Long Blonde Hair

It seems to be that blonde girls have got light, ethereal, tender appearance. They are even compared to angels because of their ease and unearthly look. Whether you have dark blonde or ash blonde, short hair or long, you are an embodiment of femininity and lightness in the eyes of men. With just the right shade of blonde color, you can totally change your look and become the princess. Blonde girls always rock on any occasion and you can be one of them. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and many other famous stars have the blonde color of hair and prove us that this color is one of the most beautiful.

30 Stylish and Cool Blonde Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you already have the precious blonde hair and you want the refreshment of your look, check out some great chic hairstyles for long blonde hair. We are sure that you will love them in advance and hope that these cute hairstyles ideas will make you the queen of every occasion and event! Let your blonde hair impress everyone around!

Braided Waterfall

Braided waterfall

This girlish hairstyle is exclusively charming and beautiful. Divide your hair into two horizontal parts, make some thin braids from the upper part and weave them into the sidelong waterfall braid. This kind of hairstyle will suit some casual look more.

Blonde Milkmaid Braids

Blonde milkmaid braids

The image of milkmaid has won our hearts a long time ago. This hairstyle is quite simple and never out of fashion. It will look classy and hot whether with a dress or with sweater and jeans. Loose Dutch braids add the volume to this hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Waterfall

Platinum blonde waterfall

Long hair allows you to play with different hairstyles. Curl your long locks on thin iron and braid the waterfall but instead of the tail make the fishtail. White floral decoration will highlight your feminine look. This can be your everyday hairstyle or an occasional one.

Golden Blonde Twists

Golden blonde twists

Curls always look charming and cute. So if you are looking for the image of a cutie, this hairstyle can be your number one. Make some loose thick curls all over the length, put the upper part into a low ponytail and twist it a few times. Leave some free falling curls on both sides and here you go – the cute hairdo is ready!

Loose Curled Bun with Roses

Loose curled bun with roses

Volumetric hairstyles are the ones which make look like a queen. They are elegant and appealing and work well on every occasion. When you have long blonde hair and you are in search of some fabulous hairstyle idea, you are saved because this is exactly what you need. Long curled locks that are pinned on the crown and decorated with white roses will impress every man around you.

Classy Blonde Chignon

Classy blonde chignon

If you need a sophisticated look, this classy low chignon with interwoven side strands will grab your attention. This hairdo is polished and neat and suits almost any shape of face and hair type.

Tousled Waves

Tousled waves

Nothing works better than free falling blonde wavy locks. This dark blonde to blonde ombre look is elegant and charming. You can be sure in your impressing everyday image and you don’t have to worry about complicated hairstyles anymore.

Elf Princess Braids

Elf princess braids

In case you are a fan of unusual looks and complex hairstyles and you have some time in the morning to make them, here it is – your fairytale braided hairstyle. With all these braids perfectly blended into each other you will get your appealing “the elf princess” look.

Strawberry Blonde High Full Bun

Strawberry blonde high full bun

Strawberry blonde color is trendy this year. Besides it is alluring and spectacular this blonde color can bring the fresh novelty into your image. Comb your hair up and create a tight full bun on the crown of the head. This kind of upswept polished hairstyle is never out of fashion and creates a sophisticated look.

Loose Twisted Braid

Loose twisted braid

When it comes to feminine look, nothing can be better than braids. They reveal the naturalness and softness of woman’s personality. Blonde curled locks that are braided and twisted like we can see on the photo, create a beautiful composition with a decoration on the back of the head.

Side Bun with A Braid

Side bun with a braid

Low side buns aren’t new in hairdresser’s world but nothing can be better than vintage hairstyles which survived through the time and won a special place in our hearts. Go for a classy full side bun with an overhead French braid and you’ll get your sophisticated look that is always appealing and charming.

Loose Serpentine Braiding

Loose serpentine braiding

Straight long hair is the best woman’s accessory but it can get boring when your wear it like this every day. Serpentine Dutch braid will breathe a new life into your “straight hair” image. You still will be able to wear your hair loose but with this small accent, you’ll get refreshment.

Blonde with Turquoise Roots

Blonde with turquoise roots

Perhaps dyeing the roots into turquoise color isn’t the most popular hairdresser’s technique but certainly, it is fresh and unusual. With this hairstyle idea, you will get an eye-catching look.

Sleek and Polished

Sleek and polished

By keeping the hairstyle simple you can achieve an unbelievable result. The long sleek straight hairstyle can easily go with any outfit and fit any occasion. Be ready to catch admiring glances while you are walking on the street.

Tousled High Ponytail

Tousled high ponytail

A little bit messy and “just got out of the bed” hairstyles look interestingly and trendy. It seems that you don’t need any efforts to create this kind of hairdo but it’s not quite right. Every girl knows how hard to achieve this sexy messy look but it is totally worth it.

Long Blonde Layered Haircut

Long blonde layered haircut

If you get used to wearing unbound hair, the layered haircut is what you need to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. Layered strands that blend with each other look softly and elegantly.

Brown to Blonde Ombre

Brown to blonde ombre

Here we can see how the ordinary hair color can turn into princess-like one. Ombre is what many girls prefer choosing this year. It is fresh and trendy and you can be sure that it will fit you. So if you are bored with your hair and want some changes, blonde ombre is the solution.

Long Blonde Hairstyle with Rainbow Coloring

Long blonde hairstyle with rainbow coloring

Supposed you are not ready to change your image completely but still you’ve got bored with your current one. “What should I do?” – you can ask. The solution can be simple and it hides in dyeing your under layer of hair into rainbow colors. When you wear your hair loose it is almost invisible. But with simply pinning a high bun you will open all the beauty of your dyed hair.

Red to Blonde Ombre

Red to blonde ombre

Looking for some warm autumn hairstyle idea? If you do, take a look at this charming red to blonde ombre curls. These colored hair waves will make you look fabulous on every occasion.

Pastel Purple to Ash Blonde Balayage

Pastel purple to ash blonde balayage

Playing with different colors you can achieve an unbelievable result. These cold shades of blonde and purple create an elegant image. And as we can see on this picture loose waves are exactly what you need to complement your sexy and attractive look.

Brunette to Blonde Ombre

Brunette to blonde ombre

Many brunette girls faced the problem of unwanted hair color while they were getting blonde. So to avoid this problem try dyeing your hair to dark blonde at first and only after that to a blonde color. Or you can go for the brunette to dark blonde ombre which looks exclusively gorgeous on any occasion.

Low Ponytail with Side Braid

Low ponytail with side braid

Braids are timeless and fit both fancy and casual occasions. Make an overhead side braid and wove it into a low ponytail. Masterly done Dutch braid and long straight hair gathered in ponytail offer a beautiful contrast of textures.

Braided Beauty

Braided beauty

If you are the lucky owner of long thick wheaten hair, you have already got the most precious and beauteous accessory at all. But you still can make it even much more beautiful with three stranded braids which are interwoven together.

Long Straight Blonde Hair with Loose Side Braid

Long straight blonde hair with loose side braid

Long sleek blonde hair in a combination with thick loose side braid creates a wonderful look. Braids are always on the crest of the wave and thanks to the whole variety of them you will never run out of options. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different braids and you’ll be convinced that they are all the girl needs for the perfect hairstyle.

Brown to Blonde Balayage Curls

Brown to blonde balayage curls

If you enjoy the way of contrasts, this brown to blonde balayage will grab your attention. Softly curled strands will add some drama to your look. Use medium barrel curling iron to make your locks like this and some holding spray to fix it. No matter you are attending some fancy party or visiting your friend, you can be sure that you look fabulous.

Curled Half Updo

Curled half updo

One of the easiest ways to make your everyday look fancier is to curl the hair all over the length and to pin the half on the back of the head. This updo seems loose and a little bit messy and will be perfect for any occasion whether it is a prom or a birthday party.

Tousled Waterfall Curls

Tousled waterfall curls

Among all the blonde shades wheaten is one of the best. It brings warmness and softness into the image. To achieve this messy look try to curl your hair and dishevel it with your hands then use some texturizing spray to fix the result. By simply adding two side braids you can get a more refined look.

Vintage Pompadour Hairstyle

Vintage pompadour hairstyle

The vintage image is what we all love. All these long lush dresses, special elegance and charm and of course curled vintage hairstyles which survived through the time and got beloved by modern ladies. This Marilyn Monroe look is bright and gorgeous. High side curled pompadour is what make this hairstyle so appealing and cute.

Double Braided Milkmaid

Double braided milkmaid

Girls who wear this kind of hairstyle are associated with simplicity and lightness. If you want something cute, this one is for you. To make it more unusual try to make two braids instead of one.

Messy and Tousled Dreadlocks

Messy and tousled dreadlocks

When it comes to a real hippie look the first thing that springs your mind is a special hairstyle that is made from dreadlocks. If you are an open-minded and easy-going person and ready to experiment with your hair, this hairstyle is your hidden treasure. It looks a little bit messy and tousled but isn’t it what you’ve been searching for?

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