Messy Updos for Long Hair and Prom Hairstyles

A prom is a special event, where you should express yourself not only through a dress but a haircut. The major trends of these updos are top and low buns, traditional and French braids, reverse plaits and braids, done in a form of a shell. Not too frilly accessories of neutral shades are welcome.

60 Ideas of Updos for Long Hair and Prom Hairstyles

The examples of prom haircuts below are for your inspiration, you will find variants for all hair types and face shapes, emphasize your beauty with a properly chosen haircut.

Solemn Prom Updo

Solemn prom updo

A large French braid on the top is combined with a messy bun on the nape, thin released strands frame the face. This one is a superb variant for special occasions.

Easy Updos for Long Hair

Intricate pattern

A dope fusion of braids and a wavy knot looks great on wavy locks. A few delicate tresses are edging the face oval, they are curled and make up a feminine image.

Voluminous Prom Updos

Voluminous prom hairdo

A wonderful braid covers the whole head, the top is combed back and raised, the final touch is a kinky bun. A long forelock is woven into the cut.

Elegant Locks

Elegant locks

Flat glossy hair is braided in scrolls and gathered into a volumetric node. Front wavy layers add some romance.

Striking Casual Updo

Striking updo

This hairstyle is perfect for your prom! Look like a Disney princess: have a dense plait with a big bun and add a filigree floral jewelry for a great effect.

Simple Updos for Long Hair

Trendy dense plaits

Highlights on brown hair look alluring in a distinct pattern. Two side plaits intersect at one point – a lush knot.

Conventional Prom Hairdo

Conventional prom hairdo

A plain cut without odd accents is always classy, comb locks from the bottom to the top, make a loose braid above and use little white florets as a decoration.

Golden Curls & Flowers Updo

Golden curls flowers

Cute little ringlets create a messy bun and a thick braid extends from the forehead to the nape. The border between those elements is adorned with a pretty floral sprig.

Crossing Curls

Crossing curls

Messy ringlets create a volumetric bun, the crown is raised, that is why it is not too contrasting, a delicate pearl adornment is a zest of the cut.

Cute Updos for Long Hair

Golden tresses

Sleek flat hair is maintained in an awesome hairdo. It seems as if the bun consists of little ringlets, which look unusual.

Messy Updo for Long Hair

Woman – vamp’s style

Large swirls create a real crown at the top, curls are put vertically and they are fixed with the help of a spray, the fringe is flat and side wisps are enframing the face.

Brooks of Curls

Brooks of curls

Voluminous swirls at the top look cute, they are turning into a messy bun, on the nape, there is a hair accessory. This hairdo will be a fantastic part of a festive outfit.

Formal Updos for Long Hair

Greatness of shades

A simple hairstyle is stylish, a flat crown is combined with a thin side braid and a lush knot, delicate white flowers complement the tender image.

Royal Splendor

Royal splendor

Intertwined ringlets in a luxuriant bun resemble an interesting labyrinth, a glorious hair decoration complements the image.

Plaits & Swirls

Plaits swirls

Several braids are combed from the bottom to the top, which resembles a queen’s headband, volumetric ringlets are fixed and they intersect with plaits, the cut is complicated, but it looks fantastic.

Large Swirls

Large swirls

Long, dense, locks are maintained in a gorgeous updo. A path of chocolate ringlets of diverse sizes covers the head, thin front wisps remind of threads.

Elegant Prom Updos for Long Hair

Delicate haircut for a prom

Slick fair locks are twisted, three distinct waves are united in one point, the line of a seam is masked through a floral embellishment – wildflowers and orchids.

Beautiful Hair Updos for Long Hair

The blossom of youth

The hairstyle itself is a basket of braids, the major plait frames the knot and small pink roses are put randomly. The cut suits girls with blonde hair and a fair skin.

Easy Prom Updos

Informal prom updo

Shiny deep brown tresses are braided, a layered forelock is raised and it is smoothly transforming into a thick plait with spiral locks. This hairdo will be a cool part of a daring outfit.

Fusion of Elements

Fusion of elements

A new mainstream is the union of diverse updo variants in one haircut. Here side loose wisps are woven into an accent plait, the bun is done in a technique of a French braid, all together these parts make up a superb hairdo.

Crispy Highlights

Crispy highlights

Cute textured ringlets create two buns, which together make a holistic look. The forelock is divided into two parts, which are flat at the top and curled on the ends.

Interesting Pattern Plus a Huge Bun

Interesting pattern plus a huge bun

Dense, unruly hair of African Americans is difficult to maintain, so to braid it into small swirls, which come down to the nape, can do only a professional. The rest of hair is put into a layered bun on the crown.

Cascade of Curls

Cascade of curls

A playful image is achieved through creating gentle curls, which are gathered by a plait, which, in its turn, goes along the hairline. A few swirls are teased and a pink flower is the only colorful accent.

Curled Ombre Updo

Curled ombre updo

Highlight an ombre style through an exceptional prom hairdo. A fringe is swept to the side, whereas the top is adorned with curls, they divide the head into sections. A blonde volumetric curly bun reminds of the lace, the cut is a true masterpiece.

Braided Updos for Long Hair

Clear levels

Visually, this hairstyle may be divided into several zones: a layered long fringe, which is replaced by a braid and the last area is a kinky bun. You may add a white accessory to make a haircut more celebratory.

Cut for a Young Princess

Cut for a young princess

Side braids are flowing into a three-layered oval bun, each section is visible and little pearls are put as accessories. A tiny decoration looks delicate and complements the overall image.

Fishtail And Braids

Fishtail and braids

A smooth crown is turning into a fishtail, which is entwined with small plaits. If you don’t know what to do with your long locks, have braids of different types.

Splendor of Braids

Splendor of braids

The accent of this hairdo is the abundance of French plaits, a thin stripe is a line of division between two zones: loose front braids and a plaits with a bun behind. This one is an option only for strong, dense hair.

Snail Bun

Snail bun

The plait, made in a French style, descends along the head diagonally, separate strands are teased and look a little bit sloppy, this path ends on the nape in a knot, which resembles a snail. Nobody will take off eyes of you at the prom.

Greek Goddess

Greek goddess

An edged forelock hides the hairline, a facial strand emphasizes the delicate features of the face, above the bangs, there is a thin braid – a headband, hair is gathered into a dope updo – a textured bun.

Purple Shade Plus Flowers

Purple shade plus flowers

Stand out on your prom and choose an unusual hair hue – violet, add some white florets to create a contrast. A lovely bouffant at the top is combined with a kinky ponytail, this cut will go well with a short dress.

Complicated French Braids

Complicated braids

A reverse French braid and the plait of five strands are perfectly combined and they are combed back, at the top there is a thin pearl hoop. With this hairstyle, you will be a medieval princess.

Stylish Ombre Updo

Stylish ombre updo

The ombre styled is framed well in this hairdo, the top with a crossing braid is dark and a wavy bun is multicolored, separate ringlets create a volume. Nice flowers of peach and white shades serve as a good addition.

Classical Prom Updo Hairstyle

Classical prom updo

You may look elegant with a plain hairdo. Have your locks gathered in a flat bun, several swirls are released and they emphasize the beauty of the neck. A golden jewelry is optional, you may choose any decoration, which will suit your outfit.

Cute Magenta Braided Updos

Magenta braid

In this hairstyle, the emphasis is on an unusual hair color, a French braid descends like a serpentine, it looks awesome.

Messy Raised Curls

Messy raised curls

Deep brown hair with ginger glares is maintained professionally, a relief crown is separated from a kinky bottom by a thin plait, side ringlets make the image romantic.

Greek Fashion

Greek fashion

A forelock and the part of side locks look like cords, they are flowing into a volumetric wisp, it consists of many scrolls. A shiny golden headband complements the overall look.

Best Gala Hairdo

Best gala hairdo

On your special even you should shine like a diamond, so an updo with a flat fringe is a superior choice. Glossy bangs with a hoop are on the front part of the cut, on the nape, there is a construction of curls, which looks marvelous.

Out-Of-The-Way Prom Hairdo

Out-of-the-way prom hairdo

A dense plait is braided upwards, it is twisted around the perfect wisp at the top. This variant will suit women with thick and long locks.

Easy Up Hairstyles

Alluring maze

Platinum hair color always looks expensive. Here a perfectly smooth top is merged with a bun, which incorporates an intricate pattern, made of waves.

Crimpy Waterfall

Crimpy waterfall

Big and small ringlets are braided and teased, there is no a clear border between the plaits and it gives an impression of an endless stream of curls, which descends along the neck. This cut requires much time and efforts, but it is worth it.

Floral Wisp

Floral wisp

With this trick, sparse hair will resemble a rich head of hair. Just have your locks twisted into a tight bun and decorate it with a pale peony and a snow-white rose.

Spiny Ponytail

Spiny ponytail

A crown is done in a rock style, one side is faded and another one is braided into two thin plaits, the top is raised and together with braids it is flowing into a messy ponytail, as strands are teased, it looks volumetric.

Adorable Swirls

Adorable swirls

Sparse tresses also may be a part of a complicated hairdo, have a mix of a French bun, thin braids, which cover the head and gentle ringlets. This sophisticated cut will help you to hold the stage.

A Flower of Braids

A flower of braids

To create this stunning floret, braid a simple reverse plait, stretch it and fold the ends inward. You may add several rhinestones as an embellishment.

French Braid On Ginger Locks

French braid on ginger locks

All hair is braided and a tradition plait is intertwined with delicate curls; at the bottom, there is a dense wisp. The cut is rigorous and playful at the same time.

Fascinating Braiding

Fascinating braiding

The spice of the cut is that the braid starts from the middle and it is twisted in an interesting manner, a single strand is released and it looks sweet.

A Shell of Plaits

A shell of plaits

A design of a bun resembles a shell, many thin braids are intertwined in a random order. This extravagant hairstyle is for daring ladies.

Appealing Fusion

Appealing fusion

Some hairstyles are merged in this cool cut. The hair on one side is braided in a conventional plait, which goes into a spiral bun, another side is flat, on both sides cute stranded wisps edge the face.

Uncomplicated Curly Prom Updo Hairstyle

Uncomplicated prom updo

A formal evening doesn’t always require a raised hair, so choose braids on the crown and a curled ponytail. This hairdo will go well with any clothes.

Unusual Corrugated Braid

Unusual corrugated braid

An extraordinary cut in a combination with a vivid makeup looks dope! Crimp strands are braided, the plait has dark and light colors, which gives a zest to the hairdo. Thin facial wisps soften the overall image.

Huge Braid with Adornments

Huge braid with adornments

A teased braid is always good for blonde, thick hair, silver decorations only emphasize the gloss of fair tresses. To achieve this result, just braid hair in a not very tight plait and tease separate parts.

Low Braided Hairpiece

Low braided hairpiece

Impress everyone on an important night with a volumetric hairstyle. A sleek braid on the nape goes well with tendrils, which make up a bun.

Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

Textured headband

One of the types of an updo – a thick braid works well with a curled ponytail. The upper layer is weaved and the rest of hair is gathered at one point. This cut creates a feminine image.

Wavy Bun with Plaits

Wavy bun with plaits

Tresses are combed upwards and put in a cute bun, several braids are twisted around it. This haircut is a balanced variant for a formal look.

Iroquois of Plaits

Iroquois of plaits

A voluminous plait descends along the head, it is divided into large spiky sections, an original embellishment hangs down the sides. Be outre with this hairstyle.

Glossy Bun Updo

Glossy bun updo

A layered side fringe is a part of a smooth wave, which encircles a low bun. There are no unnecessary details since the splendor of this hairstyle is in its simplicity.

Textured Bangs Plus An Undulatory Bun

Textured bangs plus an undulatory bun

An ombre coloring is greatly emphasized by a right placement of elements of the hairdo. A short forelock is raised upward, whereas blonde waves make up a curved low updo.

Sleek Prom Updo with Bun

Sleek prom updo

An oval face looks more elongated thanks to curved side wisps, a high forehead is open and the fringe is raised. A top bun is edged with a dense plait, two white pins are finishing touches.

Sophisticated Prom Cut

Sophisticated prom cut

Locks are flat and shiny, ringlets on the nape are put in a staggered manner, creating a fancy pattern. The mixture of shades and textures is remarkable here.

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