How to Slick Your Hair Back Guide

Slicked back hair has been a classic legacy since the 1950s. It’s the hairstyle perfect for festive and formal occasions, but definitely not for the gym or barbeque weekend. Not every hair texture can be slicked back in a proper way; high fade, undercut, fine and medium hair are the best for this purpose. The one should bear in mind that this hairstyle is all about clean lines, so it’s extremely important to keep it fresh and neatly-shaven. In general, gelled back hair is a perfect option for all men who want to look stylish and elegant, so if this is what you are looking for, check out our collection to find your perfect version!

How to Slick Back Hair

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If you’re in love with slicked-back hairstyles but have no idea how to style it, this how-to guide is for you:

  1. After you’ve washed your hair, towel-dry it so that it’s not too wet but damp enough to spread the hair product effortlessly.
  2. Comb your hair back to figure out all the possible flaws which can be visible after you slick your hair and choose the option which would look flawless.
  3. Take some hair pomade (the proper amount needed for your hair type you’ll know after practicing a couple times) and spread it over your head with fingertips, moving up and down. You can choose the pomade not only due to your hair texture but also depending on the result you want to have (water- and oil-based pomades for shine, clay pomades for matte effect).
  4. Pull the comb back through your hair and trail it with another hand, sleeking it. Keep doing this step until you get the look you want.
  5. Enjoy your irresistible look!

The Best Men’s Slicked Back Hairstyles

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The Best Mens Slicked Back Hairstyles 2

The Best Mens Slicked Back Hairstyles 3

The Best Mens Slicked Back Hairstyles 4
Why do guys love the slicked back hairstyle so much? It is obvious that it never goes out of fashion and never loses its popularity even in spite of the fact that the new trends are constantly emerging. The reason is simple: this is a classy hairstyle that suits most men perfectly and can be styled in plenty of ways. For instance, you can sleek it back in a usual way, or add a side part. The pomp is also possible here. The process of styling is quite easy as well: just blow dry your hair back with a little bit of matte pomade and give your hair a chance to be natural, or use more pomade to create an elegant, festive look.

Slick Back Fade Haircut

Slick Back Fade Haircut 1

Slick Back Fade Haircut 2

Slick Back Fade Haircut 3

Slick Back Fade Haircut 4
If you want your hairstyle to look modern and more creative, slick back with fade is the best option for you. Such a mix of classics and the latest trends is absolutely awesome! Shorter hair on sides and/or back and longer slicked hair on the front is nothing but beautiful contrast that highlights your best features! The good news is such a version is great as for the guys with fine hair as for men with thick hair.

Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut 1

Slicked Back Undercut 2

Slicked Back Undercut 3

Slicked Back Undercut 4

Slicked Back Undercut 5
The undercut is rightfully considered to be one of the most elegant and versatile haircuts for men. It has plenty of advantages, but it can look even better with slicked-back hair. Moreover, your whole look will depend on how you see yourself. For instance, a naturally trimmed beard turns an image from elegant into wild, so that is a perfect option for guys who want to look like real rebels. And of course, you can always make your look more elegant and formal by choosing appropriate clothes and making your hair look as tidy and neat as possible.

Slicked Back Curly Hair

Slicked Back Curly Hair 1

Slicked Back Curly Hair 2

Slicked Back Curly Hair 3
Wavy hair is twice more difficult to slick back comparing with straight locks. You need more pomade, and it should be harder as well. And even if you do your best in styling, you can’t be sure you’ll get that ideal sleek crown. Take a glance at these pictures to make sure that in this case, the result is absolutely worth every effort!

Timeless Slick Back Pompadour

Timeless Slick Back Pompadour 1

Timeless Slick Back Pompadour 2

Timeless Slick Back Pompadour 3

Timeless Slick Back Pompadour 4
Nice little slicked back pomps, and hard lines of the ’50s haven’t disappeared yet. They’re still in popular with men of all ages. However, it cannot be said that this hairstyle has not changed at all – today we have better versions of pompadour a lot of stylish men wear proudly. These transformations are undoubtedly great, and now we have plenty of rocking rockabilly versions of pompadour, including slicked back pomp to try!

Slicked Back Mohawk

Slicked Back Mohawk 1

Slicked Back Mohawk 2

Slicked Back Mohawk 3
Mohawk is not for the shy guys. This is hairstyle that men who love attention usually choose. Still, they do not always want their Mohawk to be too eye-catching, and in such cases, slicked back hair is the best option. This is a kind of compromise between a classy and funky haircut, and there is no doubt it looks absolutely gorgeous when styled properly!

Medium Length Swept-Back Hair

Medium Length SweptBack Hair 1

Medium Length SweptBack Hair 2

Medium Length SweptBack Hair 3

Medium Length SweptBack Hair 4
Medium length is awesome just because it offers a lot of cool ways of styling! For instance, you can choose old school disconnected greaser hairstyle using some separate strands, which fall down the face and break the classic image of slicked back hair-do. Another cool option is faded haircut that looks classy and stylish. However, in spite of its casual look, it requires some time in front of the mirror and a pair of styling movements with a blow-dryer, hairbrush, and pomade.

Modern Hairstyles with Hair Slicked Back

Modern Hairstyles with Hair Slicked Back 1

Modern Hairstyles with Hair Slicked Back 2

Modern Hairstyles with Hair Slicked Back 3

Modern Hairstyles with Hair Slicked Back 4

As we have already noticed, modern “slick-backs” can include the majority of present-day hairstyles, for example, the pompadour. However, it’s not so easy to keep the hairstyle high, voluminous and sleek at the same time, so the one shouldn’t underestimate it. Anyway, the guys who know the value of really good looks say that the result is worth the efforts!  Think of a typical image of fashion guy or hipster. Full shaggy beard, razor parting, taper, fade and ideally slicked long glossy crown is a win-win option if you cannot imagine your life without your iPad and a flanel shirt.

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men 1

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men 2

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men 3

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men 4
Don’t forget that a slicked-back hairstyle is not only a stylish but also lifebuoy option for balding men and men with a receding hairline. While you sweep your long hair back, you can cover your bald area and become fresh and young again. Guys with thick hair should not underestimate long slicked back hairstyles as well. Girls consider them to be really hot, of course, if you know how to keep it neat and tidy.

Male Hairstyles with Swept Back Hair

Male Hairstyles with Swept Back Hair 1

Male Hairstyles with Swept Back Hair 2

Male Hairstyles with Swept Back Hair 3
If you consider brush back to be too boring, formal or mainstream, no problem, there is another great version of slicked back hairstyle for you. What about side swept hair? A lot of celebrities choose such hairstyles and wear them proudly on the red carpet, is not it a proof of their awesomeness? You can style your hair the way you want to create new stylish looks. Everything is possible, of course, if you are not bald.

Classic Combed Back Hair

Classic Combed Back Hair 1

Classic Combed Back Hair 2

Classic Combed Back Hair 3
Oldie, but goldie! Classics never die, and this updated variation of eternal slicked back hairstyle is another proof of this fact. If you have an oval face, a classic slicked back style is for you. But if your head is round or your skull is not proportional, this hairstyle will aggravate the situation. But if you go into cheating and uplift the needed area, you’ll both hide your flaws and make your look even more attractive.

Cool Short Slicked Back Hair Styles

Cool Short Slicked Back Hair Styles 1

Cool Short Slicked Back Hair Styles 2

Cool Short Slicked Back Hair Styles 3
Any hair length can be slicked, so don’t worry if yours is too short. Just take a look at how incredible you can slick back your buzz cut, adding a hard part and line up. Moreover, short hair has an advantage over long hair as it’s rather easier in styling. You can slick back your buzz cut during a couple of minutes while the hairstyles with long top require at least a quarter of an hour in front of the mirror in the morning.

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair Look

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair Look 1

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair Look 2

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair Look 3

Best Product for Slicked Back Hair Look 4

If you do not know how to keep hair slicked back, you should definitely consider this information carefully. In this case, styling is not as difficult as it may seem and not as easy as most of the casual hairstyles for men. Firstly, you will need some hair products that will help you create a great look. The so-called basic set includes shampoo (what a surprise), hair clay, and maybe a spray to maintain the texture. The technique itself is very simple, and we have already described it above. Do not miss your chance to look gorgeous: although you need to buy some extra products, the impression you will make on others is worth the effort!