The Admirable High and Tight Haircuts

The high and tight is a man’s haircut, which appeared in the US in the late 1980s. Due to its practicality, this cut acquired a big popularity among soldiers. It was characterized by clean-shaven back and sides and a flat area on the top, with hair length 3-6 mm. Today the hairstyle embraces many variations: hair can be high and low, wide or narrow, the length is also changeable.

Traditional Styling

1 Traditional styling

The high and tight haircut is an ideal variant for men. The standard design is characterized by bald sides, nape and bobbed section on the crown. This haircut rejuvenates the face and looks elegant.

Half-Shaved Idea

2 Half-shaved idea

The owners of thick, black hair may try to leave only the forepart with extremely short design, while the whole head is completely clean-shaven. This hairstyle can be supplemented by a short beard, which adds seriousness and gravity.

A Long Take on a Bald Design

3 A long take on a bald design

There is no necessity to make your hair section very short. The contrast between bald head and quite long hair style on the crown produces a memorable and marvelous impression.

Strict Lines in the Haircut

4 Strict lines in the haircut

The ways of improving your hairstyle and making it more interesting and catchy are numerous. Here the typical high and tight is complemented by two shaven lines on the side – it brings severity to your image.

Short Cut with a Long Beard

5 Short cut with a long beard

The beard is an attribute and a real pride of many men, which makes them more virile and brutal, especially if it is a long and thick. In this case, the combination of radically short high and tight with the beard is surprising enough.

The Red Splash

6 The red splash

The high and tight cut is a universal one, which suits any hair color and the red one is not an exception. The bald sides with short hair on the top are a perfect choice for summer when this sunny hairstyle will be particularly noticed and estimated.   

The High and Tight for Curly Hair

7 The high and tight for curly hair

The owners of beautiful, curly hair should not lose this opportunity to have such unique styling. This haircut consists of an almost bald head and a wide line of curly hair on the crown that fits young and energetic men.

The Stylish Hawk

8 The stylish hawk

Some men prefer to have something trendy in their style even if needs a special care. The high and tight with a cute hawk, parted by shaved lines, is addressed to fashion-mongers, who pay a great attention to the appearance.

The Grizzled Point in Cut

9 The grizzled point in cut

The older people usually choose a convenient and traditional hairstyle. Thus, this nice high and tight will be suitable for grizzled hair, the length depends on your preferences and wishes.

Military View on Things

10 Military view on things

The high and tight is very popular cut among military, as they appreciate its convenience and simplicity. If your work is connected with soldiery, such idea of the hairstyle will be appropriate and timely.

The Bat Hair Art

11 The bat hair art

Today the high and tight haircut goes far beyond the standard presentation. Here the shaven image of a bat on the nape serves as a highlight in this work. This creature is associated with night, evil and danger, so this style has a mysterious view.

The Gentleman Inspiration

12 The gentleman inspiration

Do you want to have an aristocratic look? It is possible to achieve by slightly transforming the high and tight style. Leave more hair on the top and comb it on one side. The mustache will emphasize this design but you may also part the hair by a shaven line to heighten the result.

The Patterns on the Blonde

13 The patterns on the blonde

To see a person with a swarthy skin and blonde hair is a rarity, as not everybody is ready to experiment. However, you can make your styling more unpredictable, just add some patterns like this one on the crown and your image will be unforgettable.    

Faded Sides with a Hawk

14 Faded sides with a hawk

Some faded touches that unite the bald section with a neat hawk on the top is a wonderful element in your style. The short hawk, in its turn, visually lengthens the face that will be appealing to chubby men.

Zigzag Design

15 Zigzag design

This high and tight is done for people, who pay attention to small details and want to reach perfectness in everything. The clean buzzed head is presented with a fresh hawk on the crown. Besides, there is a shaven line and zigzag on the forehead that makes the hairstyle more distinct.

Vintage Approach

16 Vintage approach

The combination of past and presence is represented in this high and tight styling. This tall and thick hair art is intended for African American people. The design of bald nape and sides goes along either with slight bristles or without.

The Undercut Idea

17 The undercut idea

Some clients reject the idea to shave or cut their head completely, in this situation, we can propose to leave the top of your hair, particularly if you possess wonderful, a little bit curly one. The faded section along the crown makes the hairstyle more emphatic.

The Flat-Top Inspired

18 The flat-top inspired

This high and tight cut in the form of a flat top is a good choice for men, who suffer from a bald head. Here the top is divided into two parts, which skillfully hide imperfections of your hair and will not look primitive.

Refined Mohawk For Black Hair

19 Refined mohawk for black hair

The owners of jet black hair should definitely emphasize such possession by means of modern styling. Take the longer section on the crown with faded touches in the bald background.

The Shaven Patterns of Art

20 The shaven patterns of art

The childish haircut is usually included many interesting variations. This simple high and tight is decorated with enthralling shaven patterns, which starts on the forehead and continues on the right side.

The White Inclusion In Styling

21 The white inclusion in styling

This cool idea of high and tight with a white top fits young men – it adds the note of cockiness and feel of independence. The white section looks smart and modish with black shades of a shaven head.

The Extremely Short Variant

22 The extremely short variant

The borders between different types of haircuts are often conditional. The shortest possible high and tight cut is complemented with a brief shaven streak that makes the appearance strict and serious.

The Long Hawk With A Beard

23 The long hawk with a beard

Have you ever dreamt of a stylish look with a marvelous beard? This one combines the short cut with long elements that play the game of contrast and create an unforgettable design for a man, who want to seem strong and brave.

The High and Tight Undercut

24 The high and tight undercut

Here the standard cut is presented in the form of long undercut, which can be tied in the lock of hair or braid. Such hairstyle is very popular among musicians and people with a creative approach to life.  

The Haircut for Thinning Hair

25 The haircut for thinning hair

The right choice of hairstyle is able to highlight only the positive sides of your image. This short high and tight cut is designed for men with thinning hair and you may add any interesting patterns to create your own style.

The Web Element Creativity

26 The web element creativity

The spider is a symbol of development, love for life progress and faith in success. So, if you decided to take it as the main image of the high and tight cut, do not forget to combine it with such a fabulous hawk on the crown.

Frisky Mohawk Cut

27 Frisky mohawk cut

Due to its universality, the high and tight hairstyle sits tight in the rating of the most well-known cuts. This every day blonde hair cut with a wide mohawk is nifty and is good for both mature men and small boys.

African American Desire

28 African American desire

If you are a lucky owner of thick black hair, do not waste your time on choosing the better haircut than this one. The high and tight look amazing in African Americans, a little bit curly top produces an outstanding image with faded sections.

Circled High and Tight

29 Circled high and tight

The catching designs of high and tight haircut can sometimes surprise. This shaven circle, which takes its beginning from the forehead, resembles the halo and brings the piquancy to his work.

Iroquois Affected Fantasy

30 Iroquois affected fantasy

The typical perception of the high and tight cut as a military hairstyle is not actual now. Today it can be easily combined with such audacious component as Iroquois. This style is appropriate for broad-minded and adventurous people.

Asymmetrical Point

31 Asymmetrical point

Asymmetry is a new trend in high and tight hair art, which makes the image more spontaneous. Style your hair with gel on one of the side and a fresh cut is ready. If you are going to a restaurant or to the concert, you will be a superstar in this image!

Classical High and Tight with a Beard

32 Classical high and tight with a beard

Originally, it was impossible to see high and tight with a beard, because this cut appeared for military purposes, where such peculiarity as the beard is forbidden. However, in ordinary life, the men can allow to use it in their style.

The Colorful Innovation

33 The colorful innovation

Usually, the women enjoy changing the color of their hair but men also do not miss an opportunity to experiment with the appearance as well. Why not add some bright notes in the hairstyle, like these red, blue and yellow lines on the top of high and tight cut?

Accurate Styling

34 Accurate styling

The clean-shaven head with a short black section of hair produces stylish and accurate look. It does not require any special care, thus, the high and tight haircut serves ideally for the everyday image.

Smartly Designed Cut

35 Smartly designed cut

This is one more idea of high and tight with lovely patterns. Here the shaved lines form a startling ornament on the side. The size and forms are changeable – everything depends on your tastes and imagination.

Long Take in Gray

36 Long take in gray

This breathtaking styling proposes to look at the problem of graying hair from the other direction. Take the high and tight cut with a long design on the crown. The little mess on your head removes several years quickly.

Flattop Mix

37 Flattop mix

Are you a fan of a flattop design? This idea includes the best of different styles: the high and tight base with a tall flat-top section is complemented with a long shaven streak. It is definitely a new way of a standard view of a hairstyle.

Square Forehead Hairline

38 Square forehead hairline

The geometric forms always impart neatness and adeptness to the hairstyle, which fully illustrated in this example. The square hairline is nicely combined with an adunc shaved pattern on the forehead.

Intelligent Red Look

39 Intelligent red look

This high and tight hairstyle together with beard creates a wondrous union, which looks fussy and bright with red hair. The top section is divided by a shaven line and presents the longer variant of a haircut.

Blonde High and Tight

40 Blonde high and tight

Blonde brings lightness – the owners of this type of hair seem younger. The shaven back and sides with a longer part on the top is a good idea for modest representatives of the stronger sex.

Faded Sides with a Thick Beard

41 Faded sides with a thick beard

The successful combination of high and tight style and thick beard is presented here. The slow transition between bald and cut is achieved by use of faded sides method.

Slight Hawk Accompanied by Ornament

42 Slight hawk accompanied by ornament

The haircut in African American design is something special and unrepeatable. The thick structure allows embodying many enthralling ideas like this hawk, while the interesting pattern on the side completes the whole picture.

Long Point with a Beard

43 Long point with a beard

If you are not sure about the desired length of your high and tight, leave the long top. This styling can be mixed with a medium beard – it emphasizes your virile character, which will not go unnoticed by the girls.

Clean-Around Idea

44 Clean-around idea

The good hairdresser always corrects the client’s strong points and adds some fascinating details. This clean buzzed cut includes the round-shaped pattern on the top. It looks simple and compelling at the same time.

Faux Hawk in High and Tight

45 Faux hawk in high and tight

The stylish hawk that begins on the crown and stretches up to the forehead seems quite rebellious. This trendy element supplement the universal view of high and tight design.

Inscription Mark

46 Inscription mark

The various shaven patterns in the haircut are a normal phenomenon but the inscription is not so widespread. The ornament “ill” on the top of your high and tight can be perceived ambiguously but the most important what idea is implied by you

Grubby Top

47 Grubby top

Is unpredictability your alter ego? You do not wish to be like other people, then, this incredible variant of high and tight haircut with a straight top is for you. The idea of shaven head with a thick section on the crown is possible only if you are an owner of coarse hair.

Braid Individuality

48 Braid individuality

This design of high and tight cut leaves enough space on the top for experiments. You may create such unbelievable braid, which not only harmoniously looks with faded sides but also pretends to be a hit of the season.

Half-Head Undercut

49 Half-head undercut

This arty-crafty hairstyle represents strong inconsistency: the high top and clean-shaven head. Such design of high and tight is very popular among sportsmen, particularly basketball players.

Pompadour Motivated Haircut

50 Pompadour motivated haircut

All fans of Elvis Presley and his epoch will find this hairstyle attractive. Here the high and tight is complemented with an amusing pompadour with front curl drop. It is really cool work!

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