Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts

Many women believe that long hair is the main female weapon, but in connection with an active lifestyle, most of the women are not having enough time to care for long hair choose short haircuts for their convenience and practicality. Modern hairdos for short hair make women look younger, emphasize the beautiful features, lightning fit. The extraordinary diversity and original short hairstyles simply mesmerizing.

Short Bob without Bangs

A good variation of fashionable hairdresses for short hair is a bob without bangs. Feminine image, which, thanks to perfectly straight hair, gives your hair freshness, style, and romance.
Black Short Bob without Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs

Short elegant bob with a clear rectangular or oval lines looks great on absolutely straight hair. Ideally, sleek, well-attended and glossy hair will give to your image refined Hollywood glamor.
Elegant Brown and Beige Short Bob with Bangs

Pretty Black Short Bob with Bangs

Cascade Bob

Gorgeous fashionable layered haircut – is a guaranteed way to attract attention. Short haircut cascade universal, they are suitable for all hair type and facial forms and assume a large variety of choices for styling.
Universal Brown Cascade Bob

Shaggy Brown Cascade Bob

Short White Bob Cascade with Black Roots

Asymmetric Bob

Those who are not afraid to experiment for sure will enjoy a creative version of a short bob. Hairstyle quite bold and daring, therefore, perfect for creative and original natures.
Asymmetric White Bob with Black Tips

Cool Asymmetric Pure White Bob

Asymmetric Dark Black Bob

Bob with Oblique Fringe

Very extravagant variant looks impressive due to gorgeous and stylish bangs. Ideally, the entire focus of the image falls exactly on it, and the nape and side locks can be quite short.
White Bob with Oblique Fringe and Dark Roots

White Lush Hairstyle with Oblique Fringe

Long Bob without Bangs

This classic has always been and will be in the trend. In most cases, this hairstyle favored by many the fairer gender and stylists. Therefore, it legally bears the name of the most stylish and contemporary hairdos.
Long White Bob without Bangs

Black Long Bob without Bangs

Classic Dark Brown Long Bob without Bangs

Long Bob with a Fringe

Bangs is too bright and expressive element of hairstyles which should not be ignored. But choosing its style is not based on fashion trends, and carefully choosing its own style to the type of face. Very impressive looks straight bob with the different styles of fashionable bangs.
Usual Long Bob with a Fringe

Lush Long Beige Bob with a Fringe

Dark Grey Long Bob with a Fringe

Short Bob with Locks

This hairstyle is very naturally and organically in any woman’s image. And because our success depends on our appearance, exactly such haircut will emphasize the women’s naturalness and unconstraint.
White Short Bob with Locks

Chic Black Short Bob with Locks

Long Bob with Waves and Locks

Curly hairstyles at all times considered the most eloquent epitome of refinement. You can experiment with a hairstyle and make a natural hair, which will emphasize the naturalness and purity, or to curl the ends, stressing that gracefully and femininity.
Dark Brown Long Bob with White Locks

Long White Bob with Waves and Locks

Half Updo

It is enough to remove hair from the front of the face to highlight the facial features. Incredibly delicate, lightweight and cute image.
White Half Updo

Retro Curls

It is a perfect choice for those who love the great styling and retro hairstyles. Retro hairstyles enjoyed continued popularity among elegant ladies who want highlight their individuality.
Elegant Grey Retro Curls

Bob with Twisted Braid

This braid looks good not only on long hair but also for short. On the girls with a short haircut, this braiding looks very harmonious.
Light Grey Bob with Twisted Braid

Bob with a French Braid

With short hair plait, a French braid is very possible. Braids can be drawn on the temples, and at the same time braiding remains as before, but the plait braids have to be from a point above the ear, and the others hair can be left smooth or curled for example.
White Bob with a Little French Braid

Blond Bob with a Pretty French Braid

Bob with Waterfall Braid

This braid is a spectacular and romantic styling that is perfectly looked on short hairstyles. Braid for short hair created very simply, but in spite of this striking image will please not only you but also admiring glances.
Bob with Waterfall Braid

Bob with 5 Stands Dutch Braid

This hairstyle is perfect as the day and evening options and also add to your impeccable image of originality. An essential advantage of hairstyles is easy to perform and still looks very nice.
Silky Brown Bob with 5 Stands Dutch Braid

Funny Bob with 5 Stands Dutch Braid

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