Military Haircut for Men

Short and neat – these are two main words that describe any military haircut, no matter if we talk about US Air Force or Marines. You may think that military haircut regulations are just one of the attributes of military discipline and you will be partly right. But the thing is, short hair is necessary when it comes to soldiers. The haircut has to be comfortable in a first place. Styling and stuff are a secondary concern.  In spite of the military haircut is the antithesis of the majority of modern fashionable hairstyles because of its length, this classic and traditional cut is popular among men of all ages. The reason is its convenience, simplicity of maintenance and the fact it’s appropriate to any situation in our life. So it’s natural that this haircut came out of the army many years ago and is firmly entrenched throughout the world today.

Common Men’s Military Haircuts

Common Men's Military Haircuts 1

Common Men's Military Haircuts 2

Common Men's Military Haircuts 3
So, as we were saying, men choose military haircuts due to their practicality and neat look. That’s why the easiest military haircut is the ordinary clean-shaven head. If you want to avoid having too strict look you can fulfil a haircut with an accurate faded beard.

Nice skin fade and sleek hair on the top with a heavy sideline for classics fanciers. These are two features that can make you look a bit more casual.

Even if you haven’t joined the Marines yet, you can make a first step to your dream with the help of a good-looking military marine haircut, like the one in the third pic.

Cool Military Buzz Cut and Crew Cut

Cool Military Buzz Cut and Crew Cut 1

Cool Military Buzz Cut and Crew Cut 2

Cool Military Buzz Cut and Crew Cut 3
For those of you who can’t stand the idea of a completely bald head, the short buzz cut or crew cut is appropriate. The razor leaves about 2-3 millimeters of hair on your head and changes a shy boy into a bold man.

If you’re not ready to say “Goodbye” to the entire length of your hair, but still want to get some military hairstyle, you should give a buzz cut a try. Faded or not, it always looks smart and neat and suits any type of hair.

Awesome Soldier Haircut Styles for Black Men

Awesome Soldier Haircut Styles for Black Men 1

Awesome Soldier Haircut Styles for Black Men 2

Awesome Soldier Haircut Styles for Black Men 3
Even ordinary military buzz cut looks different on Afro hair. Those waves are just driving crazy, agree?

Besides, there are different types of hair and so a buzz cut + another Afro hair texture = totally different image.

The low and clean flat top that follows the shape of the military beret creates such an unusual image!

Best Military Fade Haircut Ideas

Best Military Fade Haircut Ideas 1

Best Military Fade Haircut Ideas 2

Best Military Fade Haircut Ideas 3
High and tight is another kind of military cuts. This classic hairstyle is always at the peak of popularity, as it adds some height that entails an enhancement of self-confidence.

High bald fade as a classical element of this military cut combines with low pompadour-like crown.

A skin fade with a smooth push to the side on top for those who are used to look impressive and bright.

Long Military Hair Cut

Long Military Hair Cut 1

Long Military Hair Cut 2

Long Military Hair Cut 3
Let’s make it clear, a word “long” in a combination with military haircuts isn’t the same “long” when speak of hipster haircuts. Shoulder length hair isn’t your option when it comes to army haircuts. In our case “long” means slightly longer hair on top of the head. It can but slicked back or to the side like in the first picture.

Buzz cut for a bit longer hair with low fade is so fiery on this Asian guy thanks to a small, almost invisible cliff.
Plus,  you can opt for skin fade on the sides arranged into a square shape and long textured hair on the top. Looks awesome!

Extremely Short Military Haircut

Extremely Short Military Haircut 1

Extremely Short Military Haircut 2

Extremely Short Military Haircut 3
Very short hair is the way to go if you want to get a typical military hairstyle. And now you’re thinking, “What’s so special about short male haircuts? Just take a hair trimmer and cut your hair short – not a big deal”. But don’t rush into conclusions. There are a few variations of short marine haircuts.  The flat top hairstyle is not only those high and imposing constructions that draw so much of people’s attention. It can be short and accurate as well long so that it’s even permitted by army regulations.

Another short military hairstyle with ideally straight fringe and faded nape and temples is neatly filled up with the narrow beard and moustache.

As for the last one, it proves that even an extremely short haircut can be stylish.

 Vintage Military Hairstyles

Vintage Military Hairstyles 1

Vintage Military Hairstyles 2

Vintage Military Hairstyles 3
The vintage effect can be reached by means of changing a typical side part to a more sleek-backed hairstyle. Completed with a very clean fade, this haircut is perfect both for barracks and for some official meetings or even for going clubbing.

The second military haircut with a modern twist has evolved very much and differs a lot from an ordinary buzz cut. Nonetheless, it has saved the basic element of the traditional military hairstyle – the bald fade.

And of course, we can’t ignore handsome Brad Pitt wearing a cool military undercut in a film about World War 2 “Fury”.

Badass Military Undercut

Badass Military Undercut 1

Badass Military Undercut 2

Badass Military Undercut 3

Though an undercut is far from the first thing which could spring to your mind when it comes to military hairstyles, it deserves our attention. And again the main rule here is, your hairstyle has to be neat. But thanks to the longer hair on the top of the head, you can play with some elements like a line that disconnects the top from the sides.

The shaved line has become a real flavor of this ordinary sleek military hairstyle.

Cool Army Haircut Styles For Little Boys

Cool Army Haircut Styles For Little Boys 1

Cool Army Haircut Styles For Little Boys 2

Cool Army Haircut Styles For Little Boys 3

Who said that military haircuts are for grown up men only? Your young man wants to look like his dad. So we’d like you to check out the best ideas of army haircuts for boys. Most kids are very active and such hairstyles will be a perfect choice. Whether you opt for short and simple military cut as in the first image or the one decorated with a hard side line, be sure your kid will look awesome. As we said, a fade is extremely popular and almost integral part of all modern cuts, but it’s not compulsory! You can give up it or combine with hard contrasting lines like in this cool military haircut.