Top 12 of the Most Adorable Short Curly Hair Options

Curly hairs are rarely unpretentious in care: so mysterious and unconstrained lying curls require daily attention. Beautifully laid curly hair in themselves are the adornment of women as lovely curls look elegant, but simply and naturally. Short haircuts and hairdos will help to tame unruly curls and turn them into charming curls. Well-groomed curly hair causes delight of others and attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

A short haircut to curly hair looks pert and relaxed. Previously it was believed that curly hair is absolutely not adapted for creating shortcuts, but today is the short length of hair fashion trend, has taken root and loved by many owners of curls. Yes, curly hair in a short hairstyle requires proper care and permanent styling, but the reward for the winning works will be the image – a stylish, brash and forever young.

How To Style Short Curly Hair

Side-swept Pixie With Playful Curls

Side-Swept Pixie with Playful Curls0
Side-Swept Pixie with Playful Curls1
Side-Swept Pixie with Playful Curls2
Side-Swept Pixie with Playful Curls3
Side-Swept Pixie with Playful Curls4
Easy to care for, incredibly stylish short hair pixie pretty looks on a curly, thin and soft hair. This women’s hairstyle is distinguished by volume, elegance, and style. Curly hair, casually arranged with the help of styling tools can help the girl to look younger and a little hooligan.

Asymmetrical Perfection

Asymmetrical Perfection0
Asymmetrical Perfection1
The dominant feature of this hairstyle exactly becomes a bang. As far as in this case open temples and a nape, a question which is decided each girl alone. Soft waves and curls make the image more lively. If you have enough hard curls, then you can approach a hairstyle in which the maximum volume will set at the top.

Curly Bob – Always in Fashion

Curly Bob – Always in Fashion0
Curly Bob – Always in Fashion1
Curly Bob – Always in Fashion2
This type of short haircut looks great on curly hair. Women’s bob hairstyle will decorate the young lady of any age and hair type. Bob Haircut thanks to the winding structure of the soft strands will attach special personality. It adds a girl lightness and ease.

Completely Careless Style

Completely Careless Style0
Completely Careless Style1
Completely Careless Style2
Multilayered, lightness and airiness distinguish the short cascade. Owners of curly hair, this hairdo will help to remove the redundant volume, will facilitate the installation. Thin curls due to different levels of length will look bulky, stressing beautiful, proper proportions of the face.

Ombre Highlights for Lovely Locks

Ombre Highlights for Lovely Locks0
Ombre Highlights for Lovely Locks1
Ombre Highlights for Lovely Locks2
Ombre looks on a cute curly hair texture. Also, owner of the hair structure has a small bonus: curly hair on the line between the two shades of color is almost imperceptible, blurred. Therefore, the effect turns natural and looks the most smoothly and creates the impression of a little-burnt hair in the sun.

Curly Mohawk Tapered Cut

Curly Mohawk Tapered Cut0
Curly Mohawk Tapered Cut1
Curly Mohawk Tapered Cut2
This hairstyle suitable for those who have thick curls. At the top, the hair can be colored, and on the sides – do not shave, but simply a shortcut. But to hold curls in a place, you need to stock a good hairspray.

Curly Crown With a Secret Shaved Temple

Curly Crown with a Secret Shaved Temple0
Curly Crown with a Secret Shaved Temple1
Curly Crown with a Secret Shaved Temple2
Stylists recommend doing this hairstyle with short curly hair. Although some believe that shaved the temple is not combined with curly hair, but it is not so. Do not forget that the flowing curls are highly relevant today; they add the image of audacity. This version looks more neat and extravagant.

Freestyle Shaved Design up to Your Creativity

Freestyle Shaved Design up to Your Creativity0
Freestyle Shaved Design up to Your Creativity1
Many girls prefer more impressively underline the shaved area by means of drawings. This hairstyle is an excellent way to show your own sense of style and the rebellious inner world. Modern stylists think that romantic, cute curls – a lot of the “good girls” while hairstyles with patterns on the temples imply a kind of audacity and brutality.

Half-shaved Half-dyed Rockabilly Cut

Half-Shaved Half-Dyed Rockabilly Cut0
Half-Shaved Half-Dyed Rockabilly Cut1
Another fast-growing trend of short hair on curly hair. Nape and temples cut by machine. Due to the angelic curls on the hair, this form changed beyond recognition, gaining a special charm and fascination.

Curly Buzz Cut at Ladies’ Disposal

Curly Buzz Cut at Ladies’ Disposal0
Curly Buzz Cut at Ladies’ Disposal1
This hairstyle on curly hair looks quite boldly and courageously. This is quite a short hairstyle that looks very neat and requires a minimum of installation.

Incredible Colors to Update Curly Hair

Incredible Colors to Update Curly Hair0
Incredible Colors to Update Curly Hair1
Incredible Colors to Update Curly Hair2
Incredible Colors to Update Curly Hair3
Many women like to experiment with the length, with a hairstyle, but also with the hair color. Especially stylish look creative solutions for staining in various colors of curly hair. With such a hairstyle you will look original and bright.

Curly Hair and Dutch Braids

Curly Hair and Dutch Braids0
Curly Hair and Dutch Braids1
The biggest advantage of this type of hair that any hairstyle will look volumetric, even if you do not create a bouffant artificially. One of the most romantic techniques of creating hairstyles is to weave the braid curly hair.

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