Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Not a secret that the prom is quite special and important part for students, especially for girls. Young ladies are competing in the best outfit and best hairdo so they could be the queens of this special night.  Just with the right look, you can make the prom the best day of your life. Hairdos should match the dress, the accessories and even the make-up to make your look completed.

Plus it is important that your hairstyle fits your face shape and highlights your personality. A natural look is in the most trends this year. Choose a simple braided hairdo with some a little bit messy look, add some flowers and you will get your perfect prom hairstyle.

30 Most Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

We all know that preparing for the prom could be a real nightmare for a girl so to make it easier we have found the most delightful and trendy hairdos  for you. Just take a look at them and get ready to look like a Hollywood star on your special night!

Floral Tenderness

Floral tenderness

This slightly messy hairdo with a braid that covers the composition is decorated with small tender flowers. The hairdo will highlight your femininity and softness of your look.

Long Curled Locks with Braided Crown

Long curled locks with braided crown

When it comes to a real hairdo masterpiece nothing works best than a natural look of your hair. Use a thick iron to make big thick curls all over the length and finish the composition with a crown made of two thin braids and you will definitely rock on your prom night.

Red Loose Bun

Red loose bun

The simplicity of this prom hairdo is the most important feature. Pull your hair up to make a thick loose bun on the top and don’t forget that your hair should look poofy and loose to make the volume. The last but not the least is a decoration that is made from tender white roses and pink chrysanthemums.

Crowned Curled Locks

Crowned curled locks

If you made a decision to wear a strapless dress, you might be interested in this prom hairstyle that contains free falling thick curled locks which are crowned with two braids. The hairdo is quite simple but really beautifully looking.

Brunette to Purple Balayage Hairdo

Brunette to purple balayage hairdo

If you are not afraid of experimenting with some unusual prom hairdos, this one will attract your attention. Soft violet curls that are falling free on your shoulder are complemented by thickly feathered braids on the crown. This is really nice and girly prom hairdo.

Beautiful Twists

Beautiful twists

This kind of prom hairdo will work best for those who have long thick hair. It looks elegant and even classy. Plus it perfectly holds its shape throughout the night so you don’t have to worry about frizzing out locks.

Blonde Tousled Waves

Blonde tousled waves

The waterfall locks that start from two accent braids creating a crown around the head. The look is quite casual and hippie-like but still is breathtaking and eye-catching.

Braid with Roses

Braid with roses

These charming white roses that are woven into thick loose braid create an unbelievable prom look. Such breathtaking hairdo will serve as a great addition to your dress and will be the best accessories of all.

Elegant Curls with Long Side Locks

Elegant curls with long side locks

To create something so soft and loose you have to visit your hairdresser because it’s quite difficult to do this hairstyle at home. All the beauty hides in loose curls that pinned on the back of the head. Leave some separate free falling lock to create volume and girly look.

Classic Vintage Prom Hairdo

Classic vintage prom hairdo

if you are in search of some classic style, take a look at this low bun with twisted sides. The hairdo looks polished and elegant. Leave some wavy locks to create a romantic look.

Blonde Twists

Blonde twists

Use this modern take on a classic look to shine on your special night. Multiple twists that are woven inside create a fantastic low updo which fit any face shape and dress style.

The Bow-Knot Hairstyle

The bow-knot hairstyle

If you want to look like a Disney’s cartoons princess at your prom ball, consider this charming bow-knot hairdo. The technique of creating such a beautiful hairstyle is simple and tricky at the same time. Start from a ponytail, divide it into three parts, use pins to fix your bun from two parts and, finally, take one part to reel the bow-knot. Use a texturizing spray to create hold.

Floral Twists

Floral twists

Your long hair is already you’re the most precious and beautiful decoration so sometimes even simple hairdo looks fantastic because of your hair. Curl your long locks with the help of the thick iron, upswept one part of the hair, twist locks and use pins with flowers to fix the updo.

Braided Rainbow

Braided rainbow

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to feel comfortable with long thick hair. So to avoid this discomfort pin your hair into a braided low bun with some twisted Dutch braid that goes down from the forehead. And if you want an unusual look of a classy hairstyle, add some rainbow coloring to express your easy-going personality.

Long Curled Locks

Long curled locks

If you are the lucky owner of long thick hair, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful prom look. Your hair will look fantastic even if you just use a thick iron to curl long locks. Consider this option if you want something simple but never out of fashion.

Loose Twisted Braid with Decoration

Loose twisted braid with decoration

If you are not a fan of up hairdos, consider this tousled and loosely twisted braid as your main option. It is elegant and romantic-looking and with some beautiful floral pins, you will shine like a queen on the prom dance floor.

Classic Full Bun with Lacy Strip

Classic full bun with lacy strip

What can be better than vintage hairdos that survived through the time? Right, nothing! You will look phenomenal with sleek full bun decorated with the lace strip and beautiful pins. Such polished and formal style is just the right for the prom night.

Dutch Braid and Classic Roll

Dutch braid and classic roll

Classic low roll can be decorated with beautiful thick Dutch braid that around the head. By simply leaving curled tendrils on the both sides you will get a delicate and tender look.

Pink and Blue Fishtail Braids

Pink and blue fishtail braids

If you happen to be young extraordinary lady searching for some extravagant prom hairstyle, here it is! Bright pink and blue long hair that has been curled and braided into thick fishtail braid on the crown can be your number one among other prom hairstyles. You will totally rock on your special night with this delightful hairdo.

Brown to Blond Ombre Side Fishtail Braid

Brown to blond ombre side fishtail braid

Different braids are in 2016 trend, especially for prom hairdos. If you are all about fashion and want to be the queen of your prom, try this hairdo. Brown to blonde ombre hair braided into side fishtail is quite simple and beautifully looking at the same time. And you can be sure that your hair won’t frizz out when you will be rocking on the dance floor.

Side Braid with Twists

Side braid with twists

Try an ordinary three strands side braid but add some additional element such as twisted Dutch braid accent on the one side. Go for this charming hairdo and you won’t regret it!

Dutch Braid Crown

Dutch braid crown

Natural look and braided updos are in trend this year. You can go for a Dutch braid that crowned the head and leave some messy wispy strands to create a romantic look. This hairdo is girly and high fashioned.

Mermaid Blue Braids

Mermaid blue braids

If you are a lucky owner of this beautiful color of the hair, consider slightly messy braids that are swirled into a single snail bun. Leave some curled strands all over the hairdo to create volume and romantic look and here you go- the queen of the prom!

Curled High Ponytail

Curled high ponytail

The high volume on the crown is continued by a high curled ponytail. Long side bangs finish the image and make the look more romantic and soft. This hairdo will work well on any face shape and type of hair.

Greek Goddess Hairstyle

Greek goddess hairstyle

These multiple twists of curled hair fixed by barely seen hairpins create a real Greek goddess look. It is tender and delicate and will fit a natural make-up. Be careful with a dress; choose pastel colors and classic style to look adorable!

Half Up, Half Down Prom Curls with Orchid

Half up, half down curls with orchid

If you are searching for a romantic and tender look, these slightly messy curls with an orchid flower that pins the hair will work best. Separate your hair that has been already curled on thick iron into two parts. The upper part pin with the orchid and the rest of hair leave as they are. The tenderness of your look will impress every boy on your prom. Guaranteed!

Braided Crown with Laurel Wreath

Braided crown with Laurel wreath

Inspired by Greek mythology this goddess’ look will suit a confident and charming girl who wants to highlight her beauty. Create a loose French braided crown all over the head and finish it with golden Laurel wreath decoration. This hairdo is modern and vintage at the same time.

Tousled Milkmaid Braids

Tousled milkmaid braids

This cute milkmaid braid that goes all around the head is simple and charming. The slightly tousled look is complemented by tender white flowers on the side. With this prom updo, you can dance all night and don’t have to worry about the poofy look of your hair.

Vintage High Bun Updo

Vintage high bun updo

If you want a sophisticated look, try a simple sleek high bun. To create volume use a sock bun sponge and some texturizing spray to keep the hold. This kind of hairstyle is never out of fashion and looks elegantly and beautifully.

Braided Wreath with Flowers

 Braided wreath with flowers

How can you make a regular braid look more extraordinary? You will probably be surprised that simple floral pins can change an ordinary braid into hairstyle masterpiece. If you are not convinced yet, check out this incredible braided crown with white chrysanthemums and small red florets that are woven into a braid. This hairdo will make you look like a princess.

Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair
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