33 Modern and Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Men’s medium length haircuts affect by its diversity and all sorts of variations. This is the best option for those who want to stand out from the gray crowd! Hairstyles for medium hair is always in the spotlight!

Also, the volume in the parietal area is very popular nowadays. You can vary layering on your own. Today you can be a good boy with a smoothly coiffed hair, and tomorrow – a rebel, with disheveled hair!

Men’s haircuts with the elongated fringe are also in trend these days, and it spoils us with its variety. With the middle length hair, the fringe can be asymmetric, graded, milled, oblique. The haircut with the fringe will help you to complete your look of purposeful, and serious man! Check out this new set of the most popular middle length hairstyles and pick up something for you!

Classic Medium Length Haircut

Classic medium length haircut

This hairstyle will help you to create a romantic, and at the same time manly style. The haircut is quite stylish, and it is characterized by simplicity of shapes and the short time styling. This hairstyle is popular and in demand, as it is already classic.

Spiky Cut with the Stubble

Spiky cut with the stubble

Here we see men’s sports haircut, which prefers youth. This hairstyle is suitable for people with an oval or round face. The haircut is simple and convenient but requires some time for layering.

Side-Oriented Hairstyle

Side-oriented hairstyle

Nowadays men are increasingly choosing a hairstyle on medium length hair. Those, who make this haircut will always be at the peak of fashion. Although this hairstyle requires more time for styling, rather than short hair, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with your style!

The Mohawk with the Designs

The Mohawk with the designs

The next hairstyle is really spectacular because it includes a small Mohawk and tribal designs, shaven on the temples. The haircut looks creative and attractive. But you must remember that it fits not every style!

Simple Wavy Cut

Simple wavy cut

Do you know this guy? Yeah! It is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch! And he wears middle length haircut! The hairstyle performed in a restrained and minimalist design with a long fringe. The owners of medium thickness hair should pay attention to this haircut. Having thick hair, you won’t spend much time for the layering, and at the same time, you will look great!

Spiky Pompadour

Spiky pompadour

The pompadour is the trend of our time, and it is already predicted to be the trend in the future. Disheveled hair or restrained layering on the side – both are attractive and stylish nowadays. And it looks simply amazing!

Cute and Curly Medium Hairstyles

Cute and curly

If you have middle length and curly hair, this haircut is for you! Use some shampoo and other hair products to make your hair softer and more pliable in styling. The grading, in this case, will also help you to achieve the effect of the soft strands. One more thing is that you can style your fringe on the both sides!

The Undercut and Funky Afro Top

The undercut and funky Afro top

If you have hair that has the propensity to bounce up into an Afro, then there is a time and place to do this haircut! Despite the fact that everyone should take care of their hair, it is harder to do this those people, who have African-American hairstyle. The dreadlocks – a universal hairstyle for African American hair type! They look very attractive and unusual, and with the dreads, you won’t be unattended!

Thick and High Flat Top

Thick and high flat top

The mix of two hairstyles (shortly cut sides and long hair on the top) looks great together! The shtick of this hairstyle is the contrast between the shaved temples and the crown of the head with smoothly layered long strands! This hairstyle will attract the attention of many people, cuz it looks bold and unusual!

The Haircut With the Receding Hairline

The haircut with the receding hairline

If you want to emphasize the thickness of your hair, make this graded haircut! The grading hair is one of the most popular techniques in the art of hairdressing. It will help you to be in the spotlight, and improve your style!

Mid-Length Original Cut

Mid-length original cut

Here is Ian Joseph Somerhalder, the star of “Lost” and “The Vampire Diaries”, and also it is the person, who is loved by the girls all over the world! And it is likely that with such a haircut, girls will pay attention to you more, than usual!

Spiky Mohawk with the Designer Stubble

Spiky Mohawk with the designer stubble

Many creative and imaginative people choose this hairstyle. It is also a favorite among musicians. Why did such strong personalities like this haircut? The answer is simple. This hairstyle effectively emphasizes the charismatic and bright individuality of its owner!

Wavy and Messy Cut with The Highlighted Top

Wavy and messy cut with the highlighted top

Although every season makes its rules on hairstyles, the romantic style is in fashion every time! What about this haircut? It looks fabulous and modern! Looking at the man with such style, we can say that he is the conqueror of female hearts!

Long Side-Oriented Strands

Long side-oriented strands

Such an incredible graded cascade is suitable for all hair types. For thin hair it will give extra volume, thick hair will look more flexibly. Owners of thin hair sometimes faced with the problem of “lethargy” hair and lack of volume. This graded haircut will help you to acquire the volume of which you dreamed!

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyle

Men who decided to wear slicked back hairstyle should remember that they are fully open their face. And it is a good thing for them! This hairstyle can open all the beautiful face features and enhances the facial contours!

The “Fringe on the Eye” Haircut

The “fringe on the eye” haircut

The hairstyle with long fringe is ideal for extraordinary personalities! This haircut requires courage because it looks bright and unusual. Having this truly original hairstyle, you will find yourself the center of attention!

Cute Middle Length Hairstyle

Cute middle length hairstyle

Such length and hairstyle give you lots of variants to style your hair! In today’s world, this hairstyle is quite popular. It fits well any age and hair type. Due to long hair, you can always experiment with layering. There are many variations in styling to emphasize the different features of the face! Choose something for you and just do it!

Modern and Messy

Modern and messy

Disheveled hair is a trend of this season. In this haircut, it is very easy to give the hair volume and renew it during the day. Hairstyle with an open face looks manly and sports. It will be a win-win look for any style!

Short Sides and the Middle Length Top

Short sides and the middle length top

In our insane world, it is so little time left for yourself, but every man wants to look attractive! The ideal solution –the haircut with the short sides and the lengthening crown. It does not require a special long-term care, and it is practical!

Highlighted Spikes with the Design

Highlighted spikes with the design

If you want to look elegant, then you should think about such a creative haircut. There are many pros and nuances in wearing this hairstyle! It requires care and visiting the salon. But will you refuse this hairstyle, if you will look so dazzling?!

Short Sides and Spikes

Short sides and spikes

Lots of men love the practicality and beauty. If you belong to them, then pay attention to this haircut. It is very convenient and efficient. This hairstyle advantageously opens a person’s face and focuses on the facial features!

Middle Length Dreadlocks

Middle length dreadlocks

African-American hair types are different in structure from European hair type, cuz they are quite rigid. Dreadlocks – the perfect solution for such hair and they are the most extreme expression of yourself!

Undercut with the Slicked Back Top

Undercut with the slicked back top

Here is one more mix of different hairstyles. This time, it is “Undercut” and “Pompadour”. But (I think you’ll agree) they look gorgeous together! And you don’t need much to style your hair this way! Just hair gel and hairbrush!!

Shaved Side with the Comb Over

Shaved side with the comb over

It is not very easy for men to pick up a good haircut! For confident modern fellows who want to look appropriately, it is necessary to pay attention to this hairstyle. It is very accurate, has a presentable appearance, and it will fit anyone who’ll make it!

Twisted Pompadour with the Beard

Twisted pompadour with the beard

The pompadour hairstyle was originally invented for women, but was adapted and popularized for men by Elvis Presley!  This exceptionally sexy haircut is worn by many celebrities and artists, like David Beckham, Sean Penn, and many others!

Modern Pomp with the Design

Modern Pomp with the design

The classic pompadour usually has slicked back long strands, but the modern variation of the pomp differs by “short sides, long top” style with some tapered fade on the sides! And the pompadour combining with designs will add creativity to your style!

Undercut with the Wavy Top

Undercut with the wavy top

Working with the natural hair texture is a very popular thing nowadays. Curly hair all over your head might be a little too much, but leaving curls on top is stylish and cute!

Disheveled Pompadour

Disheveled pompadour

Textures styles are another one of this year’s top men’s hair trends. This look combines the natural look with texture for a fresh disheveled look!

Side Swept Fringe

Side swept fringe

Of course, the main thing of this hairstyle is the ashen color of the hair! It looks bright and eye-catching. To style your hair this way you need some wax and lots of hair spray to fix your fringe well!

High Flat Top for Thick Hair

High flat top for thick hair

Completely shaved neat casual sides and smooth transition from short side to long top hair make fabulous flat top hairstyle! Fits great confident men, who do not scare to experiment with their hair!

Flat Top with the Designs

Flat top with the designs

Another interesting variant of the flat top haircut. Ask your stylist to leave your top middle length and to shave your sides (but not completely, cuz you’ll have designs on it!), or just show him/her this picture!

Thick and Spiky

Thick and spiky

This version of the haircut is perfect for thick hair! To achieve an additional volume, you need a few styling products and a little time for styling! To style hair, such way is very simple, so if you are always in a hurry, this hairstyle is that what you need!

Shaved Side and Curly Fringe on the Eye

Shaved side and curly fringe on the eye

Stylish and beautiful hairstyle on medium length hair looks much more impressive than on the short hair. This hairstyle on curly hair can be your Id card for fashionable and stylish people!


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