Natural Hair Updos

Are you sick and tired of constantly relaxing your hair or wearing crochet hairstyles? Do you want to leave your natural curly hair the way it is but don’t want to wear it loose all the time? Do summer heat and humidity make you want to cut your hair short? There’s a way out. First of all, put away the flat irons. Secondly, forget about chemical relaxers which only damage your hair. Thirdly, be proud of your gorgeous God-given hair texture. We, in our turn, will show a lot of cute ways to wear your natural hair up. Try any of the natural hair updos that are featured below. Whether you are a complete beginner or a skilled hairstylist, we’ve got quite a few easy and more complex updos for natural hair that fit any taste.

Quick Natural Hair Updos for Short Hair

Quick Natural Hair Updos for Short Hair 1Quick Natural Hair Updos for Short Hair 2Quick Natural Hair Updos for Short Hair 3
Most girls think that the shorter their hair is, the harder it is to be put into an updo. Perhaps there’s some truth in that. But such a statement has nothing to do with updos that can be made on short natural hair. If your hair texture is somewhere between 3a and 4c, you have no problem with styling it into a nice updo. Of course, it should be noted that when we say “short hair”, we mean chin-length hair or slightly shorter. If your hair is shorter than this length, the chances of making an updo on it are miserable. Okay, where were we? Right, we were talking about natural curly updos for short hair. One of the best things about such updos is that they are really simple and quick to do. You’ll need just a few minutes to make them. Let’s take, for instance, Bantu knots. You just divide your hair into two equal part, make ponytails and then twist them into buns. You can go for a more traditional option with two Bantu knots or make more of them in number. So, if you are interested, check these awesome natural hair updos and make your choice.

Formal Natural Updos for Medium Length Hair

Formal Natural Updos for Medium Length Hair 1Formal Natural Updos for Medium Length Hair 2Formal Natural Updos for Medium Length Hair 3Formal Natural Updos for Medium Length Hair 4
When it comes to formal events such as a prom or a wedding, things are a bit different. You just can’t put your hair into a high ballerina bun and that’s it. Well, actually, you can. No one has the right to forbid you to do that. But we, girls, want something more than just a bun for such important occasions. Right? Due to this, we have collected all the best formal updos for natural medium length hair in one section. These hairstyles will show that even a simple bun can look sophisticated and more formal. You will need lots of bobby pins though. And patience, too. Needless to say, such up ‘dos are quite difficult to make. Yet you are armed with our inspirational pictures, hair styling tools and the best hair length possible (just so you know, we mean medium length), so you are ready to conquer these awesome updo hairstyles.

Elegant Black Natural Updo Hairstyles

Elegant Black Natural Updo Hairstyles 1Elegant Black Natural Updo Hairstyles 2Elegant Black Natural Updo Hairstyles 3Elegant Black Natural Updo Hairstyles 4
You can’t even imagine how many cool ways to pin your curly hair up there are. Seriously, there are hundreds of them. Just use your imagination and creativity. For instance, you can divide your naturally curly hair into two parts all around the head. Pin one part up and use the other one to make a crown braid that wraps around your head. Then, there’s a mohawk twist which is incorporated in most of modern updos one way or another. Wanna know what the best part is? Updos made on the basis of mohawks differ a lot. Some styles have a more formal look whereas others are casual. Thanks to the texture of natural coily hair, such updos keep their shape and don’t get tousled, something most girls can only dream of.

Easy Updos for Natural Black Hair

Easy Updos for Natural Black Hair 1Easy Updos for Natural Black Hair 2Easy Updos for Natural Black Hair 3Easy Updos for Natural Black Hair 4
If you are short on time to even have a cup of coffee in the morning, you are unlikely to be able to make a complex hairdo. But it doesn’t mean that your one and the only option is to go with “I-just-woke-up-like-this” hairstyle. Especially if there’s a certain dress code at your work. What can you do? Let’s figure out. To start with, you need to look for easy updos that would fit your likes and hair type. Moreover, we recommend you to try making an updo in the evening just to ensure that it suits you and you are able to make it quickly. You don’t need any unpleasant surprises the following morning, do you? And the best part is, we have tons of quick and easy updos that are perfect for girls with natural black hair.
Tip: You can use various headpieces, scarves, bandanas to complement your updo. This can be a full head wrap or partial, either way the hairstyle will look awesome.

The Best Braided Updos for Natural Hair

The Best Braided Updos for Natural Hair 1The Best Braided Updos for Natural Hair 2The Best Braided Updos for Natural Hair 3
Okay, we all love summer. Though it gets harder to love this season when you have no idea what to do to protect your hair from the boiling hot sun. Actually, there are two options here: you either have your hair cut super short or make an updo on your natural hair. Personally we’d go for the second option since it is less radical. Besides, it’s not that you can have only one updo hairstyle to choose. There are tons of them out there. From braided updos to mohawks, from sleek back buns to messy ones – it’s your call.
Black women have a lot more variants of updos to make. Their hair texture allows them to twist and weave their hair into the most unexpected designs. And that’s awesome. And if you are in love with braids and natural hair as much as we are, you will love the ideas of braided updos for natural hair featured here.

Ideas of Twisted Updos for Natural Hair” alt=”” width=”600″ class=”aligncenter size-full” />
Looking for the ideas of natural twist updos? Stop your searches! Here you will find many cool twisted updos for natural hair. Twists are actually the best updos since they can be made in various ways. This is the situation when you can rely on your imagination and follow wherever it leads you to. By twisting and weaving your hair you can create a real masterpiece on your head. But again you’ll need an awful lot of bobby pins so prepare them in advance.

Cute Natural Pin up Hairstyles

Cute Natural Pin up Hairstyles 1Cute Natural Pin up Hairstyles 2Cute Natural Pin up Hairstyles 3Cute Natural Pin up Hairstyles 4
Depending on what look you want to achieve sleek or more natural, you will need different hair styling products. To slick back your hair, you can opt to either gel or styling mousse. Apply a small amount of gel on your hair and comb it back. Then put your hair in a high ponytail at the crown. The rest of the hairstyles depends on you. Like, you can make a tight bun or leave the curls the way they are, pinning a few strands up here and there. If you like your natural curls to be as they are, you can use special curl styling creams. This will help you shape up your curls and you will be able to get rid of that puffy look.
As an example of a cute updo for natural hair, we will describe how you can make a pineapple bun. Apply a curl styling cream on your curls, gather them into high pony placing it so that the curls slightly cover your forehead. Voila, the hairstyle is ready. Another great updo hairstyle that you can make on your natural hair starts with braiding cornrows. Braid them till they reach the crown of your head. Then you need to put the rest of the hair into a bun. Easy as that.

Beautiful Updo Styles for Long Natural Hair

Beautiful Updo Styles for Long Natural Hair 1Beautiful Updo Styles for Long Natural Hair 2Beautiful Updo Styles for Long Natural Hair 3Beautiful Updo Styles for Long Natural Hair 4
Unlike medium length of hair, long hair has its pitfalls. Though there are quite a few updo hairstyles which you can make with long hair, they are a lot more difficult to make. It is so due to certain nuances. Long hair is heavier, which means an updo should be properly fixed. You’ ll need tons of hairpins and as much patience. While African American women with medium hair take 3 or 5 steps to complete a hairstyle, ladies with long hair take 6 or more. This leads us to the following, you need to be really careful while making each part of the hairstyle so you wouldn’t redo it from the start. Long hair doesn’t forgive mistakes. Nevertheless, the result is always worth all the effort and time you put into such a hairstyle. Nothing can be compared to the beauty of updos made on long natural hair. Agree?