Scarlett Johansson Short Hair: Latest Hairstyles

Scarlett Johansson has started a new trend: a short textured cut, which isn’t drastic and that is why it suits all face shapes and hair textures. A short clipping may be performed with a side-swept forelock, textured layers, wavy locks and flat lines, in order to boost the volume, Scarlett Johansson uses dry texturizing cream. A zest of the cut is a balance between a fixity and a movement, which makes the hairdo voguish.

Disheveled Side Forelock

Disheveled side forelock
A short cut also may look feminine with a proper styling. Have a textured side swept fringe, which will emphasize your soft facial features and complete the image with elegant accessories.

Pulled Backward

Pulled backward
Scarlett Johansson made a short clipping look hot! Try on to have platinum crown boosted and combed backward, at the same time, leave your sides faded. This contrast will make the cut outstanding.

Textured Layers

Textured layers
A two-layered hairdo is always trendy, even if your hair is short, you may make it look voluminous. Have the top clipped as a cascade and have the nape faded, the look will be unusual and sophisticated.

Tousled Strands

Tousled strands
Teased tresses always look sexy, you may style locks in two diverse variants: they can be slightly elevated in the front and at the top or they may cover the forehead as wet wisps. It is up to you to decide, both alternatives look dope.

Curled Upward

Curled upward
A stylish ombre is perfect for short strands, have a fair long forelock frizzed with an iron upward and let little waves create a volumetric texture.

Cute Ringlets

Cute ringlets
Searching for an option for a prom or another special event? Style hair to one side, have a crown raised and to create little curls, use a diffuser while drying hair and fix with spray so that the cut will keep the shape for the whole day.

Blond Highlights

Blond highlights
Stands of a different length with highlights are the part of a dashing look. To add more dynamics to the clipping, tease separate locks and fix them.

Sleek Tresses

Sleek tresses
A pro tip for an awesome cut is to make the crown textured, boosted strands will create a visual volume and make the facial features softer.

Retro Style

Retro style
Play with your red curly hair and create something offbeat! Have one side slicked back and fixed with a pin behind the ear, while a gorgeous cascade of feathery ringlets will frame the face.

Tousled Cut

Tousled cut
Short hair is difficult to gather in a bun or a ponytail, so wear it loose, but don’t be mediocre! Choose a disheveled texture for a hairstyle and to make the crown more volumetric, and comb locks to one side.

Effect of Wet Hair

Effect of wet hair
Wet hair is tricky since it may look styling, but if it is too much of gel, it’ll look slovenly, so put little gel or hair wax on roots and brush a wispy forelock.

Bushy Crown

Bushy crown
Pull off this hairstyle with a messy short cut. A voluminous crown plus a long side fringe harmonize with elongated sideburns and side wisps.

Sexy Pixie

Sexy pixie
In this case, a pixie doesn’t look boyish since sides are short but still layered and a wavy forelock with sticking strands add playfulness to the look.

Messy Tresses

Messy tresses
Sparse and blonde locks are difficult to style, so the easiest way to make them look alluring is to have a bouffant all over the head and let front wisps be wrapped around your chin, the look will be sophisticated.

Small Swirls

Small swirls
Be a real cutie with chaotic curls with blunt ends, just let your hair dry and tease it to make ringlets more tousled, boost the crown to add a zest to a cut.

Shaggy Style

Shaggy style
Angled temples, faded sides, and a layered fringe and top, swept to the side, create a plain, but attractive feminine clipping. If is appropriate even if you suffer from a hair loss.

Spiky Bun

Spiky bun
A careless bun is in fashion because it creates the illusion of lightness. Gather locks on the nape and fix with a pin, let several front wisps stick out.

Exaggerated Boost

Exaggerated boost
If your locks are short, make an accent on the volume. Comb the bangs to the top and form distinctive layers, however, they shouldn’t be ideal, the cut should look natural.

Wavy Shapes

Wavy shapes
If you’re fed up with a stick-straight finish, then try on a ripply bob. Make a beautiful wave, which starts from the top and descends along the face, framing it, to finish the image, add a subtle layering on the crown.

Asymmetric Clipping

Asymmetric clipping
Dark roots are textured and strands are flat, locks resemble post-shower hair, which looks unusual. One side is tucked behind the ear, another one frames the face, this asymmetry makes the face thinner.

Classic Short Hairdo

Classic short hairdo
This smashing look is easy to maintain – just make a contrast between the top and the bottom – fix layered top with spray and leave dark sides faded.

Sassy Clipping

Sassy clipping
Looking for a cut, which suits a confident woman? In this short hairstyle, the natural thickness and volume are counterbalanced, one side is faded and flat, whereas another is textured, separate strands mold the wave shape.

Small Feathers

Small feathers
You can keep the natural volume without a frizz, just have locks clipped as a cascade and tease with fingers, this negligence is attractive if you spritz mousse in hair.

Wet Hair

Wet hair
Wet hair is a top trend in 2016! Just moisturize locks with gel or foam and comb backward. Let a cut be a harmonious addition and a shtick of the image will be a vivid makeup in bronze colors.

Fair Curls

Fair curls
A clear border between different textures always strikes, so have flat sides and a curved crown as a pretty contrast, these waves will make you look romantic and feminine.

Cute Chaos

Cute chaos
If you want to be in the spotlight, check out a messy short cut. Blonde lush fringe and the top are tousled, which looks appealing, sides are dark and they are faded.

Raised Bangs & Tiny Layers

Raised bangs & tiny layers
Where are perfect waves? Here they are! A raised forelock, which smoothly transforms into a wavy cascade is what you need to look feminine and self-confident.

Natural Elegance

Natural elegance
If you need changes, wear a short pixie – shaved sides and a long fringe, make a top messy and leave the natural color. You may either grow hair or update a hairstyle every month to wear a short clipping.

Distinct & Flat

Distinct & flat
A side-swept smooth forelock works well with short sides, the cut itself is simple and easy to style, but it hides a high forehead and makes facial features more expressive.

Curled Upward

Curled upward
A short clipping suggests tons of movement, the crown is curled and sides are smooth so that this cut looks dynamic and interesting.

Side Part Updo

Side part updo
Edgy and wavy shapes are perfectly combined in this hairdo. Sides are cut with a razor technique so that each strand has its own length and the top is combed to another side and it is wavy, which makes the total look lovely.

Smashing Massive Crown

Smashing massive crown
When it comes to short cuts, a volumetric tousled crown with faded sides is the best option. You may rock this style with blonde highlights, which bring more color to the updo.

Boyish Style

Boyish style
Here is a sort of a boyish cut since sides are shaven and the forelock is combed backward, it is vivid since the fringe is moisturized with texturizing cream. The cut is plain, so add huge accessories to make it look outstanding.

Feminine Look

Feminine look
If you grow hair, but still it is short, then try to gather it in a small low bun, fixed with pins, and let a divided forelock frame the forehead and cheekbones.

Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyle
Have you decided to wear short tresses loose? If yes, then do something uncommon and blow the forelock out with a round brush and fixate with spray, then do face-framing curls with an iron, the clipping will look very stylish.

Angled Bob

Angled bob
Make a traditional bob with a short back and a textured fringe and top look great by adding a zest – nice twists on front tresses, they’ll add airiness since they are loose.

Rounded Lines

Rounded lines
If hair loss is your constant problem, don’t despair, still, you can wear a chic short cut! Do not separate bangs from the rest of hair, make a large wave on it instead, it will open the high forehead. Blonde shade will make you younger and fresher.

Festive Image

Festive image
In a short hairstyle make emphasis on texture: opt long bangs, which will be combed to one side. Distinct choppy layers in a forelock make the whole image audacious.

Huge Volume

Huge volume
Opt a clipping which oozes confidence! Have dark sides faded and comb blonde locks upward, this textured cut makes you even more awesome.

Red Layers

Red layers
This sleek tomboy look is for women, who are into experiments. Have your foxy hair clipped short and comb long bangs to the side, this plain hairdo suits an official style.