Editorial Standards

Our Mission

Our main goal is to encourage men and women all over the world to love their hair and take care of it. We publish high-quality articles that feature the most sought-after hairstyles for your inspiration. We partner with the best specialists from the beauty industry who share with us information on the best looks and products.

Our Promise To You

  • Our main goal is to share with readers relevant and useful information, which will become an excellent tool for them on the way to healthy and beautiful hair.
  • We devote special attention to the visual component of our website, so we post the most beautiful and fashionable photos of hairstyles.
  • Our articles are unbiased, and we don’t get paid for mentioning products, companies, or people in an article.

Our Editorial Principles and Ethics 

Content is created solely in accordance with these principles.

  • Inclusive

We support freedom of expression and creativity. We strive to provide only inspiring content for men and women, regardless of their age, gender, or race.

  • Accurate

All published information is useful and truthful, as it is provided by professionals with the necessary accreditation and extensive experience in the beauty industry.

  • Trustworthy

We do our best to ensure that the information we provide is trustworthy. Therefore, the content is clearly structured, easy to read, and useful as we always consult with hair experts.

  • Relevant

To keep readers engaged, we follow the latest trends and regularly update the content.

  • Clear

We use the latest content review tools to make sure it is clear, understandable, and easy to read. If necessary, we make all the necessary changes.

  • Helpful

The main goal of our website is to be useful to those people who are thinking about changing their image and choosing a new hairstyle or a new color. We edit the content of the site following the wishes of our readers, therefore we pay special attention to the feedback from our audience.

  • Inspiring

We want the photos and tips we provide to inspire you to make positive changes in your appearance. We carefully select photos and only post the trendiest and best ones.

  • Quality

To make sure our content is of high quality, we have developed an algorithm for checking articles by several systems.

  • Independent

We comply with the FTC disclosures. In the case of sponsored content posting, we always indicate this.

Our Editorial Quality Standards

We publish only high-quality content that meets all our requirements. Here are the editorial quality standards we have elaborated.

  • Topic Selection

We conduct thorough research of the niche and analysis of the requests of the target audience to provide articles on topics that interest readers the most and describe new tendencies in the field of haircuts, styles, and colors.

  • Readability

We carefully check articles before publication and correct all errors if necessary.

  • Accuracy

We only provide professional advice and guidance as we work with hair experts.

  • Regular post publications and updates

We publish articles according to a clear plan, regularly check the articles, edit the text if necessary, and replace the photos with more relevant ones.

  • Selection of visual components

We select only relevant, fresh, and unique photographs. We make our choice based on several criteria:

  • The photo is clear and has a high-quality resolution.
  • There are no watermarks.
  • All photos correspond to the subject of the article.
  • We use non-licensed photographs or attributed photographs of famous hairdressers and colorists.
  • Plagiarism

All published content is unique unless otherwise noted. We never pass other people’s photos and text materials as our own.

  • Links

Sometimes we add links to external sources to provide readers with even more complete information on a particular issue. Besides, sometimes we add external links to products. All recommended products are safe, quality, and comply with ethical standards for ingredients and product testing.

How We Source Content

We collaborate with respected and well-known stylists, colorists, hairdressers, and hair experts who advise on beauty trends and provide hair care information.

Our Writers and Editors

Our team of authors and editors is highly professional and has extensive experience in working with hairstyles, haircuts, and various types of coloring. Besides, we partner with experts who provide new information and verify the facts provided. For information on writers and editors, including biographies and professional experience, see the “Advisory Board” section.

Editorial Corrections

We do our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but we understand that there is no limit to perfection. If you find errors or inaccuracies, please let us know.


We partner with reputable companies and display only relevant ads on our website. Advertisers do not influence our publishing decisions.


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