Natural Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hair, given by nature, always looks attractive and neat. Any hairstyle just complements the whole beauty of native hair.

Stylists-hairdressers urged all the girls and women to reconsider their gaze and forget about creative painting. After all, there is nothing that emphasizes natural beauty as a natural hair color.

In the frantic pace of modern life may not always be time for yourself, but look beautiful and unique always want. For time saving, but for the beautiful appearance will suit simple hairstyles. But even the most unpretentious hairstyle looks great, if it is made in accordance with the essential requirements: on clean hair, with a moderate amount styling products and in accordance with a specific occasion.
№1. Great updo.
Great updoJust enjoy the result: it is the embodiment of beauty and practicality, showing a luxurious head of hair in all its glory.
№2. Cool French braids.
Cool French braidsModern women are constantly short of time, and therefore they are more likely to want easy hairstyles for each day, which will make the image feminine and stylish.
№3. Four strand braid.
Four strand braidIt is invariably one of the most popular choices of beautiful, evening hairstyles for long hair. Braid has innumerable variations and suited to any output – both every day and evening.
№4. Outstanding curls.
Outstanding curls

At the peak of their popularity are still luxurious tresses. Hollywood beauties set the tone for fashion trends, wearing large flowing tresses. Dynamics and shine of the hair must be natural.
№5. Lovely hairstyle.
Lovely hairstyleThis is a very attractive hairstyle. It helps the girl to be transformed and become brighter. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances for the image: the eye color, skin tone and even clothing style.
№6. Braided bun.
Braided bunSimple and beautiful hairstyle for long hair can be created in a few minutes, putting braids on the back of the head.
№7. Messy and curly.
Messy and curlyHe has long been a trendy hairstyle option for every day. A rigorous bun for a business meeting, light, slightly relaxed, with flirty curls – the choice depends entirely on your imagination.
№8. Diversity in one hairstyle.
Diversity in one hairstyleAfter such a successful visit to the hairdresser, every girl will feel revitalized and refreshed, and this, in turn, will increase her self-esteem and will add confidence that so often necessary.
№9. Cute hearts.
Cute heartsThe perfect hairstyle for long hair for work and for a festive evening. If you like to go with flowing hair, this hairstyle is for you.
№10. Braids for red hair.
Braids for red hairIf you are in constant movement and do not like to waste time on complicated weaving – just enough to remove hair from the face, so they not only cease to bother you but are much less confused during the day, keeping the aesthetic appearance until the evening.
№11. Excellent hairdo.
Excellent hairdoTo give braid special glamor and supplement it with bright accent help the interwoven colored ribbons. Gamma can be selected as a contrast, and in the same range of accessories to your look.
№12. Fishtail with wavy hair.
Fishtail with wavy hairFor the creation of a modest and stylish image fit the romantic option of weaving from the temples. The hairstyle can be fully assembled in a low bundle or a variant of half-up hairdo.
№13. Smooth and sleek in a ponytail.
Smooth and sleek in a ponytailLong hair requires attention and relentless care: regular grooming tips, applying nourishing masks to moisturize, and most careful combing. Observance of all the stages of quality care will allow you to look stylish and well-groomed in every situation.
№14. Neat long hair.
Neat long hairHairstyles for each day can be very different. Such a hairdo is able to complement any image and show all the beauty of your hair.
№15. Dutch braided style.
Dutch braided styleAnother very beautiful and simple option that as much as a possible open face and show everyone your eyes.
№16. Four strands pull through braid inspired.
Four strands pull through braid inspiredThis hairstyle cannot be called boring. The main thing that these hairstyle harmonies with your appearance, so think about the image before you do this hairstyle.
№17. Chic ponytail.
Chic ponytailVintage and impressive looks ponytail with fleece in the parietal area. A real chic at its best showing luxurious long hair.
№18. Unusual braid.
Unusual braidThis hairstyle is perfect for outdoor activities; the hair will not get in the way and at the same time will look good.
№19. Twists for ponytail style.
Twists for ponytail styleThe easiest way to refine a ponytail – wrap a rubber band previously with left strand. It will be more refined if a part of the hair rolled into bundles in a direction away from the face and fix with invisible beings under the rubber band.
№20. Exclusive updo.
Exclusive updoImpeccable updo and to work also for the festive evening. And at the same time braided hairstyle with should not look too complicated; accuracy and simplicity – this is the motto for an amazing image.
№21. Incredible hairdo for girls.
Incredible hairdo for girlsThe simple weaving, simple steps, but the hairstyle turns delightful and stylish. Try to collect your tresses in a similar way to bring variety to your everyday look.
№22. 5 Boxer braids.
5 Boxer braidsThis hairstyle can be worn on one side; thanks to this simple reception hairstyle will look more attractive. Fix this hairstyle can also be different – a clip, rubber band, ribbon; at the back or on top. Well suited as an everyday hairstyle.
№23. Half updo for Asian.
Half updo for AsianThis hairstyle will suit everyone. It looks very gracefully when the hair is collected, shall we say, by half.
№24. Triple pull through waterfall braid.
Triple pull through waterfall braidIf you want a fashionable hairstyle, then without weaving braid you cannot do. The most practical option is a side braid, and for a more original look, you can braid not a single braid.
№25. Mini braids.
Mini braidsFlawless groomed, healthy and shiny hair, the beauty of which, moreover, emphasized stylish haircut and hairdo like a magnet will attract the admiring glances of others.
№26. Fishtail ponytail.
Fishtail ponytailNow it is an essential element of the style of many long-haired fashionable women. Refuse of the banal tail, collected at the back with a hairpin, because to turn an ordinary boring tail in the original hairstyle can be just in a few minutes, just adding a small braid.
№27. 5 Fishtail strands braid.
5 Fishtail strands braidStylish, elegant and comfortable. This hairstyle can be worn as a large braid, or convert it into a variety of other hairstyles.
№28. Simple ‘S’ hairstyle.
Simple ‘S’ hairstyleIf you weave a French braid by the letter S, then you will get the effect of a multi-layer waterfall. An amazing hairstyle which is perfect for any event.
№29. Hair as a bow.
Hair as a bowHere is a spectacular and unusual hairdo can be created for an evening out. Romantic young ladies will enjoy an elegant a bundle in the shape of a bow.
№30. Gorgeous triple waterfall.
Gorgeous triple waterfallBeautiful braiding allows you to create a hairstyle and leaves flowing hair. This is perfect for a date and walks with friends.

Natural Hairstyles for Long Hair
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