Long Blonde Hair Ideas

It seems to be that blonde girls have got a light, ethereal, tender appearance. They are even compared to angels because of their ease and unearthly look. Whether you have dark blonde or ash blonde, short hair or long, you are an embodiment of femininity and lightness in the eyes of men. With just the right shade of blonde color, you can totally change your look and become a princess. Blonde girls always rock on any occasion, and you can be one of them. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, and many other famous stars have the blonde color of hair and prove us that this color is one of the most beautiful.

All the blonde colors get extremely popular this year, so we have decided to talk a bit about them and the fundamental changes of appearance. If you are a girl with a black or brown hair, such a color changing may be exhausting, because you will need either to work a lot to earn some money for a real professional of color mixing, either make a huge searching for the proper instructions of how to get that wonderful blonde hue.

If you already have the precious blonde hair and you want the refreshment of your look, check out some great chic hairstyles for long blonde hair. We are sure that you will love them in advance and hope that these cute hairstyles ideas will make you the queen of every occasion and event! Let your blonde hair impress everyone around!

Cute Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

Blond looks the best on medium and long hair. Long blonde hair is a reborn trend from the past, from the 70s, when the fashion world was ruled by boho-chic. Natural blonde nude shines like a diamond on long hair; it glares and shimmers. It cannot always be the same, it brings the uniqueness to any woman. Each lady gets her own blonde hue. To get a really special and natural look simultaneously, contact a specialist in a good beauty salon. And the result will exceed your expectations!

Moreover, long hair allows you to play with different hairstyles. You can curl your long locks with a thin iron or braid your hair waterfall, but make the fishtail instead of the ordinary and boring tail. Decoration can make your everyday looks unusual; for example, the floral decoration will highlight your feminine look. Such a hairstyle may be your ordinary day-to-day hairstyle or an occasional one – everything depends on you!

Cute Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair 1

Cute Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair 2

Cute Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair 3

Cute Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair 4

A hair coloring in bright colors that is made professionally creates the image of a unique glamor chic and sophistication and also emphasizes the paleness of the skin and the brightness of the eyes. And there is hardly a man whose eyes would not have stopped on a gorgeous blonde. The only thing that you should be ready for is the plenty of gazes: you will get a real wave that would knock you off! If you do not like to be in the center of everyone’s attention, be careful with coloring your hair blonde.

Cool Haircuts for Long Straight Blonde Hair

Ash-blonde looks great on both, long and short haircuts. This magnetically pretty color attracts the eyes of anyone, who sees it. However, only a very experienced colorist can give you a truly beautiful ash-blonde, a cold-colored style that is so hard to achieve. So how can you get clean, cool, ash-colored hair?

First of all, you need to lighten the hair properly, trying to preserve its health, and then do coloring in the ash-blonde style. The technology of coloring should be chosen by the hair-stylist individually, depending on the original color, type, and condition of the hair. In some cases, especially when a client wants the transformation to be a cold ash blonde, being a redhead, it may be necessary to perform a long, multi-step procedure of dying, using a gentle technology to obtain the desired ash hue without harm to the hair.

Cool Haircuts for Long Straight Blonde Hair 1

Cool Haircuts for Long Straight Blonde Hair 2


Cool Haircuts for Long Straight Blonde Hair 4

By keeping the hairstyle simple, you can achieve an unbelievable result. The long sleek straight hairstyle that represents an ash-blonde color in all its beauty can easily go with any outfit and fit any occasion. Be ready to catch admiring glances while you are walking on the street.

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

Many Hollywood actresses and fabulous top models have already chosen a blonde color. We think there is no surprise: this fantastically beautiful shade of a cold blonde gives a girl with such a hair hue both elegance and sophistication. It will suit the feminine girls who prefer a romantic and airy image and will be especially good for brown-eyed ladies with distinctive facial features.

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair with Bangs 1

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair with Bangs 2

cute hair

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair with Bangs 4

These rich shades of blonde will make you a real femme fatale if you complement them with the right makeup and style. To make a complete look that will shine with the full harmony is a difficult task, so if you are a new person to the fashion world, you can ask a stylist or a makeup artist for help. They usually say that a cold range of hair colors look the best with the same colors in clothes and lipstick or eyeshadows. You may browse the Internet and find some beautiful examples of looks that will suit you and follow the tips and tricks of the fashion lovers. As for the hairstyles, long blonde hair combined with bangs gives its owner some room for creativity. Ponytails, half ponytails, buns, braids, to name a few.

The Best Long Length Hairstyles for Blondes

Nothing works better than free falling blonde wavy locks. These images with stunning blonde hues express elegance and charm. You can be sure that your everyday image will be fantastic, as it is supplemented by your long light colored hair that sparkles with its golden highlights. Moreover, you can forget about the complicated hairstyles and do not bother yourself with those hard-to-do and sophisticated braids or buns. Just know that you will look fabulous wearing a simple long length hairstyle of blonde color.

The Best Long Length Hairstyles for Blondes 1

The Best Long Length Hairstyles for Blondes 2

The Best Long Length Hairstyles for Blondes 3

The Best Long Length Hairstyles for Blondes 4

Cool light blonde hue and its shiny highlights will give any woman a luxurious deep glow that will attract the eyes of any passer-by. This is an incredibly beautiful, delicate color with a golden shade that can go perfectly with any body complexion, eyes shape, and wardrobe. Moreover, this trend gets a lot of attention from the youth, because of its bright and unique message. This is the idea that any teen wants to send to the world – he/she is unique and unbelievably pretty! Long blonde hairstyles that shine bright like the diamonds highlight this idea the best.

Layered Hairstyles for Women with Long Blonde Hair

If you are tired of straight hair, the layered haircut will become the spot of light for you in the dark world of boringness. Layered strands that blend with each other look softly, elegant, and they will always be fashionable. By the way, female long hairstyles have always attracted men, as this is the image of femininity. Some people say that long hair is a treasure of a woman, yet it demands a lot of attention. So a lady whose hair is long, should be ready to spend a lot of time styling her hairstyle.

Layered Hairstyles for Women with Long Blonde Hair 1

Layered Hairstyles for Women with Long Blonde Hair 2

Layered Hairstyles for Women with Long Blonde Hair 3

Layered Hairstyles for Women with Long Blonde Hair 4

Girls with blonde hair color have a unique gentle charm and remind beautiful fairies from fairy tales and legends. The image of a magic fairy should be complemented by the appropriate style of clothes, of course. Long blonde hair with messy and light layers will look unbelievably beautiful with clothes of gray, black and other contrasting colors, which will highlight the hair color elegantly, without forming a color conflict. If you are going to convince someone to do something, try to be either a fairy, taking on your favorite dress of pastel hue, or choose a two-piece suit, that will turn you into a beautiful lady-boss with a bit casual charm.  Believe us, this will knock off your interlocutor, regardless from the personal or business relationships you have with him.

Long Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas

Golden blonde curls always look charming and cute. Just imagine all those glazes of the passers-by, wondering what a fairytale you have left! You will create an amazing impression with your appearance anywhere, even when you go for a walk with your dog. If you are looking for the image of a cutie, this long wavy hairstyle might become your number one. Make some loose thick curls all over the length, put the upper part into a low ponytail and twist it a few times. Leave some free falling curls on both sides, and here you go – the cute hairdo is ready!

Long Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas 1

Long Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas 2

Long Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas 3

Long Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas 4

Hairstyles with volume are the ones which make a girl look like a queen. They are elegant and appealing and work well on every occasion. When you have long blonde hair, and you are in search of some fabulous hairstyle ideas, you are saved because this is exactly what you need. Long curled locks that are pinned on the crown and decorated with white roses will impress every man around you.

Sexy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Blonde Hair

Here we would like to show you one of the hottest blonde variation – smokey blonde. One-toned hair looks boring and flat. Smokey blonde is a real rescue for the fashion maniacs, who are tired to see that ordinary yellow hair! Smokey blonde represents light-colored hair with darker roots, unlike ombre, where the emphasis is put on the hair tips. Experts note that the transition of shade from the roots to the tips of hair can be performed within two or three tones, that will create the natural effect of regrown hair after normal hair coloring.

The smokey blonde can be made in a more contrastive format, where the main shade is a light blonde, and the roots are colored brown or even black. This version of blonde is not for everyone though, as it highlights any facial imperfections because of the contrast. Only really bold ladies would try such a hairstyle on her long locks, but if you are a fan of unusual color decisions – this option may be for you!

Sexy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Blonde Hair 1

Sexy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Blonde Hair 2

Sexy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Blonde Hair 3

Sexy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Blonde Hair 4

It is worth noting that this new-fashioned coloring allows a professional to play with colors, creating beautiful highlights and making the look soft and noble. Also, the main advantage of the smokey blonde is its versatility and possibility to use a great variety of shades that may give a lot of completely different images. Additionally, the durability of this color combination is exceptional! Some experts recommend to forget about coloring for the next three or even five months, and the effect will be only increased!

Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies

If your hair is healthy and ready for the coloring, you may try a platinum blonde, which is very trendy nowadays! It belongs mostly to the category of the hairstyles for catwalks, but a lot of fashionable stylists successfully implement this coloring technique on the hair of their clients, who love innovations and are not afraid of experiments. One can say that cold colors suit only the Nordic beauties, but this fact is already disproved – you may wear everything that you like!

Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies 1

Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies 2

Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies 3

Trendy Long Blonde Hairstyles for Ladies 4

Platinum blonde that is made by an experienced master can be undoubtedly compared with the piece of art. Of course, such coloring in most cases requires a totally discolored base, but modern coloring technologies allow to perform this with minimal damage to the health of the hair. However, it is still not recommended for girls with thin, damaged and weakened hair. If you decide to get this shade, get moisturizing masks and nourishing oils as well: they will restore you long hair after coloring. You should also use products for colored hair regularly, especially tinted shampoos, which will help to preserve color and avoid appearing yellow hue after several hair washings. And, try to forget about hair dryers and curling irons, because hair requires only careful attitude after such coloring.

Braided Hairstyles for Very Long Blonde Hair

Everyone knows that when it comes to feminine look, nothing can be better than braids. Braided hairstyles are very girlish, exclusively charming and beautiful. To get such a feminine outlook within several simple steps, divide your hair into two horizontal parts, make some thin braids from the upper part and weave them into the sidelong waterfall braid. This kind of hairstyle will suit casual outfits better than the official ones; however, the modern fashion allows us to do almost everything with our hair for work and wear whatever you want. Your boss can admit everything except for the careless attitude to the working process and totally careless attitude to your look. Well, he may see nothing bad in the second factor, but… You cannot forgive yourself if looking bad! Some creative ladies have invented the braided hairstyles for any owner of long hair to look like a princess with just several moves! Look how beautiful blonde braids look, and you may get inspired!

Braided Hairstyles for Very Long Blonde Hair 1

Braided Hairstyles for Very Long Blonde Hair 2

Braided Hairstyles for Very Long Blonde Hair 3

Braided Hairstyles for Very Long Blonde Hair 4

In case you are a fan of unusual looks and complex hairstyles, and you have some time in the morning to make them, here it is – your fairytale braided hairstyle. With all these braids perfectly blended into each other you will get your appealing “the elf princess” look. Such looks reveal the naturalness and softness of woman’s personality. Blonde curled locks that are braided and twisted create a beautiful composition with some decoration if you would put it in your hairstyle.

We hope that our gallery inspired you to color your hair blonde or at least gave you some aesthetic joy. Return for the new portion of inspiration, please!