The Most Unexpected Ombre Hairstyles

Recently, a special staining technique – Ombre – became very popular among fashionable women. Hair coloring represents two-tone coloring with a border, blurred by the horizontal line.

Due to such coloration hairstyle looks quite original: from the roots to the mid-length preserved natural shade, followed by a soft and smooth transition in a different color, and the tips, the color becomes the most intense and saturated. Ombre, where the darker shade is gradually transformed into a light, also called the “solar” coloring, because the result is very similar to natural hair burning.

The more daring girls agree to make a sharp boundary between two colors. Transitions can be quite different – from dark hair to light and vice versa, or from natural colors to bright fashionable shades, in short, Ombre hair coloring can be made to suit all tastes. The tips of the hair of a different color are very refreshing way, make the face younger. Ombre hair also adds volume and splendor will revive the simplest haircut.

Dark Brown Ombre

It looks gorgeous overflowing coffee and cognac, golden brown, caramel, and honey natural shades in combination with a deep dark color of hair. This fashionable coloration is now preferred by many luxurious brunettes in Hollywood and it certainly looks very impressive and glamorous. Depending on how bright an image you want to create, you can choose either a quiet coffee and cognac shades or more juicy and contrast caramel-honey color.
Great dark brown ombre

Delightful dark brown ombre

Splendid dark brown ombre

Wonderful dark brown ombre

Blond Ombre

The classic version Ombre, which is considered a two-tone coloring hair with bleached tips and saved darker shade roots. The intermediate zone is made seamlessly and allows getting a maximum natural image.
Blond ombre

Bright blond ombre

Beautiful blond ombre

Red Ombre

Stylish and bright brunettes are sure to attract extravagant Ombre with a luxurious effect “the flames”. Its essence is that the tips of dark or black hair make shades of red, gold, copper and honey or red – orange. Styling curls give hair movement and emphasize the beauty of this fantastic Ombre.
Red ombre

Natural red ombre

Creative red ombre

Light Brown Ombre

Gentle color reflections make this coloration a fresh and elegant instead of bright accents. Hairs with a warm shade quicken with wheat, caramel, golden sand or light honey color of Ombre.
Light brown ombre

Ashen light brown ombre

Trendy light brown ombre

Lovely light brown ombre

Light Blue Ombre

Thanks to the technique of color Ombre, on the dark or light hair, you can create real works of art. The favorite become cold images, it is assumed luxurious flowing play several tones of light blue on the tips of the hair.
Light blue ombre

Excellent light blue ombre

Nice light blue ombre

Purple Ombre

For bright and extravagant girls, there are also striking two-color variants Ombre. This kind of hair coloring executed as well as classic, but with bold enchanting colors. Here is where to turn fantasy, you can use all shades of purple.
Purple ombre

Refreshing purple ombre

Modern purple ombre

Delicate purple ombre

Black Ombre

An incredibly interesting inverse variant where light roots are transferred to the dark ends. Laconic and stylish black Ombre represents a bright and contrasting combination of rich black with a lighter hair color. The boundaries of coloring can be both clear and blurred horizontally.
Black ombre

Black streight ombre

Perfect black ombre

Brown and Blond Ombre

This Ombre represents very smooth transitions of several shades. It is important to keep it a smooth transition from pitch to pitch, so the implementation of such Ombre best left to a professional. If the show imagination and mastery, you can create dazzling effects.
Brown and blond ombre

Tender brown and blond ombre

Blue Ombre

You can simply add blue color to your natural tone, and can radically repaint the hair, making them fully colored. The last option looks, no doubt, incredibly impressive, daring, defiant, striking, but consider that such a transformation can only sustain healthy hair!
Blue and purple ombre

Good blue ombre

Gorgeous blue ombre

Green Ombre

This Ombre involves a combination of an unusual color palette. There is a place with chestnut – green – blue combinations. Transitional color can be any color. Such extravagant coloration is suitable for people who love to be in the center of attention in others.
 Green ombre

Incredible green ombre

Aqua ombre

Dark green ombre

The Most Unexpected Ombre Hairstyles
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