Line Up Haircut: Choose your Own Style

Baldness, unruly curls, sparse locks – forget about all these problems with a line up haircut. It is easy to maintain, a barber creates straight lines and sharp temples, sideburns using clippers. If you wish, you can add patterns on sides and leave kinky spiky tops. This hairstyle is for all ages and all social groups.

Spiky Top & Faded Sides

Spiky top & faded sides

A top is maintained to the one side with the help of gel, a line separates a faded side from the rest of the haircut, and long whiskers make the look sexier.

Little Bat Line Up Haircut

Little Bat

Searching for an extraordinary hairdo for your child? Then a line up haircut with clear edged temples and the icon of a bat makes the kid awesome.

Typical Male Hairstyle

Typical male hairstyle

A framed forelock with sharp temples and faded sides are the features of a stylish haircut. Be imposing with this cut.

Sleek Shape Up Hair with Line

Sleek shape up

A textured raised top is the zest of the hairdo, sharp lines on the side transform into an elegant beard. This one is a real macho style.

Stylish Edged Up

Stylish edged up

The finest variant for unruly hair is the lineup cut, if you don’t want it to look trivial, then have the forelock and temples framed as in the photo and the height of hair is minimal.

Kinky Crown

Kinky crown

A volumetric top is perfectly trimmed, dense hair is gathered into an eye-pleasing oval form. The bangs and the temples are clearly outlined.

Blonde Trendy

Blonde trendy

A relief fringe is glossy, a razor line creates a nice border between the crown and the faded side. A sharp temple adds symmetry to the hairdo.

Greetings From The 50’s

Greetings from the 50's

Dense and healthy hair gives many variations to hairstyles, opt one of them and make a wavy fringe, a distinctive stripe, and a gradually faded side.

Voluminous Top

Voluminous top

The forelock is framed and the crown is raised. Sides are faded and it is nice since they do not overload the large crown.

Slick & Shaved

Slick & shaved

Dense black hair looks like silk, the fringe has a nice form. Sharp lines on the side don’t look absurdly, they add a note of extravagance to the haircut.

Marvelous Fan Line Up Hairstyles

Marvelous fan

Follow the trends, but at the same time find a nice piquancy. Here separate strands in the fringe lie in one direction, two-leveled sides look extremely stylish.

Professional Line Up Hairdo

Professional line up hairdo

This wonderful sleek top is emphasized by a clear horizontal line, the sides are trimmed and the temple is sharp. This classical cut will make a man imposing.

 Curly Crown

Curly crown

Don’t get rid of your natural curls, just frame them properly. Here the top is crispy and a thin line is a vivid accent.

Ideal Look

Ideal look

What is the best way to wear hair short? Have the fringe edged and the temples angled. Please, pay attention that symmetrical lines are good only for round faces.

Messy Fringe

Messy fringe

In case you have not very dense hair on sides, choose the following variant. Sides and the nape are faded, sharp temples contrast with the wavy top.

Edgy Temples

Edgy temples

This haircut is easy to maintain, so it is flawless for children. The crown is not very dense and a graceful stripe smoothly separates the shaved sides and a flat top.

Relief & Shaved

Relief & shaved

Creative personalities don’t wear boring hairstyles. Have the fringe raised, a sharp razor line on the top, which is repeated on shaved sides and be unique.

Smooth Transition

Smooth transition

In this line up hairdo, there is no distinct separation line, so it creates the effect of thick hair. Plain lines of the bangs and temples add some severity to the look.

Striking Updo

Striking updo

Smooth glossy locks are put in a wavy top, a razor stripe and sharp edges on temples make the hairdo look strict.

Barbed & Shiny

Barbed & shiny

Children are always into amazing experiments, so a line up haircut with an edgy forelock is what you need! Except for a dazzling top and framed sides, choose a geometrical pattern as a decoration.

Billowy Crown

Billowy crown

Thin curly locks are easy to maintain, so use gel or hair wax as in the picture and create the effect of a volumetric crown. Faded sides with a clearly outlined separation stripe emphasize the volume of the top.

Blonde & Shaved Hair with Line

Blonde & shaved

A blond top will perfectly harmonize with the tanned skin. A razor line visually detaches the faded side from the crown.

Colored Shape Up

Colored shape up

Sumptuous sticking fringe is dyed in light and dark shades, it looks appealing. A delicate stripe extends over the faded side and draws attention.

Large Bun & Shaved Sides

Large bun & shaved sides

Create an extravagant outfit: have the sides shaved, the fringe is edged and at the top, hair is gathered into an attractive bun.

Curved Waves

Curved waves

Unruly hair may be tamed if you wear a line up hairdo. Let the top be crispy, but have sides faded and underline them with straight lines.

Small Ringlets

Small ringlets

This variant is for dense and kinky hair. The line of the bangs is flat and the whiskers are turning into his beard and look stylish.

Line Up Conventional Variant of Haircut

Conventional variant

A line up hairstyle doesn’t require many skills to maintain it, so it is popular among children. The cut looks awesome, the forelock is raised, sides are trimmed and edged, a razor line is on the top.

Foxy Hairdo

Foxy hairdo

A line up cut will only emphasize your sexiness, dense locks are raised, a short stripe creates focus on the side, the beard is not very lush, it adds brutality to the image.

Duplex Hairstyle

Duplex hairstyle

To be trendy, have the bangs clearly delineated and the temples slightly trimmed, a wavy top will complement the image.

Undercut Side Piece Plus Relief Bangs

Undercut side piece plus relief bangs

Emphasize the loveliness of your high forehead: have a clear border of the forelock, sharp temples and a razor line on the top.

Fabulous Beauty

Fabulous beauty

The transition of colors is very smooth in this haircut: light shaved sides turn into a flat black top, separated by a line. The temples and the forelock are professionally framed.

Extraordinary Cut

Extraordinary cut

The straight bangs and the temples are traditional, but the zest is a razor line, which resembles a curve and extends across the side.

Messy Updo

Messy updo

Providing that you don’t want to get rid of your curls, select the cut, which will make them look gorgeous. The painted upper layer is gathered into a but, above there is a razor stripe, which marks faded sides and a flat forelock.

Exceptional Shape Up

Exceptional shape up

How to make a trivial haircut with a volumetric top and faded sides look stunning? Note that the temples are sharp and the borders of hair layers are smooth, the work must be done by a professional.

Intricate Pattern

Intricate pattern

Here a line up hairdo has been altered, instead of faded sides, there is a marvelous design, which is made of lines and curves, and the rest of hair is kinky.

Chaotic Strands

Chaotic strands

A little boy will look sweet with a traditional variation of a line up haircut. A wavy forelock is raised, the sides are trimmed and there is a clear separation stripe.

Sharp & Bold Hair with Line

Sharp & bold

The bangs look wonderful, each strand is distinct, at the border of the hair growth there is a dividing line, sharp temples and faded sides make up a nice contrast.

Sleek Line Up Cut

Sleek line up cut

The diagonal stripe on the top produces the effect of volume on the bangs, the temples are clearly outlined. This hairdo will look nice on dense locks.

Short & Shaved

Short & shaved

If you want to have an interesting hair pattern, even if the sides are shaved? Then consider the hairstyle above, an elegant stripe, edged bangs and a wavy crown will look gorgeous all together.

Awesome Line Up

Awesome line up

A slick volumetric top refreshes the look. Sharp temples are trimmed, closer to the sideburns they make up a nice curve.

Messy BangsMessy bangs

The effect of some sloppiness always looks stylish, here chaotic waves cover the top, a horizontal stripe draws attention.

Inviting Crown

Inviting crown

This dense top looks amazing, it rises up and gradually turns into a thin strip of hair on the nape. Sides are shaved, the style is ascetic, it is suitable for real men.

Irreproachable Hairdo with Line

Irreproachable hairdo

Two opposites are perfectly combined in this haircut: sharp lines on the temples and the bang harmonize well. This haircut should be done only at the barber shop.

Volumetric Wave

Volumetric wave

The best way to emphasize your dense hair is to have a raised forelock and faded sides, two symmetrical lines look great. Don’t forget that a beard is a paramount part of the image, so have it trimmed.

 Naughty Style

Naughty style

This slightly raised fringe looks very sexy, the crown is undercut neatly, a distinct stripe marks a faded zone of the hairdo. Shaved whiskers turn smoothly into a sparse beard.

Two-Leveled Line Up

Two-leveled line up

A shape up cut will suit children as they don’t have a distinct line of the hair growth, so the option here is to fade flat temples and the bangs. A diagonal line will accentuate on a voluminous crown, your child will like this style.

Clean Look

Clean look

A textured glossy fringe is pulled back and two diverse hair growth lines create an interesting pattern, sharp temples and a flat line on the forehead are made with the help of clippers.

Side Line up Parted Cut

Side parted cut

This elegant cut requires much attention since it is done through the dryer and gel application. Strands look like natural waves, the shaved stripe extends from the forehead to the nape and the temples are trimmed at right angles.

Short Edge Up

Short edge up

One of the solutions to make unruly hair more obedient is to wear a shape up haircut. A hair parting is on the top, temples are framed and the beard is done in an identical manner, looks stunning!

Trendy Edge Up

Trendy edge up

The crown is brushed up, sharp temples feed into a bald fade. The cut requires regular visits to the barber.

Clear Structure

Clear structure

A man with this haircut is always handsome. Locks are combed to the one side, on the shaved side there is a razor line and temples are angled.

Vintage Line Up Haircut

Vintage line up haircut

This curly forelock looks a little bit old-fashioned, but it harmonizes with a dense beard. The razor line feeds into faded sides and sharp temples.

Tousled Hairdo

Tousled hairdo

A raised top here resembles an Iroquois, it looks dope. The horizontal stripe below is the border of the faded area, temples are sharp and the nape is also shaved.

Alluring Shape Up

Alluring shape up

A textured raised top is divided from the sides by a razor line, temples are sharp and thin sideburns smoothly turn into a trimmed beard.

Edgy Structure

Edgy structure

The top is done nicely, the strands are very delicate. The temples are trimmed at an angle of 90 degrees, they are slightly faded and the razor stripe gives a necessary shape to the cut.

Lovely Braids

Lovely braids

Tough and unruly hair is braided into small plaits, they cover the whole head. The fringe is done by a barber, temples and sides are faded. This variant is for owners of kinky and disobedient hair.

Precise Look

Precise look

A smooth line is added over the temples, the sides are trimmed and the crown is left long. The razor stripe is clean and clear.

Wavy Forelock With Line Up

Wavy forelock with line up

Any child will be voguish with this hairdo. The raised fringe gives volume to this look, shaved sides with a dividing stripe make up a neat image.

Rigorous Undercut

Rigorous undercut

A sleek crown gives an enchanting look, the border between faded sides and the top is clearly outlined, sideburns are elegant.

Blurry Fade

Blurry fade

The raised top of a deep black tone is very neat, the hairline is clearly delineated and sides are shaved. This hairstyle suits young and ambitious people.

Sticking Crown

Sticking crown

A forelock doesn’t stand out from the mass of hair, the hairline is done via clippers, the work is very neat. The top is dyed and it is sticking up, the temples are clearly outlined and the sides are faded.

Completed Image

Completed image

This one shows how a line up cut should look ideally. The crown is maintained through a hair dryer, the line of the fringe and temples are straight, a beard looks organically here since it is framed.

Barbed Top

Barbed top

With the gel application, you’ll achieve the result you see – the crown is spinous and glossy, whereas the sides are trimmed and a single horizontal stripe divides the side into two parts.

Fantastic Bun

Fantastic bun

Lines over the face are professionally edged, the arc on the beard is neat, but the striking feature of this style is a spiky bun – dreadlocks are gathered on the top and they add mischief.

Sharp Lines

Sharp lines

This hairdo is a traditional edge up haircut. The top is textured, whereas the sides are smooth; temples are acute and the transition from them to the sideburns is nice.

Impeccable Taste

Impeccable taste

This hairstyle is a paradise for perfectionists. Each strand on the top is visible, it looks fantastic, a razor line is perfect, on the sides, there is a smooth alteration from dense areas to faded ones.

Natural Curls

Natural curls

The forelock and temples are edged here, sides are gradually faded and the top is kinky and volumetric. The plus of the hairdo is that it helps to control the growth of the frizz.

Textured & Framed

Textured & framed

A lush top looks tidy, a thin stripe extends along the whole head, sides and temples with sideburns are trimmed. This variant is for dense hair.

Pure Extravagance

Pure extravagance

Straight lines on the forehead and temples are clearly visible, a shaggy top is braided and the plaits are multicolored. The sides are shaved and adorned with two horizontal stripes.

Catching Curls

Catching curls

Love and accept what nature has given to you and emphasize pretty swirls with flat lines, they will give the necessary contrast. Sides are faded and they do not to distract attention from the crown.

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