Individual Braids

There are tons of factors that damage your hair: sunlight, cold, wind, straightening, curling, blow-drying, etc. And it seems that there’s no way to avoid these things and that we are doomed. Actually, it’s not so at all. You can protect your hair and give it a little break from everything that has been listed above with the help of individual braids. African-American women are familiar with this kind of protective hairstyle and know well that it is a great way to let hair grow longer, healthier and thicker.
So, what are individual braids hairstyles in the first place? Frankly, the name speaks for itself. It is literally any hairstyle in which hair is braided into numerous braids all over the head. And so you can go for box braids, rope braids, Jumbo braids, micro braids or any other similar braiding style.
We would be happy to show you the best individual braids styles that exist. Dive in!

Cool Pictures of Single Braids Hairstyles

Cool Pictures of Single Braids Hairstyles 1 Cool Pictures of Single Braids Hairstyles 2 Cool Pictures of Single Braids Hairstyles 3 Cool Pictures of Single Braids Hairstyles 4
We, girls, always want to look our best. What is more, we tend to get bored with the way our hairstyle looks quite soon and we need some changes every now and then. If you can relate to this, you will like all the individual braids styles collected here. They are cool, stylish and comfy. What else can a person expect from a hairstyle, right? The good news is you don’t necessarily have to have the same hair length as the length of individual braids you want to. They can easily be done with the help of synthetic hair and crocheting.

Trendy Medium-Sized Individual Braids

Trendy Medium-Sized Individual Braids 1 Trendy Medium-Sized Individual Braids 2 Trendy Medium-Sized Individual Braids 3 Trendy Medium-Sized Individual Braids 4
Large and medium-sized individual braids have their own charm. They look massive yet cute. What is more, they take less time to be made so you won’t need to sit for hours in a beauty salon to get such a hairstyle. One of the best things about medium individual braids is that they look absolutely gorgeous with different kinds of beads and other accessories braided into them. Individual braids are versatile and that’s why girls love them so much.

Cute Small Individual Braids

Cute Small Individual Braids 1 Cute Small Individual Braids 3Cute Small Individual Braids 4
Okay, while medium individual braids may be too voluminous and hard to manage, small and thin individual braids remind natural hair and are easy to work with in terms of styling. besides, the thinner and smaller these braids are, the more they look like real hair. Though the truth is, such braids are a lot more difficult to braid. And you will have to spend more time to get them. However, small single braids are totally worth it. With such a beautiful hairstyle you will stand out from the crowd and get tons of attention.

Beautiful Long Individual Braids Styles

Beautiful Long Individual Braids Styles 1Beautiful Long Individual Braids Styles 2Beautiful Long Individual Braids Styles 3Beautiful Long Individual Braids Styles 4
Ladies with long hair know exactly that such hair length can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can make almost any hairstyle on such a hair length, but on the other, it takes a lot of time, patience and money to take good care of long hair. If you don’t want to say goodbye to your gorgeous long locks but you are tired of everyday hairstyling, take a look at the ideas for long individual braids. You keep the length untouched and free yourself from styling routine for at least 4 to 6 weeks. And the best thing is, there are an awful lot of cool hairstyles for individual braids: from a simple ponytail to a sophisticated high bun.

Ideas of Individual Braids with Color

Ideas of Individual Braids with Color 1Ideas of Individual Braids with Color 2Ideas of Individual Braids with Color 3Ideas of Individual Braids with Color 4
Black hair looks gorgeous by itself, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some bright nuance to it. Individual braids with color can be the way out. Eye-catching blue color, trendy burgundy, calming gray or even aquamarine ombre – everything is possible with individual braids. And it gets better, you won’t need to have your natural hair actually dyed. There’s a great variety of colored synthetic hair on the market, so you buy a few packs and braid into your hair. The result will be stunning, we can guarantee that. Just look at how lovely these black girls look with colored individual braids styles. We bet you already want something like these hairstyles.

Stylish Short Individual Braids

Stylish Short Individual Braids 1Stylish Short Individual Braids 2Stylish Short Individual Braids 3Stylish Short Individual Braids 4
Why so many females prefer individual braids? What’s all the buzz about them? The first and foremost factor is, individual braids work well for all women and it doesn’t really matter what hair length or the type of hair they have. Let’s say you have got short to medium hair length. You have probably given up on the idea to get a braided hairstyle because you think that the length won’t allow you to do that. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The pictures here prove one more time that individual braids can be of any length you want. What is more, short individual braids look so cute that one can barely take their eyes off. Bob would be a perfect option for you if you opt for individual braided hair. Give it a try and see for yourself.

To sum up, we’d like to point out all the advantages of individual braids one more time:

  • You can wear them in countless ways. Individual braids are so versatile that it seems that it is impossible to find a hairstyle which couldn’t be made out of these braids. Various ponytails, high and low buns, top knots, braided updos, to name a few.
  • Individual braids can last for over a month or so. Since individual braids belong to protective hairstyles, it means that once you get them done, you can forget about constant straightening and things like that for up to 6 weeks. Your hair will rest for a bit and recover from the damage caused by styling.
  • Such a hairstyle is perfect for hot summer days. Not only is it less hot when your hair is braided, but also direct sunlight will be less harmful to your hair.·
    Low-maintenance when it comes to taking care of individual braids. It is required to wash your individual box braids once or twice a month with diluted shampoo and conditioner to keep them healthy and good-looking.
  • Individual braids fit any style and taste. Are you planning to wear a gown for your prom? Individual braids put into an elegant updo will complement the image. Maybe you want to go to a party with friends? Put your favorite tee and jeans on and you are ready to go because individual braids will suit this look, too.