Julianne Hough Hairstyle – Short and Long Hair

Try out Julianne Hough hairstyle, which is always an example of a good taste. She experiments with textures: a tousled structure is combined with smooth locks and she wears short, medium and long hair. This style is especially beneficial for women, who have curly and thin hair.

Julianne Hough – Textured Cascade

Textured cascade
Be inspired by a Julianne Hough’s red carpet look and comb your hair to one side, have a top raised and let a side swept long forelock be a part of a curly waterfall.

Distinct Layers

Distinct layers
Emphasize the beauty of a round face with a proper haircut. Gather locks in an elegant clipping, make one side more vivid through pointing out separate wavy tresses, put together and fixed with spray. Complement the image with massive accessories.

Choppy Strands

Choppy strands
Express your freedom-loving spirit through a disheveled hairdo. Curl tresses and tease them with fingers or a hairbrush, to create the volume, you may make a bouffant or leave the top smooth to make hair look sleek, if you wish, add a thin side braid, it’ll add cuteness.

Rock Diva – Short Hairstyle

Rock diva
Which hairstyle goes better with a leather jacket? It is a lob! Careless shoulder – length hair is slightly waved and tousled, the cut will be an excellent addition to the daring image.

Plain Beauty

Plain beauty
Platinum dense hair is an eternal trend! So if you are the owner of these locks, frizzle up them with an iron and let gentle wisps frame the face.

Exaggerated Zig Zag Hair of Julianne Hough

Exaggerated Zig Zag
A win-win option for sparse, gray hair is an unusual styling. Make up a zig zag pattern with thin layers, add sparkling earrings and look stunning!

Huge Bouffant

Huge bouffant
The trick how to make thin locks look visually thicker is to comb them backward and create a massive bouffant, you may divide front and rare parts with an elegant hair hoop.

Casual Style

Casual style
Naturalness always catches an eye, so if you have blonde and healthy tresses, just wear them loose or add several waves to make them more textured.

Volumetric Locks of Julianne Hough

Volumetric locks
A glamorous look is achieved through strands of different shades and length so that thin wisps look voluminous. A glossy cascade works well with a bright makeup.

Offbeat Bun

Offbeat bun
If you are into experiments, try a non-traditional bun on the top. Use gel to make locks smooth, make up a ponytail and braid a thick plait, then tease it and wrap around the base of the tail.

Natural Waves

Natural waves
Wavy tresses look fashionable if they are properly styled. Leave roots dark, they’ll be a nice contrast to blonde locks and just comb them and brush to one side.

Fair Bob – Short Haircut

Fair bob
Sporty women opt a short bob: it is convenient, easy to maintain and stylish. Let longer strands stick from the cut and look awesome.

Innocent Look

Innocent look
Set off the tanned skin with a blonde hairdo! Have a crown raised and divided into two parts, let front wisps frame the face and gather separate strands on the nape.

Silky & Flat

Silky & flat
Go for a classic ultra-straight look if you have blonde locks. Have them straightened and boost the top, the image will be charming.

Juliannes Volumetric Ponytail

Volumetric ponytail
Make a conventional ponytail look unique by adding a bouffant on the nape, which will smoothly transform into a short ponytail, wear facial tresses loose, they will soften face features and add airiness.

Casual City Outfit

Casual city outfit
Easy negligence always looks sexy, so tousle wavy hair and let it lie freely, add a hat to make the image complete.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids
Braids are always trendy, but don’t be boring and don’t choose sleek plaits, play with the texture and have two fishtail braids, which are disheveled and intersect at the top.

Discreet Look of Julianne Hough

Discreet look
Healthy, glossy hair doesn’t need a special styling because it is beautiful the way it is, so divide locks into two parts so that the hairline is visible, comb backward and tuck behind the ears, add spray and the cut will look fresh throughout the day.

Sparkling Fairytale

Sparkling fairytale
Do you want to shine and attract an eye but don’t know how? Collect hair in a French braid on the top, let a few strands frame the face and a zest of the hairstyle is a brilliant hair ornament.

Smooth Bun Vs Disheveled One

Smooth bun vs disheveled one
A bun is ideal for an oval face, it makes it more elongated. You may either make a chaotic top bun and leave the rest of hair sleek or create a patterned bun with textured front strands and an illusion of a volume.

Complicated Updo

Complicated updo
A sophisticated styling is difficult to do, but it is worth all efforts! Twisted braids and separate strands, which are connected to the shaped bun, look great with decorative elements – such as small roses or a golden hoop.

Volumetric Crown

Volumetric crown
Plain, loose hair still may look stunning! Have a top raised and sides elevated, your sparse tresses will get the necessary volume.

Wet Roots

Wet roots
Experiment with textures and colors, play with contrasts. Have the effect of wet hair on dark roots, whereas another part is smooth, tuck one side behind the ear and let other wisps gently edge the face.

Fair Mess

Fair mess
Messy hair makes you look so foxy, so if you have thin blonde locks as Julianne Hough has, then tease them a little and wear loose.

Plain Perfection

Plain perfection
Flat, smooth lines always look neat and appealing. So make the top as glossy and silky as you can and gather the rest of hair into a cute low bun.

Disheveled Shortcut

Disheveled shortcut
Unruly blonde tresses are hard to maintain, so give them a certain shape, fix with spray and comb one part of the hair to the side and tease a little bit, and an easy and stylish clipping is ready!

Shiny & Silky

Shiny & silky
Well-maintained hair is always gorgeous, so just comb it and use gel to make it sleeker, let strands cover your back and tuck one part behind the ear.

Halloween Look

Halloween look
Here is a perfect illustration of how to make an exaggerated volume on sparse, blonde locks. Have wisps curled, tousle them with a comb and fix so that the shape is preserved, make the outfit more vivid and add an offbeat accessory and a bright makeup.

Alluring Waves

Alluring waves
A medium-length textured hairdo goes well both with a sport and official style. Twist distinct layers and arrange them as a cascade, it’ll give the necessary volume.

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair
Don’t know to impress? Choose a pink color for your shortcut and wear strands loose, put spray on the roots to make the hairstyle look more voluminous.

Glamorous Styling

Glamorous styling
Large intertwined ringlets, which frame the face, always make the look more expensive. Let platinum blonde swirls descend along the face and open another part of the face and gather locks on the back.

Wet Hair Effect

Wet hair effect
Wet hair is a new trend, accepted by many celebrities. All you have to do is to comb locks backward and put gel on the crown to create a wet effect, but be careful because if you overdo it with gel, hair will look dirty and messy.

Messy Bob

Messy bob
If you have an elongated face, you can allow yourself wear a short bob. Wear a side-swept forelock with wavy locks, the cut is festive and plain at the same time.

Boosted Crown

Boosted crown
A tousled medium-length hairdo will look dope if you’ll make the root boost. Tease tresses with fingers, this negligence is a great choice to enhance your charm.

Lovely Braids

Lovely braids
This romantic hairstyle will make you a head-turner! Reverse French braids cover the whole head like a crown and small purple flowers are inserted as decorative elements.

Soft Waves

Soft waves
You can be even chicer by doing asymmetrical waves on your long locks, this cut is very feminine and it is easy to style.

Textured Ponytail

Textured ponytail
A small bouffant on the crown goes well with a high wavy ponytail, waves add a volume to it, and thin front wisps add airiness to the look.

Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyle
Fashion is cyclical, so a vintage hairdo will make you look fashionable and sweet. Get tips curled and to make the image distinctive, add a blue ribbon with a cute bow.

Sophisticated Image

Sophisticated image
If you are tired of wearing your strands loose, check out this perfect weaving! Have separate strands twisted and wrap them around the rest of the hair to the middle of the length, let the remaining hair be messy.

Retro Style

Retro style
If locks are sparse, use this trick and make them look denser and more voluminous – do little curls, then tease them and fix with spray. This is a win – win option for a party!

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair
A bushy wavy head of hair swept to the side, will make you stand out! These curls make the face visually thinner and don’t forget to put an accent on your eyes.

Julianne Hough Hairstyle – Short and Long Hair
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