Julianne Hough Hairstyle – Short and Long Hair

Wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair, medium length hair – Julianne Hough looks incredibly beautiful with whatever her hair length is and whatever the texture she chooses. Seriously, can you recall any other celebrity who would try as many new styles as Julianne and would look equally charming with any of them? Okay, you can say that the girl is lucky to get such good hair, but it’s not just about genes. It’s about an ability to pick a hairstyle that suits her in the best way. For this reason, we’d like you to get inspired by Julianne Hough’s hair. You can try out any of Julianne Hough hairstyles, which are always an example of a good taste. The truth is, it’s great when a woman isn’t afraid to experiment with textures. Let’s take a tousled structure that is combined with smooth locks. Doesn’t it look awesome? Well, this was just one example and here we’ve got a lot more of them. By the way, Riawna Capri, who is Julianne Hough’s stylist, sees the actress as her muse. Maybe this is the reason behind all these super-hot hairstyles? Anyways, we suggest that you look through all these beautiful Julianne Hough’s hairstyles to find the one for yourself.

The Newest Julianne Hough Hair Styles

The Newest Julianne Hough Hair Styles 1The Newest Julianne Hough Hair Styles 2The Newest Julianne Hough Hair Styles 3

We all are used to this cool beach-babe look of Julianne Hough. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only way she can wear her hair. On the contrary, Julianne has proved everyone that a girl can look fantastic with any hair color, length, and texture. Remember Julianne Hough’s red hair carpet look with hair combed to one side? Or the time she had her hair dyed pink? But, of course, platinum blonde or dirty blonde hair colors are more common for her.

Everyone knows that messy hair makes girls look so foxy, so if you have thin blonde locks as Julianne Hough has, then tease them a little and wear loose. Just like in the pictures which show Julianne Hough new haircuts.

Julianne Hough Short Hair Images

Julianne Hough Short Hair Images 1Julianne Hough Short Hair Images 2Julianne Hough Short Hair Images 3Julianne Hough Short Hair Images 4

Short pixie cut? Chopped bob? Slicked back hair? Curls? Whatever the hairstyle is, Julianne Hough knows how to look her best with short hair. And the most interesting thing is, every new hairstyle makes us see her in a different light every time. So what’s the trick behind all this “she-looks-awesome-with-any-hairstyle” thing? First things first, it’s Julianne’s hair texture, which is neither thin nor thick. Second, it’s her perfect oval face shape. These two factors allow a person to wear practically any hairstyle they want. Pretty cool, huh? Though if you aren’t one of those who are blessed with lucky sevens, don’t get disappointed too soon. There are tons of short, medium and long hairstyles that will suit your particular parameters. All you need is a bit of inspiration and a good stylist. As for the first one, we can help. Well, not we, but Julianne Hough can inspire, that’s for sure.

Pictures of the Cutest Julianne Hough Hairstyles

Pictures of the Cutest Julianne Hough Hairstyles 1Pictures of the Cutest Julianne Hough Hairstyles 2Pictures of the Cutest Julianne Hough Hairstyles 3Pictures of the Cutest Julianne Hough Hairstyles 4

Lots of girls are curious about how to get Julianne Hough hair? Well, to start with, you have to have a good stylist as Julianne has. But most importantly, you have to know which features of yours should be highlighted and which ones should be hidden. The latter is basically the main rule in terms of hairstyling. As well as that, you need some visual example of what you want to get, right? Luckily, we’ve collected all the best and cutest Julianne Hough hairstyles in one post to give you enough inspiration for your next visit to a beauty salon.

The Best Julianne Hough Bob Styles

The Best Julianne Hough Bob Styles 1The Best Julianne Hough Bob Styles 2The Best Julianne Hough Bob Styles 3The Best Julianne Hough Bob Styles 4

Hair by Julianne Hough has gone viral lately. It seems that her and Rihanna’s hairstyles are ones of the top-searched on the web. And for a reason. Have you seen the variety of bob hairstyles Julianne Hough has tried over the past decade? And the thing is, all these bobs are gorgeous. Like, do you remember her long bob with layers? How about shaggy bob? And of course, classic straight bob with which Julianne Hough has been spotted recently. One thing is sure, bob is timeless. And thanks to the whole variety of this hairstyle, every girl can find the one that suits her. And so you have something to start with taking a look at platinum dense hair. It is an eternal trend! So if you are the owner of these locks, frizzle up them with an iron and let gentle wisps frame the face.

Top Julianne Hough Haircuts

Top Julianne Hough Haircuts 1Top Julianne Hough Haircuts 2Top Julianne Hough Haircuts 3Top Julianne Hough Haircuts 4

You can always express your freedom-loving spirit through a haircut. Just follow Julianne Hough’s lead. This lady can show you how to look gorgeous with dark hair, or brown hair, or blonde hair, it doesn’t matter. All you need is the right haircut. And a tip for you. Curl tresses and tease them with fingers or a hairbrush, to create the volume, you may make a bouffant or leave the top smooth to make hair look sleek, if you wish, add a thin side braid, it’ll add cuteness.

Give These Julianne Hough Updo Styles a Try

Give These Julianne Hough Updo Styles a Try 1Give These Julianne Hough Updo Styles a Try 2Give These Julianne Hough Updo Styles a Try 3Give These Julianne Hough Updo Styles a Try 4

All the updos Julianne Hough wears are dope. You should definitely give some of them a try. A win-win option for thin hair is an unusual styling. Make up a zig-zag pattern with thin layers, add sparkling earrings and look stunning!

If you are into experiments, try a non-traditional bun on the top. Use gel to make locks smooth, make up a ponytail and braid a thick plait, then tease it and wrap around the base of the tail. Braids are always trendy, but don’t be boring and don’t choose sleek plaits, play with the texture and have two fishtail braids, which are disheveled and intersect at the top. A bun is ideal for an oval face; it makes it more elongated. You may either make a chaotic top bun and leave the rest of hair sleek or create a patterned bun with textured front strands and an illusion of a volume.

Awesome Julianne Hough Long Hair

Awesome Julianne Hough Long Hair 1Awesome Julianne Hough Long Hair 2Awesome Julianne Hough Long Hair 3

Long hair is always on-trend whether it is long straight hair or long messy beach waves. There’s something about girls with long hairstyles that just takes the breath away. Do you agree? Even though we are used to Julianne Hough’s short hair, all of her long styles are jaw-dropping, too.

Julianne Hough Shoulder Length Hair

Julianne Hough Shoulder Length Hair 1Julianne Hough Shoulder Length Hair 2Julianne Hough Shoulder Length Hair 3Julianne Hough Shoulder Length Hair 4

Healthy, glossy shoulder-length hair doesn’t need a special styling because it is beautiful the way it is, so divide locks into two parts so that the hairline is visible, comb backward and tuck behind the ears, add spray and the cut will look fresh throughout the day.

A medium-length textured hairdo goes well both with a sport and official style. Twist distinct layers and arrange them as a cascade, it’ll give the necessary volume. You can also go vintage and get pinup hair like Julianne Hough in the pics above. And if you don’t feel like spending too much time on styling, you can go with a ponytail.