20 Ravishing Short Curly Afro Hairstyles for Women

Curly hair – it is a miracle of nature, rebellious, funny, playful and so attractive. They have specific qualities; therefore, to the hairstyle should be specific requirements, while laying the competent they will decorate any image.

The only rule is that you must take into account a woman with a short haircut that to maintain shape and clear lines of hairstyle should be as regrowth of hair visit a hair salon. For some time after visiting, the salon hair grows and loses the necessary border.

Disconnected Highlighted Curly Head

Disconnected Highlighted Curly Head0
Short curly hair just needs a regular correction of the master barber. In time undercutting regrown tips, you will ensure your mane neat and attractive appearance.

Female Mohawk Sexy Style

Female Mohawk Sexy Style0
This hairstyle for curly hair allows you to emphasize your originality and add to the image of originality and uniqueness.

Natural Romantic Mane

Natural Romantic Mane0
More conservative, but no less stylish option. It is very feminine, romantic hairstyle with expressive curls.

Amazing Tiny Colorful Curls

Amazing Tiny Colorful Curls0
The combination of the length opening the neck and creating at the same time the free volume, – the most actual, but a universal tendency. This hairstyle emphasizes the natural beauty and texture of the hair itself, highlights not only a shape of the face but of its features.

Delightful Orange Summer Look

Delightful Orange Summer Look0
Your image will be filled with mystery and certain playfulness, as wavy locks difficult to put under the straight line, and this is the whole chic of such a hairstyle to curly hair.

Beautiful Tinted Curly Pixie

Beautiful Tinted Curly Pixie0
Daring hairstyle for the brave women who do not want to spend a lot of time on styling, but want the hair to look nice and stylish.

Stunning Red Strands for Black Women

Stunning Red Strands for Black Women0
This hairstyle is an option for delicate and romantic girls. Trendy hairstyle means a simple and very natural styling, which is very easy to convert from the daily in the evening.

Sweet Brunette Curly Hairstyle

Sweet Brunette Curly Hairstyle0
This hairstyle is especially popular among girls with curly hair. Air locks with this hairstyle will look well-groomed and simply gorgeous.

Fluffy Crown and Buzzed Sides

Fluffy Crown and Buzzed Sides0
Shape and silhouette of hairstyle set themselves curls but comes to the fore complex and sophisticated volume. The most important – a combination of a short length on the sides and a nape and decorated neat “cap” long hair on the parietal zone.

Wet Effect on a Short Curly Cut

Wet Effect on a Short Curly Cut0
This hairstyle is for the bold and self-confident women who are not afraid of radical changes. This hairstyle is suitable for business and constantly employed women, looking casually, but at the same time elegant.

Bright Sunny Undercut for Girls

Bright Sunny Undercut for Girls0
This hairstyle gives the woman harmony and fun, visually taking away a few years of age.

Pretty Brown & Black Natural Mixture

Pretty Brown Black Natural Mixture0
In a situation, with large curls, short hair does not lose its own distinction. First, just so you can tame unruly curls, and secondly, they can be used to create a variety of interesting and creative hairstyles.

Gorgeous Texture of Volume Curls

Gorgeous Texture of Volume Curls0
Gently straightening hair, you can go to a business meeting or a romantic date – this hairstyle will complement any image.

Splendid Rolled Pink Fade

Splendid Rolled Pink Fade0
Do not be afraid to implement even the most daring ideas, to be bright – it is fashionable. The volume will add to such a fashionable hairstyle coloring individual strands, it will create spectacular highlights and emphasize the beauty of curls themselves.

Vintage Locks in the Rich Purple

Vintage Locks in the Rich Purple0
The hairstyle can be installed in various ways, for example, to make a wet effect, effect disheveled locks, or else creates a charming styling in the retro style, and everything will depend on your imagination.

Tiny Dreadlock Eyelets

Tiny Dreadlock Eyelets0
In a fashion personality. Strict rules and canons are not present; the main task is to create your own unique image. You can do it easily by mixing in a variety of solutions hair styles, silhouettes and performance techniques.

Wonderful Curly Bowl Style for Black Women

Wonderful Curly Bowl Style for Black Women0
Hair does not require from its owner daily styling and combines perfectly with any outfit, whether it is any celebration or as a walk with children.

Lovely Waves From Top to Sides

Lovely Waves from Top to Sides0
Luxury wave curls always admired, but in many respects – is the result of professionally selected and expertly done hairdo.

Yin-yang Harmonious Hair-do

YinYang Harmonious HairDo0
If curls are quite large, more suitable option would be a fashionable asymmetric version of this hairstyle. Long curly locks will be a very original element of your image.

Dreamy Short & Comfortable Cut

Dreamy Short Comfortable Cut0
The perfect haircut for thin curly hair. Also, such a haircut is suitable for thick curly hair, thereby removes excess density and fluffiness.

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