Crochet Hairstyles

What are crochet braids in the first place? Crochet braids (pronounced as “croshay”) also known as latch hook braids are a kind of braiding hair technique in which fake hair is attached to your hair with the help of a special crochet needle. The hair on the scalp is braided into cornrows for crochet braids in advance. There are different braiding patterns that can be used for crocheting. The choice of a particular pattern depends on a crochet hairstyle you want to get. Thanks to a great variety of different crochet braids, you can get any hairstyle from Senegalese or rope twists to natural-looking thick curls. Moreover, the crochet tresses can be styled in tons of different ways: braids, updos, ponytails, buns, knots or you can wear them loose and add the edgy accessories like the pretty headband, golden beads or bows. Even though creating crochet braids is quite a time-consuming process, the result will worth all the effort, time and patience. So, are you ready to look through pictures of the best crochet hairstyles that exist?

Latch Hook Hairstyles and How to Do Them

Latch Hook Hairstyles and How to Do Them 1

Latch Hook Hairstyles and How to Do Them 2

Latch Hook Hairstyles and How to Do Them 4
Here you will read how to crochet hair step by step. Although for a better understanding of this process we suggest that you watch a video tutorial.
So, let’s get started.
In average you’ll need 3 to 4 packs of crochet hair (always choose high-quality synthetic hair).
Decide where the part will be and in case you like changing it make sure you have the cornrows in all the right places to make it possible to change the middle part to the side part and vice versa.
Start braiding cornrows from the top all the way back.
After the cornrows are made and secured you’ll need to oil your hair.
Take the packs of synthetic hair that you’ve bought and separate coils into 2 or 3 parts depending on the size of curls you want to get and the look you want to achieve. In the case of braids, you don’t need any pre-preparation.
It’s also up to you to decide how close you want your tresses to be. The closer they are to each other, the more voluminous your hairstyle is.
If you crochet on your own, you need to roll the tip of hair you are attaching tightly so that there won’t be any loose hair.
Insert the crochet latch into the cornrow, hook the hair onto it, close the latch and pull it through the braid.
Then you just loop the tail of the hair in and fix the loop at the top close to the cornrow.
Make sure you leave the spaces between attached tresses so that your hairstyle wouldn’t look too voluminous.
When you get to the top of the head, the sections will be smaller as well as the distances between the tresses you attach.
As you can see there’s nothing difficult about crocheting hair. But in case you have doubts about whether or not you will be able to make crochet braids by yourself, find a professional braider. And to inspire you we have collected a few cool ideas on how to style crochet braids.

Short Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women 1

Short Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women 2

Short Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women 3

Short Crochet Hairstyles for Black Women 4
The best thing about crochet hair styles is that you can go for any length and look beautiful anyway. We are more used to long crochet plaits, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick short hairstyles. There are quite a few cool short crochet hairstyles which black women will love. From edgy curly crochet pixie to elegant crochet bob. You can choose between different kinds of curls and coils depending on the look you want to have. Thinner or thicker curls, glossy or puffy curls – you name it.

Big Crochet Braids Hairstyles for African Americans

Big Crochet Braids Hairstyles for African Americans 1

Big Crochet Braids Hairstyles for African Americans 2

Big Crochet Braids Hairstyles for African Americans 3

Big Crochet Braids Hairstyles for African Americans 4
If you like your crochet braids to be big and thick, well, you just buy ones. But keep in mind that the bigger braids are the heavier they are. Even though crochet hairstyles belong to the category of long term protective hairstyles, they still can damage your hair. It is always better to find a happy medium. What we’re saying here is that you can go for big crochet braids, but attach less of them so that your scalp won’t hurt. And don’t wear crochet braids for too long. Crochet hairstyles can last up to 8 weeks. Everything depends on the kind of crochet hair you installed, the braid pattern you picked and your maintenance. Your natural hair always needs care so make sure you moisturize it enough and keep it clean.

Natural Crochet Hairstyles with Curly Hair

Natural Crochet Hairstyles with Curly Hair 1

Natural Crochet Hairstyles with Curly Hair 2

Natural Crochet Hairstyles with Curly Hair 3

Natural Crochet Hairstyles with Curly Hair 4
What kind of hair do you use for crochet braids? If you don’t know which hair extensions, human or synthetic, to choose for crocheting, keep reading. At first you may think that the choice is pretty much obvious. Human hair looks real, shiny and healthy, what else do I need. However, there are a few downsides when it comes to human hair. First of all, it is quite difficult to work with. You won’t be able to make just one knot as if it could be working with synthetic hair. Secondly, it is expensive. Thirdly, you are unlikely to be able to attach hair at home. Of course, there are cons about synthetic hair as well, but in the majority of cases, it is better to go with synthetic crochet hair. Yet make sure you buy a high-quality product.

Awesome Crochet Twist Hairstyles

Awesome Crochet Twist Hairstyles 1

Awesome Crochet Twist Hairstyles 2

Awesome Crochet Twist Hairstyles 3

Awesome Crochet Twist Hairstyles 4
Jumbo twists, rope twists, thin twists, big twists… Thanks to crocheting you can get any type of twists you want. The only thing that matters here is the look you want to achieve. Leave the rest to the professional stylist. It should also be noticed that the crochet technique has evolved since the ’90s and now you have plenty of options to make your look as natural as it is possible. There won’t be noticeable knots, all twists are neatly attached close to the scalp. In this paragraph, you will find some of the most beautiful crochet twist hairstyles that can be found.

How About a Cool Crochet Bob?

The crochet spirals are made not only with the long hair, but you can also do it on the angled mid-length bob. As a result, you will get such cute coils, and if you want to spice your mane up, you can tint some strands in honey blonde and chocolate brown hues. If you want to make your bob slightly rounded, go for crochet braids of different length. The shaggy layers will do their job well. Besides, the shorter your crochet hairstyle is, the easier it is to style and maintain.

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles 1

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles 2

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles 3

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles 4

Different Types of Crochet Hair Styles 5
We’d like to offer a few more cool looks which you can get with crochet hair. The loose crochet dreadlocks with the middle part have an extravagant and sassy appeal. Agree?
One more variant how to rock the long crochet braids is to untwist only the ends of your dreadlocks and leave them wavy, leave one part of your tresses hanging in front of the face, and the rest of the hair is swept back. And, of course, you can dye your hair in a deep purple color, for example.

Wavy Crochet Hair Styles

Wavy Crochet Hair Styles 1

Wavy Crochet Hair Styles 2

Wavy Crochet Hair Styles 3
Wavy Crochet Hair Styles 4

Wavy Crochet Hair Styles 5
Having the same hair color is boring. Is that right, ladies? Everyone knows that the successfully-chosen hair color will make any hairstyle unforgettable and make you look like a completely different person. As for the latter, it is sometimes necessary.
What we’re trying to say here is there are periods in life when to change the hairstyle and its color might help big time. Like, when you are going through the breakup with your boyfriend and trying to start new life. New you – new hair color, right? But it is hard to make a decision and actually have hair dyed. For situations like this there’s colored crochet hair. You don’t need you actually dye your own hair. Just buy crochet hair of a desirable color and that’s it. Luckily for you, there are tons of different colors and shades out there on the market. The blending of the contrasting raven black and snow-white colors is an up-to-minute coloristic solution. Such mix looks head-turning on the free-flowing crochet coils.
Ombre technique is the most actual and up-to-date one in the fashion world, and there is no wonder that it can turn the ordinary style into out-of-the-box one.
Play around with the color and upgrade your crochet mane with the deep teal hue, bright burgundy, calm gray or platinum blonde colors.
The hair color sets a tone for the whole hairstyle, that’s why it’s important to go for the suitable one.

Cute Crochet Braids with Bangs

Cute Crochet Braids with Bangs 1

Cute Crochet Braids with Bangs 2

Cute Crochet Braids with Bangs 3

Cute Crochet Braids with Bangs 4
If you start thinking that crochet braids can’t get any better, there comes something like crochet hair with bangs. Yes, you’ve read it right. Bangs. Usually bangs aren’t something you are used to seeing on curly-haired women. The reasons for this are various, but the most common one is that bangs are really difficult to style when hair is curly. However, it is only true for naturally curly hair. In the case of crochet curly hair, things are a bit different. Crochet hair keeps its shape and doesn’t get matted. Bingo! Your new crochet curly hairstyle with bangs is exactly what you need!

The Best Hairstyles with Crochet Hair
The Best Hairstyles with Crochet Hair 1

The Best Hairstyles with Crochet Hair 2

The Best Hairstyles with Crochet Hair 3

The Best Hairstyles with Crochet Hair 4
Once everything is done, you may wonder what kind of hairstyles you can do with your crochet hair. Some girls are afraid that they are limited in options since the knots might be visible. Overall, they might be visible, but not in the way you expect. Of course, it is not recommended to wear super sleek ponytails and so on, but in general, you can do pretty much any hairstyle.
The loose ponytail is one of the simplest and coolest ways to keep your crochet tresses off your face. Just tie the hair into the high ponytail, split it into two equal chunks and put them on the shoulders for framing the face.
If you suffer from the lack of the volume on your head, the sweet voluminous locks will solve your problem.
Mohawk made of the thick crochet braids is a great hairstyle idea, too. Tie some knots atop to create the hawk shape, and leave the cornrows on the sides to accentuate it.
For the beauties with the ultra-long crochet braids, we recommend to twist their dreadlocks in the massive chignon bun and then take some strands from the front, wrap them around the bun and enjoy the lovely hairdo.

Long Crochet Plaits

Long Crochet Plaits 1

Long Crochet Plaits 2

Long Crochet Plaits 3

Long Crochet Plaits 4

Long Crochet Plaits 5
What we like about crochet weaving the most is that you can get any kind of braids, twists, and curls you want. What’s more, you can go for whatever length you want. Everything is in your hands. Wanna short crochet coils, you get them. Wanna long crochet braids, you get them. Easy as that. How many times have you wanted to rock long hair but couldn’t get it because you had to wait for ages for it to grow? With crochet hair you don’t need to wait anymore. You can get your beautiful long faux locs in just a few hours.

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles 1

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles 2

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles 3

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles 4

Trendy Crochet Updo Styles 5
The road to cool crochet updos is long. First, you braid your hair for crochet hair in cornrows. Then you attach crochet hair. And only after that, you will be able to play with your crochet hair and make updos with it. However, these updos are totally worth it. Just look at the possible variants. You wouldn’t get such hairdos without crocheting. They are textured, they are voluminous, they are unique, they are simply awesome. For example, this there’s this comfy hairstyle for the crochet hair with the braided bun towering high atop the head. It’s an elegant and effortless updo which is appropriate for formal and casual events.