hard line haircut for men with short hair 2

Hard line haircut for men with short hair 3

Hard line haircut for men with short hair 4

Hard line haircuts are flexible, as you’ve probably noticed. It’s not about contrasted cuts only — thus, they can be a good choice even if you prefer minimalist classic style. We are talking about short haircuts with a hard part here — they are simple and classy, and we are sure that you just have to take a look at them. The pictures are already here!

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas 1

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas 2

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas 3

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas 4

Awesome hard part hairstyle ideas 5

Do you prefer classic or trendy hard part hairstyles? Anyway, we have both options here. Undercuts, quiffs, classic and simple cuts — we believe that all of them become better with a shaved line. Discover the new ideas right here, get inspired and be ready to change your style completely — we hope that these four pics above will help you. We’ve gathered only the best ideas here, you can be sure about it.

Hard part pompadour

Hard part pompadour 1

Hard part pompadour 2

Hard part pompadour 3

Hard part pompadour 4

Pompadour is probably one of the most impressive haircuts for men. Love it or hate it, you just can’t say that it isn’t an iconic hairstyle — it was popular then, and it has only become more popular now. It’s definitely not for those who prefer minimalist styles, no — it’s for men, who know how to look fashionable and stylish and who aren’t afraid to look so.

If you’re one of such men, here’s what we can offer you: a top-4 list of the coolest pompadour haircuts with hard part lines. Fade sides and undercuts work perfect with pomps, and you’ll be surprised by how cool are such combinations. Check the photos above!

Btw, pompadours suit almost all face shape types well. Men with oval, round, triangle, and square faces can wear pompadours without any doubts.

Most popular hard part haircuts

Most popular hard part haircuts 1

Most popular hard part haircuts 2

Most popular hard part haircuts 3

Most popular hard part haircuts 4

Most popular hard part haircuts 5

So, the just the word “trendy” in haircuts is not enough and you’re now looking for the trendiest ones, right? Then we have something interesting for you here!

It’s the list of the most popular and most stylish haircuts with a hard part, and the only thing we can say about it is: they all are perfect. Thousands of men all around the world have already tried them, so don’t wait and upgrade your style right now!

The best ideas for shaved part in hair

The best ideas for shaved part in hair 1

The best ideas for shaved part in hair 2

The best ideas for shaved part in hair 3

The best ideas for shaved part in hair 4

If you haven’t chosen any hard part cut yet, here’s out last shot: four extremely cool ideas for shaved part in hair. Meet these awesome and stylish cuts that will make you the center of attention! Oh, and by the way, they will definitely suit your hair length and face shape.