Slick Back Hairstyle

Our hairstyle is an essential part of the image. There is a need to choose the right style for your hair that you can easily style every day.  One of such gorgeous hairstyles is the slicked back look which combines the old classic trends with the new modern tendencies. This nostalgic hairstyle can help to complete your extraordinary and a bit extravagant character and remind of the past time. The slicked back hairstyle was popular since the 1930s and remains relevant nowadays.

Top Designs of Men`s Slicked Back Looks

To style your hair with the slicked back hairdo is a fancy and cool choice. It`s important to sort out the most brilliant variation of the slicked back haircuts which will suit you. We`ve selected the super examples of diverse versions of the slicked back hairstyles.

Slicked Back in Form of Triangle

Slicked Back In Form Of Triangle

Such an extravagant look attracts people`s attention immediately. The top combed back in the shape of the triangle in the combination with the shaved sides and back add the eccentricity to the image. The slight undercut hair near the top and the bright tattoos goes well with this unordinary cut.

Striking Look with Undercut Sides and Back

Striking Look With Undercut Sides And Back

The perfect hairdo incorporates the undercut sides and back with a longer top. The slicked back cut works splendidly with the slight beard and mustache. This is a cool choice for the men which endeavor to keep the focus on their face.

Classical Cut with Fade

Classical Cut With Fade

So classical style proves that it`s very easy to style the hair if you`ve chosen the slicked back haircut especially if your hair is short. Just make your hair wet and use some hair products to create hold. To underline your brilliant cut you can undercut the sides and back.

Long Fair Edges, Dark Roots and Shaved Sides

Long Fair Edges, Dark Roots And Shaved Sides

This is really crazy and creative look! A two-colored longer top combed back go nicely with a slight fair beard. The fair edges and dark roots create the contract and make the cut more extraordinary. The sides and back shaved to the scalp add the sharpness to the image.

Gray-Haired Slicked Back Hairdo

Gray-Haired Slicked Back Hairdo

This example proves that the men of all ages choose such a cool hairstyle as the slicked back cut. Not so long gray slicked back hair looks great with the faded sides and back. It`s truly a universal style!

Slicked Back Top with Highly Faded Sides

Slicked Back Top With Highly Faded Sides

This is something new and extraordinary but with the reference to the past. The long top slicked back reminds of the classical cut but the middle fade and undercut hair near the top highlight the modern trends. Lined up forehead and sharp temples add the freshness to the hairstyle.

Long Sleek Back Undercut Style

Long Sleek Back Undercut Style

Bit messy and tousled hairstyle remains relevant nowadays. Such a voguish hairdo is mostly chosen by the men who like to run their fingers through the splendidly styled strands for giving them necessary tousled form. The long slicked back hair fits well with the undercut sides and looks modern and stylish.

Long, Curly and Wet

Long, Curly And Wet

If you have curly hair and you prefer classical styles this haircut matches you best of all. The long hair combed back smartly with some special hair product gives the extra charm to your individuality.

Simple but so Stylish

Simple But So Stylish

Sometimes simple things look more trendy and attractively than something involved and fanciful. Just pay the attention to this example! Easily slicked back hairdo suits perfectly with the undercut sides and back and looks neat and elegant.

Slicked Back Hairdo with a Solid Part

Slicked Back Hairdo With A Solid Part

This hairstyle with clean-cut temples is extremely popular as it`s a creative combination of the old and modern slicked back cut. Faded sides and back of the head with solid side part give a new and fresh look to a classical style.

Gray-Haired Combed Back Top and High Fade

Gray-Haired Combed Back Top And High Fade

If you want to emphasize your oval-shaped face with an effective haircut so you can do that easily. It`s possible if you wear up-to-date slicked back fade haircut. The extremely shaved black sides and the gray top make the contrast and help you to stress the great top volume.

Classical Long Slicked Back Look

Classical Long Slicked Back Look

You follow the classical trends and like to be neat and elegant. This is the striking hairdo for you! Neatly combed back long hair fits well for people who should have a conservative look but try to keep the modern tendencies.

Clean-Cut, Fair and Splendid

Clean-Cut, Fair And Splendid

When you have a thick fair hair a slick back will go with you brilliantly. Using just some simple hair products to style your hair you have a gorgeous fashionable look. For the best effect, you can also to undercut the temples.

Wavy Long Combed Back Man`s Cut

Wavy Long Combed Back Man`s Cut

A slick back matches great for the men with curly or wavy hair. All you need is to use a strong hold gel for hair and a small brush to put your naughty long strands in the place. Thus, you have an astounding result!

Combed Back Hairdo with Thin Part and Fade

Slicked Back With Fade And Beard

A slick back cut goes cool with a long beard and also with the mustache and makes your appearance more expressive. Here we notice the mixture of the old slicked back style as a middle-length black top combed back and a new current which is reflected in the low fade and shaved temples.

Combed Back Hairdo with Thin Part and Fade

Combed Back Hairdo With Thin Part And Fade

Nothing will suit more natural for the stylish men as a classical slick back hairstyle with a thin part from the left side. Such a simple but at the same time attractive cut fits well to any occasion in the person`s life. It also seems greatly with a slight fair beard and the thin mustache.

Short, Wavy but Fresh Man`s Hairstyle

Short, Wavy But Fresh Man`s Hairstyle

Short wavy hair can be easily styled in a slick back cut. It looks a bit vintage with the wavy top combed back but the faded sides and back add this hairdo the contemporary effect.

Black Top with Extra Volume

Black Top With Extra Volume

You are accustomed be in the center of attention! You prefer to stand out! With such an excellent up-to-date haircut, you will draw people`s attention easily. The mixture of the slicked back haircut, highly faded sides and back with an asymmetrical part from the left side add the extra volume and doesn`t seem outdated.

Neat Slicked Back Hairdo with Solid Side Line

Neat Slicked Back Hairdo With Solid Side Line

The classical hair trends remain actual among men nowadays. Long well-groomed hair combed back neatly looks so smartly and elegantly. You should add nothing to your appearance because you look brilliantly!

Classical, Long and so Handsome

Classical, Long And So Handsome

The classical hair trends remain actual among men nowadays. Long well-groomed hair combed back neatly looks so smartly and elegantly. You should add nothing to your appearance because you look brilliantly!

Ginger Subtle Slick Back with Beard

Ginger Subtle Slick Back With Beard

Long volume ginger hair combed back goes great with a long ginger beard and the thick mustache. Slightly shaved temples complete the whole image that highlights the oval shape of the face and visually elongates the face.

Vintage Cut with Modern Fade and Part

Vintage Cut With Modern Fade And Part

If you have blond hair and you prefer classical styles this haircut matches you best of all. A short combed back hairdo fits perfectly to the sides shaved to the scalp and a fair beard with the light mustache. Such cool choice will seem fascinating at any living situations.

Light Blue Top and Very Short Black Sides

Light Blue Top And Very Short Black Sides

To be extravagant and uncommon! To stand out from the crowd! The simplest way to reach such result is to make your hair unnatural. The light blue top combed back underlines with short shaved dark sides that add the contrast and extra volume to the hairdo.

Charming and Simple Man`s Hairdo

Charming And Simple Man`s Hairdo

Now we see the example when the simple man`s cut attracts the attention at once and looks so charming and amazingly. It is not so difficult with the help of special hair gel to comb your long hair back to have an elegant look.

Long Slick Back Hairstyle with Shaved Side

Long Slick Back Hairstyle With Shaved Side

The modern variation of classical cut seems fascination and a bit dangerous. The long top combed back is spotlighted with the fully shaved right side, lined up forehead and sharp angles on the temples. A solid part from the right side underlines the extra top volume.

Short Slicked Back Hair with Fade

Short Slicked Back Hair With Fade

This striking example is for the follower of short hairstyles. The short ginger top combed neatly back suits well with the highly faded sides and back. Such cut helps the man to reveal his trendy tattoos.

A Bit Messy Slick Back

A Bit Messy Slick Back

You`d like to have a stylish and a bit messy look! With such voguish hairstyle, it is very easily to realize your desire. Such cool hairdo is popular among the men who like to run their fingers through the brilliantly styled strands for giving them necessary tousled form.

Curved Slick Back Haircut

Curved Slick Back Haircut

Slicked back hairstyle isn`t something new but it remains actual nowadays. Some men try to diverse this style like we can notice on the photo: instead of the sharp lines, the man prefers to curve the edges and to make the asymmetrical light part from the left side.

Smartly Long Combed Back Hair

Smartly Long Combed Back Hair

This smartly cut looks reserved, common or even conservative but the slightly faded temples and back imports a fresh tendency to such hairdo. With such cut, you don`t seem extravagant but you look fashioned!

High Faded Sides and Back

High Faded Sides And Back

Ginger hair attracts people`s attention at once as it is so bright by nature. The men with such a gaudy color can choose classical hairstyles like the model on the photo. One of a good example is a short slick back hair and faded sides. This cut works nicely with a beard and mustache.

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